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Vol. IX – No. 49.—[*

Young America finds himself “ used up," and is recommended to try Sea-Bathing to recruit himself. He goes down to Fire Island, and proceeds to prepare for a Bath. He finds it rather chilly.


Not being accustomed to this kind of amusement, he assumes A position exactly the reverse of the one he had calculated upon. He finds the taste of Salt Water any thing but agreeable.

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He then tries a Sail, with a little Trolling; but he is struck by a Blue-Fish, the Boom, and a curious Sensation-all at the same time.

He comes to the conclusion that the Salt Water Exercises do not agree with his Constitution. He therefore reverts to First Principles, and enjoys himself hugely.



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1 The village of Catskill, upon the Catskill Creek, BY T. ADDISON RICHARDS.

near its confluence with the Hudson, is one hundred THE Catskills follow a grand course from north and eleven miles above New York; and is accessible

I to south in the eastern part of the State of from that city almost hourly by steamboat or railNew York. Their position is at an aggregate way. Good coaches are always waiting to convey remove of ten miles west of the Hudson. The travelers thence, over a glorious route of twelve interval of undulating and fertile country is thick-miles of enchanting valley and hill country, to the ly studded with cities and villages and highly regal halls of that famous cloud-capped palacecultivated farms. Geologically speaking, the the Mountain House. This noble edifice, lifting Catskills occupy the counties of Sullivan, Ulster, its grand façade above a rocky cliff twenty-five Greene, Schoharie, and Albany; but pictorially hundred feet in air, forms a curious and beautiful considered, they are in the county of Greene feature of the mountain landscape, in the passage alone; within whose limits are found all the lof- of the river, from all the distant towns and elevatiest peaks, and all the chief resorts of the tourist tions to the eastward; and as it comes again and and the artist.

again into view in the gradual approach from Vol. IX.-No. 50.-K

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Catskill; and finally, as it rises proudly above our between Hermitages, 'white' or 'red' Burgunheads, while slowly ascending the precipices dies, Madeiras, French dishes and French dances, which it so grandly caps.

as if you had descended upon Capua.” The The Mountain House is a spacious structure of grand and precipitous height of the Mountain wood, originally built by the people of Catskill at a House, reveals a scene which in extent and beauty cost of more than twenty thousand dollars. It has is scarcely rivaled by any “panoramic" view in the from time to time been since refitted and enlarged, land. The eye glories in a boundless sweep of until it now affords all the conveniences and ele- cultivated champaign, sparkling with busy towns gances of our most recherché metropolitan hotels. and happy homes, bending rivers and mystic

How the proprietor,” says Mr. Willis, “can mountain chains, between the remote hills of have dragged up, and keeps dragging up, so many Vermont on the one hand, and the dim waters superfluities from the river level to that eagle's of the Atlantic on the other. Miss Martineau, nest, excites your wonder. It is the more strange, musing here on a sunny, quiet Sabbath morn, because in climbing a mountain, the feeling is thus records her impressions of the morale of this natural that you leave such enervating luxuries suggestive picture : below. The mountain-top is too near heaven. It “To the philosopher what is it not ?...... The should be a monastery to lodge in, so high—a St. fields and waters seem to him to-day no more Gothard or a Vallombrosa. But here you choose truly property than the skies which shine down

upon them; and to think how some below are the intelligent and philosophic mind satisfied with busying their thoughts about how they shall its grand beauties; the simply wondering observhedge in another field, or multiply their flocks in er gazing, with new and pleased astonishment; yonder meadows, gives him a taste of the same down through all the shades of coolness and inpity which Jesus felt in his solitude, when his sensibility-lazily scanning the scene from chamfollowers were contending about which should be ber window, or enduring terrible martyrdom, greatest."

standing in the shivering chilliness of the early Every fashionable “resort” has its especial morning air. points or lions—its great staple “ sights." The A pleasant morning may be spent in a tramp staple, par ercellence, of the Mountain House is to the North Mountain, a neighboring eminence, the " sunrising." Though every body does the overlooking the Mountain House and its surround"sunrise," and every body rhapsodizes thereon, ings. The “Two Lakes," of which anon, sleep and though it forms now one of our own themes, peacefully below in their soaring hammocks, while yet it never has been and never can be looked, or the great valley of the Hudson spreads away to talked, or scribbled up or down.

the east and south. Glorious is the sparkle and There are here extraordinary facilities for en freshness of the air at this lofty altitude, giving one joying this high delight of nature. The orient is a feeling and relish of life, of a vigor and intensbefore you, unobstructed by intervening hill or ity undreamed of in the thronged city. We may object whatsoever. The first smiles of the mon- perhaps be permitted to relate here a little adarch of the morn are yours, dimmed by the inter-venture incident to our first pilgrimage to the North vention of a few jealous or, perhaps, welcoming Mountain. This part of the Catskills was always clouds, for they laugh and dance with radianta favorite range of the bear; and they may yet be beauty and grace as his burning caress calls the readily found here when sought at the proper searoses to their cheeks. The dense sea of vapor son. We were duly posted in respect to this fact, which overhangs the wide valley far below, is as also touching a habit this animal has of leavbroken as by the wand of an enchanter, and it ing marks of his passage, in the shape of up-turnrises into the upper air, like the smoke of a thou-ed stones. Our companion kept a sharp eye upon sand watch-fires, bringing hill, and vale, and all the rocks in our path, and seemed to be in stream, with all their myriad details into active mortal fear of encountering one of the black gentry. and joyous life and motion. It is a curious and it so happened that in returning we lost our way, oftentimes an amusing study, to observe the vary- and the better to re-find it, we agreed to search ing degrees of emotion or indifference with which each in a different direction, being careful, how. more poetic or obtuser natures witness this sub- ever, not to lose one another. We at length dislime spectacle : the highly spiritual temperament covered the path, and our fancy was so enlivened worshiping with religious oneness and fervor ; by our good fortune that it suggested to us a

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