Die schottische Nationalkirche, nach ihrer gegenwärtigen innern und äußern Verfaßung

Friedrich Perthes, 1828 - 317페이지

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17 페이지 - And that no man hereafter shall either print or preach to draw the Article aside any way, but shall submit to it in the plain and full meaning thereof; and shall not put his own sense or comment to be the meaning of the Article, but shall take it in the literal and grammatical sense.
308 페이지 - The Lord, ye know, is God indeed ; Without our aid he did us make : We are his flock, he doth us feed, And for his sheep he doth us take.
103 페이지 - Book of Esdras, The Book of Tobias, The Book of Judith, The rest of the Book of Esther, The Book of Wisdom, Jesus the Son of Sirach, Baruch the Prophet, The Song of the Three Children, The Story of Susanna, Of Bel and the Dragon, The Prayer of Manasses, The First Book of Maccabees, The Second Book of Maccabees, All the Books of the New Testament, as they are commonly received, we do receive, and account them Canonical.
268 페이지 - Unrivalled land of science and of arts ; Land of fair faces, and of faithful hearts ; Land where Religion paves her heavenward road, Land of the temple of the living God ! Yet dear to feeling, Scotland, as thou art, Shouldst thou that glorious temple e'er desert, I would disclaim thee, — seek the distant shore Of Christian isle, and thence return no more.
315 페이지 - ... slumber that thee keeps. 4 Behold, he that keeps Israel, he slumbers not, nor sleeps. 5 The Lord thee keeps, the Lord thy shade on thy right hand doth stay : 6 The moon by night thee shall not smite, nor yet the sun by day. 7 The Lord shall keep thy soul ; he shall preserve thee from all ill.
315 페이지 - The Lord shall keep thy soul; he shall preserve thee from all ill. Henceforth thy going out and in God keep for ever will.
156 페이지 - She could discourse with virtuosos, travellers, scholars, merchants, divines, statesmen, and with good housewives in any kind; insomuch, that a prime and elegant wit, Dr. Donne, well seen in all humane learning, is reported to have said of this lady, ' that she knew well how to discourse of all things from predestination to slea-silk...
201 페이지 - That all Presbyteries consisting of twelve parishes, or under that number, shall send in, two ministers and one ruling elder ; that all Presbyteries consisting of eighteen parishes, or under that number, but above twelve, shall send in, three ministers and one ruling elder...
241 페이지 - Their chriftianity was ftrongly tindtured with traditions derived from the ancient bards of their country : For they were believers in ghofts : They marked the appearances of the heavens...
44 페이지 - To the charge of not praying for her, he answered, " I am not bound to pray for her in this place, for sovereign to me she is not; and I let them understand that I am not a man of law that has my tongue to sell for silver, or favour of the world...

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