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This work is issued to fill a void. There is, at present, no other complete History of the United States so illustrated, and so generally fitted for popular circulation. From the discovery of America to the events of President Fillmore's administration, few, if any, occurrences of importance in the life of our country have escaped our mention; while most of its thrilling scenes and prominent characters are so depicted as to strike deep into the memory.

We claim nothing beyond having furnished a History for the people. Works of deep research and eloquent style, regarding particular periods, are numerous; but they are not in the hands of the masses — they are too elaborate for general appreciation. Some of them have too much space devoted to the discussion of questions, important to the over-curious alone; while others are of such a documentary character, that they become too dry for the popular palate. A few only want completeness and the illustrations to be all that can be required. For ourselves, we may say, that while we have striven to give our History an attractive dress, we have been careful to apply for our information to the most authentic and reliable sources.

The saw, “Truth is strange - stranger than fiction,” will appear, to the reader of the history of the United States, to be well founded. Romance has no power to awaken interest comparable with that exercised by the wondrous events recorded in our annals. The daring voyages of Columbus and Cabot the adventures and exploits of Ponce de Leon, Narvaez, De Soto, and the other Spanish warriors, who sought wealth and glory in the enchanted region of Florida - the settlement at Jamestown - the landing of the Pilgrims—the struggles between the white and the red men for dominion, as well as the fierce contests and subtle diplomatic contrivances which

occurred between the French, Spaniards, and English, for the same end—the gradual growth of the provinces--their opposition to tyranny in all shapes -- their union — their bloody struggle with their mighty and unnatural mother ---- their triumph, and the establishment of the independent republican confederacy-the upward progress of the United States through the red clouds of war, and the mists of foreign, envious diplomacy, to the pure air of freedom, strength, and happiness—are events upon which imagination will delight to dwell. No romancer ever conceived as much of the grand and the beautiful, or of the dark and the groveling, as such a history can present. The theme is a noble one, worthy of the skilful pen and the brilliant pencil.

Perhaps no History has ever been more profusely illustrated than this. Every event susceptible of representation with effect in an engraving, and every personage of sufficient importance to merit remembrance, and of whom a likeness is preserved and accessible, will be found depicted in the ensuing pages, adding immeasurably to the use and beauty of the work. The labour and skill thus spent cannot but result in substantial benefit to our readers. The historical narrative thus illustrated cannot soon be forgotten.

A knowledge of the history of our country is indispensable to every American and republican. By learning how the nation has reached its present proud position, the citizen will become more patriotic; and by seeing how dearly freedom and independence have been bought, the republican will become more watchful of his liberties. The citizen of the United States need not resort to the history of the old world for noble characters, brave deeds, or glorious institutions. Let him peruse the records of the life of his own bright and happy land, and he will meet with such warriors and patriots as Washington and Wayne -

- such statesmen as Franklin, Madison, and Jefferson - such actions as those of “Breed's Hill” and the “Cowpens” - and such free and progressive institutions as the Utopian dreamers might have worshipped.


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Massacre of the English by Opekankanough

War with the Indians

CHAP. VIII.-History of Virginia continued until the beginning of the French

War, in 1756 .....

Tyranny of Sir John Harvey

Second attempt of Opekankanough to destroy the colony

His capture and death ...

Collision of the colony with the Long Parliament

Radical measures of the Colonial Assembly

Oppressive Navigation Act ....

Rebellion of Nathaniel Bacon..

Burning of Jamestown-Death of Bacon...

The rebellion suppressed—Cruelty of Berkeley

William and Mary College chartered.....

CHAP. IX.-Colonization of Maryland.....

Grant to Sir George Calvert ..

Expedition under Leonard Calvert

Settlement of St. Mary's..

Difficulties between Lord Baltimore and Sir William Clayborne

Clayborne driven out of the colony-Indian war.

Civil war-Defeat of the Proprietary's party

Continued disturbances--Restoration of Lord Baltimore

Interview between William Penn and Lord Calvert

CHAP. X.-The Plymouth Colony

Expedition of Captain Chalons—Captain Popham

Fruitless attempts to colonize New England...

Voyage of the Mayflower--Arrival of the Pilgrims

Settlement of Plymouth_Sufferings of the settlers.

Treaty with Massasoit

Treaty with the Narragansetts--Indian confederacy

Establishment of a colony on the Kennebec

CHAP. XI.-Colonization of Maine and New Hampshire

Grant to Sir Ferdinand Gorges-Exeter founded

CHAP. XII.--Colonization of Massachusetts.

Settlement of Salem and Charlestown-Boston founded

Sufferings of the colonists_Death of Lady Arabella Johnson

Treaties with the Indians—Prevalence of small-pox

CHAP. XIII.-Colonization of Rhode Island-Affairs in Massachusetts

Roger Williams-His doctrines

Banishment of Williams-He seeks a refuge in the wilderness

Settlement of Providence-Sir Henry Vane....

Religious Controversies—Mrs. Hutchinson

CHAP. XIV.--Colonization of Connecticut

Rey. Mr. Hooker_Trouble with the Pequods.

Storming of the Indian fort, and massacre of the savages

Capture and death of Sassacus

Charter of Connecticut rescinded by the Crown

CHAP. XV.–New England during the Commonwealth

Union of the colonies.....

Persecution of the Anabaptists and Quakers.

The punishment of death inflicted

Trial of Wenlock Christian—The Regicide Judges....

CHAP. XVI.-New England, from the Restoration until the commencement of the

French War, 1754 ...

Favorable charters for Rhode Island and Connecticut-Execution of Sir

Henry Vane...

Indian disturbances–King Philip prepares for war....

Breaking out of hostilities-Towns burnt ..

War with the Narragansetts-Their defeat..

Capture and death of Philip

Persecutions for witchcraft

Queen Anne's War-Capture of Louisburg

CHAP. XVII.-Colonization of New York ....

Settlement of New Amsterdam-War with the Five Nations

Conquest of New Netherlands by the English

Treaty with the Five Nations ..

Leisler's administration-Schenectady burnt..

Reduction of Port Royal-Execution of Leisler

The pirate Kidd--His execution....

CHAP. XVIII.--Colonization of New Jersey

Demand for quit-rents-William Penn

Conflicting claims-New Jersey surrendered to the Crown.

CHAP. XIX.-Colonization of Pennsylvania and Delaware..

Grant to Penn--Arrival of Settlers

Treaty with the Indians....

Philadelphia founded-Prosperity of the colony.

Dissensions—The Crown deprives Penn of his proprietary rights.

Death of Penn-Sir William Keith ..

CHAP. XX.-North and South Carolina.

Arbitrary conduct of Seth Sothel

Illiberal treatment of the Huguenots-Capture of St. Augustine.

War with the Tuscaroras and Yemassees

CHAP. XXI.-Colonization of Georgia ...

Settlement of Savannah ..

George Whitefield-Invasion of Florida

Abandonment of the enterprise — Preparations of the Spaniards to invade


Consternation of the inhabitants--Arrival of the Spanish fleet

Oglethorpe's stratagem-Retreat of the Spaniards..

Troubles with Bosomworth and the Creek Indians

CHAP. XXII.--General affairs of the colonists until the Seven Years' War

Indian disturbances— Treaty with the Five Nations...

Burning of Schenectady-Capture of Port Royal...

War between the French settlers and the Five Nations.

Capture of Pemaquid-Peace of Ryswick....

War of the Spanish Succession-Massacre at Deerfield

Invasion of Canada-Port Royal again captured.

Capture of Louisburg..

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