Bengal Under the Lieutenant-governors: Being a Narrative of the Principal Events and Public Measures During Their Periods of Office, from 1854-1898, 1권

S. K. Lahiri & Company, 1901

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51 페이지 - We desire no extension of our present territorial possessions; and while we will permit no aggression upon our dominions or our rights to be attempted with impunity, we shall sanction no encroachment on those of others. We shall respect the rights, dignity, and honour of native princes as our own, and we desire that they, as well as our own subjects, should enjoy that prosperity and that social advancement which can only be secured by internal peace and good government.
52 페이지 - And it is our further will that, so far as may be, our subjects, of whatever race or creed, be freely and impartially admitted to offices in our service, the duties of which they may be qualified by their education, ability, and integrity duly to discharge.
476 페이지 - But beyond all this, there is a greater and wider object in view. Locat interest, supervision and care are necessary to success in the management of funds devoted to Education, Sanitation, Medical charity and Local Public Works. The operation of this Resolution in its full meaning and integrity will afford opportunities for the development of Self-Government, for strengthening municipal institutions and for the association of natives and Europeans to a greater extent than heretofore, in the administration...
50 페이지 - VICTORIA, by the grace of God of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, and of the Colonies and Dependencies thereof in Europe, Asia, Africa, America, and Australasia, Queen, Defender of the Faith. Whereas, for divers weighty reasons, we have resolved, by and with the advice and consent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and Commons, in Parliament assembled, to take upon ourselves the government of the territories in India, heretofore administered in trust for us by the Honourable East...
50 페이지 - We do by these Presents notify and declare that, by the advice and consent aforesaid, We have taken upon Ourselves the said Government ; and We hereby call upon all Our Subjects within the said Territories to be faithful, and to bear true allegiance to Us, Our Heirs, and Successors...
51 페이지 - We hold Ourselves bound to the Natives of Our Indian Territories by the same Obligations of Duty which bind Us to all our other subjects ; and those Obligations, by the Blessing of Almighty God, we shall faithfully and conscientiously fulfil.
51 페이지 - We hereby announce to the native princes of India, that all treaties and engagements made with them by or under the authority of the East India Company are by us accepted, and will be scrupulously maintained, and we look for the like observance on their part.
51 페이지 - We hereby announce to the Native Princes of India that all Treaties and Engagements made with them by or under the authority of the Honourable East India Company are by Us accepted, and will be scrupulously maintained; and We look for the Like observance on their part. We desire no extension of Our present territorial Possessions ; and while We will permit no aggression upon Our Dominions or Our Rights to be attempted with impunity, We shall sanction no encroachment on those of others.
52 페이지 - We know, and respect, the feelings of attachment with which the Natives of India regard the Lands inherited by them from their Ancestors; and We desire to protect them in all Rights connected therewith, subject to the equitable demands of the State; and We will that generally, in framing and administering the Law, due regard be paid to the ancient Rights, Usages, and Customs of India.
192 페이지 - I felt that a shot fired in anger or fear by one foolish planter might put every factory in Lower Bengal in flames.

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