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tain Crawford of the Mary Anne, and ordered him to pilot her into the firft British port, with an intention, it is faid, of delivering up the vellel to Government, and entering themselves volunteers on Board the British navy. On her arrival in the Road, the mutineers hoifted the British over the Dutch flag, and fired a Royal falute; they then brought their officers on fhore, and have fince affifted in removing their ammunition and warlike stores on board of one.of his Majefty's cutters.

June 16. This morning, a duel was fought in the neighbourhood of Edinburgh, betwixt Major Crichton and Mr Bennet furgeon in Edinburgh; when the Major was unfortunately fhot through the body, the ball having penetrated near his breast, and come out at his back. It is with pleasure we add, that great hopes are entertained of his recovery.


May 6. The lady of Alexander Allar dyce, Efq. of Dunnottar, M. P. for Aberdeen, a daughter at Aberdeen.

9. Mrs Grant of Congalton, a fon. 16. The Right Hon. Lady Balgonie, a daughter, at Balgony, Fifeshire.

20. At Bradford-hall, Worcester-fhire, the lady of Lieut.-Colonel M'Donell of Lochgary, a daughter.

22. Mrs Richardfon of Keithock, a fon.

23. Mrs Wemyss of Wemyfs, a fon. June 7. Mrs McKenzie, younger of Applecrofs, a fon.


8. Mrs Stothart of Cargen, a daugh

9. Mrs Glaffell of Long Niddry, a daughter.

12. Mrs Smith, fpoufe of the Rev. Mr Smith, a daughter at Muffelburgh. 16. The lady of Sir John Sinclair of Ubfter, Bart. a daughter.

Mrs Lockhart, wife of Mr Walter Lockhart, writer in Edinburgh, a daugh

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At Dublin, Daniel Corneille, Efq. to Mifs Stewart, daughter of Charles Rofs Stewart, Efq. of the Eaft India Company's ervice."

At London, John M'Kenzie, Efq. of King's-Arms-Yard, Coleman-ftreet, to Mifs Vandam, of Guildford-street.

At Dumbarton Cattle, Mr John Turnbull. jun. of Cordale, to Mifs Robertson, daughter to Captain Robertfon of that place.

Sir Hector McKenzie of Gairloch, Bart. to Mifs Chriftian Henderfon.

At Aberdeen, Mr. Robert Gordon, Craighead, to Mils Janet Wright, niece to the late Dr Garrow.

May 17. At Invernettie,William Forrefter, Efq. of Culmore, Captain in the 2d battalion of the 4th Fencible regt. to Mifs Gordon, daughter of Alex. Gordon, Efq. of Invernettie.

20. At Edinburgh, Jas. Pierfon, Efq. eldeft fon of James Pierfon, Elq. of Abington, Cambridgeshire, to Mifs Margaret Ouchterlony, fecond daughter of the deceafed John Ouchterlony, Efq. of Guvnd.

June 2. At Borrowftounnefs, Mr Jas. Taylor, jun. Sheriff-Clerk of Linlithgow, to Mifs Janet Hart, youngest daughter to Mr Robert Hart, merchant in Borrowstounnefs.

6. At Rofemount, Ayrshire, Robert Caldwell, Efq. to Mifs Hunter of Hunterfione.

- At Paifley, Mr Ebenezer Richardfon, manufacturer in Clafgow, to Mils Agnes Carfwell, daughter of Mr Robert Carfwell, manufacturer in Paifley.

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4. At Perth, Daniel M'Farlane, faddler, Perth, to Mifs Margaret Renney, daughter of the late Captain Renney, of Forebank, by Dundee.

9. Mr Peter Jamiefon, of Kingflon, in Jamaica, to Mifs Barbara French, daughter of the late Mr John French, advocate in Aberdeen.

13. At London, Licut-Colonel Alex. Graham, of Duchray, to Mifs. Moncrief of Sauchope.

- At Glasgow, Mr Wm. Cuthell; mercht. to Mifs Chriftian Farie, daughter of Mr Robert Farie, bookfeller.

- Mr John Lamb, merchant in Glafgow, to Mifs Janet M Cormick, daughter of the deceafed Mr Wm. M'Cormick, merchant.

14. At Lethen Houfe, Lewis Dunbar, Efq. of Grange, to Mifs Sophia Brodie, fecond daughter of the deceated Alexander Brodie, Efq. of Lethen.


17. Henry William Hardy, Efq. to


Mifs Eleanor Douglas, youngest daughter of the late Dr Erskine Douglas, and niece of the late Sir John Douglas of Kelhead, Bart.


At Hyderabad, 14th Oct. laft, Lieut. William Steuart, of the Royal Eftablishment, youngest fon of Mr James Steuart writer in Edinburgh; a gentleman whofe excellent taknts were exerted during a long courfe of official duty, to the benefit of his employers, and whose private virtues, and endearing qualities, have rendered his lofs a fubject of regret to the public; and of fincere forrow to his friends. Lieutenant Steuart was for fome years attached to the Residency with Madajee Sindia, and, fince the middle of the year 1790, has ferved as affiftant to the Refident at the court of the Nizam; in which stations his abilities, natural and acquired; and his knowledge of the po litics and languages of Hindoflan, enabled him to fulfil his duty with credit to himfelf and advantage to the public interefts. As a furveyor, his merit was confpicuous, and in particular, his furvey of the rout from Agra to Hyderabad through paths till then un xplored, has proved a valuable acquifition to the Geography of India. His conduct in every fituation, whether referred to a public or private life, obtained him the approbation of his fuperiors, the refpect and affection of his acquaintances; an uncommon liberality of mind, joined to manners the most amiable; and an ardent attachment to the friends of his choice, will ever endear to them his memory, and keep alive in their minds the fincereft forrow for his lofs.Calcutta Monthly Journal.

O&. 1795. At Charlestown, S. Carolina, Mr Edw. Jaffray, manufacturer in Glafgow, third fon-in Dec. at Charlestown, South Carolina, Mr James Jaffray, fecond fon-and in Jan. 1796, at London, Mr John Jaffray, eldeft ton, of Provost Jaffray, Stirling.

At Fort Monghir, Mr James Clidfdale, affiftant furgeon in the Eaft India Company's fervice in Bengal.

Nov. At the Phyfician General's Houfe, after a fhort but .fevere illness, Dr Andrew Ponton, furgeon in the Hon. Company's fervice. A young man much and fincerely lamented; whofe humanity and attention, in the line of his profeffion, warmth of heart, and strict principles of honour and probity, had gained him the cfleem of all who knew

him.Dr Ponton was fon of Mr Alexa ander Ponton, architect. Madras Gaz. Feb.10. 1796. At Martinico, Lieut. Rois Gillespie, of General White's regiment, fixth lon to Dr Thomas Gillespie, phyfician in Edinburgh.

March 6. At Martinique, Mr Francis Hart, furgeon.

18. On his paffage from Cork to the Weft Indies, Jas. Smith Baillie, younger of Dochfour, Lieut.-Col. of the 99th regiment of foot.

Lately at Pondicherry, where he com. manded, Lieut. Col. Stirling of the 74th regiment.

On his paffage to Barbadoes, Mr Jaš. Smollet, Mate of the Phoenix Eaft Indiaman, fourth fon of Alexander Smollet, Elq. of Bonhill.

April 14. At Edinburgh, Mrs Elliot, widow of Mr William Elliot of Wochee, writer in Edinburgh.

. At his houfe in Chapel-ftreet, Me Alexander Palmer, aged 83.

15. At Fenwick, Mrs Dewar, wife af the Rev. Mr James Dewar, minifter in that place.

At Perth, Mrs Jean Richardson, wife to Mr John Rofs, merchant.

At Muirhouse, near Hamilton, in the 94th year of her age, Mrs Ann Hamilton, daughter of the deceased James Hamilton, Eq. of Dalzell.

16. At Aberdeen, Mr David Ogilvie of the Royal Navy.

. At Perth, Mr James Marshall, junior, manufacturer.

-. After a short illness, aged rro years, Mrs. Mary Turner of Church-Linch, Worchefterfhire.

At his houfe in London, the Right Hon. James Lord Somerville. His Lordfhip was one of the Sixteen Reprefentatives of the Scots Peerage in Scotland, and a Bachelor. He fucceeded his father in 1766, and is fucceeded by his nephew, who will be the fifteenth Lord Somerville. Their ancestor came over with the Conqueror, and at one period-enjoyed very large eftates both in Scotland and England. Their progenitor was the famous Sir Philip de Somerville, proprietor of the lordship of Whitchnour, who bequeathed a fitch of bacon to every hufband and wife in the manor who could fay they had no difference for a year and a day after marriage; and at this day the claim is often made at Whitchnour Houfe.


At Mansfield, the Rev. Mr Robert Buchanan, one of the minifters of Lefmahago, of à fhort illness, in the 728


Year of his age, and 21ft of his miniftry in that parish.

April 18. At Stromnefs, Mr Jeremiah Sinclair, fhipmafter.

20. At Edinburgh, Geo. Douglas, Efq. 22. At Cullen, Mrs Margaret Hay, widow of Mr John Forbes, late minifter at Deer.

At London, after a fhort illness, Mr David Walker, late of Montrose.

23. At the Manfe of Kippen, Mrs Chriftian Innes, wife of the Rev. John Campbell, minifter of Kippen.

At Edinburgh, Mr John Johnstone, wine-merchant.

24. Mifs Sarah Hamilton, daughter of the late Rev. William Hamilton, minifter of Douglas.

26. At Craigcrook, Mr David Allan, farmer.

27. At Tain, Bailie George Miller, merchant there.

30. At Edinburgh, Mrs Gray, widow of Alexander Gray, Efq. of Overskibo.

Alexander Ferguffon, Efq. advocate, unfortunately killed on the road from Dumfries to Craigdarroch, by the overturning of the carriage.

At the Houfe of. Cartburn, Mrs Chriflian Crawfurd, of Crawfurdfburn, in the 91ft year of her age.

At his Houfe, London, Geo. Anderton, Efq. accountant to the Eaft India Board of Controul.

May 1. At Edinburgh, Mrs Agnes Barclay, widow of the late Wm. Grainger, Efq. of Warrifton,

At his houfe at Limpfton, David Carnegie, Eiq. late in the service of the Hon. Eaft India Company.

2. At Huntly in the 19th year of her age, Mifs Forlyth, eldest daughter of Al. Forfyth, Efq. late merchant in Huntly.

At Hope-Park, after a fhort illness, James Ogilvy, Efq. deputy receiver-general of the Cuftoms.

3. At Edinburgh, John Ruffel, Efq. clerk to the fignet.

At Letham, near Hadington, Mis Dawkins.

Alexander Pott, Efq. of Borthwickfhiels, late furgeon in the hofpital, West Indies.

4. At Aberdeen, Hary Lumsden, Esq. of Auchindoir.

- Mr William Watson, fen. manufacturer at Glafgow.

5. At Blackadder, Miss Mary Boswell. At Tooting, near London, MrJas. Veitch of Elliock.

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6. At Edinburgh, Samuel Charters, Efq. late folicitor to the Cuftoms.




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At Bath, Kenneth Murchison, Efq. of Tarradale.

9. At Newton, Enfign Philip Thomfon, fecond fon of Colonel Thomson of Charleton.

At the Cottage of Linclouden, Mifs Margaret Maitland of Eccles.


At Corstorphine, Mits Ann Auftin, daughter of the late Hugh Auftin, Efq. of Burdwan, Bengal.

Mrs Jean Rofs, wife of the Rev. Mr Jofeph Taylor, minifter of the gofpel at Watten.

11. At Glasgow, Mr Alex. Grindlay, merchant,

13. At his houfe at Drumfheugh; aged feventy-three years, the Hon. Jas. Erfkine of Alva, one of the Senators of the College of Juftice. In the year 1748, he was appointed Sheriff-depute of Perthshire, upon the abolition of the heritable jurifdictions; in 1754 he was made a Baron of Exchequer, and in 1761 a Lord of Seffion.

14. At Edenfide, Mrs Agnes Martine, daughter of the deceafed James Martine, of Clermont, Efq.

-..At Edinburgh, the Hon. Miss Marianne Sempill, daughter of the deceafed Hugh Lord Sempill.

At Waterton of Stonywood, Mr Alexander Smith paper-manufacturer. - At Edinburgh, Mr William Ainflie, faddler,

16. At Geife, in the county of Caithnefs, George Sinclair, Efq. aged 76.

19. At Ballyfhannon, J. Campbell, Efq. 21. At Canalbank, Mrs Grizel Baillie, daughter of Hugh Baillie, Efq. late of Monkton.

At Edinburgh, Mrs Calderwood Durham of Largo.

22. Mr Archibald McGilchrift, young eft fon of the late Arch. M'Gilchrift, Efq. town clerk of Glasgow.

At Old Hamflocks, the Rev. Mr John Cochrane, minifter of the gospel.

At Balfluig, John Burnet, fon of William Burnet, late in Whitewell.

23. At Edinburgh, after a fort illnefs, the Right Hon. Primrofe Lady Lovat, at the age of eighty-fix:

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At the Hot Wells, Brifiol, where he had gone for the recovery of his health,

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From January to June, (inclufive,) 1796.


A118, 165, 277, 355, 367, 369, 442
GRICULTURAL Extracts, Page 29, 93,
Anecdotes, Franeis II. 35. Prince Royal
of Denmark, 202. Dumourier, Mad.
Genlis, Silery, Brulart, 326. M. Va-
lence, Abbé de Calonne, M. de Ca
lonne, 327. M. de Ivernois, Mirabeau,
Miranda, Wilkes, M. Demorande, 328.
Briffot, Duke de Harcourt, Duchefs de
Polignac, 329. M. Miranda, 330. Ma-
rat, Mesdames, 409. The Director
Carnot, 410. Madam la Fayette, 411.
The c-devant Count de
John Duke of Marlborough,
Artois, Count de, arrives at Leith,
Auftrian army, proceedings of the,

[ocr errors]

Annual Regifters, account of,

[ocr errors]

Page 400

Dutch fettlements in the E. Indies taken,
viz. Trincomale, 75, 153. Baticaloe,
Jaffnapatam, Molletivo, Manar, Ma-
lacca, Ghinfurah, 319. Cochin, Go-
rea, and Quilon,
Events of the year 1795,
Economy, whimsical expences of,
Efthonians, popular poetry of the,
Francis II. anecdote of,
France, proceedings of the Legislative
Affembly of,
72, 234, 395

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[ocr errors]




French, useful institution of the,
Fyffe, Lieut. James, trial of,
Female Accomplishments, converfation

[ocr errors]






[blocks in formation]



French army in Italy, accounts from

[ocr errors]




Arts and Sciences, in France, New A-
cademy of,

Books published from January to June

Bagpiper, a fragment,


[ocr errors][ocr errors]


59, 134, 216, 297, 379, 459
77, 158, 240, 322, 405, 483
Bofwell, character of James,
Bonnington Linn, view and defcription
Bird-Catcher and Canary, an anecdote, 285
Baticaloe, taken from the Dutch,

[ocr errors]
[ocr errors]

Beaver, a new description of the,

Bianca, a true story,


Coffee-Houle fcene at Aleppo,

Gazette Intelligence, 72, 153, 235, 316,
400, 476

German play at Venice, an anecdote, 344
Hours, Italian method of reckoning,
Herculanum, account of,

[ocr errors]

Indian women, account of the,
Infanity, obfervations on,






[ocr errors]


Italy, extracts from a Traveller'. Jour-
nal in,



Johnfon, extracts from Anderfon's life

[ocr errors]



[blocks in formation]
[ocr errors][merged small]

Writings of, -



's epitaph on a Duck, obfer-

vations on,



's debates in the fynod of Lil-
liput, account of,


[ocr errors][merged small]

➡'s letter to Lord Chesterfield,

remarks on,

[merged small][merged small][merged small][ocr errors][merged small][merged small][merged small][ocr errors][merged small]

Chatham, character of the late Lord,
Coins, obfervations on provincial, 131, 325
Copenhagen, new defcription of the ci-
ty of,

Chalmers, account of Sir William,

Circuit Court, proceedings of the 320, 404
Cafle Huntly, view and defcription of, 325
Cerigo, anciently called Cythera, of the
ifland of,

Canals, hiftory of,

Corn, on the cultivation of Indian,
Chinefe, fcrap concerning the,


[merged small][merged small][merged small][ocr errors][merged small][ocr errors][merged small]

78, 159, 241, 322, 405, 48%
Danes, character and manners of,
Dutch Drum, account of a,
Dorado, fictions concerning the land of, 255
Dalhousie Caftle,view and defcription of, 414
Duel betwixt Major Crichton and Mr


-'s pension, remarks on,
-'s Shakspeare, critique on,
's Raffelas, critique on,
's tragedy of Irene, critique

[ocr errors]

-'s Style, critique on,
Jews in England, hiftory of the, 188, 72,


[ocr errors][merged small]

Loufiad, capto V. reviewed,
Linnæus, memoirs of Sir Charles, 9, 89, 425
Literary Intelligence,
Learning in Europe, ftate of,
Lime in Agriculture, ufe of,




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