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capital of sucind the duty is to 3h duty as an abs

irst husband, una

NOTES AND QUERIES ON lect or irregularity when there is a proviso indemnifying a duplicate of the above affidavit, but as it is so very

purchasers. I would refer “P." to Fisher's Law of short it is not a matter of much consequence. POINTS OF PRACTICE. Mortgages, and especially p. 501 of vol. 1, 2nd edit.

W. H.F.

R. H. N.B. -None are inserted unless the name and address of the

(Q.48.) LEGACY DUTY-CONTINGENT LEGACY.- A legacy writers are sent, not necessarily for publication, but as a (Q. 41.) MARRIED WOMAN-REAL PROPERTY.-I think given subject to any contingency which may defeat the guarantee for bona fides:]

the answer of “ W. H. F.” is not correct. The child gift is nevertheless to be charged with duty as an absomay possibly be entitled to bear the name of the second lute bequest, and the duty is to be paid out of the

husband, but I am of opinion that she would legally capital of such legacy; and should the contingency Queries.

be considered as the child of the first husband, and afterwards happen, and the legacy go to one liable to a

entitled to share as parcener with the other daughter higher rate of duty, such legatee is to pay the differ49. MORTGAGE.-A. having advanced B. a sum of

Blackstone lays it down (citing Co. Litt. 8), that, if a ence, 36 Geo. 3, c. 52, s. 17. The executor will, of course, money on mortgage of his property, went to America taking the title-deeds of the property, including the

man dies and his widow soon after marries again, and a not pay over the legacy itself unless he receives a suffi mortrage-deed, with him, and died in America. His

child is born within such a time as that, by the course cient security from the party to protect himself against

of nature, it might have been the child of either hus. any future contingent demand that may arise. See widow took out letters of administration in America,

band, in this case he is said to be more than ordinarily Siminons v. Bolland, 3 Mer. 547, and Allnutt's Practice, and she and the eldest son have now returned to legitimate; for he may, when he arrives to years of 4th edit. p. 362.

W. H. F. England and require payment of principal and interest,

discretion, choose which of the fathers he pleases : sod have joined in selling the property, but refuse to

(1 Bl. Com. 456.) But Justice Coleridge adds, “Brooke,” take out letters of administration to the mortgagee

says Mr. Hargrave, “In his note on the passage cited, in England, contending that the mortgage-deed being

LAW SOCIETIES. in America when the mortgagee died, the money was

questions this doctrine, from which it seems as if he

thought it reasonable that the circumstance of the case wrsonal estate in America and not in England where

instead of the choice of the issue should dctermine who the land is. I shall be obliged if some of your expe

LAW ASSOCIATION. is the father." Now, in the case stated, it appears that FOR THE BENEFIT OF WIDOWS AND FAMILIES rienced readers would give me their opinion as to

the child being born about a month after the second whether an English administration is wanted, and the

OF PROFESSIONAL MEN IN THE METROPOLIS marriage, could not, in the course of nature, have been best course to pursue on behalf of a purchaser.

W. H. Z.
the child of the second husband, and consequently

At the usual monthly meeting, held at the hall must be legally regarded as the child of the first

whichever of the two authorities is correct? The act of the Incorporated Law Society on Thursday, the 50. COPTHOLDS - STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS.-Under

of the mother cannot disinherit the child. E. H. B. 3rd June, the following directors being present :an Inclosure Act and award thereupon, made more than forty years since, a common was divided amongst copy.

Mr. Desborough (chairman), Mr. Harding, Mr. holders in respect of their ancient lands being copy. (Q. 44.) APPOINTMENT OF NEW TRUSTEES-EXERCISE Burges, Mr. Carpenter, Mr. Collisson, Mr. bold. In the case in question some of the allottees of Power.-Presuming that the deed appointing D. as Gresham, Mr. Kelly, Mr. Roberts, Mr. Sawtell, their allotments having been very small) have never a trustee in the stead of B. was properly drawn and Mr. S. Smith, and Mr. Tylee, and Mr. Boodle been admitted in respect of their allotments, and there executed, there can be no doubt that such appointment

(secretary), grants to the widows and fainilies of are no tenants in respect thereof on the roll. One was a valid execution of the power contained in the will,

members amounting to 12351., and grants to the person has been and continues in possession of the and that the legal estate is effectually vested in D., who lands, which, according to the plan attached to the has therefore a good right and full power to sell, if such

widows and families of non-members amounting award, represent the spot whereon these allotments had was the nature of the trusts declared by the testator. to 951., were renewed for the current year, and been made, but no fences now exist (as represented on

W. H. F.. several donations to non-members' cases were the award plan) for upwards of forty years. The ques

- Quoting from “Urlin's Office of Trustee,” the made ; and at the usual monthly meeting, held at bition is, would a possessory title of twenty or forty

question how far the appointment of more or fewer trus- | the same place on Thursday, the 1st inst., the Feurs oust the claims of the lord, and without his inter

tees than the original number will be supported ? is not following directors being present :- Mr. Desrention enable the owner in possession to convey to a pur

capable of an easy answer. It may, perhaps, be broadly chazer? Could a title be given by aid of the Statute of

borough (chairman), Mr. Harding, Mr. Burges, stated that unless there be some expression in the Limitations? Jones v. Jones, 16 L. J. Ex. 299, seems so

power, showing that an increase or diminution in the Mr. Carpenter, Mr. Collisson, Mr. Clabon, Mr. tar in point, but does not touch upon the ouster of the

number was contemplated, the same number ought to Hedger, Mr. Kelly, Mr. Lowe, Mr. S. Smith, and lord's rights. Note, the person in question is dead, and

be cuntinued. It is certain that the court will not Mr. Whyte, and Mr. Boodle (secretary), a donais now represented by his devisees; it is not known how

approve of trust property, which was originally vested tion was made to the necessitous widow and chilhe originally got into possession. In what way could

in two trustees, being placed within the power of a ldren of a non-member, and a legacy of 2001. Irom the present owners least expensively convey to pur

single trustee : (Hulme v. Hulme, 2 My. & K. 682) "The chauser? A. B. C.

the late Mrs. Martha Elizabeth Clark, the widow court never commits a trust to the care of a single trustee" (Lord Romilly, M.R., 35 Beav. 19); and, gene.

of a member, was announced. 31. INVESTMENT-VICAR TRISTEE.-Can you or any of

rally speaking, it may also be assumed that one vacancy your readers inform me whether money left by will to

cannot, with propriety, be supplied by more than one the vicar of a parish for charitable purposes can be

SOLICITORS' BENEVOLENT ASSOCIATION. trustee. On carefully weighing the language of the invested in the name of the vicar for the time being of power in the case submitted by “Querist,” it

The usual monthly meeting of the board of such parish, so that it may appear that the money

seems clear, to my mind, that such power con. directors of the Solicitors' Benevolent Association vags to him in his ex officio character of vicar, and

tains words showing that an increase or diminution in was held at the Law Institution, Chancery-lane, Bot to him in his private capacity ? SUBSCRIBER. the number of trustees was contemplated, and this

London, on Wednesday last, the 7th inst., William being so, the power was in that respect rightly exer:

Strickland Cookson, Esq., in the chair. The 52. ISSUE OF MY BODY-WILL, Observing among

cised by B.'s appointing but one trustee. But the chief pour correspondence of last week several opinions as to question seems to be whether B., as a retiring trustee,

following directors were also present : Messrs. the legal effect of the word" issue" in construing gifts of

could exercise a power conferred upon the surviving or Benham, Harrison, Monckton, Park Nelson, Rickpersocal estate, I should be much obliged to any corre.

continuing trustee. Lord Romilly, in the case of Stone

e of Stone | man, Shaen, Smith, and Torr (Mr. Eiffe, secretary). spondent who would tell me the effect of a devise of

v. Routon, 17 Beav. 308, 1 Eq. R. 427, held that a power! A grant of 501. was voted to the widow of a real estate contained in a will before the year 1838. To

conferred upon surviving or continuing trustees or lately deceased director and life member of the the rise of "the issue of my body” following a limita.

trustee, could not be exercised by trustees who were tion to my eldest son for life, with remainder to his first retiring. Yet, in a case before the late Vice-Chancellor

association, and a sum of 351. was applied in and other sons in tail male. Do the issue take for life

Parker, two trustees had been appointed by a will but smaller grants to the relief of four necessitous in tail, or in fee? In severalty according to the ordi.

only one of them survived the testator, and afterwards non-members' cases. A communication was read Dary rules of descent, or in common or joint tenancy,

this surviving trustee disclaimed the trust, but by the from the executors of the late Mrs. Martha and in the latter case would males and females take to

same deed exercised a power given to him by the will of Elizabeth Clark. of Addison-road, Kensington, æther, and children with or without parents living either appointing new trustees, and the appointment was

announcing the bequest of a legacy of 2001. to the par stirpes or per capita, and would the class of takers be

upheld: (Hadley v. Hadley, 5 De G. & S. 67.) And in a

late case the survivor of four trustees being desirous of 13 ertained at the death of the testator, or not until the

society by that lady (subject to legacy duty). Lilure of the preceeding limitations in tail. S. B. E.

quitting the trust, was held to be authorised in appoint. Three new life, and thirty-six new annual mem

ing four new trustees under the words of the power : bers were elected. 53. PAPERS OF A DECEASED ATTORNEY.--To whom

(Camoys v. Best, 19 Beav. 414. On both points I am A statement was submitted, showing the

inclined to think that the power has been rightly exer- the results of the late anniversary festival, prebelong the drafts of deeds and other documents, whether to the client or the attorney who prepared

cised, and that if the trust property has been duly conthere ? A. (an attorney) gets from a deceased attorney's veyed and assigned to and vested in the new trustee, he

sided over by Lord Justice Selwyn, to have alone has a good and unimpeachable right and title to,

been a net gain ce drafts of deeds prepared by the deceased for his

to the society's funds of and full power to sell and convey such trust property.

5281., after the payment of all expenses, and an cheats. B. another attorney) asks A. by letter if he las certain of these drafts, which B. says are wanted as

J. P. accession of 103 new subscribers to the list of condary evidence in an action, and if A. has them, B.

members. Cordial votes of thanks were passed 885he will serve him with a duces tecum to produce (Q. 46.) LEGACY DUTIES-REAL ESTATE DIRECTED TO BE

to his Lordship, and to those members of the Bar sure. Ought A, who is not the attorney in any way

SOLD).-This residuary return will be very simple. All

that is now requisite to be done is to get the realty in the action, to admit that he has them ? And when

who became benefactors of the society at the served with a duces tecum has he any privilege to claim valued, and insert such value in the account (aunexing

festival. or not producing them in court? It would be dificult

valuation in the usual way). When the widow dies an and almost impossible without time (within which pro

amended return must be made, and if the realty bas not LAW STUDENTS' DEBATING SOCIETY. seer to produce might be served) to find out the respec

been then disposed of, and has altered in value, such
new value must be stated in the account. It being a

| tre clients or their lemal representatives, if handing

The annual meeting of this society was held at 07e7 the documenty in question to them should be rule that legacy duty should be paid on the value of

the Law Institution, Chancery-lane, on Tuesday advised. What ought A. to do and at same time treat

both real and personal estate, unconverted, as it stands evening last, Mr. Widdows in the chair, and it B. with courtesy?

at the time the account is rendered. If the value at the A. B. C.

being the last meeting of the season, there was an widow's death remains or happens to be same as when

unusually large attendance of members. 54. WILL-PRO07.--Would any of your numerous

the first returu is made, all that will be necessary to

be done will be to deal with the amount of residue readers inform me whether it is necessary to prove a

The annual report by the committee of the prow and codicil where real property is devised by A. to

only, as shown in such first return, deducting there. ceedings of the society during the past year B, and afterwards A. executes a codicil to his will

from any legacies which may be then payable, and also was read to the meeting, and the following gentlethereby he revokes all his former devises in his will

the additional executorship expenses consequent on the men were elected as the officers for the ensuing supt the devise to B ?

J. H.

management and winding-up of the estate. J. F. year :-Mr. W. H. Herbert, treasurer; Mr. Leslie

- I must admit that I cannot quite understand this Hunter, secretary. As members of the committee :

query, why, under the circumstances, legacy duty should Messrs. Thomas Widdows, Edgar C. Harvie. R. Answers. be demanded; but I would mention for "Lex's”

Freer Anstie, T. R. Hargreaves, and J. S. Hepguidance that where real estate was given to trustees ..) APPRENTICESHIP-I am obliged by “G. Ji's" upon trust to be sold, and the protits to be deemed part

burn. As auditors : Messrs. W. C. Galloway, and Tecuurks upon my auswer to this query, and I have care. of the residue of the testator's estate, or go in aid, if

G. W. Byrne. Tilly reconsidered the subject, but cannot alter the pinion I before expressed.

necessary, of the rest of his property'in discharge of Votes of thanks were tendered to Messrs. G. S. It is expressly stated in e Act, Sect. 2, that the term "employedshall include

the pecuniary leracy given by his will, it was held that Warmington and C.H. Turner on their retirement

such bequest was liable to legacy duty, although the from office. "apprentice or other person, whether under the age of trustee did not convert it into money, and the residuary 1

. lenty-othe years, or above that age, who has entered into

Subioined is a copy of the report of the com aztact of serrice with any employer, and the words

legutee took the property in statu quo : (Attorney-General

v. Holford, 1 Price 426 ; see also 16 & 17 Vict. c. 51, ss. om.truet of serrice' shall include any contract, whether | 21. 22. 29.)

mittee:W. H. F.

| To the Members of the Law Students' Debating la writing or by parol, to serve for any period of time,

Society. to execute any work, and any indenture or contract of "pprenticeship, whether such contract or indeuture wus (Q.47.) COUNTY COURT-BILL OF EXCHANGE-SUMMONS.

“ Gentlemen,-In accordance with the rules of Piecuted before or after the passing of this Act."

-If the Bill be in the hands of the creditor over due and your society, we now beg to lay before you our reW. H. F. dishonoured, he has his remedy either on the bill, or port of the proceedings of the society during the

the original debt. He can therefore, upon the proper session which is now about to close. 9.38.) MORTGAGE POWER OF SALE.-A sale made in

atfidavit, enter a plaint and obtain a special sum. exercise of an

“The session has comprised 32 meetings, at ense of an express power must be strictly in accord. mons under sect. 2 of the 30 & 31 Vict. c. 112, for the mth its terms. For instance, a sale would be set value of the goods sold, provided they were sold to the

which 19 legal and 11 jurisprudential questions sme ir it was by private contract when the power is defendant to be dealt with in the way of trade. I am not

have been discussed. ed to a sale by public auction; but not so for neg. ' aware of any rule authorising the registrar to demand '. “ Twenty-nine members have been elected, and

Professional Partnership Dissolbed.


coJuly June 22 6. A. PRED: victuales

10 members have resigned during the session. , the matter of obsolete endowments, as, for instance, BONNARD, ROBERT, corn miller, Bielby Mills, near Pocklington

Pet. July 1. 0. A. Young. Sol. Maron, York. Sur. July 19 There are now upon the roll of the society 169 | in the case of the fund for the rescue of Algerine

BOWEX, SAMUEL, glass manufacturer, Nailsen and Staford members, a larger number than has ever before prisoners. The State should decide that no one trading onder style of the Vallsea and Stourbridge.nl

Sheet, and Plate Glass Works. Pet. Jane X, Rey. Wilde been recorded. The net increase in the number of should be permitted to make a bequest capable

0. A. Acraman. Sols. Fussell and Prichard, Bristol. Sur. Jals 12 members for the year is 19, and your committee of remaining in a permanent state. He would | BOWLY, EDWARD ERNEST, brewer. Cirencester. Pet. Jane

Res. Wilde. have much pleasure in congratulating the society suggest that persons should invest their money in

0. A. Acraman. Sols. Mullings, Ellett, and Ca.

Cirencester; and Press and Inskip, Bristol Sur. July 12 upon this very satisfactory feature Government funds rather than private ones.

BRAMALL, SAMUEL (not Brawall, as previously advertised), draper "The average number of members attending

Manchester. Pet. June 16. Reg. &0. A Kay, Sur. July 7

BRIGHT. GEORGE, beerseller, Camborne. Pet. June > Res. the meetings has been 26, the highest attendance

0. A. Peter. Sol. Holloway, Redruth. Sur. July 14 being 33, and the lowest 16. The average number PROMOTIONS & APPOINTMENTS BROWX, TOY XAYLOR, coal merclunt, Sheffield, Pet. July 1. Rer.

& O. A. Wake and Rodgers. Sols, Messrs. Binney, Shefeld. of speakers has been 10, and of voters 14, of whom

Sur. July 14 12 voted in person, and 2 by the register of votes. The Lord Chancellor has been pleased to appoint

CARPENTER, THOMAS, jun., journeyman pork butcher, Aston Ves.

town, Birmingham. Pet. June 14, Reg. &0. A Gues The average length of the debates has been about Mr. William Mann Trollope, of 31, Abingdon-street


Parry, Birmingham. Sur. July 16 two hours. .. Westminster, to be a London Commissioner to

CHARLESWORTH, AXX, victualler, Sheteld. Pet. June 2Ree "Your committee have held 8 meetings during Administer Oaths in the High Court of Chancery.

&0. A. Wake and Rodgers. Sol. Micklethwaite, Sheffield. San

July 14 the session, and have carefully considered 39 legal

CHATFIELD, EDWIX, journeyman watch maker, Forsbrook. Per

June 25. Reg. &0. A. Daniel Sol Cowlishaw, Uttoxeter. Su questions, of which 21 have been approved for

July 16 for debate.

CLOUTING, BENJAMIX, dairyman, Whitchurch. Pet.June 2 Res.

THE GAZETTES. “A vacancy having occurred in your committee

&0. A. Frotner. Sol. Hollis, Winchester. Sur. July 9

COLEY, RICHARD, glasscutter, Stourbridge. Pet. June 9. Reg. by the resignation of Mr. Montagu, Mr. C. H.

& 0. A. Harward. Sol Collis, Stourbridge. Sur. July 16 Turner was elected in his place.

CORICA, LUIGI, merchant, Liverpool. Pet. June 30. 0. A. Turner.

Sols, Lowndes and Co., Liverpool Sur. Jaly 14 “ During the past session no alterations have

Gazette, June 29.

COURT. JOHN BELEY, journeyman leather bilder, Birmingham been made in the society's rules, a reprint of HAYES, WILLIAM, and WRIGHT, ARTHUR, attorneys and solici.

Pet. June . Reg. &0. A. Guest. Sol. Rooke Birminghan. Sar. tors, Halesowen and Oldbury, June 24.

July 16 which has been issued. HORSLEY, WILLIAM, and HORSLEY, WILLIAM, jun., attorneys

COWLING, WILLIAM, grocer, Silxden, in Kildwick. Pet. June 30.

Reg. & O. A. Busfeild. Sol Papet, Skipton Sur. July 14 “ An arrangement has been entered into with and solicitors, Gresham.bldgs, Basinghall-st. June 24

CROSSLEY, THOMAS, baker, Rochdale. Pet. June 3. Reg. 2.Com. the Liverpool Law Students' Debating Society for

0. A. McNeill. Sols. Molesworth and March, Rochdale. Sur. the mutual transmission of question papers, re

July 15

DAIN, WILLIAM joiner, West Heath, near Congleton. Pel Jose ports, &c., whereby it is hoped that the influence To surrender at the Bankrupts' Court, Basinghall-street. 23. Reg. Fardell. 0.A. McNeill. Sols. Messrs. Heath, Manchesret. and operations of your society will be much ex

Gazette, July 2.

Sur. July 25

DAVIES, STEPHEX. innkeeper, Ceincoedycymmer. Pet. Jane ! tended.

BALL. WILLIAM, and RUSSELL, RICHARD, builders, Spa-rd. Reg. &0. A. Russell. Sol. Plews, Merthyr Tydal Sur. July 15

Bermondsey. Pet. June 28. Reg. Pepys. 0. A. Graham. Sol. “Your society, by resolution of the 18th May

ELSTOX, EDWARD, thrashing machine proprietor, Welby. Pel Peckham, Doctor's.commons. Sur. July 21

June 29. Reg. Tudor. 0. A. Harris. Sol. Belk, Nottingham last, approved of the Carey-street site for the BARNES, THOMAS, stonemason. Pellatt-rd, East Dulwich, and

Sur. July 20 Prospect.pl, Peckham-rye. Pet. June 29. Reg. Pepys. 0. A. erection of the proposed new law courts and Graham. Sol. Waring, Bond-ct, Walbrook, Sur. July 21

EMBREY, RICHARD, miller, Felindre-mill, in Beyries. Pet. Jose

30. 0. A. Turner. Sol. Dodge, Liverpool, for Jones, Welshpool offices, and directed your committee to prepare

BARRETT, JOHX, victualler, Seven Sisters'.rd, Holloway. Pet.
June 26.

Sur. July 16

0. A. Paget. Sol. Biddles, South-sq, Gray's-inn. and arrange for the presentation of a petition to Sur. July 14

EVANS, JOHX. Journeyman wire drawer, Birmingham. Pet Jane

14. Reg. &0. A. Guest. Sol. East, Birmingham. Sur. July 16 Parliament in favour thereof.

BECK, SAMUEL ISAAC, commission agent, Phils.bldgs, Hounds.

FAWSETT, SAMUEL, fish and fruit salesinan. Boston. Pet. Jusce

Pet. June 30. Reg. Murray. 0. A. Parkyns. Sol. 2. Reg. &0. A. Staniland Sol. York, Boston. Sur. Joly 14 “In pursuance of such direction a petition has Stendman, London-wall. Sur. July 20

FERGUSSON, JOHN, commission agent, Manchester. Pet. Jane 31. been settled and signed by your committee, and

BEECHING, JOHN AXTHONY, butcher, Kingston upon Thames. Reg. Fardell. 0. A. MoNeill. Sol. Storer, Manchester. Sar.

Pet. June 2. Reg. Murray. 0. A. Parkyns. Sol. Godirey, forwarded for presentation.

July 14
Hatton-garden. Sur. July 12

FERRIN, THOMAS BOY, clerk in holy orders, Guiseley. Pet. Ja'y "The Incorporated Law Society have extended

BURKE, WILLIAM EDYOSD, advertising agent, Vincent - ter,
Islington. Pet. June 21. 0. A. Paget. Sol. Payne, Bedford-

1. 0. A. Young. Sols. Bond and Brwick, Lexds. Sur. Jaly 9

Rex their assistance to your society, by permitting the

FLOWER, EDWARD, jeweller, Cheltenham. Pet. June row. Sur. July 12

Wilde. 0. A. Acruman. Sl. Beckingham, Bristol. Sar. Joly BURLEY, ROBERT, furniture dealer, High-st, Stratford. use of text-books and a larger number of reports

June 30. 0. A. Pnget.

FOSTER, DAVID, saddler, Barnham Brom. Pet. June > Res,

Sol. Layton, jun., Navarino-cottage, than heretofore by your members, during debates

&0. A. Feltham. Sol. Feltham, Hingham. Sur. July 16 Bow.rd. Sur. July 19

FOSTER, JOHN, cabinet maker, Doncaster. Pet. June 1. Reg. on legal questions.

COATES, JOSEPH ALFRED, victoaller, Old King . st. Deptford.
Pet. June 2. 0. A. Paget. Sol. Godfrey, Hatton-garden. Sur.

&0. A. Shirley. Sol. Woodhead, Doncaster. Sur. July 16 “Your committee would call your attention to

GASSON, CHARLES MICHAEL, poulterer, Dover. Pet. Jore July 19

Rex. &0. A. Greenhow. Sol. Minter, Dover. Sur. July 16 the honours achieved by present and former

COOPER, JOHN DANIEL, shopman to a tallow chandler, Guildford.
st. Russell.a. Pet. June 29. Reg. Pepys. 0. A. Graham. Sol.

GAY, JOHX, smith, Gwithian. Pet. June 22. Reg. &0. A. Feier. members of the society, since the date of the last Biddles, South-sq, Gray's-inn. Sur. July 21

Sol. Holloway, Redruth. Sur. July 14

GORBUTT, AXX, tobacconist, Salford. Pet. June 16. Reg. &0. A. report, and think that these successes are a subCossess, WILLIAM, journeyman draughtsman, Garnault .pl,

Ilulton. Sur. July 17

Clerkenwell. Pet. June 28. Reg. Pepys. ject of more than ordinary congratulation, and call

0. A. Graham. Sol. Rigby, Basinghall-st. Sur. July 21

GREATOREX, EDWIN, grocer, Burton-upon-Trent Pet. Jure

Reg. Tudor. O. A. Kinnear. Sol. Wilson, Burton upon Treat for special mention. CROXALL, FREDERICK GEORGE DAVID, warehouseman to a stuff

Sur. July 16 merchant, Hawley-rd. Kentish-town. Pet. June 29. 0. A. “Mr. E. H. Turner was awarded an Exhibition Paget. Sol. Biddles, South-sq. Gruy's inn. Sur. July 14

GREATREX, ALFRED, commission agent, Huddersfield. Pet. Jere

23. Reg. &0. A. Jones. Sol. Robinson, Huddersfield. Sur. July in Common Law at the July Examination, by the

DAY, WILLIAM, draper, Luton. Pet. June 28. 0. A. Paget.
Sols. Lewis, Munns, and Co., Old Jewry, and Shepherd, Luton.

GRUMMITT, GEORGE, corn merchant. Hull. Pet. June 30. 0. A Inns of Court, held in Trinity Term 1868.

Young. Sol. Summers, Hull. Sur. July 11
Sur. July 19

GWILLIAM, JAMES, miller, Knightwick Mill, in Knightwick. Pet. “Mr. C. M. Warmington obtained the Student

DRUCE, GEORGE FREDERICK, attorney, Kennington Oval. Pet.
June 25. 0. A. Paget.

June 91. Reg. Hill. 0. A. Kinnear. Sol Tree, Worcester. Sur. ship awarded by the Council of Legal Education,

Sol. Salaman, St. Swithin-la. Sur. July 14

July 12 in Michaelmas Term 1868. DUNCAN, JAMES, commission agent, Great Tower - gt.

HALBERT, JAMES, printer, Oldham. Pet. June 18. Reg. Farde,

June 23. Reg. Brougham. 0. A. Paget. Sol. Biddles, South-sq.

O, A. McNeill. Sur. July 13 “Mr. G. S. Green was called to the Bar by the Gray's-inn. Sur. July 12

HALL, EDWARD, general dealer, Bourn. Pet. June 2Reg. &

0. A. Bell. Sol. Law, Stamford Sur. July 13 Honourable Society of Lincoln's-inn in Hilary

DUNSFORD, WILLIAM, brass founder, Brighton. Pet. June 22.
0. A. Paget. Sols. G. and W. Webb, Austin.friars.

HAYEN, WILLIAM EDWARDS, journeyunan packing case maker, Term Last; Mr. Green was Exhibitioner at the

July 14

Birmingham. Pet. June 15. Reg. &0. A. Guest. Sol. East,

Biriningham. Sur. July 16
General Examination by the Inns of Court in

EGALTON, BENJAMIN WILLIAM, beerhousekeeper. Brunswick
st. Blackwall. Pet. June 23. Rep. Murray. O, A. Parkyns.

HERBERT, PATRICK PAUL, hairdresser. Brighton. Pet. Jane Trinity Term 1868.

Reg. &0. A. Evershed. Sol Lamb, Brighton. Sar. July 17 Sol. Watson, Basinghall-st. Sur. July 20

HODSOX, GEORGE, journeyman brickmaker, Salford. Pe: June "Mr. W. H. Lloyd was called to the Bar by the PROST. HENRY SMITH, engineer, St. Martin's lA. Pet. June 28.

Reg. 0. A. Hulton. Sol. Gardner, ManchesterSur. Jaly 17

Res. Murray. 0. A. Parkyne, Sols. Davis and Barnard, Gres. I HOPKINSON. JOHX, out of business, Hull. Pet. J Honourable Society of Lincoln's-inn in Trinity | _ham.bldgs, Basinghall.st. Sur. July 12


0. A. Phillips Sol Summers, Hull. Sur. July 15 Term last.

Pet. June 30. Reg. Pepys.

HORNBROOK, JOHX, Innkeeper, Liskeard. Pet. Jane 30. Reg. &

0. A. Graham. “Mr. John Roberts obtained the prize of the

Sol. Biddles,

0. A. Childs. Sol. Raby, Liskeard. Sur. July 17 South-sq. Gray's.inn. Sur. July 23

HOYLE, THOMAS, rag dealer, West Vale, near Elland. Pet. June Honourable Society of Clifford's-inn at the final HENRY, DAVID JOSEPH, imn merchant, Gresham - house, Old

19. Reg. &0. A. Rankin. Sur. July 16

Broad-st, and Kensington-gardens-sq. Bayswater. Pet. June 28. examination of articled clerks, held in Michaelmas | Reg. Pepys.

HUGHES, JAMES, out of a situation, Greenheys, near Manchester,

0. A. Graham. Sol. Dobie, Gresham-st. Sur. Pet. June 19. Reg. &0. A. Dunn. Sols. Johnson and Tky, Term 1868. July 23

LancasterSur. July 16 ITZINGER, FREDERICK, out of business, Alpha-ter, Wandsworth. “Mr. E. W. Beal B.A., was awarded a prize of Pet. June 28. Reg. Murray. 0. A. Parkyns. Sol. Long, Pit

JACKSOX, WILLIAM, oil inerchant. Bootle, near Liverpool Pet

June 20. 0. A. Turner. Sol. Etty, Liverpool. Sur. July 14 the Incorporated Law Society at the like final

field-st, Hoxton. Sur. July 12
JOLLIFFE, Johx, victualler, Southsea.

JOHXOX, THOMAN WILLIAM, coul agent, Lytham. Pet. June 2.

Pet. June 22. Reg. examination, held in Hilary Term 1869.

0. A. Turner, Sur. July 13 Pepys. 0. A. Graham. Sur. July 21

KIXSEY, DAVID PAYNE, clock maker, Newtown. Pet. Jude 2 “Messrs. H. W. Bosworth and M. P. Jones also KNOWLTOX, CHARLES, clerk in an assurance office, Kemsford

Sol. James, Newtown. Sur. July 13

rd, Kennington. Pet. June 25. Reg. Brougham 0. A. Paget. at a like examination, held in Trinity Term last, Sol. Godfrey, Hatton-garden. Sur. July 14

LAXGSTAFF, THOMAS, stonemason, Langley, near Wakefield. Per

June 30. Reg. & 0. A. Mason. Sol. Harle, Leeds, Sur. July 30 obtained honorary distinction.

LEIGH, HENRY JAMES, draper, Allen-rd, Stoke Newington. Pet.
June 29. 0. A. Paget.

LAVIN, NATHAX hawker, Hull. Pet. June 9. 0. A. Young. Sur.

Sols. Sole, Turner, and Co., Alderman“In conclusion, your committee beg to be

July 14 bury. Sur. July 19

LIEHRA, CRISTOPHER, tobacconist's assistant, Birmingham. Pel LEVER, JOSEPH JOHx, house decorator, Bloomfield . rd, Bow. allowed to congratulate you upon the satisfactory |

June 24. Reg. &0. A. Guest. Sol. Parry, Birminghan. Sur. Pet. June 30. 0. A. Paget. Sol. Olive, Portsmouth-st, Lincoln's. position your society has attained.

July 16 inn-fields. Sur. July 19

LODGE, PETER, Weaver, Ossett. Pet. June 30. Reg. &0. A. Mason. MORLEY, SAMUEL, builder, Radnor-st. Plaistow. Pet. June 28. “We are, Gentlemen, your obedient servants,

Sol. Stringer, Ossett. Sur. July 120
Reg. Murray. O. A. Parkyns. Sol. Drake, Basinghall-st. Sur. I LOMAS, JAMES, attorney, Manchester. Pet. June
“ EDGAR. C. HARVIE, Treasurer.
July 12

Dunn. Sols. Johnson and Tilly, Lancaster. Sur. July 16
NATHAX, ISIDORE, shopman to a costumier, Castle-st, Leicester.

MARCHANT, JAMES, gardener, Mile Thorn, in Halifax. Pet. June sq. Pet. June 30. Reg. Murray. 0. A. Parkyns. Sol. Biddles, CHARLES H. TURNER, THOMAS

26. Rex. &0. A. Rankin. Sol. Storey, Halifax. Sur. July 16 South-sg, Gray's-inn. Sur. July 20


MCGUIRE, WILLIAM, draper, Newcastle. Pet. June 1
NELNOX, RICHARD WOOD, clerk in Somerset-house, Roundell-st,

Gibson. 0. A. Laidman. Sols. Hoyle, Shipley, and Hoyle, Sen.
Wandsworth-rd. Pet. June 26. Reg Brongham. 0. A. Paget. Sol. castle. Sur. July 13
Members of Committee.
Watson, Basinghall-st. Sur. July 14

MILLS, ISAAC, jun., joiner, Egremont. Pet. June 29. Reg. &0.4.
“W. H. HERBERT, Honorary Secretary.
PECK. CHARLES, victualler, Poppins.ct, Fleet-st. Pet. June 22,

Were. Sol. Mason, Whitehaven. Sur. July 13 Reg. Murray. 0. A. Parkyns. Sol. Angell, Guildhall-yd. Sur. “Law Institution, 6th July 1869."

NEALE, JAMES CARTER, pianoforte tuner, Peterborough. Pet. July 12

June 24. Reg. &0. A. Gaches. Sol. Law, Stamford. Sur. July 17 PHILLIPS, JOSEPH, gardener, Woolston. Pet. June 0. 0. A.

NICHOLSOX, THOMAR, coal factor, Worksop. Pet. July 1 0.4 Paget. Sols. Stocken and Jupp, Leadenhall-st, and Blan

Young. Sols. Broomhead and Wightman, Sheffield, Sur. July chard, Southampton. Sur. July 19

OSTICK, JOHN, corn dealer. East Retford. Pet. June Reg. & LORD STANLEY ON POSTHUMOUS DISPOSI. PROSSOR, HENRY, wine merchant, Mhbrook, near Southampton.

0. A. Newton. Sol. Bercoby, East Retford. Sur. July 13

Pet. June 22. Reg. Murray. 0. A. Parkyns. Sur. July 20 TIONS OF PROPERTY.–Lord Stanley presided | REXTON, SAMUEL THOMAS, general dealer, Rodney: nd, Wal.

PAGANO, ANGELO, com mission agent, West Derby, near Liverpool

Pet. June 2. 0. A. Turner. Sol. Bellringer, Liverpool. Sur. over a meeting held in the rooms of the Society of worth. Pet. June 2. Reg. Murray. 0. 4. Parkyns. Sol.

July 14
Nash, Arlington-st, New North-rd. Sur. July 20

Fes Arts, the object of the meeting being to discuss a

PARKES, WILLIAM, manager to a machinist. Birmingham ROMER, JOSEPH, watch jeweller, Mornington-crescent, Hamp

June 14. Reg. &0. A. Guest. Sol. Parry, Birmingham. Sa paper on the above subject. contributed and read l sted. rd. Pet. June 30.. Rer. Pepys. 0. A. Graham. Sol.

July 16 Harrison, Basinghall-st. Sur. July 3 by Mr. Arthur Hobhouse, Q.C. His Lordship said | SAMNUN, EPHRAIM, and SAMSON, ISAAC, grocers, Globe - rd,

PRINCE, WILLIAM WOOD, grocer, Bradford. Pet. June 30. 0. A.

Young. Sol. Simpson, Leeds. Sur. July 19 he should agree there had been much abuse in the Bethnal.green. Pet. June 28. Reg. Pepys 0. A. Graham.

Sol. Rigby, Basinghall-st. Sur. July 2

PRESDEE, WILLIAM, baker, Worcester. Pet. June 2. Reg. management of public charities ; that they should SIBLEY, CHARLES, traveller, High-st, Highgate. Pet. June 2g

0. A. Crisp. Sol. Devereux, Worcester. Sur. July 16

PRIMAVESI, ANTONIO CARLO, watchmaker, Hove. Pet. June 13 have the power of reforming abuses; that they had

0. A. Paget. Sols. Thompson and Edwards, Doughty. st, Reg. &0. A. Evershed. Sur. July 15

Mecklenburgh-sa. Sur. July 14 hitherto manifested too scrupulous an adherence | TAMKIN, GEORGE wheelwright, Battings.pl, Peckham. Pet.

Pugh. WILLIAM, milliner. Leominster. Pet. June 30. Reg. Hulle

0. A. Kinnear. Sol. Rowlands, Birmingham. Sur. July 14 to the dictates of the founders of these charities.

June 30. Reg. Pepys. 0. A. Graham. Sol. Harrison, Basing-
hall-st. Sur. July 23

PYBUS, HENRY, bottle merchant, Liverpool. Pet. June 14. Reg. He did not think anyone would contend there was WATTS, STEPHEX, builder, Moffatt-rd, South Norwood. Pet.

& 0.A. Himne. Sol. Bellringer, Liverpool. Sur. July 12

PYWELL, RICHARD, grocer's assistant. Uppingham. Per Jone not a right inherent in the State to interfere in the

June 20. Reg. Murray. 0. A. Parkyns. Sol. Armstrong, Old
Jewry. Sur. July 20

Reg. &0. A. Shield. Sol. Law, Stamford. Sur. July 15 government of a charity whose objects had been WILLMOTT, DEBORAX, widow, grocer, Neville-ter, Hornsey-rd.

RICHARDSON, JOHN. warehouseman. Middlesbrough. Pet. Jane

29. Reg. &0. A. Crosby. Sol. Draper, Stockton. Sur. July 14 abused. There was a wide difference between say. |

Pet. June 28. Reg. Pepys. 0. A. Graham. Sol. May, Golden-
sq. Sur. July 21

RIDDEL, CHARLES, marine insurance broker, Manchester. Pet. ing the State could have control over the property,

To surrender in the Country.

June 17. Reg. Macrne. 0. A. MoNeill. Sols. Wilson and Brown,

Manchester. Sur. July 15 and also could interfere where it was not neces. | ASHER, ALFRED: out of

ASKER, ALFRED, out of business, Nottingham. Pet. June 30. ROBERTY, JOHx, builder, Penrhyndendraeth, near Portmidoc. sary. The fact that a man desired to leave his Reg. &0. A. Patchitt. Sol. Belk, Nottingham. Sur. July 14

Pet. June 14. 0. A. Turner. Sols. Evans and Lockett, Liverpool BAKER, ROBERT, wood turner, Birmingham. Pet. June 29. Reg. for Breese, Portmadoc. Sur. July 15 property to any special object was a very natural &0. A. Guest. Sol. East, Birmingham, Sur. July 16

ROWLAND, EDWARD, grocer, Wolvercott. Pet. Jane 24. Reg. & wish. The state ought to assert its power by

BARROWS, JESSE, corn dealer, Birmingham. Pet. June 30. Reg. 0. A. Dudley Sol. Thompson, Oxford. Sur. July 12 & O. A, Guest. Sol. Free, Birmingham. Sur. July 16

SANDOM, HENRY, conl miner, Altofts, Normanton. Pet. June 2 sweeping away all charities which had failed in BETTINSOX, ROBERT, Journeyman cabinet maker, Liskeard. Pet. Reg. &0. A. Mason. Sol. Nettleton, Wakefield. Sur. July their object. The State should also interfere in

June 30. Res. &0. A. Childs. Sol. Raby, Liskeard. Sur. | SCOTT, GEORGE, author, Greenheys, Manchester. Te
July 17

Reg. &0. A. Kay. Sol. Gardner, Manchester. Sur. Aur. 3


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SLUTTE, HEXRY, beer retailer, Washwood Heath, Warwick, Pet. HENRY, DAVID, floorcloth manufacturer, Manchester. Pet. | DUNLOP, HUGH, tailor, Bishopwearmouth. June 3. 6s. by two
Jane Reg. &0. A. Guest. Sol. Jaques, Birmingham. Sur April 22. Reg. Macrae. 0. A. McNeill. Sols. Earle, Son, Orford, equal instalments, at 3 and 6 mos
Earle, and Milne, Manchester. Sur. July 22

EDWARDS, JAMES STYANT, grocer, Dowlais. June 5. July 16

78. G. by SMWOXS, GEORGE, Jan., clerk, Deal. Pet. June 29. Reg. &0. A. I HODGETTS, JOHN, retail brewer, Birmingham. Pet. June 30. two equal instalinents at 2 and 4 mos. Trusts. J. James, chemist Hall Sol. Drew, Deal. Sur. July 15

Reg. &0. A. Guest. Sol. Walford, Birmingham. Sur. July 16 Dowlais, J. Price, butter merchant, Merthyr Tydfil, and G. W. SALOMOX, PHILIP, manager to a paper dealer, Handsworth, Pet. HODOsox, JOHX, bootmaker, Darlington. Pet. June 29. Reg. & Isaac, merchant, Bristol Jane Reg. &0. A. Guest. Sol. Jaques, Birmingham. Sur. O, A. Bowes. Sol. Robinson, Darlington and Richmond. Sur. EILBECK, GEORGE, warehouseman, Mulk-st. May 17. Trusts. T. Jals 16 July 16

Harding, Gutter-la, J. Webber, Bread-st, and J. O. Wilson, PRAGUE, JAMES, mine agent, Beernistone, in Beerferris. Pet. JEFFEREY, Axx, widow, painter, Knaresborough. Pet. June 30. Trump-st, agents Jane 3. Reg. &0. A. Bridgman. Sol. Peter, jun., Callington, Rex. & 0. A. Gil. Sols. Messry. Kirby. Sur. July 21

FORD, JOHN MORRISS, baker, Southsea. June 8. Trust. H. Shep. Cornwall. Sur. July 12

JEFFRIES, THOMAS, manager at ironworks, Smethwick. Pet. pard, provision merchant, Portsea SZANIYORTH, THOMAS, stationer, Sheffield. Pet. June 28. Reg. June 3. Reg. & 0. A. Watson. Sol. Shakespeare, Oldbury. GROUT, SOLOMON ALEXANDER, innkeeper, Woodbridge. June 9. 10. Wake and Rodgers. Sols. Messrs. Sheffield. Sur. July 14 Sur. July 14

Trusts. H. Edwards, widow, Woodbridge, and G. P. Salmon. STE, JOSEPH, and STEAD, GEORGE, corn millerg, Ashton-under | JOXES, DAVID, publican, Llanrwst. Pet. July 2. 0. A. Turner. distiller, Distatr-la, Cannon-st Libe Pet. June 30. Reg. Fardell. 0. A. McNeill. Sols. Sale, Sols. Evans and Lockett, Liverpool, agents for Griffith, Llan GWILLIM, JOHx, cheesemonger, Hoxton-st, Hoxton. June 10. Shipman, Seddon, and Sale, Manchester. Sur. July 14 rwst. Sur. July 19

28. Gl. on July 5 TAYTON, JOHX JAMES, bricklayer, Milton-next-Sittingbourne. KNIGHT, THOMAS GOODWIN, Joiner, Chester. Pet. June 16. Reg. HIGGINS, GEORGE SOLEY, grocer, Llanwarne. June 1. 136. 4d. by Per June Reg. & 0. A. Hills. Sol. Willis, Sittingbourne. & 0. A. Coppock. Sur, July 16

three instalmente, -ās. on July 1, 5s, on Nov. 1, 1869, and 3s. 40. Sur. July 14

LAMB, JOHN, draper, Lancaster. Pet. June 28. Reg. Fardell. on Jan. 1, 1870. Trust. A. Gordon accountant, Ross THOMAS, STEPHES, tallow chandler, Bristol. Pet. June 28. Reg. 0. A, McNeill. Sol, Crowther, Manchester, Sur. July 19

HOLLAND, JOSEPH, farmer, Worsley. June 3. Trust. G. Holland, 30. A. Harley and Gibbs. Sols. Benson and Elletson. Sur. LOWCOCK, JOSEPH HENRY, sicklesrnith, Dronfield. Pet. July 3. collier, Worsley

Reg. &0. A. Wake and Waller. Sol. Gee, Chesterfield. Sur. HORSFELD, THOMAS, tailor, Birmingham. June 3. Trust. S. TOWYYEND, THOMAS, builder, Rossett, in Gresford. Pet. June 28. July 27

Rorke, merchant. Birmiugham Res & 0.A. Reid, Sol Sherratt, Wrexham. Sur. July 16

MAWSOX, ROBERT, cloth finisher, Dewsbury. Pet. June 30. Reg. HUFFER JAMES, grocer, Kidderminster. June 21. 48. in 1 mo FADC, JONX, journeyman joiner, Tyersal, in Pudsey. Pet. June & O. A. Nlson. Sol. Barratt, Wakefield. Sur. July 22

HUMPHREY, CHARLES JOHx, and EVANS, WALTER, draper, Leeds. 5. Reg. &0. A. Robinson. Sol. Harle, Bradford. Sur. July 13 NORRIS, EDWARD, moulder, Wrexham. Pet. July 2. Reg. & 0. A. June 5. Trusts. J. Goodyear, draper, R. Potter, manager, and J TALKER, WILLIAX, watchmaker, Keighley. Pet. June 35. 0. A. Reid. Sol. Bury, Wrexham. Sur. July 20

Latchmore, warehouseman, all of Leeds Young. Sols. Hodgson, Keighley, and Bond and Barwick, Leeds PHELPS, JOHN GUY, servant, Taunton. Pet. July 3. Reg. &0. A. HUSTLER, ORBEL JAMES, corn dealer, King's.rd, Chelsea. May 31. Ser. July 13 Meyler. Sol. Taunton, Taunton. Sur. July 21

5. by two equal instalments in 21 days and 3 mos WEIGHTMAN, JABEZ, painter, New Brimington. Pet. June 12. REED, RICHARD, china dealer, late Preston. Pet. June 18. Reg. KNIGHT, GEORGE, and KNIGHT, HENRY, coal merchants, St. Rex. &0. A. Wake and Waller. Sol. Gee, Chesterfield. Sur. Macrae. 0. A. McNeill. Sur. July 22

Philip, and Jacob-without, Bristol. June 1. Trusts. R. Williams ROBERTS, ROBERT, druggist, Llanrwst. Pet. July 2. 0. A. Turner. Eastington, and G. Williams, St. James's, Bristol, both coal VEELHOUSE, JOHN, warehouseman, Nottingham. Pet. June 8 Sol. Griffith, Llanrwst, Sur. July 19

merchants Beg. &0. A. Patchitt. Sol. Belk, Nottingham, Sur. July 14 ROBERTS, THOMAS, woollen manufacturer, Aberdare. Pet. KERKHOFF, WILLIAM, gilder, Birmingham. June 17. R. by two ILSON, THOMAS, painter, Rochdale. Pet. June 29. Reg. & 0.A. July 3. Reg. Wilde. 0. A. Aeraman, Sols. Messrs. Brittan, equal instalmente, on Sept. 17, and Dec. 17. Trust. J. B. Baldwin, Jackson Sol, Ashworth, Rochdale. Sur. July 15 and Davies, Bristol. Sur, July 17

paper manufacturer, King's Norton
SANDERS, JOHX, butcher, Brenohley. Pet. July 1. Reg. & 0. A. LEE, HEXRY, Woolstapler, Bradford, June 3. 18. in 1 mo
Gazette, Juty 8.
Alleyne. Sol. Palmer, Tonbridge. Sur. July 16

MATTHEWS, JOHN, grocer, Bowness. June 18. Trust, M. De
SMITH, JOHx, cattle dealer, Fontmell Magna. Pet. July 5. 0.A. Rome, auctioneer, Kendal
To surrender at the Bankrupts' Court, Basinghall-street.

Carrick. Sols. Atkinson, Blandford ; and Hirtzel, Exeter. Sur. MORGAX, WILLIAM HUGH, grocer, Mountain Ash. Jane 3. 58. 6.1. 1239, ADAM, baker, Croydon, Pet. July 1. 0. A. Paget. Sol. July 20

by two equal instalments of 2k, ul. at 3 and 6 mos Drake, Basinghall-st. Sur. July 19

UNDERWOOD, THOMAS, housekeeper, Birkenhead. Pet. July 1. NORMAN, FREDERICK, and NEVILLE, ELIZABETH, his wife, BANTING, EESBY, out of business, Arundel-ter, Portobello-rd, Reg. &0. A. Wason. Sol. Moore, Birkenhead, Sur, July 21

milliner, Brook-st; Grosvenor-sq. June 8. 20s. Trust. F. Notting-hill. Pet. July 1. 0. A. Paget. Sol. Drake, Basing

WALKER, JOHX, dyer, Sheffield. Pet. July 2. Reg. &0. A. Wake Debenham, silk mercer, Wigmore-st, Cavendish-sq let. ser. July 13 and Rodgers. Sol. Sugg, Sheffield. Sur. July 22

PAINE, ROBERT ALXER, harness maker, Piddletown. June 17.
BILEAN, JOHN PILGRIM, in no business, Euston-rd. Pet. July 2. WALLERS, JOHx, commercial traveller, Eccleshall. Pet. July 2. &x. by two equal instalments, on Sept. 1, and Nov. 1,-secured
Reg. Pepys. 0. A. Graham. Sol. Apps, South-sq, Gray's-inn

Reg. Hill. 0. A. Kinnear. Sols. Dempster, Eccleshall; and PASHLEY, HENRY, cabinet maker, Leeds. June 12. Trust. J.
James and Griffin, Birmingham. Sur. July 21

Mirtin, accountant, Leeds
BosL, JAMES, p'ait dealer, Hampstead. Pet. July 2. Reg

WATSON, WILLIAM, cabinet makers, Liverpool. Pet. June 21. PATTESOX, GEORGE JOHN, cabinet maker, Battle. June 7. Trust. Brougham. 0. A. Puget. , Sol. Steadman, London-wall. Sur 0. A. Turner. Sur. July 21

E. Wheeler, upholsterer, George's-row, City-rd, S. Hubbert | WHITEHEAD, JOHx, and WHITEHEAD, WALTER, builders, Shef cabinet maker, Old-st, and H.G. F. Wells, gentleman, Battle COOPER, BERJAMIN, licensed victualler, Gravesend. Pet. June 28

field. Pet. July 5. 0. A. Young, Sol. Sugg, Shefield. Sur, PEARSON, JOHN, grocer, Wigan. June 4. Trust. E. Pearson, Reg: Pepgs. 0. A. Graham. Sol. Monckton, for Hale, Mildred's. July 21

grocer, Liverpool Poultry. Sur. July 23

WILLIAMS, ROBERT, tailor, Llanrwst. Pet. July 2.0. A. Turner. PERRY, FREDERICK, hosier, Oldham, June 9, Trust. J. Brown, CELTTWELL, ELIZA, widow, of no occupation, late Sheldon-st,

Sols. Evans and Lockett, Liverpool, agents for Griffith, Llanrwst, manufacturer, Leicester
Fatboarne-grove. Pet. June 30. 0. A Paget. Sols. Mathews
Sur. July 19

PHILLIPS, ROBERT MORRIS, master mariner, Spurstowe-rd, 231 Co., Lincoln's-Inn-fds. Sur. July 19

WITHAM, JOHN WILKINSON, draper, Keighley. Pet. July 3. Hackney. June 25. 58.,-18, Gd, down, ls, in 12 mos, is, in 18 mos, CUTHBERT, THOMAS, and TOOTI, JAMES, meat salesmen, Metro. 0. A. Bustield. Sol. Hodgson, Keighley. Sur. July 21

and Is. Od. in 24 mos politan Meat-market. Pet. July 2. Reg. Pepys. 0. A. Graham.

WOODALL, SAMUEL, attorney, Lincoln. Pet. July 2. Reg. Tudor. POND, WILBERFORCE, grocer, High-st, Sevenoaks. June 10. Trust. Sol. Oire, Portsmouth-st, Lincoln's-inn-fds. Sur. July 23 0. A. Harris. Sol. Smith, Derby. Sur. July 20

J. Radmall, sen., provision merchant, Bishopsgate-st without DAWSON, JOHX, farmer, Weybourne, near Holt. Pet. July 3

WRIGHT, GEORGE, tailor, Harrogate. Pet. June 30. Reg. &0. A RHODES, Joix, chaser, Walkley, in Sheffield. June 22. Trust. J. 0. A. Puget Sol. Storey, King's-rd, Bedford-row; and Sadd,

Gill, Sol. Richardson, Harrogate and Knaresborough. Sur. Hurst, tool maker, Sheffield
Sarvick. Sur. July 22
July 21

RILEY, HENRY, and RILEY, HEXRY, jun., tool manufacturers. DIFRIES, SATHAN, commercial traveller, Gower-st, Bedford-sq.


Sheffield. May 92. Trusts. S. Locker, H. Bagshaw, steel manuPet. June 1. Reg. Pepye. 0. A. Graham. Sols. Messrs. Scard,

facturer, and W. T. Charles, steel roller, all of Sheffield

Gazette, June 29. Great St. Helen's, Sur. July 21

SEAGER, WILLIAM BACON, general furniture dealer, New Kent. DRATSON, MATTHEW, commercial traveller, Mostyn-rd, Brixton.

CHATFIELD, RICHARD, formerly bricklayer, Croydon. Dec. 7, 1867 | rd, June 24. Trust. R. Keith, accountant, Chancery-la Pet. June 30. Rex. Pepys, 0. A. Graham. Sols. Liuklaters and ROWLAND, EDWARD, grocer, Wolvercott. April 20, 1809

SHAW. ROBERT, cloth merchant, Leeds. June 9. Trusts. D. Co., Walbrook. Sur. July 23

Gazette, July 2.

Brook, maufacturer, Holmfirth, T. Etchells, cloth manufacturer For, JOSEPH, builder, Lower Norwood. Pet. July 1. 0. A. Paget.

Pool, near Otley, and G. D. Fryer, grocer, Leeds
CHRISTOPHER, JOSEPH STEER, out of business, Great Ormond.
YA. Godtrey, Hatton-gdn. Sur. July 19

SOMERS, LAWRENCE, timber merehant, Wilson-st, Finsbury. st, Queen's-sq. July 13, 1887 GRIBBLE, FREDERICK JOHx, builder, Turnham-green. Pet.

June 20. Trusts. W. Marshall, Old-st, and T. Langton, GraceGARDNER, WILLIAM, and VAN PRAAGH, jewellers, Oxford-st. July I 0. A. Paget. Sol. Bateson, Guildhall-chambers, Basing

church-st, timber merchants Jan. 8, 1969 hall-4. Sur, July 19

STASTOX, JAMES, innkeeper, Manchester. June 8. Trust. F. HAIGETON, JAMES, Hcensed victualler, Brighton. Pet. July 2.

Greatorex, brewer, Manchester 0. d. Paget. Sol. Runnacles, Brighton. Sur. July 19

STEPHENS, WILLIAM, boot dealer, Shrewsbury. June 12. Trusts. HARRISOS, BENJAMIX, and LEMON, HEXRY, bookbinders,

G. Parsons, boot manufacturer, Marefair, Northampton, and R. Bridgewater-sq, Barbican. Pet. July 2. Reg. Brougham. 0.A.

Pool, accountant, Shrewsbury Paget SOL Biddles, South-sg, Gray's-Inn. Sur. July 22


STONE, ISAAC, tailor, Manchester. June 15. 35. by two equal HADELL, GEORGE HESRY, journeyman tin plate worker, Edith

instalmente, on registration and in 3 mos The Official Assignees are given, to whom apply for the Great Cambridge-st, Hackney-rd. Pet. June 29. 0. A. Paget.

SUNDERLAND, AMBROSE, grocer, Rochdale. June 7. Trust. F. Sol. Brighten, Bishopsgate-st without. Sur. July 19


Nicholson, accountant, Manchester JoaxSON, EDWIX, dyer, Cannon-st-rd, and Croydon. Pet. June 30. Armitage, T. elastic web manufacturer, Arst, Gs. Harris, Not.

TARLINO, HEXRY JAMES, assistant to a hay salesman, VictoriaBay. Pepss. 0. A. Graham. Sol. Howell, Cheapside. Sur.

grove-ter, Bayswater. June 29. le. in 10 duys tingham.- Battersby, J. tailor, first, 78. G. Carrick, Exeter.

THOMPSON, EDWIX, grocer, Westerham, June 2. 58. in 14 days Bennett, A. merchant, second, 11. Turner, Liverpool.-Blakor, T. KING, GEORGE, publican, Caddington. Pet. July 2. Reg. Pepys.

TOWNER, WALTER, draper, Seaford. June 7. Trust. J. Baggaluy innkeeper, second, 1x. 4. Turner, Liverpool.-Canham, R. and 0 A. Grahamn. Sol Nicholson, Luton. Sur, July 23

Love-la, Woodst
Canham, J. G. builders, first, 26. 61. Eaden, County Court, Cam.
INBE, NATHANIEL W., wholesale teadealer, Mark-la. Pet.

WALKER, GEORGE, wine merchant, Edgware-rd. June 7, 28. 61. bridge. -Clark, E. builder, firut, 38. GA, Açramon, Bristol.-Do!rcin, Jane S. 0. A. Paget. Sals, Linklaters and Co., Walbrook.

by two instalments of 18, and 1s. . at 1 and 2 mos R. lighterman, first, 26. 8d. Paget, London.-Day, J. bootmaker, Sur. Jaly 22

WALLIS, FRANCIS and THOMPSON, RICHARD), corn factors, Soar. first, 48. lld, Kaden, County Court, Cambridge.--Evens, W. C. i LAXPAND, WILLIAM, hotelkeeper, Piccadilly. Pet. June 18. Reg.

borough. June 5. Trusts. C. Fearn, banker's clerk, Scarborough, dealer in fancy goods, first, 18. 8jd. Carrick, Exeter.Fortune, T. Papra. 0. A. Grahain. Sol. Pittman, Stamford-et. Sur. July 21

and R. Medforth, corn merchant, Bridlington late publican, second, 2 d. (and 2.8jd. to new proofs). Paget, LAWRENCE, GEORGE, licensed victualler, Hatfield. Pet. July 2.

WIGGETT, JOSEPH, fruiterer, Cross-st, Islington. June 10. %. 61. London.-Gould, D. attorney, first, 2. ld. Carrick, Exeter.

in 6 mos Reg. Pepy. 0. A. Graham. Sol, Steadman, London-wall. Sur. -Grumbridge, G. draper, first, ls. 134. Parkyns, London.-Harris,

WILSHERE, GEORGE, straw plait dealer, Luton June 7. Trueta. W. J. merchant. second, 3d. Turner, Liverpool.-Hole, J. G. SAL, WILLIAX, out of business, George-st, Camberwell. Pet. cabinet inaker, first, 119. Carrick, Exeter.-James, T. innkeeper,

J. Bailey, farmer, Whipsnade, and C. Lenton, straw plait dealer, my L. Reg. Pepys. 0. A. Graham. Sol, Morris, Grocers' Hall.

Clifton first, 48. Turner, Liverpool, Kotze, F. J. law student, first, le. l. Sur, July 3

WITLEY, ALFRED, law stationer, Pulrass-rd, Brixton. June 30. Eaden, County Court, Cambridge.-Larson, A. cotton dealer, first, SORTECOTT, JOSEPH, out of business, South-grove, West Mild

29. by two equal instalments on Sept. I and Dec. 1 108. Turner, Liverpool.-Jarey, J. railway agent, first, 38. Od. pk, Islington, Pet. June 28. 0. A. Paget. Sol. Stirke,

WOOD, THOMAS, shopkeeper, West Gorton. June 7. 28. 41. by Eaden, County Court, Cambridge.- McCree, J. grocer, first, 9d. Old Keat-rd, Camberwell. Sur. July 19 Turner, Liverpool.-Miller, J. and Hiller, R. P. shipbuilders, dret,

instalments of ls. 48., 18., and ls. in 14 days, on Oct. 1, and April 1 Pracz, JOHx, formerly Oakley sq. King's-yd, Chelsea, but now ! la. 94. Acraman, Bristol.-Nicholson, G. tallow chandler, first, 58, Puria. Pet April 2. Reg. Pepys. 0. A. Graham. Sols. Turner, Liverpool.--Renant, 8. innkeeper, Second, 1911. (and

Gazette, July 6. saburst and Co., Old Jewry. Sur. July 29

18. llyed. on new proofs). Paget, London.-Rubardt, W. house BELD, JAMES TAPLEY, cheesernonger, Greenwich. Pet. July 3.

ALCOCK, WILLIAM CRESWELL, grocer, Kirkdale. June 8. 6s. 80. painter, first, 48. 5d. Paget, London.-Spreat, w. lithographer, 0.4 Paget Sol. Hicks, Coleman-st. Sur. July 19

by instalments of %. 31. on July 15, and Sept. 1, and 21. 21. on first, L. Gl. Carrick, Exeter --Towner, B. of Southover, first, 25. 2jd.

Dec. 1 TRATTORD, WILLIAM, engineer, Walthamstow. Pet. July 1. Parkyns, London. - Webber, J. H. attorney, first, 78. Paget, Lon. reg. Papy. 0. A. Graham. Sol. Moss, Gracechurch.st. Sur,

BAUMGARTEX, EDWARD PUTOX, gentleman, Arlington-st. May don.-Wilson, J. draper, first, 28. 4d. Turner, Liverpool.

28. Trust. R. Staines, tutor, Marylebone-rd WILLIAMS, JOHN SHAKESPEAR, land surveyor, Uxbridge. Pet.

BEAUMONT, ROBERT, angola yarn spinner, Huddersfield. Jade 2. Reg. Pepyy. 0. A. Graham. Sol. Lewis, Wellington

June 18. Trusts. H. Hirst, jun., yarn spinner, Huddersfield ; Srind. Sar. July 21

J. Pollard, cotton dyer, Dalton; and J. Pocker, waste dealer,

To surrender in the Country.

BIDDLESCOMBE, WILLIAM, coach builder, Westminster-bridge

rdJune 26. 58. on June 30 BREYR, PACL, attorney's clerk, Settle. Pet. July 2. Reg. &

BOWLES, GEORGE, tinber merchant, Evelyn-st, Deptford. May 24. U. Atkinson. Sol. Robinson, Settle. Sur. July 14

Gazette, July 2.

66. 8. by two equal instalments, in 1 week and 2 mos from SATI, HENRY, out of business, Redditch. Pet. July 2. Reg. APPLEFORD, ALFRED FRANCIS, linen draper, Leamington Priors. registration,--second secured Tada. 0. A. Kinnear. Sols. Richards, Redditch; and James June 5. 36. 64., by three equal instalmente, at 3, 6, and 9 moe, CADWELL, DAVID, beerseller, Albany-st, Camberwell. July 1. kod Griffin, Birmingham. Sur. July 16 guaranteed. Trust. J. Boddington, writing clerk, Warwick

3x. by two equal instalments, in 3 and 6 mos from registration WIDTORD, WILLIAM, shopkeeper, Barnsley. Pet. July 1. Reg. & BARXES, THOMAS, shoe manufacturer, Church-row, Bethnal-green CARBOX, SAMUEL, draper, Wigan. May 26. Trusts. J. Alexander, 0. A. Bary. SOL Fruda, Barnsley. Sur. July 21 June 11. Trust. B. Nicholson, accountant, Gresham-st

draper, Wigan, and T. McConnell, draper S Y, JOHN, common brewer, Huddersfield. Pet. July 2.0. A. BAYLIS EBENEZER ERSKINE, printer, Tything, Worcester. June CLEMENT, FREDERICK, butcher, Viceroy.rd, South Lambeth.

Tortag, Sols. Messrs. Learoyd, Huddersfield ; and Bond and 12. 10s, by four instalmente, at 3, 6, 9, and 12 mos. Trust. D. June 29. 18. in 6 mos from registration
Barwick, Lee 18. Sar. July 19
Shaw, accountant, Worcester

COLLIVER, GEORGE VEALE, builder, Addiscombe. June 30. 08. SUXWELL, WILLIAM, beerhouse keeper, Newcastle upon Tyne. BERRIDGE, FREDERIC, schoolmaster, Eton-park. June 21. 199. 61. by instalinents of 2s. in i mo, 36. in 3 ino, and 8. in 6 mno re June 30. Reg. &0. A. Clayton, Sols. Hoyle, Shipley, and by 14 instalments of 18. 4d. on Oct. 1, Feb. and June in each year, COLLINGRIDGE, AMBROSE, innkeeper, Dewsbury. July 1. Trusts. gle, Sewcastle-upon-Tyne. Sur. July 19 until Feb. 1, 1874, and 101, on June 1, 1874

T. McDonough, produce merchant, Dewsbury, J. Walsh, tobacco CASTLE, WILLIAM, town porter, Dover. Pet. July 2. Reg. & BLISS, GEORGE, farmer, Stoke Goldington, and WILLIAM, FAULK. manufacturer, Bradford UA Greenhow. Sol. Lewis, Dover. Sur. July 20

NER, innkeeper, Blisworth, May 29. Trusts. W. J. Pelrce, CURTIS, ELIZABETH, schoolmistress, Norwich, May 29, Truste. LTE, WILLIAM, bootmaker, Buckfastleigh. Pet. July 2. Reg. auctioneer, and P. Phipps, brewer, both Northampton

W. Howes, tallow chandler, and G. Bale, butcher, both 10. A. Bryett. Sol. Windeatt, Totnes. Sur. July 17

BRETT, WILLIAM, and BONNY, SACERDOTE, tailors, City-rd. June Norwich LAITOS, WILLLAX, bootmaker, Rochdale. Pet. July 1. Reg. & 14. 108, by three instalments, of 3s. 4d, at 2, 5, and 7 mos from DAVEY, ALBION, chemist, Aylesbury. June 14. Trust. T. Windsor, 0. A. Jackson. Sol Holland, Rochdale. Sur. July 22 May 1,-secured

innkeeper, Aylesbury THOMAS, builder, Dawlish. Pet. July 3. Reg. &0. A. Pidg. BROOKE, ROBERT, Ironmonger, Cheltenham June 5. Trusts. I DAWSON, WILLIAM, shuttle maker, Blackburn. May 23. Trusts SOL Snelgrove, Dawlish. Sur. July 17

J. M. Butt, ironfounder, F.G. Roberts, accountant, both Glouces. W. Hodgson, agent, Blackburn, and J. Sellers, shuttle maker, ROBERT, victualler, Walsall. Pet. June 28. 0. A. Clark. ter, and W. Carter, factor, Birmingham

Preston Sols. Duignan, Lewis, and Lewis, Walsall, Sur. July 17

Buxx, THOMAS BEWICKE, grocer, Newcastle. May 31. Trusts. DALZIEL, HUGH, druggist, New Ferry, May 35. Trusts. T. Dod, WHTEST, WILLIAM, out of business, Old Accrington. Pet. T. Bew, agent, and R. Turnbull, agent, Newcastle

and G. F. Sinclair, inanufacturing chemists, both Liverpool Jay L. Reg. Macrae." 0. A. McNeill. Sol. Bannister, Accring.

DOWNIE, JAME8, ship chandler, North Shields the BYRAM, WILLIAM, stone merchant, Great Western-ter, Padding

June 2. Trusts. Sur. July 30

ton. May 31. 78.6d, by two instalments, of 5€, and 28, 6d. at 1 and J. Hunter, merchant; J. Berkley, biscuit manufacturer, both XIZ, JAMES, ship chandler, North Shields. Pet. June 7. 3 mos

North Shields, and P. O'Hare, merchant, Newcastle-upon. 12. Gibson. 0. A. Laidman. Sols. Tinley, Adamson, and CALVERT, JOIN, grocer, Blackburn. May 25. Trusts. J. Calvert, Tyne Lisca, North Shields. Sur. July 21 innkeeper, Enfield, and D. Grime, designer, Church

ESCRITT, FREDERICK MICHAEL, coal merchant, Little Gonerby. KL CHARLEX, out of business, Maldon. Pet. July 1, Reg. & CHESTER, THOMAS, builder, Chesterfield. June 5. Trusts. W. T. Juno 5. Trusts. E, Fisher, chemnical manure manufacturer, 4. Cxid. SOL Digby, Maldon. Sur. July 22

Badger, colliery proprietor, Dronfield, and W. Lomas, general Beverley, and F. C. Matthews, cake merchant, Great Driftleld AS, JOHX, carpenter, Westbromwich. Pet. June 22. Reg. & dealer, Chesterfield

EVANS, SAMUEL, licensed victualler, Ely June 7. Trust. J. W. Watson. Sol. Stokes, Dudley. Sur. July 14 COTT XRELL. JOHN, grocer, Walwall. June 21. 8. by two equal

A. Stevens, wine merchant, Cardiff HWEATHER, ALEXANDER, shipowner, North Shields. Pet. instalments in and 6 mos. Trusts. S. Wilkinson, solicitor, GREEX, ROBERT, carman, Elm-grove, Lower NorwoodMay 29 231. Reg. Gibson. 0. A. Laidman. Sols. Hoyle, Shipley, and Walsall, G. Wilkinson, wholesale grocer, Birmingham, A. Cotte 12s. 6d. by four equal instalments of 3. 340. on Aug. 29, and ogle, Newcastle upon Tyne. Sur. July 21 rell (widow), and G. Cotterell, solicitor, both Walsall

Nov. 29, next, and Feb. 29, and May 23, 1870. Trusta. J. C. »ITOS, JOUX, wheelwright, Pinchbeck West. Pet. July 1. CROMER, GEORGE, and WRIGHT, JOHX, commission agents, I Lucas, lime burner, Lewes, and H. Green, corn merchant, 40. 4. Bonner. Sols. Messrs. Cammack, Spalding Sur. Liverpool. May 31. Trust. J. Thompson, commission agent, Upper Thames-st

HALL, JAMES MORTOX, general warehouseman, Manchester, and ASR, EDWARD, cowkeeper, Sittingbourne. Pet. July 2. Reg.


DAVEY, JAMES, butcher, Ferdinand-st, Chalk Farm-rd. May 31. Patricroft. Juno 5. 75. Gl. by three equal instalmenta, in 3, 6, 9. 4. HAL SOL. Willis, Sittingbourne. Sur, July 21 28. til, in mos

and 9 mos from registration. Trust. J. W. Anderson, seved LL, MARK, journeyman tailor. Manthorpe-cum-Little DAVIES, JOHX screw bolt manufacturer, Atherton. June 7. muslin manufacturer, Glasgow cont. Pet. June . 0. A. Thompson. Sol. Malim, GranIan Sar. July 13

Trusts. P. Kevan, acoountant, Bolton, and W. Hadfield, iron HALL, JOSEPH, draper, Maldon. June 5. Trusts. W. Morley, merchant's traveller, Manchester

Gutter-la, and G. Dickson, Wood-st, both warehousemen UX, CHARLES, mining agent, Manchester. Pet. July 2. Reg. DAVIES, RICHARD, innkeeper, Pedairffordd. May 27. Trust. T. I | HARTXAX, WILLIAM, silkwaste dealer, Congleton, July 128, 1. Kay. Sol. Walmsley, Manchester. Sur. Aug. 3 Bather, miller, Maesbury-hall-mills, near Oswestry

in 1 mo. Trust. J. Washington, shopkeeper, Congleton JAY, WILLIAM, yarn dealer, Manchester. Pet. June 22. DEVELIX, HENRY TIDY, grocer, Hastings. May 97. Trusts. W. HEDOEN, WILLIAM, builder, Ramsgate. June . wrze, 0. A. McNeill.

Trusts. I Sol. Leigh, Manchester. Sur Merry, provision merchant, High-st, Whitechapel, and A. B. Laslett, timber merchant, and T. Brewer, cement merchant, Neame, wholesale grocer, Eastcheap

both Ramsgate

Assignment, Composition, Juspectorship, and

Trust Deeds.

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THA, and drapez: Clasgow



gentleman, Alford; MARSH, THOMAS, gentleman, Dorking ; GLOVER, BENJAMIN FAWCETT, cement manu'acturer, Gorleston

V New Series of the NORWICH UNION LIFE May 18. 34, 6, by instalments of 1x., 18., 18., and 6.., in 6, 12, 18,

WHOLESALE & RETAIL STATIONERS, ASSURANCE SOCIETY provides a means of relieving a and 24 mos, --secured Trusts, W. Jackson, cheese factor, Great

Life Policy from the future payments of Preinium according Yarmouth J. Cragg. ret manufacturer, Lowestoft. 92, FLEET-STREET, AND 1 & 2, CHANCERY-LAXE, LONDON, E.C

to a system especially advantageous to the Insurer,--For HUSSON, THOMAS PETHERBRIDGE, ironmonger, Torquay.

Carriage paid to the Country on Orders exceeding 208.

the New Prospectus apply to the Society's Office, 50, FleetMav 15. Trust. R. Heath, post office assist int, Torquay

street, E.C. IMS, HENRY, bird dealer, Park-side, Knightsbridge. June 28.

3s. in 3 mos, --secured JACKSON, HENRY, corn factor, Bolton


DRAFT PAPER, 18.61., 6., 78., 78. 98., and 98. per ream

Trust. P.
Foster, corn merchant, Bolton
BRIEF PAPER, 178. od., and 238. 60. per ream.

JAMES, EDWARD, solicitor's clerk, Bristol. June 21. Trust. J. FOOLSCAP PAPER, 108. 01., 13s, 61., and 18, 6d. per reanı,

10, Lancaster-place, Strand, E. Davies, accountant, Bristol

CREAM LAID NOTE, 38., 18., and 58. per ream. KELLOND, WILLIAM PETER, bullder, Southam. st, Kensal-rd. | LARGE CREAM LAID NOTE, 18., 08., and 78, per ream.

Established 1835, Capital paid-up, £180,000. June 9. In full, by six equal instalments of 38. 41. in 4, 6, 9, 12, LARGE BLUE NOTE, 38., 18., and 68. per ream.

This Society purchases Reversionary Property, Life In. 15, and 18 mos from registration,-first in 4 mos. Trust. S. ENVELOPES, CREAM ON BLUE, 18, 641., and 68, 60. per 1000,

terests, and Life Policies of Assurance, and grants Loans on Tildesley, stone merchant, Ironcate-wharf, Paddington

THE" TEMPLE" ENVELOPE, extra secure, 98. 64. per 1000. these Securities.
KNIGHT, HENRY, cheesemonger, Richard-st, Woolwich. June 29.

Forms of Proposal may be obtained at the Office. 58,-1s, on July 19, 2s, on Sept. 19, and 2s, on Nov. 19, - last

THE NEW "VELLUM WOVE CLUB-HOUSE" NOTE, 98. 6d. per secured

F. C. CLAYTON, Toint LEACH, JAMES, grocer, Upper Marylebone-st. June 16. 78. 61. ream.

C. H. CLAYTON Joint Secretaries by equal instalmente, in 4 and 10 weeks from registration. "We would direct particular attention to their New ClubTrust. R. F. Roberts, Railway place

house Paper: in our opinion it is the very best paper we ever TAW PROPERTY and LIFE ASSURANCE LOWER, JOHN WILLIAM, tailor, Sheerness. April 30. Trusts. F.

wrote upon."--London Mirror. Bilbe, grocer, Sheerness, and E. Nash, woollen warehouseman,

SOCIETY, 30, Essex-street, Strand, London, Aldgute OVER, GEORGE, livery-stable keeper, Great York-mews, Baker-st. INDENTURE SKINS, Printed and Machine-ruled to hold twenty

CAPITAL, £250,000. June 30, 18. in 6 mos or thirty folios, 18. 9d. each, 208. per dozen.

PENNEY, JOSIAZ, hotel keeper, Bournemouth. May 22, Trusts.

Ralph T. Brockman, Esq., Folkestone.
SECONDs or FOLLOWERS, Ruled ls. 6d, each, 178. per dozen.
G. N. Penney, ship broker, and G. Ingrum, ironiounder, both

Edward W. Cox, Serjeant-at-Law, 36, Russell-square.
BECORDS or MEMORLALS, 6d, each, 58, 6d. per dozen.

Geo. Fred. Fox, Esq., Bristol. PHILLIPS, ROBERT, sen., miller, Chudleigh May 27. Trusts. J.

E. E. P. Kelsey, Esq., The Close, Salisbury. Bowden, merchant, Ipplepen, and N. Ball, corn factor, High

John Mead, Esq., 2, King's-bench-walk, Temple, LEDGERS, DAY-BOOKS, CASH-BOOKS, LETTER Or MINUTE-BOOKS week PHIPPS, WILLIAM. fringe manufacturer, Liverpool. July 3.

H. Paull, Esq., M.P., 33, Devonshire-place. 5x. by three equal instalmente, in 1, 4, and 7 inos An immense stock in various bindings

MEDICAL ADVISER. PRING, EDWARD SYDNEY, surgeon's assistant, Cheltenham.

ILLUSTRATED PRICE-LIST of Inkstands, Postage Scales,

Sir Henry Thompson, M.B., F.R.C.S., 35, Wimpole-street. June 5. Trust, H. Yates, chinaman, Cheltenham REDHOUSE, ROBERT FRANKLYN, hair dresser, Leicester,

Copying Presses, Writing Cases, Despatch Boxes, Oak and CoxsULTING ACTUARY-F. G. P. Neison, Esq., F.S.S. June 28. 12

Walnut Stationery Cabinets, and other useful articles in 21 days from registration. Trust. A. Brom

SECRETARY-Edward S. Barnes, Esq. wich, accountant, Leicester

adapted to Library or Office, post free. ROBERTS, RICHARD, draper, Longpreston June 24. 58. by instalments of 18., 18., 2s., and ls., on July 1 and 31, and Oct. 1, and DARENTS and GUARDIANS. — Several


No. 126, CHANCERY-LANE. SAINT, THOMAS, watch manufacturer, Goswell-rd, Clerkenwell.

1 first-class BERTHS are open for well-educated

YOUTHS Stockbrokers, Colonial ditto, Ship ditto, and with June 7. 6s, by two instalments in 14 days, and 4 mos

CHAIRMAX.-Sir William Foster, Bart. SAUNDERS, HENRY JAMES, butcher, Tyler-st, King-st. June 30. Mercantile Firms); also some good businesses. With very few DEPUTY-CHAIRMAN, --James Cuddon, Esq., Barrister-at-Law 5s, by two instalments of 28, and 38. on July 14, and Oct. 14 exceptions premiums are required, but no other expenses

Goldsmith's-building, Temple. SMITH, JAMES, butcher, Blackburn, June 16. 58. in l. week from are incurred.-Apply to Mr. B. C. Joxes, Gresham-house This Company is prepared to make iminediate ADVANCES registration Trust. T. Mullineaux, gentleman, Blackburn Old Broad-street.

on Mortgage of Life Interests, Reversions, Freeholds, and SMITH, SHACKLETON, worsted spinner, Gomersal. June 14.

long Leaseholds, and to purchase Reversions, whether abso78. by three equal instalrnents at 3, 6, and 9 mos SXRLL, MARK, draper, Bolton

lute or contingent. TOR SALE, the NEXT PRESENTATION June 15. 108. by three equal instalments, on Sept. 14, Dec. 14, and March 14. Trusts. W. T to a RECTORY near Lancaster. Income about

The Directors invite the attention of Solicitors and others Coop. iron merchant, Bolton; J. W. Penrose, and F. Taylor, 400 per annum with honge Ge Pannlation suricnltural

to their new form of Whole World and Unconditional Life merchants, Manchester Present incumbent aged 71. The rector has also the gift

Policy, which affords peculiar and very great advantages to STEAD, LAW LEACH, stonemason, Tillhouse, near Huddersfield.

Mortgagees and others. June 18. Trusts. J. M. Beaumont, stone merchant, Elland of a chapelry worth 1307. per annum, with residence, &c.

Every description of Fire and Life Insurance business Edge, near Halifax, and C. Knight, coal merchant, Huddersfield For particulars apply to GEO. E. MUMFORD, Solicitor, Brad

transacted. VEVERA, JOSEPH, cloth manufacturer, Leeds. June . 88. by ford, Yorkshire,

Annuities granted on favourable terms. instalments of 34., 2s.6d., and 28, 6d., in 4, 8, and 12 mos from

Prospectuses, copies of the Directors' Report, and every registration,--third secured.

CHAMBERS WANTED, in the Temple or information sent on application to WALLIS, ANTHONY, Hulme. June 8. Trusts. J. Parry, and T.

some of the adjacent Inns: Temple preferred. Three Hanson, merchants, Manchester

FRANK MÄGEDY, Actuary and Secretary. or four rooms, with water, &c., on third or upper storey of a WHITESIDE, HENRY, grocer, Blackpool. June 7. Trusts, S. Smith and J. Parker, merchants, both Preston

good house. Permanent.--Address "A. C. T.," Post-office, TMMEDIATE ANNUITIES GRANTED by WINTERBORN, ROBERT, general salesman, London-rd, Bow. High-street, Kensington, W.

1 the EMPEROR LIFE ASSURANCE SOCIETY, May 25. 64. by two equal instalinente, in 3 and 6 mos from rexistration. Trusts. C. E. Winterborn, widow, Crisp-ot, Pop OFFICES (City).-Several very first class

for the following sums deposited :lar, and T. E. Smith, wholesale clothier, Houndsditch WOOLLEY, STEPHEN, smallware dealer, Burnley. June 10.

SUITES, also other Offices, may be had on easy terms

At age. For £100. For £200. | For £300. | For £500. 12, 6d, by instalments of 24. 61., 28. 6d., 14., and 2x, 6d, on Sept. 13,

by applying to Mr. B. C. JONES 30, Gresham-house, Old Dee. 13, March 13, and June 13,-- last secured. Trust. T. Collier, Broad-street, Some may be had Furnished.

17 13 6 35 70 58 0 6 smallware merchant, Manchester

42 96 79 15 10 CAPITALISTS.-A Gentleman, of inde- |

11 13 5 23 6 10 35 0 3 | 58 7 1 pendent means with some capital, is doing a safe, high

For forms of proposal, prospectus, &c., apply to BIRTHS, MARRIAGES, AND DEATHS. class Discount business, and can increase the same with more capital. He wants a party to join him, and he will give


bona fide security on a landed estate, with life policy for 52, Cannon-street, London, E.C. COOPE.-On the 5th inst., at 8, Codrington-terrace, Notting-hill,

either an advance or investment.--Apply to Mr. B. C. the wife of Walter Coode, Esq., barrister-at-law, of a daughter. | JONES, 36, Gresham-house, Old Broad-street, City.

ANNUITIES AND REVERSIONS. KIRBY.-On the 29th ult., at 13. Tarintuck-terrace, Westbourne

TAW REVERSIONARY INTEREST park, the wife of Thomas Frederick Kirby, barister-at-law, of M ERCHANTS, first-class Manufacturers, daughter.

SOCIETY. LOVELI. - On the 2nd inst., at 35, Boundary-road, St. John's-wood, I and others, with bona fide commercial enterprises,

68, CHANCERY-LANE, LONDON. the wife of George Luvell, Esq., of the Inner Temple, barrister can have INTRODUCTIONS to bentlemen who have at-law, of a daughter.

capital to invest by way of PARTNERSHIP, on applyinx to CHAIRMAN.-The Right Hon. Russell Gurney, Q.C., M.P., MARRIAGES. Mr. B. C. Joxes, of 36 to 13, Gresham House, Old Broad

Recorder of London, ANGIER-THRUPP.-On the 1st inst., at All Saints', Notting-hill, street.

DEPUTY CHAIRMAN.-Sir W.J. Alexander, Bart., Q.C. by the Rev. Edward Thrupp, vicar of Feltham, Middlevex, unele of the bride, Charles Allan Angier, Esq., of Warwick

Mr. JONES well knows that the British public is some. Reversions and Life Interests purchased. Immediate and xurt, Gray't-inn, to Jane Carmen, eldest daughter of James tines sceptical (perhaps not without cause) of advertise. Deferred Annuities granted in exchange for Reversionary Thrupp, Er,, of Keneington-park-road, W. Nu cards.

ments; nevertheless it is a fact that hundreds of people and Contingent Interests. DAVIES-WONHAM- On the 22nd ult., at Fawley Chapel, Samuel are ready with capital up to 20,000/. waiting for investments, R. Davies, solicitor, Rogz, to Sarah Victoria, youngest daughter

Annuities, Immediate, Deferred, and Contingent, and also Mr. Jones's only difficulty being where to find enne of William Kuber Wonham, late of Bognor, Sussex matters for those who have money to invest.

Endowments, granted on favourable terms.

Personal JOHNSON-HUSTWICK.-On the 1st inst., at the Parish Church application in first instance necessary.

Loans may also be obtained on the security of Reversions. of Soham, Frederick A. Johnson, youngest son of John A. Johnson, Esq., of Wicken Hall, Cambridewhire, to Anne.

Prospectuses and Forms of Proposal, and all further infor. elder daughter of Thomas Hustwick, of Soham, solicitor,

O SOLICITORS. -Messrs. FORRESTER'S mation, may be had at the othee. C. B. CLABON, Soc. DEATHS.

L PRIVATE INQUIRY OFFICE, 6, Danes'-inn, FARBROTHER.-On the 30th ult., at Reading, aged 30, Henry Strand, Mr. John Forrester, late Principal Police Officer

LNCONOMIC LIFE ASSURANCE SOCIETY. Francis Farbrother, or St. Mary Hall, Oxford, and of the Middle at the Yansion-honse, City of London. Confidential inquiries


made in England and abroad. HARRISON.-On the 2nd inst., Martha, the wife of S. F. Harrison,

Established 1823.
Esq., solicitor, St. John's, Waketield.
LONDON GAZETTE (pnblished by authority) and

Empowered by Act of Parliament, s William IV.
LYDE. - On the 25th ult., aged 46. Thomas Lyde, of Balbedie
House, Clapham-park, and of Mitre.court-chambers, Temple, LONDON and COUNTRY ADVERTISEMENT OFFICE

Directory London.

HENRY BARNETT, Esq., M.P., Chairman, "WRIGHT. On the 6th inst., at Sutton - bridge, Lincolnshire,


The Rt. Hon. E. PLEYDELL BOUVERIE, M.P., Deputy. ayed 28, C. U. J. Wright, late of Halstead, Essex, solicitor. LTENRY GREEN (many years with the late

Il George Reynell) Advertisement Agent, begs to direct

Charles Arthur Barclay, Esq. C. H. W. à Court Repington, BREAKFAST – Epps's CoCoA - GRATEFUL AND Cor- | the attention of the Legal Profession to the advantages of his

Michael Biddulph, Esq., M.P. Eeg. FORTING, --The very agreeable character of this prepara long esperience of uporarils of twenty-five years, in the specint

Edward Charrington, Esq. G. Kettleby Rickards, Esq. tion has rendered it a general favourite.

Pascoe Charles Glyn, Esq. inxertion of all pro formá notices, &c., and hereby solicits

Henry Roberts, Esq. The Civil

Sir Alex. Duff Gordon, Bart. Augustus K; Stephenson, their continued support.-N.B. One copy of advertisement Service Gazette remarks:--"The singular success which

Charles Morris, Esq. Mr. Epps attained by his homeopathic preparation of

only required, and the strictest care and promptitude assured,

File of London Gazette kept. cocoa has never been surpassed by any experimentalist,

ADVANTAGES OFFERED BY THE SOCIBTY: By a thorough knowledge of the natural laws which

The lowest ratex of Premium on the Mutual Systee. Established 1841.

Security Invested Assets, upwards of... ... 1156,19 govern the oper tions of digestion and nutrition, and TO SOLICITORS.-Office for PATENTS,

Annual income .. by & careful anplication of the fine properties of well.

Bonus--The Society being on the mutual principle, the selected cocoa, Mr. Epps has provided our breakfast


Assured share the schole of the Profils. tables with a delicately flavoured beverage which may | Messrs. DAVIES and Hunt, Patent Solicitors, continue to 9.776 Policies now in force, assurin £8,670.625. save us many heavy doctors' bills." Made simply with procure BRITISH and FOREIGN PATENTS, &c., at inost Assurances granted to the extent of 10,000 on & single boiling water or milk. Sold by the Trade only in lb. moderate charges, and to SOLICITORS at agency raten.

life. Alb., and llb. tin-lined packets, labelled “JAME; EPPS Solicitors and intending Patentees should obtain their Assurances effected in 1869 will participate in the bonus

"HANDBOOK FOR INVENTORS," gratis on application and Co., Homeopathic Chemists, London."

of 1871. or by letter.

Table of Annual Premiume required for an Assurance of 1

for the whole term of Life, trith a Purticipation in Profits. LJILLINGDON, MIDDLESEX.–To be TMPERIAL LIFE INSURANCE

£ 8.

£ d.

8. I



20 ....... 1 14 7 35 acres of very valuable land, lying altogether in a ring


25 ...... 1 19 0 1 35 ...... 2 10 11 45 ...... 3II ! fence, near the village church and a first-class station on the Great Western Railway, well situate on a stavelly soil, com

Chef OFFICE.- No. 1, Old Broad-street, London. manding extensive views of a beautifully wooded country.

BRANCH OFFICE.-No. 16, Pall-inall, London,

Prospectuses and full particulars Inay be obtained on a The property is all freehold and tithe free, and comprises a

plication to IXSTITUTED 1820.

JOHN RALPH GRIMES, Secretary. moderate-sized, old-fashioned house, with every accommodation. The land is of a park-like appearance, chiefly pasture;

The outstanding sums assured by this Company, with the

Bonuses accrued thereon, amounting to about M1,2007., and there is ample stabling and outbuildings of every description;

ECONOMIC LIFE ASSURANCE SOCIETY. entrance lodge, gardener's cottare, conservatory, two grape

the Assets, consisting entirely of Investments in first-class house, forcing house, pite, frames, &c., kitchen and flower securities, amount to upwards of 950,0001.

Established 1823. xardens, orchard, two pieces of water, extensive shrubberies, The Assurance Reserve Fund alone is equal to more than and walks tastefully laid out, and surrounded with fine old nine times the premium income.

Henry BARNETT, Esq., M.P., Chairman. ornamental timber.--For further particulars and cards to It will bence be seen that ample Security is guaranteed to view, on Fridays and Saturdays, apply to W. WILLs, Esq.,

The Right Hen. E. PLEYDELL BOUVERI, M.P., Deputy the policy holders. Attention is invited to the prospectus of

Solicitor, Uxbridge.

the company, from which it will appear that all kinds of as.
surances may be effected on the most moderate tering and

the most liberal conditions.

POLICIES effected during the current year, wu, A SOLICITORS and OTHERS.-A gentleman wishor |

The company also grante annuities and endowments.

force on 31st December 1873, be entitled to a BONUB at the to INVEST immediately from 90007 to 25001. in the purchase

NEXT DIVISION OF Profity IN 1874. of the above in London. If out of repair, and short leasen, Prospectus may be obtained at the offices as above, and

JOHN RALPH GBIMES Secretary. not obiected to. Money paid immediately on approval of the agents throughout the kingdom.

6, New Bridge-street, Blackfriars, London, E.C. title.--Apply to Mr. FORD, S, Moorgate-street, City.

ANDREW BADEN, Actuary and Manager.

May 1809.

Edward Charles Glvon, Bart.

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**.......... 820

Prosecut.on Briefs

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To Readers and Correspondents.

vear, thus showing a decrease of 20,2181.11s. 11d.

The total amount of payments made for the COURT OF APPEAL IX CHANCERY.

ARTICULAS.-You can do it by simple advertisement, former period was 93,8001. 16s. 7d., and for 1868, BRAS TEXT. CARNE-CARNE . BRANCKERwhich costs nothing; or by Act of Parliament, which

98,0701. l4s. 2d., giving an increase of 17301. Practice-Suit to execute trusts-Lease of part of premises 797

is very costly. V. C. STUARTS COURT.

23. 5d. for 1869 over the preceding year. The All anonymous communications are invariably rejected. SHARP . DE ST. SAUVEUR

receipts in the Courts of Probate and Divorce, 1- Construction-Devise of "landed property" to an All communications must be authenticated by the name

Admiralty and Land Registry for the year endalien .

and address of the writer, not necessarily for publica-
tion, but as a guarantee of good faith.

ing March 1869, were 134,9691. 16s. ld., and for R THE SOUTH EASTERN (OF PORTUGAL) RAILWAY COM

1868, 139, 1741. 16s. 8d., a decrease again occurPASY LIMITED Practice Winding-up-Cornpanies Act 1862, s. 95, 96 ...... 800


ring of 1505). Os. 70. The payments in 1869 COURT OF QUEEN'S BENCH.

were 222,1091. 2s. ld., against 223,0197. 7s. 2d., FARIK 'app.) v. CLOSE (resp.)

MAGISTRATES, MUNICIPAL and Fredly society-Embezzlement of funds---Rules in

thus giving also a decrease of 9101. 5s. 1d. The YL PARISH LAW CASES and APPEALS decided in restraint of trade.......... SAXPS). MACKAY

all the Courts. Elited by EDWARD W. COX, Serjeant-at payments in both cases are exclusive of judges' Co968-Action of tort-Slender......... Law, Recorder of Portsmouth, Editor of "Cox's Criminal

Law Casex.” Vols, I., II., III., and IV., in half-calf, 258.

each. Part VII. Vol. V. just publislied. Price is. Ad.
PARROW E, WILSON AND WIFE Administrators, &c.)
Master and servant- Death of muster-Notice

Ix “ Some Suggestions for Bankruptcy Legisla-

tion,” by a Mr. Seyd, we are told that much CHAPYAN P. JONES

I decided by all the Courts, with NOTES, &c. Part XXIII. |

NOTES Part Private chapel, forming part of parish church-Freehold

insolvency would be prevented if merchants and of inheritance

........ 811

just published, price 5x. 61l. Parts I, io XXII. may still be persons engaged in trade kept proper books of THOMAS P. HAYWARD

had. Also Vols. I. and I., wbich contain all the Cases Covenint by lennir not to build or keep a public-house

| account. In the doctrine of balancing accounts decided from the 1st Jan. 1861 to 10. Price 21. 2. each in within half a mile of demised preinines ........ hali-cali.

Mr. Seyd finds the panacea of all bankruptcy EXCHEQUER CHAMBER.

evils, and he proposes to enact as follows:-FLEET (Administrutrix of Mary Ann Rons) r. PERRINSChase in action--Reduction into possession-Husband

On Wednesday next, Part IV. of Vol. XI. of “ ny person or persons engaged in any trade, and wife .....

COX'S CRIMINAL LAW CASES; in the profission, occupation, or undertaking, for the BAIL COURT. BES.. JUSTICES OF CANNARVONSHIRE

U Court of Criminal Apreal, the Superior Courts, the carrying on of which it is customary or expeSpecial constables-Order for expenses of....

Central Criminal Court, at the Assizes, and in Ireland.

Edited by E. W. COX, Serjeant-at-Law, Recorder of Purts. | dient that books of account should be kept, shall COURT OF PROBATE. mouth. Price 58. fil.

| keep, or cause to be kept, such books of account THBORNE TICHBORNEAusinistration Interest suit- Administration pendente The Parts and Volanies may still be had to complete sets.

| according to the recognised rules of bookIt is the only complete series of Criminal Cases published in

Englanl. An Appendix contains a valuable collection of keeping by single or by double entry; and COURT OF ADMIRALTY (IRELAND). Precedents of Irudietinents.

shall keep or cause to be kept, such books THE JOSEPH DEXTERMarer's wages-Where master is owner of half vessel and

London : 10, Wellington-street, Strand, W.C. in such a manner that balance-sheets may

be made up therefrom from time to time; ELECTION PETITIONS.

This day is published, price 88.611., boards, ELA KBIRS ELECTION PETITION

and shall be bound, at least once in every TTVANS'S LAW DIGEST (Vol. 7, Part 2, Unduo influence Masters and men-Fellow workmen ......

two years, to balance, or cause to be balanced, W being Part 4h from the coininencement), containing

all the Cases reported and Statutes enacted during the last such books, and make a true anil proper LEADING ARTICLES, SUMMARIES, half-year October 150s, and April 1821, 80 arranged that the balance-sheet therefrom: and in default there

practitioner can find in a moment the latest law on any CORRESPONDENCE, &c.

subject. This is the only Half-yearly Digest of the Law. of, if any such person or persons be made TO CORRESPONDENTS ... Established for 24 years,

bankrupt, the Court of Bankruptcy shall re

The back parts and volumes may still be had. LEADING ARTICLES

fuse to discharge such bankrupt from his liaTopics of the Week..

OFFICE: 10, Wellington street, Strand, London.

bilities. The bankrupt shall produce his books The Bankruptcy Bill ........

and his balance-sheets before the court, and Ingri-onment for Debt

THE Cikrks Of Astize ..

the representative of the creditors shall invesThe Trade Union Bill .......

tigate the same, or the court, without, or upon Special Balls Bill Wut Shall We Have to Pay

the application of a creditor, may cause such Commy Court Appeals ...... Pretur ef Highways .......

an investigation to be made, and the report The Incore or Common Land...

of the parties so investigating shall be received Contracts to Loud and Unload Count Court Advocacy ....

in evidence. The court shall refuse to relieve Courts Martial ne A MAJORITY of twenty-five has sanctioned the

the bankrupt of his liabilities if to the satisSAYINGS AND DOINGS OF THE COURTS second reading in the House of Commons of

| faction of the court it be shown: That the BPTION LAW:

Mr. LOCKE KING's Bill for the abolition of primo- accounts have, wilfully or negligently, been kept Sutes of New Decisions

geniture, veiled under the less formidable title of in LEXISLATION AND JURISPRUDENCE:

ormidable title of improperly, and not in accordance with the

Real Estate Intestacy. The argument was all recognised rules of book-keeping, so as to preIt of Commons ................

in favour of a measure which leaves to a testator vent the extraction therefrom BSTATE AND INVESTMENT JOURNAL:

of a proper Sick and Share Markets ......

the power to give his property as he pleases, balance-sheet. That, wilfully or negligently, Polic Comunes .............

but divides it equally among his children if he false entries or mistakes have been made, prejuReports of Sales ........ SOLIITORS' JOURNAL

does not otherwise direct. That it will have any dicial to the interests of those concerned. That, In Of New Decisions..

practical effect upon the devolution of real pro- wilfully or negligently, the taking and valuing Seuntes sur l'otaxed Costs........ Credrs under Entates in Chancery .......

perty no lawyer with a particle of experience of the stock, or of the assets and liabilities, has Crutor under 22 & 3 Vict. c. 35

could believe. Its sole operation will be to in- been improperly made. That anything whatsowamed Stek and Dividends in the Bank of England .... CEE BENCH AND THE BAR:

duce more persons than now to perform the | ever has been done in regard to the books or the Axtze Intelligence

solemn duty of making a will. MAGISTRATE AND PARISR LAWYER :

| balance-sheets, which in the judgment of the Beedings of New Statutes ......

court be improper or prejudicial.”
Crnbride Borouvh Sessions ..
Natal Quarter Sessions - Bury St. Edmunds..

An Irish case has brought to light what may be
Burcugh Quarter Sessions .....
described as a hidden piece of the practice of

THE BANKRUPTCY BILL. Se of Xew Decisions ........

the Court of Chancery concerning the interests The Lords have received this measure with a Elementary Precedents in Conveyancing .......... JOIST STOCK COMPANIES LAW JOURNAL:of minors who are entitled to the benefits accru

good will that leaves little or no doubt of its Sites of New Decisions ing from the carrying on of the testator's or

success. Lord ROMILLY, indeed, gave some LAW STUDENTS' JOURNAL:

intestate's trade. There is no reported case on Arswers to the Final Examination Questions..

ominous hints that amendments would be reVERCASTILE LAW ............ the point, but our Court of Chancery has in

quired, but that there was the foundation for a MARITIME LAW.. many cases allowed the property of minors to be

good Bill; and if it is to be recast, as this intiELE TANTICAL LAW: continued in trade where it was manifestly for

mation would seem to imply, it could not posTurks of New Decisions ..... COTSTY COURTS:their interests. The course adopted is to require

sibly become law this session. But the MASTER Nos of Xew Decisions ..... the person carrying on the business to enter into

of the Rolls spoke, we believe, for himself alone; Liverpool County Court ...... BANKRUPTCY LAW:

ecognizance with sureties covering the value at least no other law Lord expressed the like Ne of New Decisions ..... Liverpool Bankruptcy Court

of the capital and stock in trade, manufactory, views. Lord WESTBURY may possibly exer......................... CORRESPONDENCE OF THE PROFESSION ........... &c., in the business, and to lodge at the Judge's

cise his ingenuity in criticising the clauses SOTES AND QUERIES Ox POINTS OF PRACTICE ..

chambers on a given day in each year a balance

lance- that depart most widely from the principles of TSE LAW LIBRARY

sheet, verified and made out so as to admit of Krate and Smith on Selwyn's Abridgment of the Law of

his own scheme, and we can scarcely venture its being checked if necessary ; and to bring to hope that he will approve a plan borrowed LEGAL OBITUARY :

into court and invest the profits belonging to Mr. Willam Lee, Q.C. ...............

from Scotland, and which he had himself forthe minors : or if there be an order to apply any | merly rejected. Nevertheless, the majority of PROMOTIONS ASD APPOINTMENTS ........... THE COURTS AND COURT PAPERS part for their benefit, then to apply it as directed,

the Peers will not be loath to relieve the Coton Law Notice......... LAW SOCIETIES and to keep separate accounts of each infant's

Legislature from a question which has The Hampehire law Society.......... share, with liberty to the infants, as they come

troubled it for so many years, and stood in the LEGAL NEWS

of age, to apply at chambers for the transfer of THE GAZETTES

way of so many other reforms. The Bill will the shares. BIRTHS, MARRIAGES, AND DEATHS .....

pass substantially as it is; a fair trial must be

given to it, and whatever defects experience A RETURN of fees received in stamps and pay- may reveal, and many there must be, will be CHARGES FOR ADVERTISEMENTS.

ments formerly charged on the Fee Fund Account, cured by occasional amendment Acts. Pour lines or thirty scords..................... 38. 60.

The Every additional ten words ......

Superior Courts of Common Law, during the ATTORNEY-GENERAL deserves all the applause Os. 6d.

years ending 31st March 1868 and 1869, also a he has received, for the ability, tact, and temper, Avertisements specially ordered for the first page are Charged one-fourth more than the above scale.

return of receipts and payments in the Courts with which he has conducted this difficult meaAdvertisements must reach the office not later than

of Probate and Divorce, High Court of Admi- sure through the House of Commons. five o'clock on Thursday afternoon,

ralty, and Land Registry during the same period,
has been published under the authority of Mr.

AYRTOX. The receipts from the Courts of Queen's PROSECUTION BRIEFS.

Bench, Common Pleas, and Exchequer for the A CIRCULAR from the Treasury to the Clerks of 1 yestcth Volume of the LAW TIMES, now complete, 1 year ending March 1869, amounted to 94,7091. | Assize has directed them not to allow more may be reniformly and strongly bound at the Law TIXES Ofice for 58. 6d.

16s. 2d., against 114,316l. 8s. 1d. for the previous than a fee of one guinea on a prosecution brief, VOL. XLVII.-No. 1972,

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