The Lehigh County Law Journal: Containing Cases Decided in the Several Courts of Lehigh County and in Other Courts, 8권

Call Publishing Company, 1920

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58 페이지 - Every holder is deemed prima facie to be a holder in due course; but when it is shown that the title of any person who has negotiated the instrument was defective, the burden is on the holder to prove that he or some person under whom he claims acquired the title as holder in due course.
57 페이지 - The holder of a negotiable instrument may sue thereon in his own name and payment to him in due course discharges the instrument.
218 페이지 - ... debts owing to any person who by the laws of the States or the United States is entitled to priority.
6 페이지 - ... the jury before whom any person indicted for murder shall be tried, shall, if they find such person guilty thereof...
159 페이지 - ... for a rule to show cause why a new trial should not be granted...
304 페이지 - A thing within the intention is within the statute though not within the letter; and a thing within the letter is not within the statute unless within the intention.
29 페이지 - No person shall operate a motor vehicle on a public highway at a rate of speed greater than is reasonable and proper, having regard to the traffic and use of the highway, or so as to endanger the life or limb of any person...
145 페이지 - As respects one another, indorsers are liable prima facie in the order in which they indorse ; but evidence is admissible to show that as between or among themselves they have agreed otherwise. Joint payees or joint indorsees who indorse are deemed to indorse jointly and severally.
404 페이지 - ... actually engaged in the furtherance of the business or affairs of the employer...
380 페이지 - ... on paying or giving security to pay all costs, together with whatever tax shall be fixed by said court; and, upon such appeal, said courts shall have jurisdiction to determine all questions of valuation and of the liability of the appraised estate for such tax, subject to the right of appeal to the supreme court as in other cases.

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