GB/T 21114-2007 Translated English of Chinese Standard. (GBT 21114-2007, GB/T21114-2007, GBT21114-2007): Chemical analysis of refractory products by XRF - Fused cast bead method

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This Standard specifies a method for chemical analysis of refractory products and materials, and technical ceramics composed of oxides, including the determination of oxide at levels between 0.01% and 99% by means of the XRF fused cast bead method. NOTE: Constituents at concentrations greater than 99% (on a dried basis) should be reported on by difference, provided that all likely minor constituents and any loss on ignition have been determined. These figures should also be checked by direct determination.

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Types of materials
Definitions of limits of detection
Annex B Normative Corrections for tungsten carbide grinding media
Annex E Normative Examples of SeRM
Annex F Normative Equation for theoretical calculations
Informative Standard deviations achieved with certified reference

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