The Youth and Manhood of Cyril Thornton, 2권

William Blackwood, 1829

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164 페이지 - O, it is monstrous ! monstrous ! Methought the billows spoke, and told me of it ; The winds did sing it to me ; and the thunder, That deep and dreadful organ-pipe, pronounced The name of Prosper ; it did bass my trespass. Therefore my son i' the ooze is bedded ; and I'll seek him deeper than e'er plummet sounded, And with him there lie mudded.
334 페이지 - I saw her upon nearer view A spirit, yet a woman too ! Her household motions light and free, And steps of virgin liberty ; A countenance in which did meet Sweet records, promises as sweet ; A creature not too bright or good For human nature's daily food : For transient sorrows, simple wiles, Praise, blame, love, kisses, tears, and smiles.
318 페이지 - Kent. Vex not his ghost. O, let him pass! He hates him That would upon the rack of this tough world Stretch him out longer.
116 페이지 - All in a hot and copper sky, The bloody Sun, at noon, Right up above the mast did stand, No bigger than the Moon. Day after day, day after day, We stuck, nor breath nor motion; As idle as a painted ship Upon a painted ocean.
284 페이지 - I see, men's judgments are A parcel of their fortunes ; and things outward Do draw the inward quality after them, To suffer all alike.
114 페이지 - Fus'd in the fire ; or like the marble floor Of some old temple wide. But where so wide, In old or later time, its marble floor Did ever temple boast as this, which here Spreads its bright level many a league around...
300 페이지 - Those are like wax — apply them to the fire, Melting, they take th' impressions you desire; Easy to mould, and fashion as you please, And again moulded with an equal ease : Like smelted iron these the forms retain, But once impress'd will never melt again.
114 페이지 - Of its clear streams, though unregarded now ; Ophirs more rich are found. With easy course 'The vessels glide ; unless their speed be stopp'd By. dead calms, that oft lie on those smooth seas While every zephyr sleeps ; then the shrouds drop; The downy feather, on the cordage hung, Moves not; the flat sea shines like yellow gold, Fus'd in the fire ; or like the marble floor 'Of some old temple wide.
149 페이지 - ... Colonel Hamilton, the portrait of him in his later years, vividly sketched by an eyewitness, and, it would seem, personal friend. He is described as being then at the age of sixty-seven remarkably handsome, and giving the impression of a man who had been distinguished both in camp and court : — • He was a bachelor, and had always been noted as a gay man — too gay a man, perhaps, to have ever thought of narrowing his liberty by the imposition of the trammels of wedlock ; notwithstanding...
112 페이지 - I thought that all things had been savage here ; And therefore put I on the countenance Of stern commandment. But whate'er you are That in this desert inaccessible, Under the shade of melancholy boughs, Lose and neglect the creeping hours of time ; If ever you have look'd on better days, If ever been where bells have knoll'd to church.

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