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ties of this little island, * and was surrounded est by the most powerful states on every side

; 2018! should, I say, exist, distinct and separate, in porbuolitical and religious laws and statutes, when othle cher nations and kingdoms, more numerous, ex. pductensive and powerful, had changed names and er sal government often, in a less tract of time than her fifteen centuries?

Who among all the ancient lawgivers gave their people an injunction, not to hate their en. kemy, neither Edom, the house of Esau, nor

an Egyptian, under whom they had groaned det- with the heaviest yoke of servitude and oppres

sion; and with a reason added, because the judgments of the Lord God on both would pass away in the third generation (a time limited, whatever it signify) and “ the children begotten of them, shall enter the congregation or Le church of the Lord,” Deut. xxiii. 7. The dis..

obedience of this people to such lessons, be to their own shame, and confusion : However, few believers, or unbelievers, knowing themselves thoroughly, will cast a stone even at


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\Vho, without the command of the all-comprehensive mind and eye of the most high God,

could 'foretel, that when the true Joseph, one choseni in old time out of the brethren, beloved

of his father above all his chil!ren, should appear in the form of the flesh of Sin, as the apos1ste speaks, “ that his brethren should hate lim,

and the archers sorely grieve him, and shoot at bun, sell him and crucify him," while his hands

* Great-Britain.

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were dealing out blessings in the most benefi cent miracles of love and kindness, yet of a superior nature to those he himself had done? Gen. xlix. 22, 23, 24.

The creation of bread and fishes, as well as the raising of the dead by his word, were more illustrious proofs of power, given him over all things.

Who attempted to establish such an agrarian law, as I may call it, in a political view, as the year of jubilee, when the restitution of lands under mortgage, and a temporary disinberison, were to return back to the families? Under this kind institution, as a barrier against covetovsness, strongly rooted in corrupt na. ture, the noblest blessings were prefigured ; but these I touch not, observing only, that in this people the picture of mankind, under all forms and colors of good and evil, appear delineated ! though pride and ignorance of ourselves may dispose us to confine it.

Lastly. Who promised the restitution of those wicked nations, which were cut off by the sword of the Lord, save Moscs? Yet is he of late, in particular, insulted as a man of blood and cruelty--by such only however, who are to tally ignorant of the judgments of the Lord, and of the the two-edged sword out of his mouth, killing flesh and quickening spirit. “To Shilob shall be the obedience of the people,” Gen. xlix. 10. To Moses was given the full knowlege of the great name ; in which he has taught us, how far the mercies of the Lord extendeci

ond his judgments ;. shcwing the first, to


flow through a thousand generations, and his visitations unto the third and fourth of sinners, Exod. xxxiv. 6. Whatever time the third and fourth generation may comprehend (though the word generation is not expressed in the Hebrew) it shews what the light of nature never knew, nor could ascertain ; that judgment must pass over into mercy, and there rest for

What finite mind, says Lord Bolingbroke, can comprehend the workings of an infinite mind? Never was any thing better said to humble man, and to keep reason within the proper bounds of deference to revelation; not to subject it to man, which is too much done, but to God, which is too little attended to. What will short-sighted man affect to deny, that the visitations and judgments of the Lord are not absolutely necessary to correct and amend the more stuborn and hardened sinner : as Nebuchadnezzar, at the end of his seven times, restored to his reason, the glory of his kingdom, to his honor and his brightness, says, "Now I praise and extol, and honor the King of heaven, all whose works are truth, and his ways are judgment ; and those that walk in pride, he is able to abase,” Dan. iv, 36, 37. Thus will all the judgments of the Most High finish in the praise of those who have passed through them, into greater happiness and glory in the conclusion.

R. C.

Prince EUGENE's Prayer.

O MY God! I believe in thee : do thou strengthen my belief-I hope in thee : do thou confirm my hope I love thee : vouchsafe to redouble

my love I am sorry for my sins: O increase iny repentance.

I adore thee, as my first principle ; I desire thee, as my last end: I thank thee, as my perpetual benefactor ; I cail upon thee, as my supreme defender. My God! be pleased to guide me by thy wisdon, rule me by thy justice, comfort me by thy mer. cy, and keep me by thy power. To thee! dedicate all my thoughts, words, and actions ; that henceforth I may think of thee, speak of thee, act according to thy will, and suffer for thy sake.

Lord ! my will is subject to thine, whatever thou willest; because it is thy will. I beseech thee, to enlighten my understanding, to give bounds to my will, to purify my body,lo sanctify my soul. Enable me, O my God! to reform my past offences, to conquer my future temptations, to reduce the passions that are too strong for me, and to practice the virtues that become me.

O, fill my heart with a tender remembrance of thy favors, an aversion for my infirmities, a love for my neighbor, and a contempt for the world. Let me also remember to be submissive to my superiors, charitable to my enemies, faithful to my friends, & indulgent

my inferiors. O God! help me to overcome easure, by mortification ; covetousness, by ms; anger, by meekness; and lukewarmness, y devotion. O, my God! make me prudent | undertakings, courageous in danger, patient nder disappointment, and humble in success. et me never forget, O Lord ! to be fervant in rayer, temperate in food, exact in my employs, nd constant in my resolutions. Inspire me, ) Lord! with a desire always to have a quiet onscience, an outward as well as inward mod. sty, an edifying conversation, and a regular onduct. Let me always apply myself to resist lature, to cherish grace, to keep thy commands, ind to become meet for lieaven. My God! do hou convince me of the meanness of the earth, he greatness of heaven, the shortness of time, ind the length of eternity. Grant, that I may de prepared for death ; that I may fear thy judgment, avoid hell, and obtain paradise : For the sake and merits of my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. Amen.


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