The General Biographical Dictionary, 24권

J. Nichols, 1815
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297 페이지 - A brief Account of the Rise and Progress of the People called Quakers...
288 페이지 - Truth Exalted in a Short but Sure Testimony against all those Religions, Faiths, and Worships, that have been formed and followed in the darkness of Apostasy; and for that glorious light which is now risen and shines forth in the Life and Doctrine of the despised Quakers, as the alone good old way of Life and Salvation.
398 페이지 - Colonna, assumed his throne; and at the voice of a herald Petrarch arose. After discoursing on a text of Virgil, and thrice repeating his vows for the prosperity of Rome, he knelt before the throne, and received from the senator a laurel crown, with a more precious declaration, "This is the reward of merit.
230 페이지 - A Commentary, with Notes, on the four Evangelists and the Acts of the Apostles," with other theological pieces.
286 페이지 - Penn that, while here and alone in his chamber, being then eleven years old, he was suddenly surprised with an inward comfort, and as he thought an external glory in the room, which gave rise to religious emotions, during which he had the strongest conviction, of the being of a God, and that the soul of man was capable of enjoying communication with him.
450 페이지 - the " steerer of the realm," to Miss Pulteney in the nursery. The numbers are smooth and sprightly, and the diction is seldom faulty. They are not loaded with much thought, yet, if they had been written by Addison, they would have had admirers : little things are not valued but when they are done by those who can do greater. In his translations from Pindar he found the art of reaching all the obscurity of the Theban bard...
242 페이지 - Experimenta nova anatomica, quibus incognitum hactenus chyli receptaculum, et ab eo per thoracem in ramos usque subclavios vasa lactea deteguntur. Ejusdem dissertatio anatomica de circulatione sanguinis et chyli motu, Paris, S.
253 페이지 - A Paraphrase and Notes on the Epistle of St Paul to the Galatians, &c.
42 페이지 - Paulina; or the Truth of the Scripture History of St. Paul evinced, by a Comparison of the Epistles which bear his Name with the Acts of the Apostles and with one another (London, 1790; subsequent editions are by J.
294 페이지 - Kent and Sussex; containing about four thousand souls. Two general assemblies have been held, and with such concord and dispatch, that they sat but three weeks; and, at least, seventy laws were passed without one dissent, in any material thing.

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