Douglas: A Tragedy

W. Whale, 1828 - 64페이지

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20 페이지 - My name is NORVAL: on the Grampian hills My father feeds his flocks; a frugal swain, Whose constant cares were to increase his store, And keep his only son, myself, at home.
48 페이지 - Glen. Suppress it, as you wish to prosper. Your pride's excessive. Yet, for Randolph's sake, I will not leave you to its rash direction. If thus you swell, .and frown at high-born men, Will high-born men endure a shepherd's scorn ? Norv.
46 페이지 - Whose heart he knows he has not, though she brings A mine of gold, a kingdom for her dowry. For let her seem, like the night's shadowy queen, Cold and contemplative — he cannot trust her; She may, she will, bring shame and sorrow on him ; The worst of sorrows, and the worst of shames!
50 페이지 - The opprobrious words that I from him have borne. To the liege lord of my dear native land I owe a subject's homage ; but even him And his high arbitration — I'd reject. Within my bosom reigns another lord ; Honour, sole judge and umpire of itself.
43 페이지 - You, that are skill'd so well in the sad story Of my unhappy parents, and with tears Bewail their destiny, now have compassion Upon the offspring of the friends you lov'd.
48 페이지 - If I shall e'er acquire a leader's name, My speech will be less ardent. Novelty Now prompts my tongue, and youthful admiration Vents itself freely ; since no part is mine Of praise pertaining to the great in arms. Glen. You wrong yourself, brave sir; your martial deeds Have rank'd you with the great.
20 페이지 - Rush'd, like a torrent, down upon the vale, Sweeping our flocks and herds.
51 페이지 - Glen. Norval, Let not our variance mar the social hour, Nor wrong the hospitality of Randolph. Nor frowning anger, nor yet wrinkled hate, Shall stain my countenance. Smooth thou thy brow : Nor let our strife disturb the gentle dame.
53 페이지 - For being what you are, Sir Malcolm's heir : how else have you offended ? When they were gone, I hied me to my cottage, And there sat musing how I best might find Means to inform you of their wicked purpose, But I could think of none. At last, perplex'd, I issued forth, encompassing the tower With many a wearied step and wishful look.
37 페이지 - tis my key, And opes the wicket of the human heart. How far I have succeeded now, I know not; Yet I incline to think her stormy virtue Is...

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