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Les travaux d'utilité publique recevront une dotation convenable, à laquelle concourront les impositions particulières et spéciales des Provinces appelées à jouir de l'établissement des voies de communication par terre et par mer.

Une loi spéciale ayant déjà été rendue, qui ordonne que le Budget des recettes et des dépenses de l'Etat sera fixé et communiqué chaque année, cette loi sera observée de la manière la plus scrupuleuse. On procédera à la révision des traitements affectés à chaque emploi.

Les chefs et un délégué de chaque communauté désigné par ma Sublime Porte, seront appelés à prendre part aux délibérations du Conseil Suprême de Justice dans toutes les circonstances qui intéresseraient la généralité des sujets de mon Empire. Ils seront spécialement convoqués à cet effet par mon Grand Vizir. Le mandat des délégués sera annuel; ils prêteront serment en entrant en charge. Tous les membres du Conseil, dans les réunions ordinaires et extraordinaires, émettront librement leurs avis et leurs votes sans qu'on puisse jamais les inquiéter à ce sujet.

Les lois contre la corruption, la concussion ou la malversation seront appliquées, d'après les formes légales, à tous les sujets de mon Empire, quelle que soit leur classe et la nature de leurs fonctions.

On s'occupera de la création de banques et d'autres institutions semblables pour arriver à la réforme du système monétaire et financier, ainsi que de la création de fonds destiués à augmenter les sources de la richesse matérielle de mon Empire.

On s'occupera également de la création de routes et de canaux qui rendront les communications plus faciles et augmenteront les sources de la richesse du pays. On abolira tout ce qui peut entraver le commerce et l'agriculture. Pour arriver à ces buts, on recherchera les moyens de mettre à profit les sciences, les arts et les capitaux de l'Europe et de les mettre ainsi successivement eu exécution.

Tels étant mes volontés et mes ordres, vous qui êtes mou Grand Vizir, vous ferez, suivant l'usage, publier, soit dans ma capitale, soit dans toutes les parties de mon Empire, ce firman Impérial, et vous veillerez avec attention et prendrez toutes les mesures nécessaires afin que tous les ordres qu'il contient soient dorénavant exécutés avec la plus rigoureuse ponctualité.

BRITISH ORDINANCE, "to declare the Law respecting the Distribution of Estates of Insolvents at the Five Ports of China," by the Consular Courts.Hong Kong, March 5, 1856.

[19 Vict. cap. 1, of 1856.] "whereas doubts hare been entertained as to the authority of the Chief Superintendent of Trade and the Consuls at the 5 ports of China with respect to the administration of Insolvents' estates at the suit of creditors: Be it therefore declared, enacted, and ordained, by his Excellency the Governor of Hong Kong and Chief Superintendent of the Trade of Her Majesty's subjects in China, with the advice of the Legislative Council of Hong Kong, in manner following:

I. The expression "suit of a civil nature," "civil suit," and "suit or contention," respectively contained in the Order of Her Majesty in Council of the 13th day of June, 1853,* for the Government of Her Majesty's subjects being within the dominions of the Emperor of China, or being within any ship or vessel at a distance of not more than 100 miles from the coast of China, shall be construed to extend to every proceeding by, or on the part of, creditors against an insolvent debtor resident or carrying on business within the jurisdiction to which the said Order in Council relates, for the distribution of his estate and effects.

II. Every such proceeding in a Consular Court shall be commenced and prosecuted in manner provided by the "Rules of Practice " to be observed in judicial proceedings before Her Majesty's said Consuls, which have been, or shall hereafter be, made in conformity with the provisions of Article XXXVII of the said Order in Council.

III. In administering the assets of any such insolvent debtor, due regard shall be had to equality of distribution among all his or her creditors.

IV. Nothing herein contained shall affect any jurisdiction now vested in the Supreme Court of Hong Kong.


Passed the Legislative Council of Hong Kong, this 5th day of March, 1856.

L. D'almada E Castro, Clerk of Councils.

Vol. ZLIL Page 254.

BRITISH ORDINANCE, "to regulate Chinese Burials, and to prevent certain Nuisances, within the Colony of Hong Kong."—Hong Kong, June 12, 1856.

[19 Vict. No. 12, of 1856.] Whebeas the increase of population and buildings in the city of Victoria has made it necessary to provide other arrangements for the interment of the dead, and whereas there exist certain nuisances which the laws hitherto in force have failed effectually to prevent: Be it therefore enacted and ordained by his Excellency the Governor of Hong Kong, with the advice of the Legislative Council thereof, iu manner following, that is to say:

I. For the construction as well of this Ordinance as of Ordinance No. 14 of 1845, the Ordinance No. 2 of 1854, the Ordinance No. 8 of 1856, and the Ordinance No. 11 of 1856, the following rules of construction shall be observed in addition to whatsoever other rules are by the said Ordinances respectively provided, that is to say:

The expressions "public officer" or "public department" shall extend to and include his Excellency the Governor and every officer or department invested with or performing duties of a public nature, whether under immediate control of his Excellency or not.

The expression "lawful authority" shall extend to and denote any permission which may be lawfully given by a public officer or department or by a private person.

Where no specific description is given of the ownership of any property, the word " property" shall be taken to apply to all such property of the kind specified, whether owned by the Crown, by a public department, or by a private person.

II. It shall be lawful for his Excellency in Executive Council from time to time to select and appoint, and by advertisement in the "Hong Kong Government Gazette" to notify, sufficient and

• proper places to be the sites of and to be used as cemeteries or places of burial for the Chinese; aud from time to time to alter, vary, and repeal the said notifications by others, to be advertised in the like manner, and in such cemeteries or places it shall be lawful for the Chinese, in conformity with the provisions of the notifications actually in force, to bury their dead, yet so as that any person who shall use for that purpose a grave of less than 5 feet in depth from the ordinary surface of the ground to the uppermost side of the corpse or coffin therein deposited, shall for every such offence forfeit and pay a sum not exceeding 50 dollars, nor less than 5 dollars.

III. His said Excellency in Executive Council is authorized

from time to time to notify, by advertisement in the "Hong Kong Government Gazette," that any Chinese cemetery or burial-ground shall, from a time in such notification to be specified, be closed, and the same shall be closed accordingly; and whosoever, after the expiration of the said specified time, shall bury any corpse in the said cemetery or burial-ground shall, for every such offence, forfeit and pay a sum not exceeding 100 dollars, nor less than 5.

IV. "WTiosoever shall bury any corpse or coffin in any ground not being a cemetery or burial-ground authorized under this or any other Ordinance, shall (except in cases provided for by section 3 of this Ordinance), for every such his offence, forfeit and pay a sum not exceeding 100 dollars, nor less than 5.

V. The penalties in Sections III and IV specified shall be deemed to be cumulative and not substituted penalties, in any case where the commission of any of the offences to which the same are applicable shall occasion a nuisance within the meaning of Ordinance No. 8 of 1856, Section XIV.

VI. The offences next hereinafter specified shall be deemed to be nuisances within the meaning of all laws, at any time in force within this colony, for the better repression of nuisances, save that the court or justices before whom any person shall be found guilty of any such offence, in lieu of all other punishment for the same, shall order him for every such offence to pay a penalty not exceeding 100 dollars, nor less than one dollar, that is to say:

1. The felling, cutting, destroying, or injuring of any standing or growing tree, shrub, or underwood, any grass-sod or turf, or any fence or portion thereof (except in cases where any such offence shall be proved to have been committed with a felonious intention).

2. The doing any act whereby injury or obstruction, whethei directly or consequentially, may accrue to a public road, path, or walk, or to the shore of the sea, or to navigation, mooring, or anchorage, transit or traffic, or whereby any other nuisance within the meaning of Ordinance No. 8 of 1856, Sections XIV, XV, and XVI, whether directly or consequentially, may happen.

3. The trespassing, by man or beast, upon or in any messuage, tenement, cemetery, or land, being vested in or under the control or management of any public officer or department whatsoever.

And 4. The obeying the calls of nature on any way, or in any public, exposed, or other improper place, to the annoyance of others.

VII. It shall be lawful for the court or justices before whom any person shall be found guilty of any offence against division 1 or division 4 of Section IV of this Ordinance, to order him, in lieu of all other punishment, to be once or twice publicly whipped, yet so as that no offender shall receive in all for any one such offence more than 50 blows, nor less than 5.

VIII. Upon proof made to the satisfaction of t'-ie court or justices that a person accused of any nuisance or offence under this Ordinance, or any of the said enumerated Ordinances, is in fart guilty of having procured, permitted, connived at, or continued any such nuisance or offence, or of having ue» lee ted or refused to perform any duty cast upon him by law for the prevention or repression of the same, the said court or justices shall find the said person guilty of the said nuisance or offence, and shall award against him the penalty or other punishment to which person.* guilty of the said nuisance or offence are or shall be liable.

IX. This Ordinance shall be read, together with the Ordinances enumerated iu Section I, and shall be incorporated therewith.

X. All summary proceedings under this Ordinance, or the said enumerated Ordinances (except proceedings under Ordinance No. 8 of 1856, Sections II to IX, both inclusive), may bs had upon the information of any complainant: but the disposal of materials of nuisances, of building materials, and of utensils, under Sections XVII and XIX of the last-mentioned Ordinance, shall be at the absolute discretion of the Surveyor-General.

XI. The court or justices before whom any proceedings whatsoever shall be had under this Ordinance or the said enumerated Ordinances, may award costs and expenses to be paid by any offender upon conviction, and to enforce piiyment thereof by any of the ways and means prescribed by Ordinance No. 8 of 1856 in respect of penalties.

XII. All nuisances prohibited by the laws for the time being iu force within England, are equally prohibited within this colony, and may be abated and punished according to the provisions of this Ordinance and the said enumerated Ordinances; but notwithstanding this or any other Ordinance against nuisances now in force, or hereafter to come in force, all remedies compatible therewith lor the prevention, abatement, or punishment of, or the corapensHtiou for nuisances which are or shall be at any time in force within England, shall, until express provision be made to the contrary, extend to and be enforced within this colony likewise.

XIII. Such of the orders and regulations of the General Board of Health established in London under authority of the Acts of Parliament for the protection of the public health, or any of them, as shall be from time to time by the Governor in Executive Council determined and notified, with such modifications thereof respectively as his Excellency in Council shall think fit to adopt, shall for such time and to such extent, or with such modifications as shall be so notified, extend to and be enforced within this colony under the authority of this Ordinance.

XIV. Nothing contained in this Ordinance, or iu any of the

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