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Bosworth Field.

IS rankes he in a larger forme displayes, which all were archers, counted in those dayes the best of English souldiers; for their skill could guide their shafts according to their will; the featherd wood they from their bowes let flie; no arrow fell but caused some man to die. so painfull bees with forward gladness strive to ioyne themselves in throngs before the hive, and with obedience, till that houre, attend, when their commander shall his watchword send : then to the winds their tender sailes they yield, depress the flowres, depopulate the field. wise Norfolke to avoyde these shaftes the more, contrives his battaile thin and sharpe before; he thus attempts to pierce into the hart, and breake the orders of the adverse part. as when the cranes direct their flight on high, to cut their way they in a trigon flie;

which pointed figure may with ease divide opposing blasts, through which they swiftly glide.


Change of Scene.

SEND me not, when vext with city life, whither mad Fashion makes her holiday by coast or spa; but rather let me roam in quest of nooks where Nature, not unkind, harbours within her leafy arms the child of suffering; that, in listening to his tale, I may a lesson gain of glad content, and exercise the heart-enriching grace of sympathy.


Instructio Militum.

LLE Britannorum iam rarius explicat agmen, arcubus armatos omnes: tunc nempe pharetrae primus honos bello; nam quo mens cumque iuberet,

dirigere instabant, letalia tela, sagittas,

vulnere quamque suo fretam et sua fata ferentem. sic et sollicitas alacri virtute ruentes

cernere apes poteris, denso quando agmine signum expectant servantque fores; mox ordine iusso dant Boreae pennas, vela heu male firma, procaci; it per agros infesta manus, populatur et hortos. gnarus at ille mali fugiturusque arte periclum suptilemque aciem tenuatasque ante phalangas instruit, interiora petens, si impellere possit: ardua qualis iter longo stridore gruum vis per nubes trifido cursu secat; ocius ultro obstantemque Notum et luctantia flamina vincunt.

W. W. E.

Ruris amator.

E, precor, urbis ubi strepitu fumoque fatigor, visere Solis Aquas iubear Baiasve marinas, quo levis impellit fessos insania cives. me potius iuvet errando petere intima ruris, quodque salutifero mortales excipit aegros hospitio nemus atque umbra solatur amica: illic, non spernens alienum audire dolorem, ipse meis aequo fatis assuescere corde expertusque mali miseris succurrere discam.

H. K. S. S.

Falstaff's Recovery.


MBOWELLED! If thou embowel me to-day, I'll give you leave to powder me, and eat me too, to

morrow. 'Sblood, 'twas time to counterfeit, or that hot termagant Scot had paid me scot and lot too. Counterfeit? I lie; I am no counterfeit. To die is to be a counterfeit; for he is but the counterfeit of a man who hath not the life of a man; but to counterfeit dying, when a man thereby liveth, is to be no counterfeit, but the true and perfect image of life indeed. The better part of valour is discretion, in the which better part I have saved my life. Zounds, I am afraid of this gunpowder Percy, though he be dead. How, if he should counterfeit too, and rise? I am afraid he would prove the better counterfeit. Therefore I'll make him sure; yea, and I'll swear I killed him. Why may not he rise as well as I ? Nothing confutes me but eyes, and nobody sees me. Therefore, sirrah (stabbing him), with a new wound in your thigh, come you along with me.-SHAKESPeare.

When unadorned, adorned the most.

Y love in her attire doth show her wit,
it doth so well become her;

for every season she hath dressings fit,
for winter, spring, and summer.

no beauty she doth miss

when all her robes are on;

but beauty's self she is

when all her robes are gone.


̓Αναιδείην ἐπιειμένε, κερδαλεόφρον.

ΦΑΛ. Τὸ δ' ἔντερα τἀμά σ' ἐξελεῖν· ἐὰν μὲν οὖν
τῷδ ̓ ἐν φάει 'ξέλης σφε, τὠπιόντι με

τεμάχη ποιήσεις λεπτά, καὶ κατεδεῖ γε πρός.
μὰ Δί' ἀλλ' ἐνόμιζον οὐκ ἔτος φενακιεῖν,
εἴ μ' οὑτοσὶ θερμουργὸς ἄγριος Σκύθης
δώσειν ἔμελλεν οὐ τάχ' ἀλλ ̓ ἤδη σκότῳ.
ποῖον φενάκισμ' ; οὐ γὰρ ἀλλὰ ψεύδομαι·
οὐ δῆτ ̓ ἐφενάκισ ̓· ἐστὶ γὰρ φενακίσαι
τὸ θανεῖν· ὁ γὰρ μηδ' ἐμπνέων ἀνθρωπίνως,
μορφὴν ὑποδὺς ἀνθρωπίνην, ὁδι φέναξ.
ὁ δ ̓ ὡς θανὼν φενακίσας, ἐν τῷδε δὲ
ζῶν, οὐκ ἐφενάκισ ̓ οὗτος, ἀλλὰ ζῶν κυρεῖ
πάμψυχος ἤδη κοὐδὲν ἐξῃκασμένος.

τοῦ μὲν θράσους πλεῖν ἡμίσους τὸ σωφρονεῖν·
τούτῳ δ ̓ ἐγὼ νῦν οὐ τέθνηκα θημίσει.
οἴμοι τάλας· ὡς τόνδε καὶ θανόνθ' ὅμως
βροντησικέραυνον Περσέα δείσας ἔχω.
ἴσον γὰρ οὗτος εἰ φενακίζων τύχη,
ἐγὼ τί γένωμαι, τοῦδ' ἀναστάντος πάλιν ;
δέδοικ ̓ ἄμεινον μὴ φενακίσας κυρί.

φέρ ̓ οὖν ἀνύσω νιν καὶ κατομόσω καὶ κτανεῖν.
πῶς ἐξ ἴσου γὰρ οὐκ ἂν ἀνσταίη γ' ἐμοί ;
οὐδέν μ' ἐλέγχει πλὴν τὸ καθορᾶσθαι μόνον
τὸ δ ̓ οὐ πάρεστι τοιγαροῦν, ὦ τᾶν, ἔχων
πρὸς τοῖς παλαιοῖς ἕλκος ἐν μηρῷ νέον,
ὧδ' ἂν βαδίζοις ἐξόδους κοινὰς ἐμοί.

Mille habet ornatus, mille decenter habet.

J. R.

EGLE nostra sapit; sapientem comprobat illa tam bene commendans vestis erile decus. ver sit an aestivum tempus, sit bruma, diei cuique suos comptus convenienter habet. nullam veste nitens venerem desiderat Aegle, veste tamen posita, fit, reor, ipsa Venus.

G. P.

Jolly Spring.

ARTH now is green and heaven is blue; lively Spring, which makes all new, jolly Spring doth enter;

sweet young sunbeams do subdue

angry aged Winter.

winds are mild and seas are calm,
every meadow flows with balm,
the earth wears all her riches;
harmonious birds sing such a psalm
as ear and heart bewitches.

L' Usignuolo.

FFESA verginella,


piangendo il suo destino,
tutta dolente e bella,

fu cangiata da Giove in augellino
che canta dolcemente, e spiega il volo,
e questo è l' usignuolo.

in verde colle udì con suo diletto

cantar un giorno Amor quell' augelletto, e del canto invaghito

con miracol gentil prese di Giove

ad emular le prove :

onde poi ch' ebbe udito

quel musico usignuol che si soave

canta, gorgheggia, e stilla,

cangiollo in verginella; e questa è Lilla.


A Paisley Toast.

EACE and Plenty without killing;

beef at a groat, and meal at a shilling.

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