Hearings Before Subcommittee of House Committee on Appropriations, Consisting of Messrs. Bingham, Gillett, Tawney, Livingston, and Burleson, in Charge of the Legislative, Executive, and Judicial Appropriation Bill for 1910

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1908 - 260페이지

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111 페이지 - War shall each year, in the annual estimates, report to Congress the number of persons so employed and the amount paid to each.
100 페이지 - ... and boards for the examination of officers for retirement and promotion in the naval service; to prepare...
145 페이지 - That the President of the United States is authorized in the name of the Government of the United States, to call, in his discretion, an international conference, to assemble at such point as may be agreed upon, or to send special commissioners to any foreign country, for the purpose of regulating by international agreement, subject to the advice and consent of the Senate of the United States, the immigration of aliens to the United States...
235 페이지 - Hereafter the heads of the several executive departments and all other officers authorized or required to make estimates for the public service shall include In their annual estimates furnished the Secretary of the Treasury for inclusion in the Book of Estimates all estimates of appropriations required for the...
111 페이지 - The services of draftsmen and such other technical services as the Secretary of the Navy may deem necessary may be employed only in the bureaus of Ordnance, Equipment, Construction and Repair, and Steam Engineering to carry into effect the various appropriations for
239 페이지 - All officers and employees in the executive civil service of the United States, heretofore or hereafter appointed or employed, in positions now existing or hereafter to be created, of whatever function or designation, whether compensated by...
193 페이지 - Hereafter the estimates for expenses of the Government, except those for sundry civil expenses, shall be prepared and submitted each year according to the order and arrangement of the appropriation Acts for the year preceding. And any changes in such order and arrangement, and transfers of salaries from one office or bureau to another office or bureau, or the consolidation of offices or bureaus desired by the head of any Executive Department may be submitted by note in the estimates.
100 페이지 - ... all matters relating to the supervision and control of naval prisons and prisoners, including prisoners of war; the removal of the mark of desertion; the correction of records of service and reporting thereupon in the Regular or Volunteer Navy; certification of discharge in true name; pardons; bills and resolutions introduced in Congress relating...
144 페이지 - ... reached by it and make such recommendations as in its judgment may seem proper. Such sums of money as may be necessary for the said inquiry, examination, and investigation are hereby appropriated and authorized to be paid out of the " immigrant fund " on the certificate of the chairman of said commission, including all expenses of the commissioners and a reasonable compensation, to be fixed by the President of the United States, for those members of the commission who are not members of Congress...
111 페이지 - Increase of the navy," to be paid from such appropriations : Provided, That the expenditures on this account for the fiscal year nineteen hundred and ten shall not exceed one hundred and twenty thousand dollars; a statement of the persons employed hereunder, their duties, and the compensation paid to each shall be made to Congress each year In the annual estimates.

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