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To begin, where so many examples teach us rather to end ; to submit the carly labours of youth to a tribunal, from which some of the highest judicial characters have withheld the fruits of their experience, certainly appears to border upon imprudence, not to say, upon arrogance.

SenGble of the truth of this observation, it is with the utmost diffidence that I presume to lay the following Work before the profession: conscious that it can deserve little praise, and barely indulging a hope, thap the anxiety I have felt in compiling it, may not be justified by an unfavourable reception, both by the bench and bar. If I have ever Battered myself with more than this, it has been from the encouragement of those who first emboldened me to attempt fo arduous an undertaking, and whose countenance has since induced me to perfevere.

Before I proceed to state the plan I have pursued, it is but gratitude to the memory of the late Sir James Burrow, as well as a gratification to my own feelings, to acknowledge how much I am indebted to him for the perusal of his

papers, which, without any previous acquaintance, he offered, in the most obliging manner, to my use.

It is next to impossible, where there is a diversity of opinions, to fix upon any plan that will be entirely free from objection : And there is, perhaps, no subject about which the profession differ more, than the proper method

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of reporting. It is almost of necessity therefore, that every one who engages in this species of publication, is left to his own choice. My great object has been, not to swell the work by unnecessary length of pleading, or by a detail of the arguments delivered by counsel on each side: But to state the former as concisely, and to give the scope of the latter (one or two instances excepted), in as comprehensive a manner, as the nature and importance of the subject would admit. Every omission, therefore, must be laid to my charge alone ; whilft, on the other hand, it would be more than presumption in mo to suppose that any arrangement I have made of the subject matter, can do justice to the ingenuity and ability of those who furnished it.

With respect to the judgment of the Court, I have endeavoured to be as faithful, accurate, and full, as the allistance of short hand, and the most earnest attention, could enable me to be. I would by no means, however, be understood to profess, that I have given more than the substance of what fell from the bench. If I have in any degree succeeded in doing that, so as not to incur their censure, I shall be more than recompensed for the toil and anxiety necessarily attendant on such an undertaking.

In a compilation of this fort, in which a variety of legal topics have been nicely discriminated, and copiously discuffed, it is impossible but that some mistakes must occur to attentive and judicious observation: Yet, I trust such errors will be found to be trivial, or, at least will appear fo to the candour and liberality of the profeffion, if the work should be thought to deserve a general character of authenticity.

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