Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal, 7권,파트 2

G.H. Rouse, Baptist Mission Press, 1838
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860 페이지 - The total length of a bird with its feathers is measured from the tip of the bill to the tip of the tail...
942 페이지 - MORTON BARBEL. This is one of the most beautiful fish in the Provinces. and when removed from its own element, its burnished scales of green and yellow glisten and play in the sunlight, like a panoply of brilliants. Length of the head to that of the body as one to four, twenty three scales along the lateral line, and six in an oblique line from the base of the tentrals to the base of the spinous ray before the dorsal.
655 페이지 - Between the two one important fact is established, namely, that at this period of the Azes dynasty the use of the Greek was entirely lost, while the native character was written with greater correctness in the same or rather the inverse ratio. The Greek legend is a mere jumble of letters, but the Bactrian reads continuously — Maharajam mahatasa ilhamikasa rrijatirajata Ayasa, ' Of the great king, the mighty, the just, the king of kings, Azes.
631 페이지 - ... him who, learning the warlike preparations and entrenchments of his enemies with their good soldiers and allies, a monument (or arm) of fame engraved by his sword on their limbs,—who, a master of the seven advantages...
775 페이지 - Alpha (a) Crucis. Thence, again, it receded to the second ; and so continued until the end of 1837. All at once, in the beginning of 1838, it suddenly increased in lustre so as to surpass all the stars of the first magnitude except Sirius, Canopus, and Alpha (a) Centauri, which last star it nearly equalled.
630 페이지 - As in the Allahabad inscriptions, the pillar is called ' his arm of fame,' and the letters engraved thereon are the typical cuts and wounds inflicted on his enemies by his sword writing his immortal fame...
778 페이지 - Epitome of the Grammars of the Brahuiky, the Balochky and the Punjabi languages, with Vocabularies of the Baraky, the Pasihi, the Laghmani, the Cashgari, the Teerhai, and the Deer Dialects.
865 페이지 - Externally, the whole of the building is most elaborately carved and ornamented, with figures single, and in groups of various dimensions ; many of these appear to have been of some size, but so laboriously was the work of mutilation carried on here, that of the larger figures scarcely a trunk has been left, whilst few, even of the most minute, remain uninjured. The front entrance is ornamented with a portico, and surrounded by two slender...
963 페이지 - BHATTA ; whereas the minister who prepared the present grant is named as MADANA HILA, son of SKANNA BHATTA ; thirty or forty years will therefore be the probable interval occupied by the reigns of. all the princes, named as having intervened between SRIDHARA SENA the first, and DHARUVA SENA the third.
631 페이지 - ... abandoned this,— whose personal existence still remains on the earth through the fame of his (former) deeds ; the might of whose arm, — even though (he be) now at rest...

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