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119 페이지 - An Act for abolishing arrest on mesne process in civil actions, except in certain cases; for extending the remedies of creditors against the property of debtors ; and for amending the laws for the relief of insolvent debtors in England.
98 페이지 - ... at whose suit or on whose account such execution or attachment shall have issued, had not at the time of such contract, dealing, or transaction...
1 페이지 - the promoters of the undertaking," wherever used in the said Act, shall mean any burial board under this Act : Provided always, that the provisions in the said Act " with respect to lands acquired by the promoters of the undertaking under the provisions of this or the special Act, or any Act incorporated therewith, but which shall not be required for the purposes thereof...
1 페이지 - England; and the said Governor and Company of the Bank of England are hereby required, as soon as conveniently may be after the passing of this Act, to prepare proper Books for the Purpose of entering the Names of all such Contributors, and of placing to their...
2 페이지 - Bounty (that is, the governors of the Bounty of Queen Anne for the Augmentation of the Maintenance of the Poor Clergy).
33 페이지 - ... all persons using the trade of merchandise by way of bargaining, exchange, bartering, commission, consignment, or otherwise, in gross or by retail, and all persons who either for themselves or as agents or factors for others seek their living by buying and selling, or by buying and letting for hire, or by the workmanship of goods or commodities...
1 페이지 - ... shall be so brought under the same care and custody, and be dealt with in like manner in all respects, as a prisoner required by any writ of habeas corpus awarded by any of her Majesty's Superior Courts of Law at Westminster to be brought before such court to be examined as a witness in any cause or matter depending before such court is now by law required to be dealt with.
38 페이지 - Bankruptcy shall approve of, to pay such sum or sums as shall be recovered in any action or actions which shall have been brought, or shall thereafter be brought for the recovery of the same, together with such costs as shall be given in the same, or to render himself to the custody of the...

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