The American Journal of Science and Arts, 17권

S. Converse, 1830

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226 페이지 - Every man acquainted with the common principles of human action, will look with veneration on the writer, who is at one time combating Locke, and at another making a catechism for children in their fourth year. A voluntary descent from the dignity of science, is perhaps the hardest lesson that humility can teach.
223 페이지 - I felt a sense of tangible extension highly pleasurable in every limb ; my visible impressions were dazzling and apparently magnified ; I heard, distinctly, every sound in the room, and was perfectly aware of my situation. By degrees, as the pleasurable sensations increased, I lost all connection with external things ; trains of vivid visible images rapidly passed through my mind, and were connected with words in such a manner, as to produce perceptions perfectly novel.
279 페이지 - Dekay from a fragment, and will be found in the second volume of the " Annals of the New York Lyceum of Natural History ."{ By some unacountable mistake the description there given refers to the wrong figure in the accompanying plate : thus fig.
224 페이지 - I walked round the room, perfectly regardless of what was said to me. As I recovered my former state of mind, I felt an inclination to communicate the discoveries I had made during the experiment. I endeavoured to recall the ideas : they were feeble and indistinct...
224 페이지 - I lost all power of perceiving external things, and had no distinct sensation except a terrible oppression on the chest. During the third expiration, this feeling disappeared, I seemed sinking into annihilation, and had just power enough to drop the mouth-piece from my unclosed lips.
224 페이지 - ... state of mind, I felt an inclination to communicate the discoveries I had made during the experiment. I endeavoured to recall the ideas, they were feeble and indistinct; one collection of terms, however, presented itself: and with the most intense belief and prophetic manner, I exclaimed to Dr. Kinglake, " Nothing exists but thoughts! — -the universe is composed of impressions, ideas, pleasures and pains...
189 페이지 - ... rural districts. While the metropolis has extended itself in all directions, and multiplied its inhabitants to an enormous amount, — in other words, while the seeming sources of its unhealthiness have been largely augmented, it has actually become more friendly to health.
245 페이지 - ... shown that chemical attractions may be exalted, modified, or destroyed, by changes in the electrical states of bodies ; that substances will only combine when they are in different electrical states; and that, by bringing a body, naturally positive, artificially into a negative state, its usual powers of combination are altogether destroyed...
321 페이지 - ... precisely in the inverse ratio of the resistance occasioned by the population. The fewer inhabitants there are the more victims ; and one funeral is always the fore-runner of many others. It is, therefore, probable, that we are arrived at that period of the history of this queen of cities, which is destined to strip her of her splendour, and leave to her, of all her glory, nothing but her immortal...
249 페이지 - To conclude, we look upon Sir Humphry Davy as having afforded a striking example of what the Romans called a man of good fortune ; — whose success, even in their view, was not however the result of accident, but of ingenuity and wisdom to devise plans, and of skill and industry to bring them to a successful issue. He was fortunate in his theories, fortunate in his discoveries, and fortunate in living in an age sufficiently enlightened to appreciate his merits; — unlike, in this last particular,...

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