The National Bankruptcy Register Reports: Containing All the Important Bankruptcy Decisions in the United States, 13권

William A. Shinn
J.R. McDivitt, 1876

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411 페이지 - If the value of the property exceeds the sum for which it is so held as security, the assignee may release to the creditor the...
389 페이지 - ... and to all acts, matters, and things to be done under and in virtue of the bankruptcy, until the final distribution and settlement of the estate of the bankrupt, and the close of the proceedings in bankruptcy.
284 페이지 - ... made with a view to prevent his property from coming to his assignee in bankruptcy, or to prevent the same from being distributed under this act...
54 페이지 - That no debt created by the fraud or embezzlement of the bankrupt, or by his- defalcation as a public officer, or while acting in any fiduciary character, shall be discharged under this act...
411 페이지 - When a creditor has a mortgage or pledge of real or personal property of the debtor, or a lien thereon...
381 페이지 - That as soon as said assignee is appointed and qualified, the judge, or, where there is no opposing interest, the register, shall, by an instrument under his hand, assign and convey to the assignee all the estate, real and personal, of the bankrupt, with all his deeds, books, and papers relating thereto...
473 페이지 - In any other case the petition shall be presented to the county court for the district in which the debtor has resided or carried on business for the longest period during the six months immediately preceding the presentation of the petition.
295 페이지 - The personal conduct and administration of the judge in the discharge of his separate functions is, in our judgment, neither practice, pleading, nor a form nor mode of proceeding within the meaning of those terms as found in the context.
237 페이지 - That a discharge duly granted under this act shall, with the exceptions aforesaid, release the bankrupt from all debts, claims, liabilities, and demands which were or might have been proved against his estate in bankruptcy...
36 페이지 - States shall be first satisfied, and the priority hereby established shall extend as well to cases in which a debtor, not having sufficient property to pay all his debts, makes a voluntary assignment thereof, or in which the estate and effects of an absconding, concealed, or absent debtor are attached by process of law, as to cases in which an act of bankruptcy is committed.

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