British India Analyzed: The Provincial and Revenue Establishments of Tippoo Sultaun and of Mahomedan and British Conquerors in Hindostan, Stated and Considered, 파트 2

R. Faulder, 1795 - 960페이지

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318 페이지 - Directors flare with aftonul1ment at this increafe ; you will ftare too, my dear Sir, as a proprietor. — Methinks I hear them and you cry out, What the devil became of this difference the laft year, as it muft have been collected, beyond the...
415 페이지 - Resolution of leaving out the notification to the land-holders that if the settlement shall be approved by the Court of Directors it will become permanent, and no further alteration of the jumma take place at the expiration of the ten years.
320 페이지 - Soubahdaiy, than that we have already obtained of the Purgunnahs ; but the times are not yet ripe for fo great a grafp, nor have we fufficient ftrength to hold it; though it is certain, were we Soubahs of the provinces, the emperor would regularly receive more than double the revenues thefe provinces ever produced to him; and the Eajt-India Company become, in a fhort time, the richeft body of fubjects in the world. • I am, Sir, &c. JZH The END of the FIRST PART, Mh \ \ *• *• f r...
320 페이지 - Z may, •may, in a future favourable conjuncture, be well worth confideration ; at prefcnt we have but to afk and have, a more eafy acquifition of the Suba.dary than that we have already obtained of the Purgunnahs...
320 페이지 - Purgunnahs, had been difmifled, at the inftigation of the new operators. I fent privately for one or two of the moft creditable of them, and enquired into the caufe of their difmiffion ; and this brought on an opening of the whole fcene, and gave me fufficient foundation for forming my letter of the nth of June : had that failed in bringing the lands to a public fale to the...
446 페이지 - Supreme Court shall not have or exercise any Jurisdiction in any Matter concerning the Revenue, or concerning any Act or Acts ordered or done in the Collection thereof, according to the Usage and Practice of the Country, or the Regulations of the Governor-General and Council.
319 페이지 - I muft clear up to you a circumftance that may poffibly be caufe of wonder to you, viz. by what means I arrived at their real value. In the firft place, I had long and full conviction that the fame fyftem of frauds and chicane ran through every Zemindary of the provinces; and from a general knowledge of the countries granted to us, it appeared to me moft...
331 페이지 - ... estimate. The way is this — the land is measured with the crops standing, and which are estimated by inspection. Those who are conversant in the business say that the calculation can be made with the greatest exactness.
318 페이지 - ... on an average, of 46 per cent. at their firft fair fale, was proof enough of former frauds, the more fo, as this advance encreafed every year, and the other branches in proportion. As your former Zemindars could not juftly be deemed culpable in that cafe, from the frequent changes in the poft; fo in the prefent, no blame properly falls on your collector, the truft being too extenfive...
330 페이지 - Soobah for the hnfbandman and government to divide the crops. Grain is always cheap, and the produce of the lands is determined by Nuffuk('7).

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