The Land Systems of British India: book 4. The raiyatwérf and allied systems

Clarendon Press, 1892

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234 페이지 - And, finally, with the view of affording the fullest information on this important subject, detailed figured statements should be furnished, exhibiting the source and amount of every item of revenue hitherto derived from land of every description, whether Government or alienated, comprised within the limits of the villages for which an assessment is proposed.
234 페이지 - Furthermore, to assist in tracing the causes to which the prosperity or decline of villages, or tracts containing several villages, are to be attributed, independent statements of the annual revenue settlements of each village should be prepared ; and from these, again, a general statement for the whole district, or any portion of it should be framed, and its accuracy tested by a comparison with the general accounts of the taluka, and from the returns so prepared and corrected, the diagrams should...
235 페이지 - But instead of a particular sum at which a district should be assessed, it amounts to the same thing and is more convenient to determine the rates to be imposed on the several descriptions of soil and culture contained within its limits, so as to produce the amount in question. And to do this it is only requisite to fix the maximum rates for the different descriptions of cultivation when, of course, all the inferior rates will be at once deducible from the relative values of our classification scales...
213 페이지 - Every effort, lawful and unlawful, was made to get the utmost out of the wretched peasantry, who were subjected to torture, in some instances cruel and revolting beyond...
233 페이지 - Each collectorate being divided into districts (talukas) ', of which the management and records are distinct, it is an obvious advantage to consider the assessment of each of these divisions separately. And were the points bearing on the distribution of the Government demand alike in all parts of any such division, one standard of assessment would be suitable for the whole. But this is seldom the case ; and there is usually such marked distinction between different portions of the same district,...
214 페이지 - ... as the Government demand, the Survey officers adopted the simple expedient of ascertaining the average character and depth of soil in each field, and classing it accordingly ; no more than nine gradations of valuation being employed for the purpose. In fixing the rates of assessment they were guided by purely practical considerations as to the capability of the land and the general circumstances of the District.
132 페이지 - Under the Ryotwari System every registered holder of land is recognised as its proprietor, and pays direct to Government. He is at liberty to sublet his property, or to transfer it by gift, sale, or mortgage. He cannot be ejected by Government so long as he pays the fixed assessment, and has the option annually of increasing or diminishing his holding, or of entirely abandoning it.
235 페이지 - The information thus collected and exhibited, with that obtained by local inquiries into the past history of the district, will generally enable us to trace the causes which have affected its past condition ; and a knowledge of these, aided by a comparison of the capabilities of the district with those of others in its neighbourhood, will lead to a satisfactory conclusion regarding the amount of assessment to be imposed.
480 페이지 - Courts have no jurisdiction in any question as to the rate of land revenue, or amount of assessment, but redress may be had in the Civil Court by persons deeming themselves aggrieved by any proceedings under the Regulation, such suit being brought within six months from the time at which the cause of action arose.

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