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dead to windward by an able man- nounced his entrée, on doing which cuvre under snug sail for the night, he left the apartment. betrayed us into the loss of our lighter An officer from the armed vessel spars and sails, kidnapped and car showing English colours ?'' ried off one of his majesty's officers, “Yes, sir, from his Britannic Maand to clap a climax on all, had hailed jesty's frigate Thunderer. Captain us when caught in the squall, and Bunt, my commander, desired me to laughed in his sleeve.

look at your papers and post of desLovett, on board the schooner, was tination." politely received and ushered into the The old gentleman smiled and touchcabin by a young man of very com- ed a small bell which stood by him. manding and genteel appearance, and “What place are you from last, though he treated our officer with a Mr. Lovett?” decorous deference, yet there was that “ Directly from old England.” about him which declared a felt, though I suppose you have then a fine suppressed superiority. The cabin, and numerous crew ?” though small, was fitted up with every

"Four hundred as good men, sir, elegance, and there were sundry small as you can meet with in many a day's but delicate arrangements which indi- sail; but with your permission, sir, I cated that a taste more refined than will look at your papers and return that of a rover had been consulted. immediately aboard, as the vessels Before a rich couch, which stood must be rapidly increasing their disagainst the transom, was a musical tance.'' stand and guitar ; while on the deck, “A question or two more, Mr. as if thrown down in the hurry of an Lovett, as 'tis rarely that I fall in with unmeditated exit, lay some of Italy's a fine frigate, and have but few opporsweet music. One of Canary's golden tunities like the present, to get inwanderers was tuning a low and mel- formation of you kings of the ocean,' ancholy note in the solitude of his said the old gentleman, with a satirical tinselled prison, like the imprisoned laugh and an air of authority, which music in the murmuring shell. A rich Lovett, accustomed as he was to the and elegant shawl was carelessly thrown world, could not find the audacity to over a rack of burnished muskets, oppose.

“How many guns do you while from beneath its dark folds which carry, sir, and what is their calibre?” swept the carpet, peeped a shoe of “We mount, sir, forty-four thirtydelicately small dimensions. In other two pound carronades, and two long respects, the place was richly orna- guns ; but may I have the pleasure to mented with mirrors, a case of books, know with whom I am conversing ?” and a small rosebush standing on the said Lovett, rather stiffly. transom; but around the whole apart- The old gentleman smiled again. ment the eye was met by the glittering “I am what you would call on board instruments of death neatly and fanci- of the gallant Thunderer, the skipper fully arranged and placed in racks. of this poor little schooner. In the centre of the cabin, at a table called on board my own vessel, Capcovered with charts, instruments, and tain Hollins; and it does me the books, sat an elderly personage, seem- greatest pleasure, Mr. Lovett, with all ingly deeply immersed in some study due deference to your superior calling, before him, and his dress, though to extend a free and hearty welcome elegant in the extreme, bespoke in the to you, with the assurance that I will careless tie of the handkerchief, a use my means to make as agreeable certain nonchalance, which the bronzed as possible to you, your cruise on board and daring features, and the high and the Speedy Keel." furrowed brow pointed out as belong

Lovett started, and as the gay aning to one not altogether unaccustom- ticipations of his bright visions danced ed to the rough mercies of the deep, before him in their faded splendour, nor totally unacquainted with the he muttered in the bitterness of his dangers of his lawless occupation. soul, “ Good heavens! I am betrayed, These observations Lovett was enabled and have informed you of the frigate's to make before his conductor had an

I am


“ Not quite, Mr. Lovett. The most ever, be safe from all danger (should important information I have not yet the frigate resolve to fire) by sitting as obtained. What is the size of your far aft as possible, as the cabin is long guns?

mostly below the water-line, and a Captain Hollins, your exterior be- shot, should it enter the window, will speaks a gentleman. Can you then, pass over your heads. situated as I am, ask of me informa. tion to the detriment of my own ship? I have unguardedly said too much ; I

CHAPTER II, can now only say that those guns are of a length which I hope will bring But to return to the frigate. After your schooner to."

wearing ship, and Captain Bunt dis“You deny me the information, covered his error too late to rectify it, then ?"

as the only means practicable, he or“I do.

dered the greatest press of canvas to “I must then get it, as well as other, be carried which the frigate would from one of my own men who came bear and the bow guns to be cleared aboard in your boat, and who sailed away. But it was all useless; the from England with you."

schooner had stretched away on her “Good heavens !” groaned Lovett. best point of sailing, and was cracking

* Not so bad, not so bad, Mr. along a point higher than the frigate, Lovett. We are a rough set, and to with all her good qualities, could lay restrain us from running altogether up to. desperate, we keep a balance-wheel “ All ready with the guns for’ard, on board, which awes us all into sub- sir. Train a p’int for’ard of the mission even in the scenes of strife schooner's flying-jib-boom. Stand by! and death.'

Fire!'' “Genevieve! Genevieve ! my child,” The match was applied ; whiz went said Captain Hollins, and in answer to the shot, and hundreds of anxious eyes the call a door opened in the forward followed its course in expectation. bulk-head, and a realisation of Lovett's The shot fell far short of the schooner, fondest vision of loveliness burst upon and scattered the water as it made its his view. Was it Lucile, his own dear ricochets far astern. Lucile, the mysterious Lucile who • Ha, ha!” said the Yankee seahad won his earliest affections, and man, “I guess you've got to train a whom he had left in England ? Was bit for'ard of the flying-jib-boom to it her to whom his early enthusiasm catch a Baltymore schooner. I guess had bowed down in the devotion of you had better jump aloft and hold silent worship, and at whose feet had out your handkerchief, Bill.” been laid the offerings of a young, “ The shot falls short, sir," said the glowing, and enterprising spirit; or

gunner. was it some mocking delusion, some “ Captain Bunt,” said old Spliceself-fabricated fantasy, some green tack, “I think I can train a shot at and smiling oasis, the offspring of the that fellow; but then it might spoil mirage created by the magical wand his rigging ;' said the considerate of some fanciful illusion ?

luff. He was interrupted in his reverie “ Do so, sir." by the voice of Captain Hollins, and Splicetack went forward and deaware that he was violating etiquette pressed the breech of the piece to the by absence, he recalled his thoughts lowest extreme, trained, and fired, but and politely returned the salutation it was useless. The schooner's speed of Miss Hollins. Captain Hollins, did not belie her name, and she had however, interrupted all farther ad- already ranged beyond our guns. Old vances by intimating that duty called Splicetack shook his head (and he was him on deck, and that at the same the best gunner in the ship) and walked time an old “man-of-war's-man,” like aft. Mr. Lovett, must not mind the pop- “It's only throwing away shot, sir." ping of two or three guns, if such Very well, sir, let them secure should be the case. You will, how the gups again, and if it comes on to



blow, as I think it will, that small two shots thrown at his own beautiful vessel can hold no way with us in a Speedy Keel, the blood-red ensign rough sea. The men were yet loung- was hoisted, and in the heat of exciteing about the decks in groups, hang- ment, his own eye trained the piece ing over the rail and clustered about and his own hand applied the match ; the booms, watching the motions of the effects of which crushed the founts the schooner as the haze of the night of life and added another to his catawas gradually coming over the face of logue of crimes. As soon as Captain the ocean.

Hollins had gone on deck, Lovett, All eyes were yet intent on the relapsed into his former reverie ; and beautiful vessel, and a look-out was unconscious of his doings, gazed with set to keep sight of her as long as a long and uninterrupted gaze upon possible, when suddenly she yawed, the smiling girl. A soft and silvery, but a broad jet of flame bellied out from not forgotten voice, stole upon his ear : her side; the smoke curled up among

“ Has Mr. Lovett forgotten so soon her tapering spars, the echoless ocean in the variety of his ? gave back no reverberation of sound, The sentence remained unfinished ; but a heavy, dull boom, like the first the arm that had been so often perclod on the coffin, came rolling across mitted, again encircled the fairy form ; the waters, and the messenger of death and the arch lips that would have sped onward to perform its fearful declared the insinuation which the fiat. And mournful were its conse- laughing eye had already spoken, were quences. The shot came in abaft the sealed with the impress of confiding cat-head and cut its channel through love. Long and sweet was the intera group of the loiterers. Onward it view, and the melody of so unexpected sped, but not alone. The spirits of a meeting was like the blended notes three accompanied the ruthless de- of harmony's sweetest strain. An stroyer. Three hearts that but a mo- explanation ensued. The event was ment before were throbbing with the that the father had been injured by the anxiety of expectation, had performed English government, and had sworn their last duties. One poor fellow, a enmity against the British flag, that general favourite with officers and Lucile Granger was no other than men, was leaning against the launch. Genevieve Hollins, and if not his own The ball had struck his head and Lucile, she was his own dear Genevieve. passed onward. His death was easy. The young sailor, instead of deprecating He still sat, like one unconscious, his his lot, blessed the fate that had placed knife in one hand, and tobacco in the him on board of the rover, and instead other, while the brains and blood were of rushing on deck to wish for the scattered over the side of the boat, success of his flag, had improved the and the red gore was rapidly con- old man's advice, and removed as far aft verting his white dress to a crimson as possible. dye. It was the first headless corpse “ But can we get no lower down, I ever saw, and pray heaven it be the my dearest ? You are in danger here. last.

The frigate will undoubtedly fire, and “There,” said Splicetack, " that this little vessel can hold no way with comes from the heap of dunnage stow- the swift Thunderer." ed amidships.

“ Ha! ha!” and the merry voice Captain Bunt folded his arms, or- of the fearless girl rung through the dered the dead to be removed, the apartment. “My father says that carpenter to repair 'the damages, and there is but one vessel in the world can calling the first lieutenant, went into sail with the Speedy Keel.” the cabin.

“ And that vessel is the Thunderer,"

interrupted Lovett. The result of the rover's going on “No, no, indeed, that vesselis” (and deck has been seen. The long gun the young mariner hung upon her amidships was cleared away and got reply) “ the Speedy Keel, brigantine ready for action, and though it was rig. Ha, ha! you a sailor and not not at first the rover's intention to notice the Speedy Keel's mast! You fire upon the cruiser, yet, after seeing change your appearance, and why should not our beautiful vessel” (and majestic, as the lovely thing that stood she patted the deck with her foot) before him in the inspiration of thought, “change her appearance and roam over her eye flashing forth her soul, and the the ocean, the lawless brigantine, but delicate arm extended as if in the very swifter than the beautiful schooner? commission of the contemplated deed. Why, yesterday we were a brig, and He had seen her in England, where to-day we are a schooner.”

mystery threw its mantle around her, " You appear to be enthusiastic, and he had thought that gentleness as to the good qualities of your was the poesy of her nature. He had schooner, Genevieve; but be not too loved her with the soul-subduing enconfident; the Thunderer is swift, and thusiasm of youth: and his high, your father's occupation, my dear girl, heroic protestations had awakened the though it grieves me to say it, is unfor- spark of sympathy in her bosom that tunate and lawless."

called forth a return. Like the harp “ Pooh, pooh, and why shouldn't I untouched, which will sympathise with be confident ? my father loves the another instrument, and the music vessel, and so do I. He has extricated uncalled for, will vibrate in melody, the schoorier from many intricate situa- the right chord had been struck, and tions, and the ability that has been the soul of the heroic girl had resuccessfully exercised once, will not fail sponded to the symphony. Little at a second calling.'

did he then think that his highest, “ But the consequences to your proudest wish was to lay at her feet father, should he be taken!"

the attainment of that object which " That he will never be,”! said the would be to the father of the being he proud girl, and she drew herself up loved, the mandate of death. Little with the dignity of a soul fraught with did he think that the anticipated glory, high feeling.

if attained, instead of causing her eye “ But how, Genevieve, how can you to flash and cheek to flush with exprevent it ?” said the young man, ultation and pride, was to overwhelm eager to discover some certain avenue her with grief, and turn the laughter of escape, in case the Speedy Keel's of joy into the lamentation of sorrow; sailing qualities had been overrated.

that the gay garments of fashion would She touched a silken cord which, be doffed for the more sombre habili. communicating with a fire-striking ap-, ments of the grave, and that he who paratus, inflamed a match.

"There,' would have given his very existence to said she, and she pointed to a hatch. save her from one moment's pang, There is the magazine; and this would be the very one to plunge this ineffectual right arm, though powerless bright and beautiful creature into the where man meets man in the clash of depths of despair. Overcome by his strife, and though unable to wield the feelings, he clasped her to his bosom murderous sword, can at my father's and exclaimed, “She shall never be warning perform a simple act, which taken !" will hurl assailers and assailed, the “Ha, ha!” said Captain Hollins, as young and old, the beautiful and the he entered the cabin and witnessed a brave, without a groan, a murmur, or part of the transaction. “So the girl a sigh, into the depths of eternity; has shipped you at last, and persuaded beyond the reach of storm or strife, you to turn pirate, eh? Well, we are and the hand of another shall never not, after all, such a desperate set of point to this beautiful fabric, though a onion traders as you supposed us, Mr. scourge of the ocean, and say she was Lovett, are we? and though we talk captured.'

through a stove pipe sometimes, we Sappho sung from the inspiration have other tools to return a cruiser's of song, the Sybil gave forth her pre- salutation with, as your eyes have just dictions from the mysterious cave, witnessed. Will you walk on deck, and the Pythoness chaunted her thrill. Mr. Lovett, and take a parting look ing oracle from the wild inspiration at the swift Thunderer before night-fall, of the murmuring fount, but never we shall see nothing of her afterwards, before had Lovett seen, thought, read, as I suspect she has hove to, or has reor dreamt of aught so beautiful and turned for something she has forgot


ten?" and the old gentleman chuck- the ninth hour, until the towers and led.

pinnacles of the Temple have thrown " You should not be so severe on their dark shadows across the brook Mr. Lovett, father, for he is disposed of Cedron, even unto the base of the to think that the schooner will need Mount of Olives, to bestow this last swifter heels."

gerah of forty, in an alms, according Captain Hollins," said Lovett, to a vow which I made last Pentecost, after having witnessed what has just and behold thou art here to receive it." taken place, I deem it necessary that “Precious is the gift which cometh an explanation

from the heart, more precious than Pooh, pooh, know all abont it, the Arabian frankincense, and sweeter sir, was in England when you sailed, than the rich honey of Hebron. If I (the deuce you were, thought Lovett,) might know my lord's name, my heart but come, come on deck and take a would not forget it when I lift up my look at the weather. Come, Gene- voice in prayer to the Ruler of Israel, vieve, your hat and shawl, and take a said the stranger respectfully. look at his Britannic Majesty's swift- I am called the Rabbi Abimelech." sailing frigate Thunderer. Ha, ha!” “ He whom men term 'the sinless?' (To be continued.)

-whose voice is as the neighing of a war-horse in the Temple-whose works are the works of righteousness

—who clothes the naked, feeds the THE RABBI AND THE MEN- hungry, and gives alms of the tenth DICANT.

part of his substance ?”—asked the stranger.

“The same,' answered the self

glorified Rabbi; "and now, let me pray It was fast approaching the eleventh thee, thy name, and in what city thou hour; the busy hum of the holy city art a dweller ?had sunk into comparative stillness,

* Alas !” answered the stranger, and save some straggling wayfarers, “I am as a reproach to my kindred, and field labourers returning from and my name is a defilement to the their daily toil, few passengers were lips of an Israelite." to be seen in the streets of Jerusalem. “ Unfortunate man! in what hast One middle-aged man alone kept his thou offended against the law?" seat in the Water Gate, looking with “ In this thing have I offended. a smile along the rugged road which Behold, I went forth at the last vintage led down to the Valley of Jehoshaphat: season into the vineyards, and the vina silver gerah was held between his fin. tagers were pressing the grapes in the gers, as in the act of giving an alms; but wine-presses ; and the red wine ran for some minutes no object appeared on into the vats, even the red wine of whom it might properly be bestowed. Lebanon-and, being weary with the He rose from his seat, and gathering toil and heat of the day, I was tempted, his flowing robe around him, was pre- and foolishness I did drink of the paring to depart, when the figure of an wine, which should have been aged man tottering slowly up the steep, abomination unto me, seeing that I am arrested his attention. The old man a Nazarite from my youth.” was meanly clad; and, as he leant The scrupulous Rabbi shrank from feebly on his staff, to take breath after the degraded Israelite as from a tainted his toilsome ascent, his glance rested leper, and elevating his brow, said, upon the person of the sage Rabbi with a sanctimonious air, “ The way of Abimelech, for it was he who sat in the wise man is pleasant, but the foot the gate distributing his daily alms to of the fool treadeth in the mire.” the

poor, the hungry, and the wayfarer. Stop !" said the stranger, as the "The Lord direct thy goings out Rabbi was departing. Is it not also and thy comings in,” said the Rabbi, said that the vain-glorious man shall with a self-satisfied smile, dropping the fall in the snares of his own proud coin into the extended palm of the heart ?' Rabbi Abimelech, thy life has stranger. “Lo! I have tarried from been righteous, but fire hath not yet

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