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chance to act. She became habituated If Effie ever thought of the tendency to the compliments and attentions of of such an intercourse when she was the other sex before the feelings of rallied about it by others, she always womanhood began to assert themselves had an answer which fully satisfied in her bosom ; and the flatteries which herself. Ludlow was a full year her had always been received as a matter junior, and was therefore “a boyof course by the forward child of with whom it was no harm to be upon twelve, made no impression upon the the easiest terms of familiar acquainblooming girl of seventeen. Some tance. Besides, was he not her dispositions would have been entirely cousin ? a first cousin ! and where's ruined by such an education, whose the harm of a good-humoured flirtation tendency would seem to make the with a cousin-if flirtation it might whole character artificial. It was not indeed be called. Yet it was strange thus, however, with Effie Gay, whose that Effie Gay did not like Cousin candid and happy temperament resem- Ludlow to flirt with any one else but bled one of those easily raised plants her! that seem to flourish equally well in "What, cousin, you are not going the conservatory or the parterre, to dance again with that horrid Laura adapting themselves alike to the free T. to-night?” said she, pettishly laying exposure of the atmosphere, or the her hand upon our hero's arm, as he measured heat of the forcing-house ; passed her in a crowded ball-room. and exhibiting all their characteristic And why not, Effie? I am enproperties in either situation. Such gaged to walk a minuet with Miss T., natures must be either very superior and you know it is impossible now to ones, or below the general standard. withdraw." They are either so elevated as to be • Why you have hardly spoken to independent of circumstances, or so me yet to-night, Ludlow !" common that no training can much The youth answered only by taking alter or improve them; and so far as a single flower from the bouquet which mind is concerned, it must be con- the beaux of that day wore in their fessed that Effie did not soar above button-holes, and gracefully placing it the latter class : and yet, while the in the high head-dress of the pretty ill-natured observer might have con- pleader. The next moment he took founded her with those of her sex the hand of his partner, the band whom Pope tells us “ have no cha- struck up the inspiriting Gavotte, and racter at all,” her fond and most he stepped off in the featly minuet unchanging affectionateness of dispo. with an air that would have done sition would, not less than her rare honour to a courtier of Versailles ; beauty, have entitled her to sit for the while half pleased and half provoked, original of any of Byron's heroines his deserted cousin looked on with the but Gulnare.

admiring crowd. It was this affectionateness, this This was but one of a thousand little disposition to cling to, and rely upon passages between the cousins that whatever seemed loveable and reliable, marked the progress of a flirtation that made Effie become attached to which soon assumed the appearance her cousin almost from the moment of a serious entanglement. And now she knew him. The nearness of their one would have thought that some relationship, united to the frank, win- coolness had arisen between them, ning manners of Ludlow, was an im- they met comparatively so seldom. mediate passport to her confidence. The air of Ludlow, too, when they did The idea of regarding him as a lover meet, was absent and dejected, as he she did not dream of, but they were walked by the side of the radiant girl, friends from the moment that they who rattled away with all the thoughtmet. There would, indeed, be occa- less vivacity of a triumphant belle who sionally some little interchange of has the preferred admirer of her train lively sensibilities between them, but for a listener. Effie, however, had it could hardly be otherwise with two also her hours of listlessness, if not of young persons of different sexes, that dejection; and while her cousin lost were thrown so continually together. his wonted flow of spirits when with her, she, on the contrary, seemed without any act of volition on his part, happy only in his society.

he seemed to find himself constantly Such an affair seldom proceeds far near her. He had been seen to watch in any circle without there being many Effie with more than a lover's solicitude, who discover its existence, and watch when some of the gay and dissipated its progress with as lively an interest young men of his acquaintance hovered as if their own welfare were identified 'round her in society. He listened with that of the parties chiefly con- when they engaged her in conversation, cerned. The two cousins, as time and her slightest tone of kindness wore on, were not exempted from this filled him with strange agitation. disinterested surveillance; and mani. Still, on the other hand, he allowed fold were the speculations about the the most trivial engagement to take termination of their loves. There was him from her company; and it was that in the conduct of Ludlow which observable, that, though often, of his puzzled the most acute of these gossips. own accord, addressing Effie in terms In the first place, they were certain of affection, he never returned any of that he must be conscious of possessing those little endearments-attentions, the affections of the guileless Effie, perhaps, we should rather call themwhose heart was reflected too faithfully which a guileless girl cannot help in her speaking countenance to admit showing toward the man of her choice of the concealment of its feelings. when deeming herself secure of his Ludlow, in the course of six months, affections. must certainly have found out what, It was remarked, too, that none of in the first six weeks of their acquain- the reports which were occasionally tance, was apparent to every one circulated about Effie and her other except the lovely and unconscious admirers—for she was still a bellebetrayer of her own gentle emotions ! seemed to awaken any jealousy in her Why, then, did he not claim the hand, eccentric cousin. He scrutinized every when the heart was beyond all question one who approached her in the guise his own? True, he was very young, of a lover-yet his watchfulness was and the difference of ages not being in more like the discreet care of an affecfavour of the lady, might make his tionate and considerate brother than youth an objection when thinking the anxiety of an earnest and passionate seriously of matrimony! But yet, when admirer. But if he were not such an fortune and circumstances seemed to admirer, what became of Ludlow's remove every real obstacle, why should honour as a gentlemen, what of his such fancied impediments be allowed principles as a man, when he allowed to prevail ? They might become en- a dreaming and fond-hearted girl to gaged at least: and supposing even yield up her whole soul to him, in the that they waited until the family law. delusive belief that he was all hers suit was decided, they had still some in return. True, he had never told years of youth to spare, and his cousin's Effie that he loved her. True, he had means were sufficiently ample if the not even passed those trifling compli. cause were decided against Ludlow ments—the light currency of fancyand his father. But then, again, did so often mistaken for the sterling Ludlow love Effie? Did he seriously coinage of the heart. Yet Effie treareturn her attachment; or, if requiting sured up a thousand little proofs of it, did he give up the whole tide of his tenderness. Expressions which told, heart, in all its warmth and fulness, to from day to day, how often he thought this one only object? it seemed im- of her when absent-looks which spoke possible to tell how far his feelings how much he felt for her when near. actually did go. If he thus loved her, How often had she caught herself there was something unaccountably smiling in her heart, at what she irresolute, not to say inconsistent, in believed to be the jealous mood of her his conduct. The capricious youth lover as he watched her while talking certainly preferred the society of his with others, with that expression of cousin to that of all other women. sadnessin his eyes which often betokens Though not apparently enjoying it, he the overflow of a heart filled up with always courted it; or rather, almost feeling. He watched her when he

spoke not; and when he did speak, to what was going forward. Hamilton his voice took ever a softer tone, that had as yet taken but little part in the surely was reserved for her alone ! conduct of the cause

- leaving the There had, then, been no moment drudgery, perhaps, to some less diswhen Effie had said to herself, “now, tinguished member of the professionsurely he loves me,” for she believed while he reserved himself for the crossin Ludlow's affection before she ever examinations and the summing up. dreamed the question. Her trust grew At a particular point of the testimony from her own heart — it was not for the G.'s, however, he interrupted founded upon his actions. She loved the witness upon the stand, by extoo sincerely to reason about her own claiming, “ That is only hearsay evifeelings—too devotedly to scan those dence-may it please your honour, of her lover. It seemed as if they (rising and bowing to the judge,) this were always meant for each other, and evidence is inadmissible ; let the young must of necessity be united; and so gentleman alluded to by the witness be little could the doting girl conceive the himself produced in court.” The void in her heart which bereaved af. remark created instant confusion upon fection might create, that she looked the opposite side of the table, at which upon the love of her cousin as some- the counsel were sitting, Old G. thing belonging to her from the first, bustled forward and whispered to his and of right exclusively her own. lawyer, who instantly rose and stated

But the day was now at hand when to the court that is the son of the all that was enigmatical about the cha- plaintiff—the young gentleman alluded racter of young Ludlow G., was to be to—had left town the evening before, fully solved in the eyes of the world. and as the point in question was quite

Mr. G.'s long-protracted civil suit unimportant, he was willing to waive was at length brought into court. The it in behalf of his client, rather than trial involved a large amount of pro- have the cause delayed until the averperty, and the celebrity of the counsel ment of the person on the stand could on both sides had drawn together an be substantiated by what he, the unusual assemblage of spectators.

It counsel, admitted was the only proper was said that Hamilton would speak; evidence.” and the name of that great man, Mr. G., in the meantime, seemed already becoming as distinguished at much agitated, and forthwith desthe bar as he had been in the cabinet, patched a note to Ludlow, who, nothad attracted a great many ladies to withstanding the statement which had the court-room in the old City-hall. just been made in his name, he beAmong the most beautiful of these lieved to be at the moment reading yet peerless in her own loveliness— quietly at home. But his message might be seen the happy and blooming was never doomed to reach that unfeatures of Effie Gay.

conscious victim of parental tyranny The court was opened, and the trial and all-grasping avarice; for, even proceeded, exhibiting but little in its while the case in point was still under progress to gratify the expectations of the advisement of the court, the name the larger part of the audience, who of young G. was pronounced by one became wearied with the dry and of the marshals, who, with officious technical details which were minutely politeness, ushered him to a seat near entered into by the old-fashioned law- his father within the bar. The anyers, most of whom had studied their nouncement of the name caught the profession under the English regime. quick ear of Hamilton in a moment. An incident soon occurred, however, “Let that young gentleman take which effectually dispelled the insi- his place on the stand," cried he, with pidity of this scene, and which can great presence of mind, before his never be forgotten by those who were antagonist could recover from the so situated as fairly to witness the infectious embarrassment into which whole circumstance. An exclamation the confusion of his client, at this of General Hamilton, (said the person untoward appearance, had thrown from whom we had the story,) was the him. first thing that called general attention “ Swear him, Mr. Clerk." The oath was administered. It probably crowd to get near the insensible object was the first time that Ludlow had of his anxiety. gone through this solemnity, which “One moment, sir,”' exclaimed the might account for his seeming some- lawyer, feelingly, but with firmness, as what perturbed. His eye roamed un- he stretched across the table and held easily around court, as if in quest him back with an air that was not the of something to rest upon.

less decided, from being perfectly Young gentleman, you will please respectful—" Dr. P**t already has his to look me steadily in the face,” said hand upon the pulse of the youth, and the experienced barrister. “Now, the swoon will be over the moment sir, the question I am about to ask his lungs have play." And even as you, affects only a simple act of recol- he spoke, the physician had thrown lection; and you can therefore use open the frilled bosom of poor Effie's what deliberation you please in your lover, while a cry of astonishment reply, provided it be explicit. The filled the court, as the fair and femiwitness who has just left that stand, nine proportions of a beautiful WOMAN stated that yourself and another per- were disclosed. son—the name is immaterial-were present when your father delivered It has never been known exactly the paper which I hold in my hand, to what became of the accomplished the gentleman who sits opposite to female who so long figured in the sociyou. Now, without stopping here to ety of New York, under the name of identify this third individual, I ask Ludlow G. Few thought it strange, you, whether it be true that yourself however, knowing the eccentric and and another man—" The features of unprincipled character of old G., that the youth became much agitated, and he should thus have trained his only the examiner, pausing an instant, daughter to play an unconsciously disresumed, as he fixed his eye keenly honest part in his legal intrigues. As upon him—“I say, another person for the mere fact of a girl thus acting and yourself—" Ludlow was again in male character upon the theatre of re-assured, but only to be more com- life, the example of the celebrated pletely overwhelmed the next moment; chevalier D'Eon had found too many as the deliberate lawyer, interrupting imitators, both among ladies of the himself again to remind the witness best families in Europe, and among the of the solemnity of his oath, at last enthusiastically patriotic of her sex in brought the question out in a shape the United States, to make this feature that admitted of no prevarication of the case at all remarkable. Answer me, in a monosyllable, ay ! And what became of poor Effie Gay? or no! were you or were you not she, whose kind and gentle heart had present upon the occasion alluded to withstood so many assaults from the with another man?"

other sex, only to be yielded up at The last words were pronounced last to the delicate arts of a spoiler of with a significant whisper, that was

her own.

The false lover, who doated heard in every part of the crowded upon her like a sister, is said to have court-room. The witness hesitated had all the painful emotions, which for a moment, and turned deadly pale. her career might well have excited, His lips were slightly convulsed, as if swallowed up in contrition for the ruin unable to syllable the words his tongue she had so unintentionally wrought would fain record. His father leaned upon the happiness of the confiding forward with clasped hands and an Effie; but the heart of that unfortunate appealing, agonized expression, that had been too completely thrown away was wholly indescribable. The youth ever to be recalled, or to beat aright caught his eager and anxious eye,

Her brain either became peruttered an indistinct sound, and fainted verted by the sudden blow, or else she upon the spot.

could never fully comprehend the cir“Stand back-stand back !" cried cumstances by which she was overthe agitated father ; “my child—my whelmed, so as to reconcile them to child—let me take care of my own each other, and think rationally upon child ;" and he struggled through the the subject. In a word, her mind,


which had never been a strong one, sallow and shrivelled cheek! Freely was broken completely. The presence did the eloquent blood—though disease of her cousin, who, for some weeks, was

hath now not withdrawn by her father from the scene of his disgrace, seemed only to

-“Starved the roses on that cheek, increase the malady. She shrank from And pinched the lily tincture of her her nursing and feminine endearments,

skin''as if they were the caressess of a monster: yet she was observed to listen to freely did it once course through the her masculine step upon the stair, and blue veins of those shrunken temples !

Those leaden lips—fevered-withered hail ker approach with eagerness ; while her colonr would come and go

as they are—they

But why dwell upon this appalling when she heard her voice in another room, as if its tones awakened her before us, in all the light of youth and

picture? The original was but now softest sensibilities. But when “ Lud.

loveliness. Alas ! that the copy, so low," as she still called her cousin, strangely disfigured, should still be was forbidden by the physicians to

true to all that remains of poor Effie see her more, and Effie was told that Gay. Reader, if thou knowest what she had embarked with her father for woman's love is, thou wilt not wonder another land, the spirit of the faded

that one who had thus wooed a cloud, and pining girl sank completely, and

could not be released from its embrace, her mind lost its last gleams of intelli

without being scathed by its lightning! gence.

Happy would it have been for her then, if death had intervened to close the scene.

But no! the resources of an excellent constitution did not yet

THE JUNIOR PARTNER. give way, and Effie Gay, for many a

(Concluded from page 363.) long year, still lived on. But how? Reader, were you ever at the Bloomingdale asylum ? Did you ever look down IF Lady Ravelgold showed beautiful into the inclosure where the unhappy by the uncompromising light and in the inmates may be seen at a certain hour, unornamented hall of Almack's, she amusing themselves as each one listeth? was radiant as she came through the Did you ever look in vain among that mirror door of her own love-contrived motley crew, for that piteous, yet and beauty-breathing boudoir. Tremlet picturesque air of distraction, with had been showed into this recess of which poets and painters have so often luxury and elegance on his arrival, and gifted the maniac? You have gazed Lady Ravelgold and her daughter, there in vain, if you hoped to find the who preceded her by a minute or two, romantic madness of a Hamlet, or an had gone to their chambers, the first Ophelia! And yet, among those com- to make some slight changes in her mon-looking creatures-for all human toilette, and the latter (entirely ignocreatures do look common when the rant of her lover's presence in the spirit of mind that once ennobled their house) to be alone with a heart never forms hath departed, and left them before in such painful need of selfanimated only by the instincts of sense abandonment and solitude. -among those common-looking crea- Tremlet looked about him in the tures, are many who have once been enchanted room in which he found the loveliest of the land. Ay! among himself alone, and, spite of the prethose who are at this moment gathered possessed agitation of his feelings, the in that very yard, is one who- But voluptuous beauty of every object had mark her as she sits crouched in yon the effect to divert and tranquillise sunny corner! Those livid and sunken him. The light was profuse, but it eyes have once matched heaven's own came softened through the thinnest blue in colour, as they beamed with alabaster; and while every object in heavenly purity and feeling! The fresh- the room was distinctly and minutely blooming rose, in fulness, and softness, visible, the effect of moonlight was not and colour, was once rivalled by that more soft and dreamy. The general

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