Carter G. Woodson: A Historical Reader

Garland Pub., 2000 - 269페이지
This unique study emphasizes on the writings of Carter G. Woodson that focus on the areas of Pan Africanism; Black Labor History;Education and Intellectual Thoughtual Though, which examines the ideas and philosohphy of the African /american Experience in palce and time, while at the same time seeks to locate a repertoire of an African-american collectiveness consciousness.

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James L. Conyers Jr. is Chair of the Department of Black Studies, Associate Professor of Black Studies, and Courtesy Professor of Sociology a the University of Nebraska at Omaha, as well as Courtesy Associate Professor of History are the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. He received his BA in Communications Arts from Ramapo College; an MA in African and Afro-American Studies from the State University of New York at Albany; and his PhD in African American Studies from Temple University. In addition he is the author or editor of many titles including Charles H. Wesley: The Intellectual Tradition of a Black Historian.