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$ < The growing empire of their King.

I Q -J o HYMN 318, S. M.

J O JL © The Song of the Saved on Earth.

$ **i 1 Tj\ROM Egypt's bondage come,
| Jl Where death and darkness reign,

I We seek a new, a better home,

I Where we our rest shall gain.

# ^/ 2 To Canaan's sacred bound,

| We haste with songs of joy,

j < Where peace and liberty are found,

1 — . And sweets that never cloy.

3 There sin and sorrow cease,
And every conflict's o'er;
There we shall dwell in endless peace,
Nor thirst nor hunger more.

Tif 4 There, in celestial strains,

Enraptured myriads sing; < And love in every bosom reigns,—

f For God himself is king.

mf 5 We hope to join the throng,

And soon their pleasures share,—

f To sing the everlasting song,

With all the ransomed there.

lol 6 How sweet the prospect is!

It cheers the pilgrim's breast; — We 're journeying, through the wilderness,

> To our eternal rest.


niQ HYMN 319, L. M.

Ul t/ Jl Youth, seeking' heavenly Wisdom.

ASK not wealth, nor pomp, nor power,
Nor fleeting pleasures of an hour:
My soul aspires to nobler things
Than all the pride and state of kings.

mf 2 One thing I ask;—Lord! wilt thou hear,
And grant my soul a gift so dear ?—
Wisdom, descending from above,
The sweetest token of thy love:—

— 3 Wisdom, betimes to know the Lord,
To fear his name, and keep his word;

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To lead my feet in paths of truth,

And guide and guard my wandering youth.

4 Then, shouldst thou grant a length of days,

< My life shall still proclaim thy praise; — Or early death my soul convey

< To realms of everlasting day.

HYMN 320, H. H.

Renouncing the World.


m 1 rtOME, my fond fluttering heart!

\J Oome, struggle to he free;

Thou and the world must part,
However hard it he:

My tremhling spirit owns it just, > But cleaves yet closer to the dust.

—" 2 Ye tempting sweets! forbear;
Ye dearest idols! fall;
My love ye must not share,
Jesus shall have it all:
mp 'T is bitter pain,—'t is cruel smart,—
p But, ah! thou must consent, my heart!

mp 3 Ye fair enchanting throng!

Ye golden dreams! farewell!

— Earth has prevailed too long,

And now I break the spell: p Farewell, ye joys of early years!—

p> Jesus! forgive these parting tears.

mp 4 In Gilead there is balm,

A kind Physician there,
My fevered mind to calm,

And bid me not despair:
Aid me, dear Saviour! set me free;
My all I would resign to thee.

5 Oh! may I feel thy worth,
And let no idol dare,—
No vanity of earth.

With thee, my Lord! compare:
Now bid all worldly joys depart,

— And reign supremely in my heart.


\ OOI HYMN 321, 7s.

J OZ1 Rejoicing in Jesus.

\ f 1 l^TOW begin the heavenly theme, J i\ Sing aloud in Jesus' name;

J Ye, who his salvation prove,

\ Triumph in redeeming love.

j — £ Ye, "who see the Father's grace J Beaming in the Saviour's face,

I < As to Canaan on ye move,

1 f Praise, and bless redeeming love.

( < 3 Mourning souls! dry up your tears;

J — Banish all your sinful fears;

\ < See your guilt and curse remove,—

I — Canceled by redeeming love.

t < 4 Welcome all, by sin oppressed,—

5 f Welcome to his sacred rest!

J Nothing brought him from above,—

$ Nothing but redeeming love.

j 5 Hither, then, your music bring;

} Strike aloud each joyful string;

\ Mortals! join the hosts above,—

J Join to praise redeeming love.

\ 6 When his Spirit leads us home,

When we to his glory come,
We shall all the fullness prove
Of the Lord's redeeming love.

009 HYMN 322, 8s and 7s.

O/W/^ Joyful Hope.

rnf 1 "[/"NOW, my soul! thy full salvation; -**• Rise o'er sin, and fear and care, Joy to find, in every station, Something still to do or bear: — Think, what Spirit dwells within thee;

Think, what Father's smiles are thine; Think, what Jesus did to win thee ;— > Child of heaven 1 canst thou repine?

nf 2 Haste thee on from grace to glory,

Armed with faith, and winged with prayer Heaven's eternal day's before thee,

God's own hand shall guide thee there: Soon shall close thine earthly mission, > Soon shall pass thy pilgrim days;

<^ Hope shall change to glad fruition,—•

mf Faith to sight, and prayer to praise.


I 09O HYMN 323, S. M.

* O/^O Salvation by Grace.

\ f 1 pRAOE!—'t is a charming sound,— J VJ Harmonious to the ear;

* Heaven with the echo shall resound, J , And all the earth shall hear.

j — 2 Grace first contrived the way

{ mp To save rebellious man;

j — And all the steps that grace display,

i Which drew the wondrous plan.

3 Grace led my roving feet

To tread the heavenly road;
And new supplies each hour I meet,
While pressing on to God.

4 Grace all the work shall crown,

Through everlasting days; < It lays in heaven the topmost stone,

mf And well deserves the praise.

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\ m 1 pRAOE, like an uncorrupted seed,

J \J Abides and reigns within;

* Immortal principles forbid J The sons of God to sin.

j 2 Not by the terrors of a slave,

{ Do they perform his will;

\ But, with the noblest powers they have,

J His sweet commands fulfill.

I 3 They find access, at every hour,

♦ To God, within the veil;

J < Hence they derive a quickening power,

I mf And joys that never fail.'

f 4 Oh! happy souls!—Oh! glorious state

Of overflowing grace,— — To dwell so near their Father's seat,

And see his lovely face.

5 Lord! I address thy heavenly throne;

Call me a child of thine;
Send down the Spirit of thy Son
To form my heart divine.

6 There shed thy choicest love abroad,

And make my comforts strong;
Then shall I say,—-" My Father, God !"-
"With an unwavering tongue.


HYMN 325, C. M.

Faith encouraged by ancient Examples,

m 1 "DISE, O my soul! pursue the path,
i-l* By ancient worthies trod;
Aspiring, view those holy men,
Who lived and walked with God.

2 Though dead, they speak in reason's ear,
And in example live;

< Their faith, and hope,' and mighty deeds,
— Still fresh instruction give.

< 3 'T was through the Lamb's most precious blood, mf They conquered every foe;

< And, to his power and matchless grace,
/ Their crowns of life they owe.

—- 4 Lord! may I ever keep in view
The patterns thou hast given;
And ne'er forsake the blessed road,
That led them safe to heaven.


HYMN 326, L. M.

Salvation through Christ,

mf 1 T^fOW, to the power of God supreme,
1* Be everlasting honors given;
He saves from hell,—we bless his name,—

< He calls our wandering feet to heaven.

— 2 Not for our duties, or deserts,

But of his own abounding grace,
He works salvation in our hearts,
And forms a people for his praise.

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