Parliamentary Papers, 4권


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10 페이지 - ... party by whom such arbitrator was appointed may nominate and appoint in writing some other person to act in his place, and if for the space of seven days after notice in writing from the other party for that purpose he fail to do so, the remaining or other arbitrator may proceed ex parte ; and every arbitrator so to be substituted as aforesaid shall have the same powers and authorities as were vested in the former arbitrator at the time of such his death or disability as aforesaid.
11 페이지 - ... oath ; and if upon such oath or affirmation any person making the same shall wilfully and corruptly give any false evidence, every person so offending shall be deemed and taken to be guilty of perjury, and shall be prosecuted and punished accordingly.
10 페이지 - For the purposes of this section, the council of a borough includes the mayor, aldermen, and commons of the City of London in common council assembled, and the council of a metropolitan borough.
29 페이지 - ... previous notice for that purpose ; and in the like case the company may at any time pay off the money borrowed, on giving the like notice ; and every such notice shall be in writing or print, or both, and if given by a mortgagee or...
3 페이지 - Board shall cause the sewers vested in them to be constructed, covered, and kept so as not to be a nuisance or injurious to health...
14 페이지 - Purposes whatsoever, and shall be in iiowiso liable to be impeached by reason of any Infirmity of Estate or Defect of Title of the Persons on whose Application the same...
1 페이지 - ... enter such premises, with or without assistants, and cause the ground to be opened, and examine such drain watercloset earthcloset privy ashpit or cesspool.
30 페이지 - ... such transferee may in like manner transfer his estate and interest in any such mortgage ; and no person, except the person to whom the same shall have been last transferred, his executors, administrators, or assigns, shall be entitled to release or discharge any such mortgage, or any money secured thereby.

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