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A Daily Walk with God, in his own Ordinances: or the Bible Standard of

Duty, as exemplified in the Primitive Christiana. By Rev. Stephen Porter, 154

Essays on the Supernatural Origin of Christianity; with special reference to

the theories of Renan, Strauss and the Tubingen School. By George P.

Fisher, D. D, 155


Moral Philosophy: or the Science of Obligation. By James H. Fairchild,

President of Oberlin College, ...... 156

The Principles of Psychology. By John Bascom, ... 160

History of European Morals from Augustus to Charlemagne. By William

Hartpole Lecky, M. A., - - - - - - -163

The Science of Thought: A System of Logic. By Charles Carroll Everett, 166


The History or Rome. By Theodor Mommsen; translated witfi the author's

sanction and additions, by the Rev. William P. Dickson, D. D. With a

preface by Dr. Leonhard Schmitz, ..... 168

Diary, Reminiscences, and Correspondence of Henry Crabb Robinson. Se-

lected and edited by Thomas Sadler, Ph. D., - - - -171

Memoirs of Baron Bunsen, late Minister Plenipotentiary and envoy Extraor-

dinary of his Majesty Frederick William IV., at the Court of St. James.

Drawn chiefly from Family Papers, by his widow, Frances Baroness Bunsen, 173

Fredrich Wilhelm Krummacher: An Autobiography. Edited by his daugh-

ter. Translated by Rev. M. G Easton, A. M. With a Preface by Pro-

fessor Cairus, D. D., ........ 174

History of the Reformation in Europe in the Time of Calvin. By J. H.

Merle D'Aubigne, D. D., - - - - - - - 175

Ancient States and Empires, for Colleges and Schools. By John Lord, LL.D., 175

Being the Hulsean Lectures for 1868. By J. J. Stewart Perowne, B. D., 331

Music Hall Sermons. By William H. H. Murray, .... 332

Essays on Some of the Peculiarities of the Christian Religion. By Richard

Whately, D. D., Archbishop of Dublin, - - - - - 333

The Sacrifice of Praise, Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs, designed for

public worship and private devotion, with notes on the origin of Hymns, 334

Christian Hymnology. A Sermon. By James O. Murray, D. D., - -337

The Ante-Nicene Library, - - - - - - - 338

Hsckett <fc Abbot's Edition of Smith's Dictionary of the Bible, - - 338

The Sermons of Henry Ward Beecher. in Plymouth Church, Brooklyn.

From verbatim reports by T. J. Ellingwood, .... 339

The Overture of Angels. By Henry Ward Beecher, .... 341

Rev. Mr. Gage's "Relief Maps " of Palestine, .... 341


History of England from the Fall of Wolsey to the Defeat of the Spanish

Armada. By James Anthony Froude, M. A., - - - - 341

The History of Rome. By Theodor Mommaen, Translated by the Rev.

William P. Dickson, D. D., - - - - - - 343

The Life of Mary Russell Mitford. Edited by the Rev. A. G. K L'Estrange, 346

Life of James Hamilton, D,D., F.L.S. By William Arnot, - - - 348

Memoir of the Rev. William C. Burns, M. A. By Rev. Islay Burns, D.D., - 349


The Holy Grail, and other Poems. By Alfred Tennyson, D. C. L., - - 351

The Earthly Paradise. A Poem. By William Morris, - - - 357

A Day by the Fire. By Leigh Hunt, - - - - - 359

Goethe's "Hermann and Dorothea." Translated by Ellen Frothingham, - 360

The Villa on the Rhine. By Bcrthold Auerbach. With a Portrait and

Biographical Sketch, by Bayard Taylor, ----- 360

Black Forest Village Stories. By Berthold Auerbach. Translated by

Charles Goepp, .... .... 360


The JSneid of Publius Virgilius Maro. By Nathan Covington Brooks, LL. D.( 361

Society and Solitude. By Ralph Wuldo Emerson, - - - - 364

Principles of Domestic Science. By Catherine E. Beecher and Harriet

Beecher Stowe, ........ 366

Ecce Femiua. By Carlos White, ...... 366

Communion Wine and Bible Temperance. By Rev. William M. Thayer, - 367


Page 203—4th line from bottom—for "opposed," read "'approved."

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Art. I. St. Francis and bis Time, 371

Prof. C. K. Adams, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mich.

II. Is there a Probation between Death and the Judgment I 400

Rev. Joseph E. Roy, Chicago, Illinois.

III. Heury Ward Beecher, 421

Prof. James M. Hoppin, Tale College.

IV. The Free Churches of England, 441

Prof. Leonard Bacon, Yale College.

V. Yale College—Some Thoughts Respecting its Future, 448

Prof. Timothy Dwight, Yale College.

VI. How the Rev. Dr. Stone Bettered his Situation, 471

Rev. Leonard W. Bacon.

VII. Address of M. de Pressense, at Amsterdam, on the Bible and the

School, , 496

VIII. President McCosh's Logic, 511

Prof. Heury N. Day, New Haven.



The Word I or Universal Redemption and Salvation: "Preordained before
All Worlds." By George Marin De La Voye, - - - -581

Ecclesia; Church Problems considered in a series of Essays. Edited by

Heury Robert Reynolds, D. D., .... 535

Christianity and the Greek Philosophy; or the relation between spontane-

ous and reflective thought in Greece and the positive teaching of Christ

and his Apostles. By B. F. Cocker, D. D., - - - 586

Studies in Church History. The Rise of the Temporal Power—Benefit of

Clergy—Excommunication. By Heury C. Lea, .... 587

A Manual of Church History. By Heury F. Guericke. Translated from tho
German by William G. T. Shedd, - - - - - - 587

An Essay in Aid of a Grammar of Assent. By John Heury Newman, D. D., 587

Steps of Belief; or Rational Christianity maintained against Atheism, Free

Religion, and Romanism. By James Freeman Clarke, - - - 589

The Ante-Nicene Christian Library. Vols. xv. and xvi., ... 539

American Edition of Smith's Dictionary of the Bible, ... 540

Professor Hoppin's Homiletics, ...... 540

A Treatise on the Christian Doctrine of Marriage. By Hugh Davey Evans, 540

The Typology of Scripture, viewed in connection with the whole series of

the Divine Dispensations. By Patrick Fairbairn, D. 1)., ... 541

Aspects of Humanity, brokenly mirrored in the over-swelling Current of

Human Speech, ....... . 541

Windfalls. By the author of "Aspects of Humanity," - . . 541

Art. L President Fairchild's Moral Philosophy, 549

Rev. M. Grosvenor, Dayton, Ohio.

II. The Study of English Literature, 572

T. R. Lounsbury, Yale College.

III. Yale College—Some Thoughts Respecting its Future. Second

Article, 602

Professor Timothy Dwight, Yale College.

IV. Modern Judaism,

Prof. J. M. Hoppin, Yale College.

V. The Resources of the Church against Rationalism, 624

Rev. J. P. Thompson, D. D., New York City.

VI. Ruskin's New Lectures on Art, 659

Prof. H. N. Day, New Haven.

VII. A Voice from," Squashville :" A Letter to the "New Englander"

from the "Rev. Mr. Pickering," 678



Julius Mullet's Doctrinal Essays, ...... 705

Rothe's Doctrinal Essays, .----•- 705

Religious Thought in England, from the Reformation until the end of the

last century. By Rev. John Hunt, M. A., - - - - - 706

Lecture Room Talks. By Henry Ward Beecher. Phonographically report-

ed by T. J. Ellingwood, - - - - • - - 707

A Treatise of the Preparation and Delivery of Sermons. By John A.

Broadns, D. D, LL.D, 707

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