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38 페이지 - That all acts or parts of acts inconsistent herewith be, and the same are hereby, repealed.
40 페이지 - That the sum of three thousand dollars or so much thereof as may be necessary, be and the same is hereby specifically appropriated to the Pennsylvania Home Teaching Society No. 13. REPORT OF THE STATE LIBRARIAN. 39 and Free Circulating Library for the Blind for the two fiscal years beginning June first, one thousand nine hundred and five.
34 페이지 - Fourth. An annual report shall be made regarding the progress of each college, recording any improvements and experiments made, with their cost and results and such other matters, including State industrial and economical statistics, as may be supposed useful, one copy of which shall be transmitted by mail free, by each, to all the other colleges which may be endowed under the provisions of this act, and also one copy to the Secretary of the Interior.
39 페이지 - State or territorial library of each State and territory of the Union; the balance to be placed in the State Library of Pennsylvania, for the purpose of exchange.
144 페이지 - ... history, historical records and data of and relating to Lancaster City and County, the collection and preservation of books, newspapers, maps, genealogies, portraits, paintings, relics, engravings, manuscripts, letters, .journals and any or all materials which may establish or illustrate such history, the growth and progress of population, wealth, education, agriculture, arts, manufactures and commerce in this City and County.
36 페이지 - Section 3. It shall be lawful for said board to levy a tax for the purchase, improvement and maintenance of said library not exceeding one mill in any one year on the valuation of the property assessed for school purposes in the district, which tax shall be collectible as the school taxes of the district are at the time of collecting the same.
39 페이지 - June first, one thousand nine hundred and five, shall not exceed the sum of ten thousand dollars. The said appropriation to be paid upon warrants drawn by the Secretary of the Commonwealth, countersigned by the Auditor General, and that the State Treasurer of this Commonwealth be and is authorized to make all payments out of such moneys in the Treasury as is not otherwise appropriated.
145 페이지 - ... themselves if they had or could have any knowledge of it. It will be the province of our Federation to induce local tabulation of all this local literature, whether transient, periodical, or permanent, and in turn to assemble the same into a State or general index for general reference and distribution. 3. In our State there are many historical societies, all, however, acting independently of each other, the members of the same unacquainted with each other, though interested in the same themes,...
39 페이지 - That the total amount expended during the two fiscal years beginning June first, one thousand nine hundred and three, shall not exceed the sum of ten thousand dollars.
38 페이지 - AN ACT To authorize the purchase of historical works relative to the services of Pennsylvania Volunteers during the late Civil War.

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