The Foreign quarterly review [ed. by J.G. Cochrane].

John George Cochrane

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77 페이지 - And it came to pass at the end of two months, that she returned unto her father, who did with her according to his vow which he had vowed: and she knew no man.
193 페이지 - Tiger: But in a sieve I'll thither sail, And, like a rat without a tail, I'll do, I'll do, and I'll do.
351 페이지 - L'homme n'est qu'un roseau le plus faible de la nature, mais c'est un roseau pensant. Il ne faut pas que l'univers entier s'arme pour l'écraser. Une vapeur, une goutte d'eau, suffit pour le tuer. Mais quand l'univers l'écraserait, l'homme serait encore plus noble que ce qui le tue, parce qu'il sait qu'il meurt; et l'avantage que l'univers a sur lui, l'univers n'en sait rien. Toute...
281 페이지 - Roderick's head, in evil hour for Spain, For that unhappy daughter, and himself, — Desperate apostate ! — on the Moors he called ; And like a cloud of locusts, whom the South Wafts from the plains of wasted Africa, The Mussulmen upon Iberia's shore Descend.
194 페이지 - Shuja-ul-Mulk, whose popularity throughout Afghanistan had been proved to his Lordship by the strong and unanimous testimony of the best authorities.
146 페이지 - Netherlands, do hereby bind and engage themselves not to grant any favour, privilege, or immunity in matters of commerce and navigation to the subjects of any other state, which shall not be also, and at the same time, extended to the subjects of the other high contracting party, gratuitously if the concession in favour of that other state shall have been gratuitous, and on giving as nearly as possible the same compensation or equivalent in case the concession shall have been conditional.
348 페이지 - Qui en son jargon ne chante ou crye ; Le Temps a laissié son manteau De vent, de froidure et de pluye.
91 페이지 - ... enemies of the Church, who have no jurisdiction over me, a free queen, is profitable before God to the children of his Church. If I had yielded to them I would not have suffered this stroke.
468 페이지 - GERMANY; the SPIRIT of her HISTORY, LITERATURE, SOCIAL CONDITION, and NATIONAL ECONOMY ; illustrated by Reference to her Physical, Moral, and Political Statistics, and by Comparison with other Countries. By BISSET HAWKINS, MD, Oxon., FRS, &c. 10*.
74 페이지 - This plant, therefore, being thus productive of itself, and vegetating from its own matrix, without being fostered in the earth, was naturally adopted as the symbol of the productive power of the waters, upon which the active spirit of the Creator operated in giving life and vegetation to matter.

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