Philosophical Magazine, 38권

Taylor & Francis., 1811

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390 페이지 - ... by supposing a substance wherein thinking, knowing, doubting, and a power of moving, &c., do subsist ; we have as clear a notion of the substance of spirit as we have of body : the one being supposed to be (without knowing what it is) the substratum to those simple ideas we have from without ; and the other supposed (with a like ignorance of what it is) to be the substratum to those operations which we experiment in ourselves within.
256 페이지 - Greece: That he should have had the greatest delight, and derived the greatest benefit, from the opportunity Lord Elgin offered him of having in his possession, and contemplating, these inestimable marbles :" But, (his expression was,} " it would be " sacrilege in him, or any man, to presume
87 페이지 - When the brain is injured or removed, the action of the heart ceases, only because respiration is under its influence, and if, under these circumstances, respiration is artificially produced, the circulation will still continue.
345 페이지 - The door had been left open, and a strange cat had just come into the room! after turning it out, her own cat came down from her place of safety, and dropped the bird, without...
165 페이지 - Orinoco, that about seventy years ago " a spot of land on the western coist of this island, near halt way between the capital, an Indian village sank suddenly, and was immediately replaced by a small lake of pitch, to the great terror of the inhabitants.
209 페이지 - Centaur, is one of the finest productions of the art ; as well as the groupe adjoining to it, of Hippodamia, the bride, carried off by the Centaur Eurytion ; the furious style of whose galloping, in order to secure his prize, and his shrinking from the spear that has been hurled after him, are expressed with prodigious animation. They are all in such high relief, as to seem groups of statues ; and they are in general finished with as much attention behind as before. They were originally continued...
32 페이지 - Water did extract some saline matter from this ignited alumina, but it had not at all the appearance of sulphate of magnesia, and proved to be some sulphate of alumina which had escaped decomposition, for on an addition of sulphate of ammonia to it, it produced crystals of compound sulphate of alumina and ammonia, in regular octahedrons. This alum and alumina were again mixed and digested in ammonia, and the whole dried and made red hot. The alumina left, weighed 3.1 grains. Being suspected to contain...
254 페이지 - Argos, and Corinth, will prove the indubitable claim of the Greeks to the invention and perfection . of this art. Few of those in the collections of the King of Naples at Portici, or in that of Sir William Hamilton, excel some which Lord Elgin has procured, with respect to the elegance of the form, the fineness of the materials, the deli. cacy of the execution, or the beauty of the subjects delineated on them ; and they are, for the most part, in very high preservation.
164 페이지 - I am informed that in one of the neighboring plantations there is a spot where it is of a bright colour, shining, transparent, and brittle, like bottle-glass or resin. The odour in all these instances is strong and like that of a combination of pitch and sulphur. No sulphur however is any where to be perceived, but from the strong exhalation of that substance and the affinity which is known to exist between the fluid...
207 페이지 - Athens, has been thus most carefully and minutely measured ; and, from the rough drafts of the architects (all of which are preserved), finished drawings have been made of the plans, elevations, and details of the most remarkable objects; in which the Calmouk has restored and inserted all the sculpture, with exquisite taste and ability. He has...

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