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station, I regret to add, will for the present be under his sole charge, it having pleased God to remove from this world the Rev. D. Schregoogel; he departed this life on the 16th Jan. 1840, at Pondicherry, at the age of sixty-three.

“Since the return of the Bishop, Mr. M'Leod, from Bishop's College, has been admitted on the list of the Society's catechists; he bids fair to be a valuable acquisition, and purposes offering himself for holy orders in about twelve months."

In compliance with a requisition signed by upwards of 300 merchants, bankers, and traders of the city of London, the Lord Mayor has called a public meeting of the friends of the Society, for the purpose of taking into consideration the insufficient provision now made for Divine worship and religious instruction in the colonies; and to take measures for enabling the Society to supply this lamentable deficiency.

The meeting will take place at the Egyptian Hall, Mansion House, on Wednesday, April 8, at one o'clock.


The Rev. E. Feild having been ap- is recommended to "ascertain whether pointed by the above Society an Exa- the school-house is substantially built, miner or Inspector of Schools, a very commodiously fitted up, and kept in able and important letter, bearing date good repair; whether it is of adequate March 19, 1840, has been addressed dimensions, and situated in a central to him by the Secretary, Mr. Sinclair, and accessible position ; whether it is under the direction of the Abp. of well lighted, and warmed, and thoCanterbury and the Committee. It roughly ventilated; whether there is having reached us so late, as to pre- annexed to it a yard or play-ground, clude our inserting it at length, we well drained and fenced; whether the must content ourselves with a few ex- children are taught habits of cleanlitracts. The following is Mr. S.'s ness, and have time allowed them, at statement of the character of the in- proper intervals, for exercise and respection :

creation." “ You will be careful to explain, After remarking that “religion is that the purpose of your visit is only the most intellectual and elevating of to assist them in the completion of all studies, and that a spirit of religion their own design; not so much to ought to direct all the exercises of the expose errors, as to promote improve- understanding," Mr. Sinclair proceeds ments; to control, as to persuade; to to give instructions as to the inquiries censure, as to encourage ;-in short, which are to be made on the intellecto shew how the well-being, moral and tual improvement of the scholars, and religious, physical and intellectual, of also upon their religious education. the rising generation may be most On this latter point he says: effectually promoted.”

“You will inform yourself as to the The duties of the office are then de- regularity of the children in their clared :

attendance at School, in what way “1st. To ascertain the actual state registered, and how enforced; as to of each School by personal examination, manners and behaviour, whether oraided by the explanations of the local derly and decorous; as to obedience, Managers.

whether prompt and cheerful, or re“ 2dly. To draw the attention of the luctant and limited to the time while Managers to points in respect to which the Master's eye is upon the child ; their school might be improved. and as to rewards and punishments, on

“3dly. To collect information as to what principle administered, and with local difficulties, and wants generally what results. Where boys and girls experienced, and as to the best means are taught together in the same schoolof meeting them which have been room, you will pay attention to their devised in particular cases.

age and habits, and to the results of On the subject of “the physical their instruction in common. You will comfort and well-being of the chil- report, with especial care, upon the dren" in a National School, Mr. F. daily practice of the School with re

ference to Divine worship; whether would form a document of great public the duties of the day are begun and interest and utility. ended with prayer and psalmody; On the other opportunities that whether attendance is duly given at will be afforded you for advancing the Church; whether daily instruction is cause of National Education, I need given in the Bible; whether the Creed, not enlarge. It must be obvious how the Catechism, and the Liturgy, are much may be effected both by public explained, together with the terms and private intercourse, towards exmost commonly in use throughout the citing zeal, and then directing it to Scriptures and the several offices of

proper objects. You will recollect, the Church."

however, on all occasions, to make The subject of making the Bible a the necessary distinction between your lesson-book for reading is then treated own opinions, as an individual, and of: and advice is also given for the your instructions from this Combest mode of inspecting Sunday and mittee.” Infant Schools. Mr. S. thus con- The whole letter is well worthy of cludes :

the attention, not merely of the In“ The Committee will expect you to spector of Schools, but of every paroreport briefly on the condition of each chial Clergyman, and indeed every School, and to describe more at large National Schoolmaster in the kingdomn. the state of education throughout any It is firmly but temperately drawn up, Diocese you may be commissioned to expressed with simplicity, yet not inspect. Such detailed reports by dif- without elegance, and reflects as much ferent inspectors, having no official credit on the writer, as we are sure it communication with each other, and must convey information and benefit yet executing the same instructions, to every reader.

CHURCH BUILDING SOCIETY. A MEETING of the committee was Chester; at Horsehay, in the parish of held in St. Martin's Place, on March Dawley, Salop; at Twickenham, Mid16. Present—the Abp. of Canterbury dlesex; rebuilding the chapel at West (in the chair), Abp. of York, Bps. of Butterwick, in the parish of Owston, London, St. Asaph, Bangor, Chester, Lincoln ; at Winsley, in the parish of Salisbury, and llereford; Lord Ken- Bradford, Wilts; increasing the acyon; Archeacon Cambridge; Dr. commodation in the church at ErchD'Oyly; Revs. B. Harrison and T. font, Wilts; enlarging the church at Bowdler; Joshua Watson, A. Powell, Great Whelnethan, Suffolk; and at N. Connop, jr, J. S. Salt, W. Davis, and Sowerby, Yorkshire ; repairing the W. Cotton, esqs.

chapel at Birkenshaw, Yorkshire ; reAmong other business transacted, building the church at Raskelf, Yorkgrants were voted towards building a shire; and at Rawmarsh, Yorkshire; church at Counden, in the parish of and towards rebuilding the belfry of the St. Andrew's, Auckland, Durham; at church at Llanmarewic, MontgomeryDukinfield, in the parish of Stockport, shire.

ADDITIONAL CURATES' FUND SOCIETY. Up to a recent date 206 incumbents consequence of grants not becoming had applied for aid through their re- payable, had been apportioned to spective diocesans; and of these 97 eleven parishes, in the shape of anhad been enabled, by the help of the nual assistance to each for three Society's grants, to establish additionul years; when that sum will be exservices, and to obtain additionalCurates hausted. in their several parishes and distriets, The whole of the Society's actual comprising an aggregate population of income is therefore appropriated; and more than a million and three quarters. for the means of extending the like In addition to which a sum of 26001., relief to many most urgent claims, the remaining in the Society's hands, in committee look with confidence to a * VOL XXI.' 'NO. IV,


growing conviction in the public mind disposition on the part of the laity to of the paramount importance of the imitate the piety and wisdom of their object—to the continued exertions of forefathers, to which the country owes the Clergy to make that object more

the foundation and endowment of so generally known-and to the increasing

many churches.

PASTORAL AID SOCIETY. This Society is at the present time a charge of 15,6391. yearly. Its adrendering assistance to 260incumbents, vantages have been particularly felt in whose average income is 1641. per some of the northern dioceses, where annum; 179 clergymen, and 31 say the parishes are large and extensive, assistants, are supported at its cost at and the livings are proverbially small.






Degrees Conferred, Feb. 27. the same at Worcester College, May 8th;

this Scholarship is open to all who are Williams, Rev. David, Jesus Coll. born of English parents, with preference

to the orphans of clergymen of the EstaCorbett, Uvedale, Stud. Christ Church

blished Church.

Peter Le Page Renouf, of Guernsey, is Edwards, David, Jesus Coll.

elected an Exhibitioner on the foundaMarch 5.

tion of the Rev. W. Oades, in Pembroke

College. Foulkes, Rev. H. P. Balliol Coll.

Mr. Harris Smith, of Oriel College,

has been elected a Hertford Scholar: the B.A.

examiners have thought it proper to Cocks, Hon. C. S. Christ Church. Vyse, Granville S. H. Christ Church.

notice that Mr. Henry Cotton, of Christ Whitaker, Charles, Brasennose Coll.

Church, also distinguished himself in

the examination. March 12.

On Friday, April 24th, there will be

an election at Oriel College, of three Bowles, Rev. F. A. Magdalen Hall.

Fellows, candidates for which must be Cope, W. H. Magdalen Hall.

Bachelors of Arts who have determined. Cotes, Rev. Digby O. University Coll.

There will be preference given to natives of Somerset and Devon, and of the old

diocese of Worcester. Evans, John Peter, Jesus Coll.

March 19.
March 11.

A Congregation was holden, at wbich This day the election of Proctors for the ensuing year took place at Corpus

his Royal Highness Prince Albert was Christi and Exeter Colleges, they being,

admitted a Doctor of Civil Law by

diploma. according to the Cycle, the Colleges The examiners appointed by the whose turn it is to supply them.


trustees of the Ireland Scholarship have Proctors are the Rev. James F. Crouch, Fellow of Corpus Christi College ; Rev.

announced that they have elected Edw.

Kent Karslake, Student of Christ Church, Edward A. Dayman, Fellow of Exeter College.

to the vacant Scholarship, and have

expressed their wish that Montague BerMarch 14.

nard, Scholar of Trinity College, should The Professor of Moral Philosophy has be named as having distinguished him. given notice that he will resume his self in the examination. lectures in the Hall of Exeter College, The Rev. Stephen Reay, of St. Alban on Monday, the 16th inst., at two o'clock, Hall, has been chosen Laudian Professor and continue them on Mondays, Wed- of Arabic, in the room of Dr. Knatchbull, nesdays, and Fridays.

resigned. In consequence of a Scholarship on Mr. W. Hedley is admitted a Scholar the foundation of Dr. Clarke being of Queen's College, on the Michel Founvacant, there will be an election to fill dation


March 20.

age, and if members of the University Mr. E. Huntingford, a Scholar of New

must not have been matriculated more College, is admitted a Fellow.

than eight terms. The election will be Rev. L. Gilbertson is elected a Fellow

on Saturday, June 13th. On the same of Jesus College.

day there will be an election of an exhi

bitioner, on the foundation of Mrs. ElizaUNIVERSITY SCHOLARS.

beth Ludwell. There will be first a Mr. Bolland is elected to a Bennett

preference to the kindred of the founder ; Scholarship

next to the natives of Charing, in Kent; Mr. Bradley, from Rugby School, and

and then for natives of Kent, not having Mr. Slesson, from Tiverton School, are

taken any degree in the University. Cer

tificates and testimonials must be preelected to open Scholarships.

sented to the Provost of Oriel College, on

or before June 9th. March 21.

The nomination of W. E. Jelf, Student Two Scholarships are now vacant at of Christ Church, to be a public examiner Oriel College; candidates for which in classics, has been unanimously apmust not be more than twenty years of proved of in Convocation.



Degrees Conferred, Feb. 26. Hulkes, T. W. St. John's Coll.

Lambert, Alfred, Pembroke Coll.

Lowndes, C. W. S. Christ Coll.
Pepys, Rt. Rev. H. Bishop of Sodor and
Man, St. John's Coll.

Mills, F. R. Trinity Coll.
Neale, J. M. Trinity Coll.

Ray, G. H. St. John's Coll.
Brown, James, Trinity Coll.

Reynardson, J. Birch, Corpus Ch. Coll. Lampet, B. E. Corpus Christi Coll. Rose, C. L. Trinity Coll.

Seller, H. C. St. John's Coll. Davies, C. Tizard, Queen's Coll.

Sisson, J. L. Jesus Coll. Pughe, Kenneth M'Kenzie, St. John'sColl.

Spence, Joseph, Christ Coll.

Stanley, E. Stanley, Jesus Coll.
March 2.

Weightman, Hugh, Trinity Hall.

Willy, R. C. St. John's Coll.
Dawes, T. Cockburn, Corpus Ch. Coll. Young, James, Corpus Christi Coll.

March 18.
White, Henry, Trinity Coll.

Williams, Rev. G. King's Coll. Alnutt, Walter, Catherine Hall.

Wilson, Rev. T. D. H. Trinity Coll.
Armstrong, B J. Caius Coll.

Brenchley, J. L. St. John's Coll.
Burnet, C. R. Trinity Coll.

Hutchinson, James, St. John's Coll.
Campbell, Colin, St. John's Coll.
Evans, William, Trinity Coll.

The Rev. H. B. Mason, B.A. Fellow Guyon, G. Guion, St. Peter's Coll. of Christ's College, on Sir J. Finch and Hepworth, J. W. St. John's Coll.

Sir T. Baines' foundation, is elected a Hotchkin, H. A. Clare Hall.

foundation Fellow.
March 14.




Joseph Henry Jerrard, M.A., Caius College.
George John Kennedy, M.A., St. John's College.
Richard Shilleto, M.A., Trinity College.
Benjamin Wrigglesworth Beatson, M.A., Pembroke College.

Ds. France,

Ds. Taylor,
Trin. Ds. A tlay,

Gooden, Trin.
King, Trin.

Drury, Caius.
Hodson, Trin.
Jennings, Joh.

Clive, Visc Joh.
Pitman, Joh.

Wollaston, Pet.

Ds. Bright,



| Emm.

Ds. Allan,

Griffitli, Joh.
Shadwell, Joh.
Chapman, Joh.
Thomson, S Joh.

Ds. Chambers,) Emm.

Rogers, Joh.
Shaw, Joh.


Ds. Goulburn, Trin. Ds. Drew,

| Trin. Ds. Peach, Emm. M'Neill, Trin. Green, Clare.

Harris, Pemb.
Hill, Jes.
Blenkiron, T'rin.

Morgan, Trin.

Cockin, Queen's. Spencer, Pemb.
Fletcher, Chr.
Ds. Marsh, Trinity College, having been taken ill during the examination, is not

University Craven Scholarship.-Alex- “ Whewell's Foundation of Morals," ander Blackall Simonds, of King's Col- and “ Nevile's Defence of Paley against lege, and John Bather, of St. John's the objections of Whewell and StdgCollege, were so nearly equal, that the wick." Scholarship could not be awarded. Con

March 18. sequently those two gentlemen are to be re-examined.

A Grace passed the Senate to re-apCharles W. Goodwin, Esq., of Catha- point the Syndicate of May 16, 1838, rine Hall, in this University, has been that they may consider the expediency of elected a Fellow of that Society.

giving to the Examiners of candidates Dr. Newcome's Prize, at St. John's for Mathematical honours more explicit College, for the best proficient in Moral instructions as to the elementary portion Philosophy among the commencing of the examination, especially the nature Bachelors of Arts whose names have and number of the questions to be seappeared on the Tripos, was adjudged to lected from the simpler parts of Natural Ds. Calder. The subjects of examination Philosophy; and that they report to the

“ Paley's Moral Philosophy," Senate before May 16.


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