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been exchanged for beer; and, knowing together. When I have told of it, let the the facts, we denounced the thing as a whole wretched thing depart and be gone nuisance. The paper printed testimonials for good. It was after Roosevelt had from Commissioners Parker and Grant, gone away. That he was not there was who certified from Mulberry Street, which no bar to almost daily attacks on him, they had not left, that the soup was under which I chafed, sitting at the meetnoble Christian charity, and so thought it ings as a reporter. I knew right well they evened things up, I suppose. I noticed, were intended to provoke me to an exhowever, that the soup ran out soon after, plosion that might have given grounds for and I hope we have seen the last of it. annoying me, and I kept my temper until We can afford to leave that to Philadel- one day, when, the subject of dives being phia, where common sense appears to be mentioned. Commissioner Parker drawled, drowned in it.

with the reporter from the soup journal I had it out with them at last all whispering in his ear:

him go.

"Was not-er-r—that the place where- ings of the trade. But he made the er-r— Mr. Roosevelt went to see a show detective service great. He chased the with his friend ?"

thieves to Europe, or gave them license He was careful not to look in my direc- to live in New York on condition that tion, but the reporter did, and I leaped they did not rob there. He was a Czar, at the challenge. I waited until the Board with all an autocrat's irresponsible powhad formally adjourned, then halted it as ers, and he exercised them as he saw fit. Mr. Parker was trying to escape. I do If they were not his, he took them anynot now remember what I said. It would how; police service looks to results first. not make calm reading, I suspect. It There was that in Byrnes which made me was the truth, anyhow, and came pretty stand up for him in spite of it all. Twice near being the whole truth. Mr. Parker I held Dr. Parkhurst from his throat, but fled, putting his head back through the in the end I had to admit that the Doctor half-closed door to explain that he " only was right. I believed that, untrammeled, knew what that reporter told ” him. In Byrnes might have been a mighty engine the security of his room it must have for good, and it was with sorrow I saw occurred to him, however, that he had

He left no one behind him fit another string to his bow; for at the next to wear his shoes. session Commissioner Grant moved my Byrnes was a born policeman. Those expulsion because I had “ disturbed the who hated him said he was also a born Board meeting." But

tyrant. He did ride President Moss re

a high horse when the minded him curtly

fit was on him and he that I had done noth

thought it served his ing of the kind, and

purpose. So we came that ended it.

into collision in the One of the early

early days when he and sensational results

was captain in Mercer of reform in Mulberry

Street. They had a Street was the retire

prisoner over there ment of Superintend

with a story which I entByrnes. There

had cause to believe was not one of us all

my rivals had obtainwho had known him

ed. I went to Byrnes long who did not re

was thundered gret it, though I, for

out of the stationone, had to own the

house. There he was necessity of it, for

boss and it suited him Byrnes stood for the

to let me see it. We old days that were

had not met before. bad. But, chained as

But we met again that he was in the mean

night. I went

to ness and smallness of

the Superintendent of it all, he was yet cast

Police, who was a Rein a different mold.

publican, and, apply. Compared with his

ing all the pressure successor, he was a

the “Tribune," giant every way.

which I served, got Byrnes was a “big

from him an order policeman." We shall

on Captain Byrnes to not soon have another

let me interview his like him, and that may

prisoner. Old Mr. be both good and bad.

Walling tore his hair ; He was unscrupulous,

said the thing had he was for Byrnes

never been done behe was a policeman, in THE TENANTS' OUTLOOK

fore, and it had not. short, with all the fail

An air-shaft twenty-eight inches wide. But I got the order







Drawn by Thomas Fogarty.

and got the interview, though Byrnes, arrested, but so that none of them knew black with rage, commanded a police of the plight of the others. McGloin was man to stand on either side of the taken to Mulberry Street, and orders were prisoner while I talked to him. He him- given to bring the others in at a certain self stood by, glaring at me. It was not hour fifteen or twenty minutes apart. a good way to get an interview, and, in Byrnes put McGloin at the window in fact, the man had nothing to tell. But I his office while he questioned him. Nothhad my way and I made the most of it. ing could be got out of him. As he sat After that Captain Byrnes and I got along there a door was banged below. Looking We got to think a lot of each other after out he saw one of his friends led across a while.

the yard in charge of policemen. Byrnes, Perhaps he was a tyrant because he was watching him narrowly, saw his cheek set over crooks, and crooks are cowards blanch; but still his nerve held. Fifteen in the presence of authority. His famous minutes passed; another door banged. "third degree” was chiefly what he The murderer, looking out, saw his other no doubt considered a little wholesome palled in a prisoner. He looked at "slugging." He would beat a thief into Byrnes. The Chief nodded: telling him what he wanted to know. " Squealed, both." Thieves have no rights a policeman thinks It was a lie and it cost the man his himself bound to respect. But when he life. “ The jig is up, then,” he said, and had to do with men with minds he had told the story that brought him to the other resources. He tortured his prisoner gallows. into confession in the Unger murder case I could not let Byrnes go without a by locking him up out of reach of a human word, for he filled a large space in my voice, or sight of a human face, in the life. It is the reporter, I suppose, who basement of Police Headquarters, and sticks out there. The boys called him a keeping him there four days, fed by great faker, but they were hardly just to invisible hands. On the fifth he had him him in that. I should rather call him a brought up through a tortuous way, where great actor, and without being that no the tools he had used in murdering his man can be a great detective. He made partner were displayed on the walls as if life in a mean street picturesque while he by accident. Led into the Inspector's pres- was there, and for that something is due ence by the jailer, he was made to stand him. He was the very opposite of Roosewhile Byrnes finished a letter. Then velt-quite without moral purpose or the Byrnes turned his piercing glance upon comprehension of it, yet with a streak of him with a gesture to sit. The murderer kindness in him that sometimes put preachsank trembling upon a lounge, the only ing to shame. Mulberry Street swears piece of furniture in the room, and sprang by him to-day, even as it does, under its to his feet with a shriek the next instant: breath, by Roosevelt. Decide from that it was the one upon which he had slaugh- for yourself whether his presence there tered his friend, all blood-bespattered as was for the good or the bad. then. He sprawled upon the floor, a In writing “ How the Other Half Lives" gibbering, horror-stricken wretch, and I had been at great pains not to overstate confessed his sin.

my case. I knew that it would be quesAs in this instance, so in the McGloin tioned, and was anxious that no Aaws murder case, the moral certainty of guilt should be picked in it, for, if there were, was absolute, but the legal evidence was narm might easily come of it instead of lacking. McGloin was a young ruffian good. I saw now that in that I had been who had murdered a saloon-keeper at a wise. The Gilder Tenement-House Commidnight raid on his place. He was the mittee more than confirmed all that I had fellow who the night before he was hanged said about the tenements and the schools. invited the Chief of Detectives to “ come The Reinhardt Committee was even more over to the wake; they'll have a devil of emphatic on the topic of child labor. I a time.” For six months Byrnes had was asked to serve on the Seventy's subtried everything to bring the crime home committee on Small Parks. In the spring to him, but in vain. At last he sent out of 1896 the Council of Confederated and had McGloin and his two “pals” Good Government Clubs appointed me

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