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for without partiality. The settlement is the sides, and giving it a good white washabout 190 miles from the sea, where we ing. The climate here is so good that you found many respectable families already have four crops a year. The road to the housed. One who had brought out an settlement is good, with excellent pasturage iron roof was housed, with all his family, everywhere for your cattle; plenty of water in three days and nights, by lodging his and timber.” roof on the stumps of trees, plastering up



A Treatise on the Plague is preparing In the present autumn will be publish. for publication, designed to prove it con. ed, Travels in Georgia, Persia, Armenia, tagious, from facts, tounded on the auancient Babylonia, &c. &c. during the thor's experience, during the visitation of years 1817,_1818, 1819, and 1820, by Malta in 1813. By Sir A. B. Faulkner, Sir Rohert Ker Porter, &c. &c. These M. D. With observations on its preven. Travels embrace a vast extent of country: tion, character, and treatment ; followed namely, almost all that comprised the an- by an appendix, containing minutes of cient Assyrian, Babylonian, and Persian the author's evidence given before the Empires, from the banks of the Black Sea Contagion Committee of the House of to the Euphrates, and from the Euphrates Commons, accompanied by their Report. to the mouth of the Persian Gulf.

Mr J. A. Heraud, author of “TottenThe favourable reception of the first ham," a poem, has in the press, the Lepart of Mr Lingard's History of England gend of St Loy, in four cantos. has encouraged the author to prepare a Dr Thomson is printing a new edition fourth volume, which will be published in of his System of Chemistry ; he also an. October next, and will comprise the reigns nounces his intention to prepare a work on of Henry VIII. and Edward vi.

the Practice of Chemistry. Dr Leach has nearly completed his Sy Outlines of Midwifery will be published nopsis of British Mollusca, being an ar. in October, developing its principles and rangement of Bivalve and Univalve Shells, practice, with illustrative lithographic enaccording to the animals inhabiting them. gravings, by J. T. Conquest, M. D.

Mr Bridgens is about to publish, in a F. L. S. &c. series of 12 numbers, Sketches illustrative A Translation of Ossian's Poem, Fin. of the Manners and Customs of Italy, gal, from the Celtic Original, in Latin Switzerland, and France ; the plates are to Heroic Verse, will, with a prefatory disbe coloured, and each will be uccompanied sertation and notes, be soon submitted to by an appropriate description.

the public, by the Rev. Alex. M'Donald. Dr Andrew Halliday, domestic physi A prospectus is published of a new and cian to his Royal Highness the Duke of complete edition of Origines Ecclesiasticæ; Clarence, announces a General History of or, Antiquities of the Christian Church; the House of Guelph, or Royal Family and other works of the Rev. Joseph Bingof England, from the first record of that ham, A. M. formerly Fellow of University name, to the accession of George the First College, Oxford. to the throne of Great Britain. The prin Mr Aspin is preparing for publication cipal sources from which the author has an Account of the Naval and Military drawn his materials are the extensive and Exploits which have distinguished the most valuable collections of Leibnitz, in reign of George the Third. The work print as well as in manuscript, preserved in will be embellished with numerous cothe King's Library at Hanover ; the works loured plates. of Eccard, Gruber, and Muratori ; the Shortly will be published in quarto, a “ Origines Guelficæ” of Schneideus; Jor. series of designs, lithographed, by Mr J. nandes' “ History of the Goths ; ” the Hedgeland, for private dwellings, com“ Mars Gothicus” of Pretorius ; Reth. prising perspective elevations adapted to meyer's and other Chronicles ; and Schil. geometrical measurement, and plans of ler's “ History of the Thirty Years' War.” the several stories, with explanatory referThe work will be printed in the best manner, in one volume 4to, with a portrait of Mr Egan has in the press, a new and his Majesty, engraved (by permission) original work, entitled, “ Life in London : from the Coronation Medal. It will also or, Day and Night Scenes of Jerry Hawcontain an engraving of the original arms thorn, Esq. accompanied by his elegant of the House of Guelph.

friend, Corinthian Tom, in their Rambles


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and Sprees through the Metropolis.” It Eminency. The Contemplative and Prac will be completed in about twelve num tical Angler, by way of Diversion. With bers, each number illustrated with three a Narrative of that Dextrous and Mystecharacteristic coloured plates. The sce rious Art Experimented in England, and pery will be drawn from real life, by Ro- Perfected in more Remote and Solitary beri and George Cruikshank.

Parts of Scotland. By way of Dialogue. One of the posthumous works of the Writ in the year 1658, but not till now late Rev. William Cowherd, Minister of made Publick. By Richard Franck, Phi. Christ Church, Salford, Manchester, entit- lanthropus. New edition. led, “ Facts Authentic in Sciences and Re The Works of John Dryden, Illustrated ligion," is nearly ready for publication. with Notes, Historical, Critical, and ExIt will consist of two parts in one volume, planatory, and a Life of the Author. By quarto ; containing upwards of 6000 ex. Sir Walter Scott, Bart. Second edition, tracts illustrative of scripture, from nearly revised and corrected, 18 vols. 8vo. 1000 different authors, besides Mr Cow Historical Sketches of the Highlands of herd's own remarks, L. 1, 5s. in boards. Scotland; with Military Annals of the

lo a few days will be published, Anti. Highland Regiments. By David Stewart, Scepticism ; or, an Inquiry into the na Colonel in the Army. Two volumes octature and philosophy of language as connected with the Sacred Scriptures, by the The leading object of this work is to author of the Philosophy of Elocution. trace the effects of climate and situation, of

ancient manners and superstitions, and of EDINBURGH.

peculiar habits and institutions, in form

ing the military character of the HighlandThe Works of John Playfair, F. R. S. But the principal attraction of this L. & E. late Professor of Natural Philoso. work will be found to consist in the His. phy in the University of Edinburgh ; with tory of their Martial Achievements, in a short Account of the Author's Life, which a great mass of original information 4 vols. Evo.

Iras been accumulated, and many interest. The Life of the late Principal Hill of St ing facts and details been recorded from Andrews, by George Cook, D.D.F. R.S.E. the author's personal observation and One volume octavo.

experience. Interspersed through the The work will contain an account of Dr work, will also be found many curious Hill's early life and pursuits ; of his mini. anecdotes illustrative of the Highland stry; of the leading part which he long character ; particularly of their heroic and took in ecclesiastical affairs ; of his theolo- chivalrous devotion to the Jacobite cause. gical studies and his printed works ; of his Rome in the Nineteenth Century, conpolitical sentiments; of his concluding taining a Complete Account of the Ruins years after he had retired from active life; of the Ancient City.—the Remains of the and of his death. In an Appendix, some Middle Ages,--and the Monuments of interesting correspondence and documents Modern Times ; with Remarks on the are inserted.

Fine Arts, on the State of Society, and on An Essay on the Principles of Evidence, the Religious Ceremonies, Manners, and and their Application to Subjects of Judi- Customs of the Modern Romans,—in a cial Inquiry; with a view to INustrate Series of Letters, written during a resi. the Rules of Evidence recognised in the dence at Rome in the Years 1817 and 1818 Law of Scotland. By James Glassford, Three volumes octavo. Esq. Advocate. One volume octavo. Mr Dymock, Glasgow, is engaged in a

Flora Scotica ; or Description of the Work on Grecian and Roman LiteraPlants Indigenous to Scotland and the ture. Isles. by W.J. Hooker, LL.D. F. R. S. L. The Rev. Dr Chalmers has in the press, & E. Regius Professor of Botany in the and will publish about the beginning of University of Glasgow. One volume oc- November, a Volume of Discourses on

“ The Application of Christianity to the Northern Memoirs, calculated for the Commercial and Ordinary Affairs of Life." Meridian of Scotland. Wherein most or 8yo. 8s bds. all of the cities, Citadels, Sea-ports, Castles, A Series of Lithograpbic Designs in Ports, Fortresses, Rivers and Rivulets, are quarto, for private dwellings, comprising Compendiously described. Together with Perspective Elevations, adapted to GeomeChoice Collections of Various Discoveries, trical Measurement, and Plans of the seve. Remarkable Observations, Theological No. ral Stories, with Explanatory References ; tions, Political Axioms, National In- by Mr J. Hedgeland. trigues, Polemic Inferences, Contempla The Christian and Civic Economy of tions, Speculations, and several Curious Large Towns, No. 5. on Patronage; by and Industrious Inspections ; lineally Thomas Chalmers, D. D. Minister of St drawn from Antiquaries, and other Noted John's Church, Glasgow; will be publishand Intelligible Persons of Honour and ed op the 1st of October.







Essay on the Political and Moral Use of ANTIQUITIES.

Theatres. 5s. THE Architectural Antiquities of Normandy, in a serious of 100 Etchings, re The Young Lady's Guide to Practical presenting exterior and interior Views, Arithmetic and Book-keeping, arranged on Elevations, and Details of the most cele. a new and improved Plan; by C. Morribrated and most curious remains of Anti 3s. 6d. half bound. quity in that country ; by John Sell Cot The New System of Musical Education, man. Part II. L. 3, 3s.

as announced and explained in his public The Heraldic Origin of Gothic Archi- Lectures, in reference to Teaching in Clastecture, in answer to all foregoing Systems; ses, &c.; by Joseph Kemp. by Royley Lascelles. Royal 8vo. 7s. The Theory of Elocution, exhibited in

connection with a new and Philosophical Impartial Memoirs of the Fublic and Pri. Account of the Nature of instituted Lanvate Life of her Majesty Queen Caroline, guage ; by B. H. Smart. 8vo. 7s. bås. from her earliest Infancy; by J. Nightin A Selection of Greek Sentences, with an gale. Part I. 2s. 6d.

Index and Lexicon, in Greek and English; The Life of Queen Anne Bullen, with by the Rev. G. N. Wright. 12mo. 4s. notes, forming No. 7. of Smeeton's Tracts. bds. 58. 6.

The Greck Primer ; or, a Praxis on the BIBLIOGRAPHY.

various terminations and formations of Bibliotheca Rara et Curiosa ; or, a Cata. Nouns and Verbs, with copious lists of exlogue of a highly curious Collection of amples, Greek and English ; by D. B. Books lately formed on the Continent; by Hickie. 12mo. 4s. 6d. bds. Boosey and Sons. Is. 6d. .

The Establishments of Immanuel de FilHurst, Robinson, and Co.'s Catalogue of lenberg, at Hoffwyl, considered with refer. Engraved Copper Plates, by the most cnce to their claims upon the attention of esteemed Artists. Also an Index of the men in public stations ; by the Count Louis Subjects. 2s.

de Villevieille. 2s. A Catalogue of Books in Anatomy, Me

HISTORY. dicine, Surgery, Midwifery, Chemistry, Bo The History of the Jews, from the De. tany, &c. &c. &c. which, with Books in struction of Jerusalem to the present time; every other department of Literature, are on by Hannah Adams. 129. bds. sale at John Anderson's Medical Library, The third volume of a Summary of the 40, West Smithfield. Ts. Cd.

History of the English Church, and of the Simco's Catalogue for 1820 ; consisting Sects which have departed from its Comof Illuminated Books, Prints, and Portraits, munion ; with answers to each dissenting Manuscripts, Guillims' Heraldry, Arms, Body, relative to its pretended grounds of Colours, Rademapers Views, Portraits of Separation ; by Johnson Grant. 12s. bds. Kings of Scotland and Denmark, &c. 2s. A Political History of the City Car. 6d.

lisle, from the year 1700 to the present BOTANY.

time ; to which is added, full and correct Botanical Dictionary ; or, Universal Her. Lists of the Poll in 1816, and May bal. 2 vols. 4to, plates.

1820. 2s. bds.

A Dissertation on the Passage of HanniExercises for Greek Verse ; consisting of bal over the Alps, with 4 maps. 8vo. extremely literal Translations from the An. 12s. thologia, &c.; by the Rev. Edmund Squire, 7s. bls.

A Treatise on the Law of Property, arisAristarchus Anti Bloomfieldianus; or, ing from the relation between Husband and a Reply to the Notice of the New Greek Wife; by R. S. D. Roper. 2 vols. royal Thesaurus, inserted in the 44th Number 8vo. L. 2, 2s. bds. of the Quarterly. Review ; by E. H. Bar A Digest of the Law of Landlord and ker; to which are added, the Jena Reviews Tenant; by P. Bingham. 8vo. 19s. bds. of Mr Bloomfield's Edition of Callimachus A Treatise on the Law between Debtor and Æschyli Persæ, translated from the and Creditor ; by John Dufrene. 3s. Ed. German. 8vo. 4s. 6d.

Original Precedents in Conveyancing ; DRAMA.

with notes, critical and explanatory, and Edda ; or, the Hermit of Warkworth ; concise directions for drawing or settling a Melo-drama ; by Edw. Ball. 2s. Conveyances; by J. H. Prince 12s. 6d.

A Dramatic Synopsis; containing an A System of the Shipping and Naviga



tion Laws of Great Britain ; and of the Tales of the Priory; by Mrs Hofland Laws relative to Merchant Ships and Sea. 4 vols. L. 1, 4s. bds. men, and Maritime Contracts; by Francis The Hermit in the Country. 3 vols. Ludlow Holt. 2 vols. L. 2 bds.

18s. An Abridgment of the New Insolvent The West Indian. 3 vols. 12mo. 159. Debtors' Act, with a Copious Index; by bds. G. Andrewes. 9d.

Valdimar ; or, the Career of Falsehood. MEDICINE.

12mo. 4s. Od. bds. A Synopsis of the various kinds of Diffi. Variety ; by Princeps. 3 vols. 12mo. cult Parturition, with Practical Remarks L. 1, Is. on the Management of Labours ; by S. Tales, founded on Facts; by M. A. Merriman. 12s. bds.

Grant. 12mo, bds. Rescarches into the Nature and Causes

XATURAL HISTORY. of Epilepsy as connected with the Physiolo A Compendium of the Ornithology of gy of Animal Life and Muscular Motion ; Great Britain ; with a Reference to the by J. G. Mansford. 7s. bds.

Anatomy and Physiology of Birds ; by Vol. Il. of the First Lines of the Prac. John Atkinson. 8s. tice of Surgery ; by Samuel Cooper. 15s.

POETRY. bds.

Tabella Cibaria ; the Bill of Fare ; imA Chemical and Medical Report of the plicitly translated from the Latin, and fulProperties of the Mineral Waters of Bux. ly explained in copious Notes. sm. 4to. ton, Matlock, Bath, &c.; by Charles Scud- los. ld. damore.

The Angel of the World, an Arabian Vol. VIII. of Medical Transactions, pub. Tale ; Sebastian, a Spanish Tale; with lished by the College of Physicians in Lon. other Poems ; by the Rev. George Croly. don, with coloured plates. 12s. bds. 8s. 6d.

A Taxicological Chart, in which are ex Select Works of the British Poets, with hibited, at one view, the Symptoms, Treat. Biographical and Critical Prefaces ; by Dr ment, and modes of detecting the various Aikin. 18s. Poisons, Mineral, Vegetable, and Animal, America, an Epistle, in verse ; with according to the latest experiments and ob- other Poenis. 12mo. 3s. bds. servations, (most respectfully dedicated to The Brothers, a Monody; and other the Royal Humane Society,) by a Member Poems; by C. Elton. 5s. bds. of the Royal College of Surgeons in Lon Immortality, a Poem, in two Parts. don. 2s. 6d.

12mo. 4s. bds. Observations on Variolous Inoculation

POLITICS. and Vaccination, in a Letter to a Friend ; The Speech of Thomas Lord Erskine, on with an Appendis, containing some Re- moving that a List of Witnesses in Support marks on the Extension of Small Pox, in of the Bill of Pains and Penalties, be forththe town of Melksham and its vicinity ; by with delivered to the Queen. Is. J. F. Hulbert.

The Cheltenham Mail Bag; or, Letters

from Gloucestershire, edited by Peter The Shooter's Companion ; by T. B. Quince, the younger. Johnson. 58. 6d. bds.

Letters from Mrs Delany (widow of Dr Vol XXXIX. being the concluding P. Delany) to Mrs Frances Hamilton, Part of the New Cyclopædia ; or, Univer- from the year 1779 to 1788; comprising sal Dictionary of Arts, Sciences, and Li. many unpublished and interesting Anec. terature ; hy Abraham Rees. L. 3. dotes of their late Majesties and the Royal

An Account of the Improvements on the family. 8vo. 6s. 6d. bds. Estates of the Marquis of Stafford, with Collections relative to the Claims at the remarks; by James Loch. 8vo. 12s. Coronations of several of the Kings of Engbdsm

land, beginning with Richard II., being cuThe Improvement of English Roads rious and interesting Documents, derived urged, during the existing dearth of Em- from authentic sources. 8vo. 5s. ployment for the Poor. 2s.

The Political Quixote ; or, the Adven. The Athenian Oracle, abridged ; con tures of the renowned Don Blackibo Dwartaining the most valuable Questions and fino and his trusty Squire Seditiono, in Answers in the Volumes of the original quest of the Penny Subscription. 4s. bds. Work; on History, Philosophy, Divinity, An Epistle from William Lord Russel Love, and Marriage. 8vo. Ios. Cd. to William Lord Cavendish, supposed to

have been written the evening before his The Wharbroke Legend ; a Tale of the Execution ; by the Right Hon. Geo. Can. Dead. 14s.

ning. 4s. Baldwin ; or, the Miser's Heir; 3 Serio.

POLITICAL ECONOMY. Comic Tale ; by an Old Bachelor. Ils. A Translation of M. Say's Treatise on

Sir Francis Darrell ; or, the Vortex ; by Political Economy. R. C. Dallas. 4 vols. l2mo. L. 1, 8s. An Analysis of the True Principles of




Security against Forgery, exemplified by

VOYAGES AND TRAVELS. an Inquiry into the Sufficiency of the No. 6. completing Vol. III. contains American Plan for a new Bank Note; by Brackenridge's Voyage to Buenos Ayres

. Sir William Congreve. 8vo. 12 plates. 8vo. 45. 6d. sewed, 4s. bds. L. I, 16. bds.

A Visit to the Province of Upper CanaThe Grounds and Danger of Restric- da, in 1819; by James Strachan. 8ra tions on the Corn Trade considered. 8vo. 6s. 6d. 4s.

Italy and its Inhabitants ; an account THEOLOGY.

of a Tour in that Country in 1816 and Discourses, illustrative of the Designs of 1817, containing a View of the Manners, Christianity, and of some parts of its inter- Characters, Customs, &c. &c.; by J. A. nal Evidence ; by Daniel Dewar. 8vo. Galiffe. 2 vols. 8vo. L. 1, 6s. 12s.

Three Months passed in the Mountains The School Prayer Book; being a Week's East of Rome, during the year 1819; by course of Prayers. 2s. bds.

Maria Graham. 8vo. 10s. 6d. Lyric Hymns ; by Edw. Atkyns Bray. Classical Excursions, from Rome to 2s.

Arpino; by Charles Kelsall. 8vo. 125 Further Correspondence in the Matter sewed. between the Bishop of Bath and Wells, A Journal of Two successive Tours upand the Vicar and Curate of Frome. 8s. 6d. on the Continent, performed in the year sewed.

1816, 1817, and 1818; by James Wilson. Sermons Explanatory of the Gospels ; by 3 vols. 8vo. L. I, 16s. bds. H. Hughes. . 2 vols. 8vo. L. 1, Is. bds. Sacred Lectures ; by J. Hodgson. 12mo.

EDINBURGH. 6s, bds.

The Abbot, a Romance ; by the author Sacred Literature ; comprising a Review of Waverley. 3 vols. 12mo. L. 1, 4s. of the Principles of Composition laid down bds. by the late Robt. Lowth, in his Prelections Supplement to the Encyclopædia Britan. and Isaiah, and an application of the Prin- nica. Vol. IV. Part II. with engravings. ciples so received to the Illustration of the 4to. L. 1, 5s. bds. New Testament; in a series of Critical Ob. The New Picture of Edinburgh, in servations on the Style and Structure of which the History and Improvements are that Sacred Volume; by the Rev. John brought down to the present time; beautiTebb8yo5sbds.

fully printed in 18mo. 5s. Sermons ; Doctrinal, Practical, and Oc Historicall Account of the Origine and casional ; by the Rev. Wm. Snowden. 8vo. Succession of the Family of Innes, collected 10s. 6d.

from authentick Writs in the Chartor-Chist

of the samen. From an original manuA Statistical, Historical, and Political script in the possession of his Grace the Description of the Colony of New South Duke of Roxburghe. 1 vol. royal 4to. Wales, and its Dependent Settlements of L. 1, Is. bds. Van Dieman's Land ; by W. C. Went. The Characters of the Classes, Orders, worth. 8vo. 16s. bds.

Gerera, and Species ; or the Characteristics A New and Improved Map of India, on of the Natural History System of Miner. one large sheet ; compiled from the latest alogy; by Frederick Mohs, Professor of Documents, and engraved by John Walker. Mineralogy, Freiburgh. 8vo. 68. 6d. bds. 16s. or on cloth bound in a case, or with A Report of the Proceedicgs in the rollers, L. 1, Is.

House of Peers, on the Bill of Pains and An Appendix to the Descriptions of Paris; Penalties against the Queen. 8vo. No. 1, by Madame Domeier. f. c. 4s. bds. 2, and 3. Is. each sewed.




been seduced. This project was discovered FRANCE.-On the 19th August, a con. by means of some of the soldiers, who had spiracy was discovered in Paris, the object been solicited to join in it. The conspirators of which was the overthrow of the Bour

were, in consequence, arrested at the time bon dynasty, and to proclaim, as sovereign they were preparing to carry their plans of France, some member of the Bonaparte into execution. It is stated that the plan family. Into this plot a part of the sole of the conspirators was to call out the troops diers composing the garrison of Paris, to at midnight on the 19th ult. and to angether with several of their officers, had nounce to them that the King was dead;

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