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claimed in South America, and an oblivion send a strong force against the latter, in of all past differences.

order to make its authority be respectPORTUGAL. The Portuguese, in imi. ed. tation of the examples of Spain and Naples, PRUSSIA.A Government order has have proclaimed a new constitution ; and, been issued in Berlin for shutting up the as in the former cases, the army has been Lodges of Freemasons. It is thought that the chief agent in this revolution, which this measure will be adopted throughout has also been accomplished without blood. all the other States of Germany; it has ex. shed. This event took place in Oporto on cited much surprise in Prussia, where the the 24th of August ; and the example was Freemasons have hitherto been protected immediately followed at Coimbra, Abran- by the Government. tes, and other places. A supreme junta Various rumours are current, respecting was immediately appointed, to bear rule in the measures which will be adopted by name of the king, until a constitution and Austria and Russia, in consequence of the government should be sanctioned by a sudden revolutions which have taken place Cortes to be hereafter elected, the present in other countries in Europe ; and whatking to remain as head of the state. The ever course may be ultimately decided up. Regency at Lisbon endeavoured to counter on, it is certain that these powers have act these proceedings by a proclamation for refused to recognise the Ambassadors sent the assembly of the ancieni Cortes, and by to them from the new Government of confining the military in the garrison. In Naples. the meantime, the government at Oporto set out with a great force against Lisbon ;

ASIA. but before they reached that place, the re RUSSIA AND PERSIA.—Interesting dis. gency were deposed by the military there. patches have, it is said, been receired from

This took place on the 16th September, Persia, which announce the intrigues of when a Captain of the 16th Infantry regi- the Russian agents in that country, and nent harangued the men, and urged thein indicate the designs of the Court of Petersto declare for the Oporto cause. The whole burgh. The footing they have obtained is corps immediately proceeded to the Place so firm that they no longer consider it neRocio, exclaining, Long live the King! cessary to disguise their projects. On the The Constitution for ever!" They were death of the reigning Monarch, who is in soon joined by the garrison, the militia, the last stage of decline, they consider it as and numbers of the inhabitants. A new certain that they will possess the complete Regency was instantly formed, the Roya! control. The Russian Charge d'Affaires Government expelled, and orders were at Tehran declared publicly, that in future given to the Commandant of the Tower de the Persians must be content to receive Belam, which commands the entrance to their Sovereigns from Russia ; to which he the port, not to let any vessels whatever go added, England could not reasonably about without the authority of the new Go ject, as she gives away kingdoms every day vernment, in order to prevent the sailing in India. The regular army of Russia, of three frigates richly laden, and bound to now in Georgia, and on the line of the the Brazils.

Caucasus, is upwards of 100,000 men, and The Oporto Junta entered the capital of which 30,000 are part of the late army on the 20th, when an immediate union of occupation in France. They have been took place, and a Provisional Government actively in the field for the last two years was formed to govern the king om till against the Schickaus and Daughistanies

. the meeting of the Cortes.

The Russian Charge d'Affaires, at a dinner ITALY.-The revolution in Naples which he gave to British officers in the has given rise to a civil war in Sicily. Persian service, said openly that General From Palermo, it is stated that 200 com. Yarmaloff, Governor-General in Georgia, munes, towns, and boroughs, had joined would be in Tabries in less than four months. the Palermitans in their determination to Six days march, he said, would bring their uphold their independence ; while the cities infantry and artillery to Tabries, after of Syracuse, Catania, and Messina, adhere which what was there to stop them till to Naples. The town of Caltanisetta they came to the Indies ? The Russians hating taken the same side, was assaulted have taken possession of a place on the by the Palermitans, and it is said 2000 of Caspian, near Asterabad, and have a clever the inhabitants out of 16,000 perished, and man of the name of Moravioff, amongst the greater part of the town was destroyed. the Turcomans. He belongs to the QuarOn the other hand, the troops of Palermo ter-Master-General's department It is have been defeated before Trapani, and the opinion of the British officers in the

service of Persia, that there is a secret une The last accounts from Naples afford derstanding

between the Court and the Ruscause to dread still further dissentions be- sians for the army of his Royal Highness tween that kingdom and Sicily; as the Abbos Merza, Prince Royal of Persia, has government of the former were preparing to been suffered to dwindle to almost nothing.

chased away.

The infantry amounts only to 11,742 men, “ I have to inform you of the dreadful of alt ranks upon paper; but they have catastrophe which has befallen this city. scarcely ever been mustered or drilledare On Tuesday morning, between 11 and 12 ill paid, fed, and clothed ; and, indeed, o'clock, a fire was discovered in the upper completely abandoned.

part of Dr Cruchon's house, which com

municated to every part of the building in AMERICA.

so short a time, that the utmost exertions BRAZILS.- Private accounts have been of the inhabitants were of no avail ; scarcereceived from Rio Janeiro, dated August ly any thing was saved. The want of Ist, from which it appears that the Brazils water rendered it impossible to stop the are by no means in a settled state, and that progress of the fire, and unfortunately it is not improbable the revolution in Por- there are no engines in the city. The seatugal will extend itself across the Atlantic. breeze coming in at the same time, caused Letters from Bahia, Pernambuco, and other the flames to take a north-easterly direction, northern parts of the Brazils, from houses and ten squares of the richest, most popuof the first respectability, are written evi. lous, and best-built part of the city, were dently under the apprehensions of the oc- in a few hours in ashes. Where lately eurrence of some important event, and it stood hundreds of shops, filled with meris even more than stispected that the pro- chandize, are now smoking ruins. Such jected revolution in Portugal was known was the fury of the devouring element, that in the Brazils so early as June last. upwards of six hundred houses have been

WEST INDIES.--Port-au-Prince, in the totally destroyed. With the destruction of island of St Domingo, has recently suffered the houses, and the property contained in dreadfully by fire. The particulars are them, the loss is moderately calculated at stated in the following letter from that five millions of dollars.” place, dated August 20, 1820.



DEFENCE OF THE QUEEN. require recrimination-I should have felt HOUSE OF LORDS.-October 3.- it my painful duty to submit evidence on The House met this day at ten o'clock, that subject to your Lordships. I abstain pursuant to adjournment, and after some from making use of materials which I pospreliminary business, counsel were called And if I should be so far disappointin, when Mr BROUGHAM commenced his ed in the failure of the case against me, speech in defence of her Majesty, of which that the futility of the whole accusation the following is as full an abstract as our should not be manifest to your Lordships, limits will admit.

I am sure that not only I, but not any, He began by observing, That, as the the youngest member of the profession, opinion of the public had already decided would hesitate in the fearless discharge of on the case of his client, as he had nothing the duty which would then fall on an but perjury to dread, he felt some dismay advocate. It is false and foul to say as lest his feeble efforts should turn against those who, under pretence of their duty to him those millions of their Lordships God, forget their plainest' duty to their selfellow-subjects who already pronounced low-creatures, have asserted, and they loudly the innocence of his client; as they know that it is false and foul when they could not fail justly to impute it to him if assert it--that there are any improprieties that inipression were weakened which the admitted on the part of the Queen. I decase against her Majesty had made in her ny that they are admitted ; I deny that the favour. My Lords, the Princess Caroline evidence proves it; I assert that the eviof Brunswick arrived in this country in the dence disproves it. One admission I make, year 1796, the niece of the Sovereign, the and let my Learned Friend take that and intended Consort of the Heir- Apparent of make the most of it, for it is all I shall the Crown_herself not a very remote heir admit: I grant that her Majesty left this to the Crown of England. But, my Lords, country for Italy; that she associated I now go back to that period only for the chiefly with foreigners ; I grant that she purpose of passing over the whole time till associated with company inferior to that the year 1814, when Her Majesty left this among which she here moved. I adinit country. I rejoice that for the present the that while she was here she had enjoyed, most faithful discharge of my duty to my not the protection of her own family, but client enables me to do so. Were it not the company of your Lordships, and the that the cause of the Queen, as affected by families of your Lordships ; 1 admit that, the evidence against her, not only does riot when she left England, she mingled with



Italian nobility, and sometimes even with Percival fallen by the hand of an assassin, Italian commonalty. But who are they than she felt it by the renewal of the atthat bring this charge? It is not for your tacks which his gallantry and uncommon Lordships to do so. You are the last per. constancy had dissipated. Mr Whitbread sons in the world who should talk of this. was then her defender ; when that catas. You are the witnesses whom I have to call trophe occurred, which good men of all parto vindicate her Majesty from that charge. ties lamented, she then heard the distant While here, the Princess of Wales court- rumbling of another storm, which did not eously opened the doors of her palace to then approach her, for her daughter stood the families of the Peers of England; she her friend, and the world then worshipped condescended to mix with those virtuous the rising sun. When that daughter died, persons; she condescended to court your all that storm which had been gathering society_and so long as your associating burst on her head by the appointment of with her could second views which were the Milan Commission. And, as if no not her views-so long as interests (which day of loss to my Illustrious Client could were not her interests) could be promoted pass without some act in the drama ther :by, she did not court it in vain. But against her, the day in which her constant when the lust of place and power, of which friend and our late revered Sovereign was she was the instrument and the victim, saw laid in the earth, that same sun ushered that it was to be gratified elsewhere, she the ringleader of the band of perjured witcourted your company in vain. It was nesses into the palace of her consort.-Mr then that Peers and Peeresses, whom she Brougham then adverted to the palpable had condescended to court, deserted her. falsehood of the witnesses for the proseIn the midst of the injury thus heaped cution. His Learned Friend had first stated upon her, she still had one support in the that he would bring forward witnesses to undiminished respect and affection of her prove her Majesty's misconduct down to much loved, and revered, and lamented the present time, and then he produces daughter. But when the marriage of that witnesses who swear to her misconduct to daughter was contemplated ; when all within three years of the present time. England was occupied with this subject Then at Naples bis Learned Friend had which so much concerned it ; the only stated, and he prayed their Lordships' atperson to whom it was not announced was tention to this, he should show there were the mother! All she had done to merit decisive marks of two persons having slept this neglect was, that she, by the evidence in the bed. Upon her return from the which he had brought against her, had opera, said he, she went to Bergami's bed. been proved to be innocent of the crime room, and was inaccessible on the following with which he had charged her. When day. Every one of these facts, as stated in that marriage actually took place, it was succession, rises in importance one above only known to the mother of the Princess the other; and every one of which he not Charlotte by a courier sent to announce the only fails to prove, but is actually negativunion to the Pope that ancient, and ed by the witness brought to support them. valued, and faithful ally of the Protestant Demont, who swears to nothing decisive, succession. A fatal event then happened, denies she knew at what hour the Princess which was communicated to the Allied returned-denies she knew where Bergami Powers whu might sympathize in it, and slept, and says that her Majesty was up even to powers not allied to us, by special the following day at her usual hour. messengers. But the person who had the He came next to the masquerade. She did most interest in the event was left to have not go in her own state coach, with bedizher feelings stunned and overwhelmed, by ened trappings, with all the pomp of a hearing by accident of the death, as she princess : she went in a hired carriage, says had heard of the marriage, of her daugh- he, without the Royal Arms painted on the ter. The decease of the Princess Charlotte pannels; and she actually went out at the of Wales was only signified to her mother back door, instead of going by the front, by the issuing of the Milan Commission. and displaying to the world the great feat See the unhappy fate of this Illustrious she was about to accomplish. He (MI Woman! Her lot it has been always to Brougham) wondered he had not added lose her surest stay when the greatest dan- that she disguised herself in a domino. gers threatened ; and hardly has there Then, says his Learned Friend, I am inbeen one loss which she has sustained, structed to state that the dress of the Queen which has not been the signal for an attack was most indecent and disgusting, and so upon her existence! Mr Pitt, her first much so that she was hooted from the pub. defender and early friend in this country, lic theatre. The witness, however, only died in 1806; few weeks elapsed before a said that her dress was exceedingly ugly, charge of treason was made against her. and that she wore an ugly masqke. - The Mr Pitt left her as a legacy to Mr Perci- Attorney-General had said, that at Messina val-Mr Percival was her firm, able, and the Queen and Bergami were locked up undaunted advocate. No sooner had Mr together at night in the same bed-room ;

and that at Zavouna, on the 12th of April, witnesses at Naples had left the room, and the only access to her bed-room was from they wait until he returns, before they emhis. The witness, however, only swore to brace.

At Terracina they retire into a one of these facts. His Learned Friend room, but not alone, and they wait until had said, that she remained a very consi- Majocchi enters

before the familiarity takes derable time in the room with Bergami, place. They are

seen sitting close together during which they were heard kissing each on a gun on the deck of a vessel; this is an other. He (Mr Brougham) had no doubt act of a still higher colour, and it is there.. his Learned Friend had this fact in his pa. fore

stated to be done in the presence of per, but he had it nowhere else. A courier, eleven persons; but when they are sitting he said, who returned from Milan, would in such a manner as to leave nothing to the prove, that upon his entrance Bergami imagination, this occurs in presence of all came from the Queen's room-that he was passengers and crew, and in the height of confused, and explained the reason of his open daylight. But the case is not left having been there, saying he had heard his here. The parties are nothing less than child cry, and had gone to see what was the allies of their accusers. So far is this the matter with it. Sacchi not only does done,

that Bergami cannot retire into a not speak of such a thing, but denies it as room with the Princess to change their dresstrongly as a man can deny any thing, by ses, to strip themselves from head to foot, denying all recollection whatever of it

. but the honest Swiss waiting-maid is placed Mr Brougham then observed upon the at the door, and told what they are going statement of his Majesty's Attorney-Gene- to do, and that she is to remain there until ral, that no respectable person had kept their purposes are accomplished.

Was company with the Queen, and asked how ever vice so unwary, was ever such folly he had forgotten Lady Charlotte Lindsay's exhibited, was ever passion so unmasked ? joining her after all this shocking conduct, Even when the blood was boiling in youth, also Lady Campbell, &c. She was courte was there ever beings so recklessly—so inously received by the legitimate, (so far as sanely regardless of every consideration descent can legitimize,) by the legitimate that belongs to human nature ?

The Duke of Baden ; she was also not only re- Queen comes to England and confronts ceired but courted by the legitimate Stew. the witnesess which are brought against arts of Sardinia, who were, according to her, notwithstanding the threats with which some persons, more legitimate than the she was overwhelmed, and refused every Brunswicks. Now her Majesty was not offer to compromise her honour. He (Mr only thus received by these Princes, but by B.) bad read human nature very erronea Sovereign, whose legitimacy was, if the ously if these were not the symptoms of lapse of ages gave legitimacy, more le- innocence unsuspected. First, what was gitimate than his Excellency the Bey of thedescription of evidence brought forward? Tunis. She was also received by the Re- Servants who had lived for years in her presentative of the British Nation at Con- Majesty's service; servants wito had been stantinople. In short, everywhere, and on well tutored abroad, and then were brought all occasions, she was received by persons of to this country, to which they might never the first distinction. Suffer me now, my return, and to speak before a tribunal of Lords, the indulgence to look a little more which they were unacquainted, and from narrowly at the case opened by the Attor- which they had no reason to dread any ney-General, and which has not been prov. thing, and in a country where they had no ed by him. The first thing worth remark- character at stake. These were the very ing, which must have struck your Lord. persons conspirators would employ. All ships, was, that it was marvellous, with all foreigners are not made of these materials ; the means which the other side possessed, but if there was one nation more adapted they had not only fallen short of the case to such a plot than another, he was convinwhich was opened, but short of any foun- ced it was the country of Augustus, where • dation for the charges against her Majesty. it was proverbial that evidence could always The parties are said not only to have used be procured for money from among the no caution, but to have cautiously used lower classes in Italy. You remember every means of discovery on themselves the Attorney-General opened his case with which their most malignant adversary could the description of a dancer; and endeawish for. In proportion as the acts alleged voured to illustrate an exhibition the most are criminal, in the same proportion are brutal and humiliating to human nature. the witnesses numerous and their opportu. He describes the most indecent attitudes. nities good. In short, unless human pa I will show you how the Attorney-General ture is altered, no human beings could knew this to be most important. After an have acted as her Majesty and Bergami interval of three or four days, he brings are said to have done. They are asserted others to prove what the first witnesses had to have several times saluted ; but a kiss not swore. This ought to speak volumes never occurs without care being taken that against the cvidence. Majocchi's general witnesses should be present. One of the answer was, (you all know,) Non mi ricordo,

when questioned as to the attitudes of this he alleged he had no watch. Mr Broughdancer- he had not seen, or did not re am next exposed his shuffling with respect member. The Solicitor-General asked, to the money he had received, and showed • Did he use any part of his dress ?' An. that the facts he was swearing to could not swer, 'No.' Again, “Did he move his have existed, or he must have remembered trowsers ?' Majocchi says his trowsers were better what he had stated at Milan, from always in the same state. Here, my Lords, which the Attorney-General had stated, that was no shadow of proof. My Lords, i he heard Bergami kissing the Queen, while tell you plainly, that this dance has been Majocchi only swore he heard them whis. witnessed by wives and daughters, as mo. pering: Mr Brougham next exposed the dest, virtuous, and unspotted, as any your absurdity of his testimony, in swearing that Lordships are acquainted with. He next the Queen went through his room on her called the attention of their Lordships to way to that of Bergami, when she might the general nature of the testimony for the have gone another way, by which she might support of the Bill. Instead of witnesses have escaped detection, while her going being called to prove what the Attorney-Ge. through the room in which he (Majocchi

) neral had dwelt upon with so much empha- was sleeping, in a bed without curtains, and sis in his opening speech-instead of the to whose eyes she held a candle, rendered ladies, who, as he had insinuated, had left detection and exposure inevitable. What the service of the Queen in consequence of he swore respecting his leaving her Royal the impropriety of conduct evinced by her Highness's service must be gross perjury; Majesty, he, lest they should form a strange for be said, in one breath, that he would contrast with every witness brought forward rather eat the grass than live in a house for his case, with the exception of only two, such as the Princess's ; and in the next, omitted to call upon ladies who best knew he said that he had applied to be taken why they had left this Princess, on whose back, on his own admission, once; and character no imputation had been, or when asked, had he not often applied, his could be cast, and then he had left to the answer was—Non mi ricordo. Mí Brough. defence. If the case was closed here—if am then passed to the Master and Mate of he brought forward no witnesses to rebut the polacre, who, he said, were the best the testimony for the Bill—could their paid witnesses, or even Italians, on record, Lordships pass it? He thought not. Mr and went on to show that the sums which Brougham then, at one o'clock, expressed they got for compensation far exceeded the his wish that their Lordships would allow income of the Italian nobility of the first bim some minutes to recover from ex rank. Eight thousand pounds a year was haustion, and to take some refreshment. stated to be the annual profits of the Mate's After having been absent for an hour, he yessel, which at Naples was equal to resumed-Xe defied the vit of man to con- L. 16,000 or L. 20,000 in England ; and ceive cases of more flagrant perjury than this was what no ship-owner in the kingthose to be found in the evidence of Majoc. dom of the Two Sicilies was worth. But chi. In answer to the Attorney-General's the evidence of the Captain evidently proquestions, he stated that the room of Ber- ceeded from spite, as well as from the hope gami was near and communicating with of reward. ti was bottomed in revenge ; that of her Majesty, while those of the rest for he had quarrelled with Bergami about of the suite were distant and apart; yet not receiving L. 1300, which he said had when he is asked, on his cross-examina- been promised him; and the only know. tion, where these other rooms were, he says ledge which the prosecutor in this case had he does not remember. As another sam of the witness was, that he made a claim ple of his veracity, Mr Brougham referred upon the government of this country for to hiş evidence respecting the positions of that L. 1300. Mr Brougham then pointthe rooms at the Villa d'Este, which he ed out the contradiction between the testi. read, and demonstrated its inconsistency, mony of the Master and Mate, respecting observing that it was by much the safest her Royal Highness being seen sitting on way to build a conspiracy on a foundation the gun, and Bergami and she kissing; of facts, which, with little address, and a and dwelt upon that part of the Master's evigood deal of drilling, might endanger the dence where he says, that on seeing the life of an honest man, or the honour of an Princess and Bergami leaning together Illustrious Princess. As further evidence over the side of the vessel, he had sent of Majocchi's perjury, Mr Brougham enu. away the crew to another part of the ship, merated the instances in which his recol- lest they might witness this familiarity.lection was so precise as to enable him to He wished to remind their Lordships what state, to the very minute, the time at which kind of a person Madame Demont describany fact occurred, while under the exami- ed herself to be; he wished to take her nation of the Attorney-General : but on own account. She said she was the enemy his cross-examination he could not even of mankind; she did not like mankind in state how many hours at night they used to the abstract. She had, however, formed travel. In excuse for which forgetfulness an attachment to one man--an Italian

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