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2 2 2 3 Congou,

2 9 3 0 Sonchong,

4 3 4 4 SUGAR, Musc. cwt.

B. P. Dry Brown, 60s. 65 58 62 57 60 53 60
Mid. Good, & Fine Mid. 76 86 03 76 61 71 02 76
Fine and very fine,
84 96


83 Brazil, Brown,

24 29 25 28 White,

32 48 33 50 Refined, Double Loaves, 130 145

1 l (lb.) 1 2 Powder ditto,


92 110
Single ditto,
103 112

100 104
Small Lumps,
94 98

98 105 96 106 Large ditto, 92 96

90 94 92 03 Crushed Lumps, 47 56

48 50 MOLASSES, British, 29 30 27 28 28

25 COFFEE, Jamaica,

Ord. good, and fine ord. 115 122 112 119 118 125 95 125 Fine and very fine,

135 140 1140 142 Dutch, Triage & very ord. 85 115

100 116 Ord. good, & fine ord. 120 128

122 130 St Domingo, .


118 122
PIMENTO (in Bond), Ib. . 81 8 81 84 81
SPIRITS Jam. Rum 160.P. 38 Od 31 72 2 3 2 7 2 6 4 0
Brandy, gal. 4 0 4 6

4 0 Geneva, 2 3 26


2 2 Aqua,

7 0 7 3 Wines, Clar. Ist Gr. hhd. 60 64

350 65 0 Portugal Red, pipe, 35

500 54 0 Spanish White, butt. 34 55

300 65 0 Teneriffe, pipe,

30 Madeira, 60 65

35 45 Logwood, Jamaica, ton, £7 7 7 5 15 6 0 6 5 6 10 6 10 70 Honduras,


6 0 6 6 7 0 7 5 6 10 70 Campeachy, 8

7 15 8 0 Fustic, Jamaica,

7 10 8 0 7 10

7 0 80 Cuba,

9 11 9 10 10 0 8 10 9 0 INDIGO, Caraccas fine, lb. 9s 6d 11 6 7 6 8 6 0 90 10 0 10 6 TUBER, Amer. Pine, foot, 1 6 18 Ditto Oak,

30 Honduras Mahogany, 14 18 1 2 1 8 0 14

10 Tar, American, brl.

19 190 Archangel, 18 19

17 0 TALLOW, Rus. Yel. Candle, 54 55 58 57 55

46 Home melted, cwt. 57 HEMP, Riga Rhine, ton, 46

42 Petersburgh Clean, 43

41 10 FLAX, Riga Tn. & Dr. Ra. 60

59 Dutch, 58 100

58 Irish,

48 65
MATS, Archangel,
75 80

BRISTLES, Peters. Firsts, | 13 10 14
Ashes, Petersburgh Pearl, 34 35
Montreal ditto, cwt. 41 46 | 37 38

40 42 Pot,

32 33 34 6

32 40 OIL, Whale, tun, £23 24 22 23

25 Cod, 84(p.brl.)

25 TOBACCO, Virg. fine, lb. . 8 84 74 8 0 6 0 8 08 inferior,

64 5


0 3 0 39 COTTONS, Bowed Georgia,

101 1010 911 0 10 1 0 Sea Island, fine,

I 10 2 1 1 10 2 0 1 4 1 10 Demerara and Berbice,


15 1 0 1 3 1 0 1 2 Pernambucco,

1 1 1 411 2 1 3 1 0 1 2 Maranhain

15 108 114 1 11 15



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Course of Exchange, London, November 10.- Amsterdam, 12 : E. Ditto, at sight, 12 : 5. Rotterdam, 12 : 9. Antwerp, 12 : 9. Hamburgh, 37 : 8.

Altona, 37 : 9. Paris, 3 days sight, 25 : 80. Bourdeaux,

Frankfort on the Maine, 26 : 10. Madrid, 341. Cadiz, 34. Leghorn, Gibraltar, 30. Genoa, 43). Oporto, 48). Rio Janeiro, 54. Dublin, 64 per cent. Cork, 7 per cent.

Prices of Bullion per oz.- Foreign gold in bars, L. 3:17: 101. New doubloons, L. 3 : 15 : 6. New dollars, L. 0:4:10}. Silver in bars, standard, L.0: 4:11.

Premiums of Insurance at Lloyd's.—Guernsey or Jersey, 15s. Id.-Cork or Dublin, 15s. 9d.-Belfast, 155. 9d.-Hamburgh, 258.- Madeira, 20s.- Jamaica, 30s.Greenland out and home, 4 gs. to 5 gs. Weekly Prices of the Public Funds, from October 18 to November 8, 1820.

Oct. 18. | Oct. 25. Nov. 1. Nov. 8.

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ALPHABETICAL List of ENGLISH BANKRUPTS, announced between the 20th

September and 20th October 1820; extracted from the London Gazette. Anderson, J. East India Co.'s Ship Inglis, mariner Norris, C. and R. Bury, Lancashire, cotton-spinAvison, J. Bridgehouse, near Halifax, grocer Bidwith, T. Bagginswood, Salop, fariner

Parkes, W. Ashford Wharf, Birmingham, coalBonsor, H. Belle Sauvage Yard, Ludgate-hill, dealer victualler

Paul, H. Old Exchange, carpenter Bosher, W. Aldersgate-street, jeweller

Payne, J., D. Reid, and T. Hall, boinbazeen-maCalvert, J. Hebden, Yorkshire, cotton spinner

nufacturers Castley, R. Friday-street, warehouseman

Perkins, R. Lymington, grocer Clarke, G. St John's-street, Clerkenwell, shoe Portlock, R. Andover, coachmaker inaker

Redhead, J. M. Durand's Wharf, Rotherhithe, Clayton, P. Waterloo-place, Pall Mall, saddler

merchant Cope, W. Chillington, Staffordshire, crate-maker Reynolds, of the Ship Orient, master-Inariner Emson, R. Lexden, Essex, brewer

Riúmead, J. D. Chalford, Gloucestershire, broad Field, J. Pickett-street, linen-Iraper

cloth-inanufacturer Forster, W. Strand, silversinith

Roach, J. Plymouth-dock, stationer Gilbert, M. and R. Tideswell, Derbyshire, linen Sabine, S. Fenchurch-street, druggist drapers

Scaman, C. and G. Etheridge, Norwich, goldGriffiths, G. Cursitor-street, jeweller

siniths Grunwell, F. jun. Leeds, cheesemonger

Shirley, R. Bucklersbury, carpet-manufacturer
Hart, G. Cheltenham, stone-nason

Small, w. jun. Lower East Smithfield, butcher
Harris, J. and C, Cooper, Bristol, cloth-factors Smith, T. 11. Chancery-lane, tailor
Houghton, G, Hercules' Buildings, Lambeth, car Smith, J. jun. Ramsgate, carpenter

Smith, J. H. Bristol, auctioneer
Jereniy, C. Acre-lane, Clapham, linen-draper Smith, J. Balk Mill, Thirsk, Yorkshire, flar.
Jones, T., and E. Powell, Wrexham, grocers

spinner Koster, Liverpool, merchant

Standard, W. Norwich, manufacturer Latham, J. Abingilon, grocer

Sutton, J. sen. Barlestone, Leicestershire, butcher Lec, J. Horslydown-lane, lighterman

Thomas, J., and J. Cabell, Oxford-street, lineaLeach, J., and J. Hinchcine, Cateaton Street, ho drapers siers

Thornton, H. Rood-lane, upholder Leigh, R. Hanley, Staffordshire, dealer in ale Tunnicliffe, G. and J. Stone, Staffordshire, grovers Lovclock, S. Bristol, baker

Waldic, J. and S. Dalston, Cumberland, manuMarfitt, R. Pickering, Yorkshire, currier

facturers Martin, T. Bristol, linen-draper.

Wilson, J. Swanton Morley, Norfolk, farmer Meakin, W. Eccleshall, Staffordshire, grocer Willet, G. Owen's-row, Islington, picture-frameMiller, G. Watling Street, linen-agent

maker Morley, D, Cockspur Street, boot and shoemaker Woolcott, C. F. High Holborn, window-glass cutMorton, A. Lower Thaines Street, fish-factor

ter Nation, J. Gosport Street, victualler

Young, T. Cheltenham, fishmonger

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ALPHABETICAL List of Scotch BANKRUPTCIES and Dividends, announced

October 1820, extracted from the Edinburgh Gazette.

Crichton, James, Glasgow, spirit-dealer

Ferguson, James, Stewarton, banker Alison, Joseph, Glasgow, merchant

Gavin, Peter, Leith, ship-chandler Braidwood, Francis, Edinburgh, stone-merchant Gordon, Patrick, Glasgow, stationer

Lindsay, Alexander and James, Glasgow, flax and Lumsden, James, Dysart, merchant; by James grain-dealers

Pottie, merchant, kirkaldy Lover,, Mary, Edinburgh, late china-dealer M'Caul, John and Sons, Glasgow, merchants; by M'Alpin and Fisher, Glasgow, brick-makers

Mr Garden, merchant there M'Intosh, Arthur, Inverness, bookseller

Macgibbon, É. Glasgow, merchant; by George M'Iver, John, Muthill, nursery and seedsman Duncan, accountant there M‘Leod, John, Glasgow, cotton-spinner

Nicol, William, Gateside, bleacher ; by J. Craig, Paterson, Malcom, and Co. Port-Dundas, brick accountant, Paisley manufacturers

Peacock, Robert and Sons, Paisley, merchants Sanders, John, Leith, cooper and fish-curer

by Thomas Risk, accountant there Sutherland, John, Dunfermline, merchant Peuman, Andrew, Glasgow, bookseller ; by James

Torrance, James, Glasgow, grain and spirit-dealer Charles, accountant there
'Towers, Jaines and t'o. Glasgow, manufacturers. Pitkethley, James, Leith, builder; by Alexander

Ross, writer there

Pollock, A. and J. Paisley, cotton yarn mer. Arthur, John, Glasgow, builder; by James Kerr, chants; by the trustee, 29, Orchard Street, accountant there

there Christie, J. P. Edinburgh, tobacconist, by J. Robey, George, Anstruther, merchant; by W. Watt, jun, tobacconist there

Scott, accountant in Edinburgh Dobson, James, Glasgow, drysalter; by W. Jef Smith, James and Co. Peterhcad, booksellers; by frey, there

R. Gray, writer there.




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13. At Queen Street, Edinburgh, Lady August 2. At Malta, the lady of Cap- Ellinor Campbell, a daughter. tain Robert Tait, R. N. a son.

The lady of Duncan Robertson, Esq. 17. At Basseterre, island of St Kitt's, of Carron Vale, a son. the lady of James Hay, of the Customs, a At Aberdeen, Mrs Lumsden of Til.

whilly, a daughter. September 20. At Scallaway, in Shet 14. In Northumberland Street, Edin. land, the lady of John Scott, younger of burgh, the lady of Captain Hodgson, RoyScallaway, Esq. a daughter.

al Navy, a son. 21. In St James's Place, Edinburgh, the 15. In Charles Street, Berkeley Squaro, lady of T. Rose, Esq. a son.

London, Lady Sophia, wife of James Mac23. Lady John Somerset, a son. donald, Esq. M. P. a son. 25. At Mylnefield House, Mrs Mylne At Clapham, the lady of David Barof Mylnefield, a daughter.

clay, Esq. a son. 26. At Southampton, the lady of George The Duchess of Newcastle, a son. Holmes Jackson, Esq. of Glenmore, a son. 16. At Clifton, the lady of Major-Gene

27. At Maxpoftle, Mrs Scott, younger ral, Macleod, a daughter. of Raeburn, a daughter.

At London, the lady of John Drum28. At Luton Park, Lady James Stu. mond, Esq. jun. a daughter. art, a daughter.

At Seacot, Mrs Balfour, a son. At Graham Street, Edinburgh, the At Grange, Mrs Cadell, a son. lady of Captain David Campbell, a son. - At Millburn Tower, M18 Ramage

29. At 'Paris, the Duchess dc Berri, a Liston, a daughter. Prince.

At his house in Charlotte Square, 30. At Gogar House, the lady of James Edinburgh, the lady of Thomas Maitland, L'Amy, Esq. advocate, a daughter. younger of Dundrennan, Esq. a son.

October 1. At Edinburgh, Mrs Greig At Cheltenham, Lady Catherine Halof Hallgreig, a son.

kett, a son. 4. At Durie, Mrs Christie, a son.

At Dumfries, Mrs Dr Laing, a son. 5. At Queen Street, Edinburgh, Mrs 17. At Birmingham, the lady of Major Inglis, a daughter.

Carmichael, of the 6th dragoon guards, a Mrs James Moncreiff, Northumber. son and heir. land Street, Edinburgh, a son.

At Fairfield Lodge, near Ayr, Mrs 6. At Edinburghi, the lady of Sir George Dr Murdoch, a daughter. Sitwell, Bart of Renishaw, in the county 18. At Penicuik House, Lady Clerk, a of Derby, a son and heir.

At Glengarry House, the lady of 19. At Cramond House, Mrs Hope Colonel M‘Donell of Glengarry, a daugh. Johnstone of Annandale, a son.

Mrs W. Ferrier, Albany Street, Edin. 7. At Crosbie, Newton-Stewart, the burgh, a son. Hon. Mrs Montgomerie Stewart, a daugh Mrs Jas. H. Ross, 8, Dundas Street, ter.

a daughter. 9. At Hill-end, Greenock, the lady of 20. At Bank Street, Edinburgh, Mrs Capt. Barwick, of the 79th regiment, or Rymer, a daughter. Cameronian Highlanders, a son.

21. At Southsea, the lady of Sir James



Alex. Gordon, K. C. B. Royal Navy, a 6. At Comely Bank, Edinburgh, Peter daughter.

Cameron, Esq. in the service of the Hon. 24. In Great King Street, Edinburgh, the East India Company, to Mary Ann Mrs Leonard Horner, a son.

Allan, third daughter of Mr William Al. Lately. In Richmond Bridewell, of lan, Comely Bank. twins, a boy and a girl, both doing well, At Peterhead, John M'Lean, Esq. Mrs Catherine Farley, about fourteen of Richmond, Grenada, to Margaret, semonths a prisoner there under sentence of cond daughter of the late Alexander M-Kehard labour !

zie, Esq. of Ord, Ross-shire. At 114, George Street, Edinburgh, the 9. At Cannoby, Mr Andrew Armstrong, lady of Captain Menzies, a daughter. surgeon, Grenadier Guards, to Jean, eldest

daughter of Mr Fergus Armstrong, CorMARRIAGES.

nerhouse. January 1. At Government House, - At Glasgow, Mr Archibald Fisken, Calcutta, Major A. Lindscy, of the artil. merchant, to Eliza-Inglis, only daughter lery, to Miss Flora Loudon Mackenzie, of John Inglis, Esq. merchant. daughter of the late Donald Mackenzie of At Coldstream, Donald M.Donald, Hartfield.

Esq. of Drimintoron, to Miss Ann Cum. March 22. dt Meerut, in the East mings, fifth daughter of Mr Adam CumIndies, at the house of Lieut. H. Cochrane, minge, merchant, Palinsburn. of his Majesty's 8th light dragoons, Lieut. At Kemyshall, William Goldie, Esq. George Brooke, of the Horse Artillery, writer in Dumfries, to Janet, eldest daughcommanding the Rocket Brigade, to Miss ter of Robert Dinwoodie, Esq. of Kemys. Catherine Cochrane, niece of Dr Coche hall. rane, late President of the Medical Board, - At Glasgow, Mr Maxwell Dick, books Calcutta.

seller, Irvine, to Miss Janet Bannerman, August 22. At Hartfield House, James youngest daughter of William Bannerman, Macdonald, Esq. of Balranald, and young. Esq. Anderston. er of Lyncdale, to Jane, third daughter of 10. At Crookston House, James Grig, the deceased Captain Mackenzie of Hart- Esq. of Eccles, W. S. to Agnes, second field.

daughter of John Borthwéck, Esq. of September 4. At Edinburgh, James Aus. Crookston. tin, Esq. M. D. of the island of Barbadoes, 16. At London, Captain Lewis Mackento Elizabeth Mary, only daughter of the late zie, Royal Scots Greys, to Nancy, the oniy Wm. Pierce, Esq. of Jamaica.

daughter of the late Samuel Forrester Ban21. At Kirkhill, near Aberdeen, Thomas croft, Esq. Barclay, Esq. of London, to Mary, second 17. At Melrose, Robert Henderson, Esdaughter of Captain Charles Adamson of writer in Selkirk, to Miss L. J. Waugh, Kirkhill.

daughter of the late Dr John Waugh of 28. At Halifax, Mr William Kelly, jun. Jamaica. merchant, Glasgow, to Elizabeth, eldest Ac Hospitalfield, Captain Fyffe, R. daughter of Copley Brown, Esq. Westfield, N. to Henrietta Elizabeth, third daughter Halifax.

of the late David Hunter, Esq. of BiackThe Right Hon. Francis Earl of ness. Huntingdon, to Eliza Mary, widow of the At Hendersyde Park, Captain George late Alexander Thistlewayte, Esq. of Hamp- Edward Watts, Royal Navy, to Jane, shire.

youngest daughter of George Waldie, Esq. 29. At Balcarry, Alex. Chancellor of of Roxburghshire. Shieldhill, Esq. to Miss Helen H. Robert 19. At Aberdeen, Mr George Crawford, 6on, daughter of the deceased Hugh Ro- Montrose, to Barbara, youngest daughter bertson, Esq. W. S.

of the Rev. Dr Thompson, Aberdeen. 30. Lieut.-Colonel Elphinstone, third 23. At Kilbarchan, the Rev. Matthew son of the Hon. Wm. Elphinstone, to Allison, Relief minister of that place, to Diana Maria, daughter of Charles Claver. Miss Elizabeth Kirkwood, youngest daughing, Esq.

ter of the late James Kirkwood, merchant, October 2. At Vogrie House, Warren Beith. Hastings Anderson, Esq. second son of - At Haddington, Mr John Thomson, David Anderson, Esq. of St Germain's, to surgeon, R. N. to Eliza, eldest daughter Mary Elizabeth, eldest daughter of James of James Cockburn, Esq. of Elm House, Dewar, Esq. of Vogrie.

Haddington. 3. At Amelia Bank, Dundee, Adam - At Glasgow, Mr Samuel M.Farlane, Hunter, Esq. M. D. surgeon, Edinburgh, manufacturer, to Jean, daughter of Mr to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of the late Robert Corse. John Kirkaldy, Esq.

24. In George Square, Edinburgh, Wil5. At Edinburgh, the Rev. Alex. Dun- liam Downe Gillon, Esq. younger of Wall. can, Dundee, to Mary, eldest daughter of house, to Helen Eliza, eldest daughter of Mr Thomas Grieve, Nicolson Square. John Corse Scott, Esq. of Sinton.


25. At Wakefield, Wm. Campbell, Esq. 16. At Burnmouth, Liddesdale, John W. S. Edinburgh, to Jane, second daugh- Elliot, Esq. of Binks. ter of Hugh Cleghorn, Esq. of Stravithie. 17. At Kilwinning, Mrs Boyle, relict of

At Edinburgh, George William Tire. Mr John Boyle, shipmaster, in her 9Oth man, Esq. of York, and of the Yorkshire year. regiment of hussars, to Charlotte, eldest At Malaga, John M. Hunter, Esq. daughter of Joseph Stainton, Esq. of Big- of Glasgow, merchant. garshiells.

22. At Broomhill, near Aberdeen, Mrs 26. At Leith, the Rev. James Camp. Rose, relict of the Rev. Alexander Rose, bell, minister of Traquair, to Mary, daugh- minister of Auchterless. ter of Matthew Comb, Esq. brewer.

At London, Catherine, daughter of Lately. At Philadelphia, Mr James the late Right Hon. Lady Janet, and Sir Finlayson, younger of Jeanfield, to Isabel. Robert Anstruther, Bart. of Balcaskie, la, daughter of John Mellish, Esq.


30. At Mid Calder, Mr Thomas Fraser,

surgeon. March 14. At the Residency of Nepaul, At Jedourgh, Thomas Ormiston, Esq. Robert Stuart, Esq. youngest son of the of Glenburnhall. late Sir John Stuart of Allanbank, Bart.

In London, aged 83, the relict of April. At Gaderwarrha, India, the head. the late James Macgregor, Esq. of Belliquarters of Colonel Adams, John Syme, more. younger of Ryedale, Lieutenant in the 19th Oct. 1. At Bognor, in the 15th year of native infantry, and Deputy Commissary at her age, Harriet, goungest daughter of Nagpore.

Lord Spencer Chichester, deceased, and At Trincomalee, Thomas Miller Bu. Lady Harriet Chichester. chan, youngest son of William Buchan of At Bicton House, the Right Hon. the Bank of Scotland, and surgeon of his Lady Rolle. Majesty's ship Minden, bearing the flag of At Edinburgh, after a few days illAdmiral Sir Richard King.

ness, James, youngest son of James Irvine, 6. At Calcutta, Mrs Robert Campbell, Esq. of Quebec, Lower Canada. one of the most amiable and universally re At Elphingston, Miss Boyle, sister of spected ladies of the settlement.

the late James Boyle, Esq. of Tillymur. 19. At Ryepoor, of a fever, occasioned doch. by fatigue on service, Lieut. Richard Fra At his house, Melville Street, Edin. ser, 6th Bengal native infantry, eldest son burgh, Charles Macpherson, late Inspecof the late Mr Donald Fraser, writer in tor-General for North Britain. Inverness.

2. At Montrose, aged 84, Mr John Kin28. At Wurnoo Tank, in Wagur, Cap- near, merchant. tain James Macmurdo, the Honourable 3. At Gateshead, near Newcastle-uponEast India Company's Resident at Cutch. Tyne, the Hon. Mrs Smith, sister to the

May 7. At Samarang, Java, John Pol. Earl of Donoughmore and Lord Hutchinwarth, Esq.

19. On his passage from Bombay to At the house of the Rev. James GorEngland, William George Burrell, M. D. don, Tombal, Glenlivat, Elizabeth Gordon, surgeon of the 65th regiment of foot, son aged 75 years, relict of the late Mr James of the late Mr William Burrell, merchant Gordon, merchant, Drumlithie. in Edinburgh.

4. At Stockbridge, Edinburgh, Miss July 3. On his passage from India to Margaret Irving, second daughter of the Europe, Robert Hunter, Esq. surgeon in late Lieutenant-Colonel Irving, of the 70th the Hon. East India Company's service. foot.

Aug. 5. At Demerara, Mr John Wo. 5. At Campbelton, Mrs Macvicar, in her therspoon, engineer, a native of Glasgow. 80th year, and the oldest widow on the

11. On board his Majesty's ship 'Tartar, pension list of the army. Howard, third son of Colonel Sir Howard Harriet, the wife of Lieut. Colonel Douglas.

Hogg, of Emers Down Cottage, Lyndhurst. 24. At Burroston, in Shetland, Mrs tj. At Dundee, at the advanced age of Henry, wife of Thomas Henry of Baghall, 95, Miss Susanna Lyon, daughter of the Esq.

late William Lyon of Carse, Esq. advocate, Sept. 7. At Wickham, in her 19th year, and grand-daughter of the late Lord Carse, Miss Georgiana Jane M‘Donald, eldest one of the Senators of the College of Jus. daughter of Dr M.Donald, Royal Navy. tice.

8. At Wick, Barbara Rose, daughter of At Edinburgh, Hele daugh of the Rev. Robert Phin.

Thomas Bell, Esq. Wharton Place. 9. At Plymouth, Samuel Hood Linzee, 7. At the Manse of Sanquhar, the Rev. Esq. Vice-Admiral of the Blue. He fell William Ranken, minister of that parislı, from his horse in a fit of apoplexy, and ne. in the 69th year of his age, and 35th of his ver spoke afterwards.



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