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months, for the purpose of procuring wit, also to state, that there are various weighty nesses from the Continent. After counsel matters touching the same, which it is ab had tetired, the Earl of Liverpool moved solutely necessary, with a view to her futhat the meeting of the Secret Committee, ture defence, to have detailed in the present which was to have taken place on the fol stage of the

proceeding. The Queen, there. lowing day, Tuesday, should

be postponed fore, prays to be heard this day, by her till the day after, Wednesday.—on Tues- Counsel, regarding such matters. day, Earl Grey brought forward a mo

Lord Dacre then moved that her Ma. tion, to discharge the

meeting of the Sec jesty's Counsel be called in, which was opcret Committee which was to meet next posed by the Earl of Liverpool on a point day at 12 o'clock. This motion was sup- of form. Neither her Majesty, nor any ported by Lord Holland, Lord Belhaven, person out of doors, (he observed,) could and Lord Bulkeley, and opposed by the regularly have any knowledge of the report Earl of Donoughmore and Lord Lauder. of the Committee; and when a bill founddale. The motion was then negatived by ed upon it was presented, it would then be & majority of 102 to 47.

the proper time to consider the petition. The Secret Committee accordingly met Lord Holland urged that it was wrong in on Wednesday the 28th, and continued its the present case to attend rigidly to form ; sittings till Monday the 3d instant. On and that all forms which broke through the the following day their report was laid be- law of substantial justice should be disrefore the House, and was as follows:

garded. The motion was, however, ne“ By the Lords' Committees, appointed gatived without a division. a Secret Committee to examine the papers After the petition had been thus disposed laid before the House of Lords on Tuesday, of, the Earl of Liverpool brought in a bill the 6th of June last, in two sealed bags, by of pains and penalties, founded on the rehis Majesty's command, and to report port of the Secret Committee, and of which thereupon as they shall see fit, and to the following is a copy: whom have been since referred several ad

" Whereas, in the year 1814, her Ma. ditional papers in two sealed bags relative jesty, Caroline Amelia Elizabeth, then to the subject matter of his Majesty's most Princess of Wales, and now Queen Con: gracious message of the 6th of June last..

sort of this realm, being at Milan, in Italy, « Ordered to report, That the Commit- engaged in her service, in a menial situatee have examined, with all the attention tion,

one Bartolomo Pergami, otherwise due to so important a subject, the docu- Bartolomo Bergami, a foreigner of low ments which have been laid before them, statiou, who had before served in a similar and they find that those documents con- capacity : tain allegations, supported by the concur “ and whereas, after the said Bartoloring testimony of a great number of per- mo Pergami, otherwise Bartolomo Bergasons in various situations of life, and re- mi, had entered the service of her Royal siding in different parts of Europe, which Highness the said Princess of Wales, a deeply affect the honour of the Queen, most unbecoming and disgusting intimacy charging her Majesty with an adulterous commenced between her Royal Highness connection with a foreigner, originally in and the said Bartolomio Pergami, otherwise her service in a menial capacity, and attri. Bartolomo Bergami : buting to her Majesty a continued series of “ And whereas her Royal Highness not conduct highly unbecoming her Majesty's only advanced the said Bartolomo Pergarank and station, and of the most licentious mi, otherwise Bartolomno Bergami, to a character. These charges appear to be high station in her Royal Highness's housecalculated so deeply to affect, not only the hold, and received him into her service, honour of the Queen, but also the dignity and that in high and confidential situations of the Crown, and the moral feeling and about her Royal Highness's person, but honour of the country, that, in their opi. bestowed upon him other great and exnion, it is indispensable that they should traordinary marks of favour and distinc. become the subject of a solenın inquiry, tion, obtained for him Orders of Knightwhich it appears to the Committee may be hood and Titles of Honour, and conferred best effected in the course of a legislative upon him a pretended Order of Knightproceeding ; the necessity of which they hood, which her Royal Highness had taken cannot but most deeply deplore."

upon herself to institute without any just On Wednesday the 4th,

Lord Dacre pre- or lawful authority : sented the following petition from the " And whereas her said Royal HighQueen :-" The Queen, observing the most ness, whilst the said Bartolomo Pergami, extraordinary Report made by the Secret otherwise Bartolomo Bergami, was in her Committee of the House of Lords, now ly- said service, further unmindful of her exing upon the table, represents to the House, alted rank and station, and of her duty to that she is prepared, at this moment, to your Majesty, and wholly regardless of her defend herself against it, as far as she can own honour and character, conducted bere understand its import. Her Majesty has self towards the said Bartolomo Pergami,

otherwise Bartolomo Bergami, and in other Committee, proceeding solely on papers respects, both in public and private, in the submitted to them, and before whom no various places and countries which her single witness was examined. The Queen Royal Highness visited, with indecent and has been farther informed, that her counoffensive familiarity and freedom, and car. sel last night were refused a hearing at the ried on a licentious, disgraceful, and adul. bar of the House of Lords, at that stage of terous intercourse with the said Bartolomo the proceeding when it was most material Pergami, otherwise Bartolomo Bergami, that they should be heard, and that a list which continued for a long period of time of the witnesses, whose names are known to during her Royal Highness's residence a- her accusers, is to be refused to her. Un. broad; by which conduct of her said Royal der such circumstances, the Queen doubts Highness, great scandal and dishonour whether any other course is left to her, but have been brought upon your Majesty's to protest in the most soleyn manner family and this kingdom: Therefore, to against the whole of the proceeding; but manifest our deep sense of such scandalous, she is anxious to make one more effort to . disgraceful, and vicious conduct on the part obtain justice, and therefore desires that of her said Majesty, by which she has vio- her counsel may be admitted to state her lated the duty she owed to your Majesty, claims at the bar of the House of Lords." and has rendered herself unworthy of the The prayer of the petition was opposed, exalted rank and station of Queen Consort on the ground of its being too general and of this realm, and to evince our just regard indefinite, and after some argument, it was for the dignity of the Crown and the ho. at length agreed that her Majesty's counsel nour of this nation, we, your Majesty's should, in their addresses to the House, most dutiful and loyal subjects, the Lords confine themselves to arguments upon the Spiritual and Tenporal and Commons in mode of proceeding on the bill, and with Parliament assembled, do hereby entreat regard to the time of proceeding. To these Four Majesty that it may be enacted, and be points Messrs Broughman and Denman it enacted, by the King's most excellent Ma. accordingly confined themselves. On the jesty, by and with the advice and consent latter point they demanded, in the Queen's of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal and name, that not an hour should be suffered Commons in this present Parliament as. to elapse before her Majesty was afforded sembled, and by the authority of the same, an opportunity of repelling the charges that her said Majesty Caroline Amelia Eli- that had been alleged against her. Lord zabeth, from and after the passing of this Liverpool intimated that he would, on Act, shall be and is hereby deprived of the Monday, apprise the House of the earliest title of Queen, and of all the prerogatives, day on which he should move the second rights, privileges, and exemptions apper. reading of the bill, and for this purpose he taining to her as Queen Consort of this moved that the Lords should be summonrealm; and that her said Majesty shall, ed. Lord Grey moved, as an amendment, from and after the passing of this Act, for that the Lords be summoned for this day, érer be disabled and rendered incapable and took the sense of the House on the of using, exercising, and enjoying the point. The amendment, however, was nesame, or any of them; and moreover, that gatived on a division, in which there apthe marriage between his Majesty and the peared for the original question 56, and 19 said Caroline Amelia Elizabeth be and the against it. same is hereby from henceforth for ever Accordinzly, on Monday the 3d instant, wholly dissolved, annulled, and made void the Earl of Liverpool proposed, that, as the to all intents, constructions, and purposes presence of the Judges was necessary durThatsoever.”

ing the examination of vitnesses, and as After the Bill was read a first time, the they could not possibly attend before the Earl of Liverpool moved, that copies should 17th of August, the second reading of the be sent to her Majesty, and her Majesty's bill should be postponed till that day, Attorney-General, and also to the King's which, after some discussion, was agreed Attorney-General, which was agreed to. It was proposed by several noble

Next day, Thursday, another petition Lords, that a list of the witnesses who were was presented to the House from her Ma- to give evidence against her should be dejesty, which was read as follows:

livered to the Queen, which, however, was “ CAROLINE REGINA,

refused. “ The Queen has heard with inexpressi. While the Secret Committee of the Lords ble astonishment that a Bill, conveying was sitting, an important discussion was charges, and intended to degrade her and going on in the Lower House of Parliament. dissolve her marriage with the King, has Lord Castlereagh there proposed to postpone been brought by the first minister of the the adjourned debate on the appointment of King into the House of Lords, where her a Secret Committee till Friday the 7th of Majesty has no counsel or other officer to July; but his Lordship intimated, at the keert her rights. The only alleged foun- same time, that it was possible the House dation for the Bill is the Report of a Secret of Lords might institnte some judicial pro.




ceeding, which would render it unneces Lord Castlereagh, to be postponed till the sary for the Commons to proceed further 15th August. This motion was afterwards in the business. His Lordship at the same' withdrawn, and his Lordship consented that time stated, that he should, on Thursday the order should be discharged. The the 6th, if no judicial proceeding should in House of Commons will now, therefore, the mean time be adopted by the Lords, proceed upon the bill, or whatever other submit a motion to the House of a distinct measure inay come down to it from the character, by which her Majesty, the House of Lords. House, and the Country, would be put in While these important discussions were possession of the charges contained in the going on, the Common Council and Livery sealed bag. Mi Western expressed a wish of London, the inhabitants of Westminster, to get rid of this business altogether, from and the borough of Southwark, as well as a conviction that the House ought not to several provincial cities and towns, have entertain charges which were at one mo presented addresses of condolence and enment represented as of a highly criminal couragement to the Queen. nature, and the next as capable of negotia On the 7th instant eleven men and one tion ; with this view he moved as an a woman arrived at Dover from Calais, who mendment upon Lord Castlereagh's mo were understood to have come over for the tion, that the King's message should be purpose of giving evidence against the taken into consideration that day six Queen. They were, on landing, surroundinonths. After an animated debate, the ed on the quay, and very roughly handled amendment was negatived by a majority of by the mob ; from whom they were with 195 to 100.

difficulty rescued, and sent off to London. Accordingly, on the 6th, the adjourned They have since been embarked for Holorder of the day for taking into considera. land, there to wait till the judicial investi. tion the King's message was moved by gation shall commence.


Acts passed in the 60th Year of the Reign of George III., or in the Second Session of

the Sixth Parliament of the United Kingdom. CAP. CXXXII. For raising Two Mil- ministration of Justice in Cases of Misde. lions by Treasury Bills in Ireland.—July meanour.--Dec. 23, 1819. 12, 1819.

Cap. V. To amend an Act for RegiiCap. CXXXIII. For applying certain lation of Cotton Mills and factories, &c.monies to service of the year.- July 13. Dec. 23.

Cap. CXXXIV. To Amend an Act Cap. VI. For more effectually preventfor building additional Churches.— July ing Seditious Meetings and Assemblies, to 13.

continue in force until the end of the Sese Cap. CXXXV. To repeal two Road sion of Parliament next after Five Years Acts of the 55th of Geo. lll. and to pro- from the passing of this Act.Dec. 24. vide more effectually for keeping in repair Cap. VII. To amend an Act of the 42d. certain Roads and Bridges, and for the re- year of the reign of his Majesty for Regugulation of Ferries in Scotland. -- July lating the Trial of Controverted Elections 13.

for Ireland. Dec. 24. Cap. CXXXVI. For the better regu Cap. VIII. For the more effectual lation of the Penitentiary at Millbank.- Prevention and Punishment of BlaspheJuly 13.

mous and Seditious Libels.Dec. 30. Cap. CXXXVII. To enable the Di. Cap. IX. To subject certain Publicarectors of the Poor at Worcester to sell cer tions to the Duties of Stamps on Newstain lands.--July 13.

papers, &c.-Dec. 30. Cap. 1. To prevent the training of Per inno Primo Georgii Il'. Rrgis. sons to the use of Arms, and to the practice

('ap. X.

To indemnify persons who of military evolutions and exercise. -Dec. have omitted to qualify themselves for 11. 1819.

offices, employments, &c.- Feb. 28. 1820. Cap. II. To authorize Justices of the Cap. XI. For the Regulation of ElecPeace, in certain disturbed Counties, to seize tions in Ireland.- Feb. 28. and detain Arms collected or kept for pur

Cap. XII. To continue until 25th poses dangerous to the Public Feace. June 1820 expiring laws. Feb. 28. Dec. 18.

Cap. XIII. To continue Mutiny and Cap. III. For continuing to his Majes. Desertion Act.Feb. 28. ty certain duties on Malt, Sugar, &c. for Cap. XIV. To remedy certain Incon. the year 1820.

veniences in local and exclusive Jurisdic, Cap. IV. To prevent delay in the Ad- tions. Feb. 28.



Ensign Connor, Lieut. by purch. vice
M Manus, canc.

20th April June 15.-George Earl of Galloway, to be Lord

Luxmore, Ensign by purch. rice

M Manus Lieutenant of the stewartry of Kirkcudbright.

Ist June 19

Lieut. Wildey, fm. h. p. 13 Dr. Paym. vice Nicholls, dead

15th do. 27

Ensign Nelson, Lieut. vice Fortescue, II. ECCLESIASTICAL.

3 Vet, Bn.

25th May C. F. Noynoe, Ensign

do. Yay 31.—The Associate Congregation of Loch 31

Bt. Maj. Faunt, Major, vice Worseley, wind ch gave an unanimous call to Mr George


do. Wood, preacher of the Gospel, to be their pastor.

Lieut. Elis, Capt.

do. June 2.-The Rev. Mr Green was ordained as

Ensign Lax, Lieut.

do, sistant and successor of the Rev. Mr Little of West

Burrows, fm, h. p. York Chass. ekirk.


do. 19.–A call was moderated by the Relief Con 37 Lieut. Fox, fm. h. p. 99 F. Qua. Mast. gregation of Hawick, and was unanimous, in fa

vice Blake, canc.

15th June Four of Mr George Carson, preacher of the Gos. 38

Vassal, Ensign, vice Markhain, pel.

Cape Corps

Ist do. 15.-Lord Douglas has presented Mr Alexander

Surg. Cowen, fm. 10 Vet. Bn. Surg. Stewart, preacher of the Gospel, to the church

vice Waring, h. p. 5 Gar. Bn. do. and parish of Douglas.

Ensign Sutherland, fm. 76 F. Lieut. -The tutors of Sir John Carmichael An.

vice Orange, dead

15th do. struther, Bart., have presented the Rev. Thomas 55

Lieut. Mackay, Adj. rice Nicholson, Walsou, preacher of the Gospel, to the united pa

res. Adj. only

8th do. nishes of Thankerton and Covington.


Muller, Capt, vice Bowers, dead 22.-The Associate Congregation of Tranent

18th May. gave an unanimous call to Mr John M'Gilchrist,

Ensign Bartlett, Licut.

do. preacher of the Gospel, to be their pastor.

A. M. J. Durnford, Ensign do. 30.- The King has been pleased to present the

Lt. Bruce, fin. 1. F. Gds. Capt. by Rev. Thomas Macfarlane to the church of the

purch. vice De Reynaud, ret. 25th do. united parishes of Dyke and Moy, in the presby

Assist, Surg. Smith, fm. h. p. Assist. tery of Forres, and county of Moray.

Surg. vice Simpson, dead do. July 1.-The King has been pleased to present

Ensign Shaw, fm. h. p. 57 F. Ensign, the Rev. John Fraser to the church and parish of

vice Dumford, 2 Vet. Bn. 15th June Cluny, in the presbytery of Kincardine O'Neil, 68

Gent. Cadet P. Maitland, fm. R. Mil. 2nd county of Aberdeen.

Coll. Ensign

do. X-The Magistrates and Town-Council of 75 R. Drewe, Ensign, vice Roskrow, dead Queensferry have unaninously presentel the Rev.

Ist do, Thomas Dimma, A. M. to the chureli of that pa 74 Lieut. Mannin, Capt, by purch. vice nsh.

Cargill, ret,

do. Ensign Taylor, Lieut. by purch. do.

T. Gordon, Ensign, by purch. do. III. MILITARY.


W. B. Bowen, Ensign, vice Sutherland, 46 F.

15th do. Capt. Bates, R. Art, to be Major in the 82

Ensign Delancey, Lieut. by purch. vice
19th Aug. 1819.
Harinan, ret.

8th do. - Kettlewell, R. Art. to be Major

E. M. Wigley, Ensign by purch. do. in the Army

doo 83

Ensign O'Brien, Licut. vice Maebean, Fitz-Gerald, 12 F. to be Major in

2 Ceylon R.

do. the Army

R. F. R. Lisle, Ensign

Lieut. Pratt, Capt. by purch. vice 95 Lieut. Macdonald, Capt. by purch. vice
Holmes, ret.
23th May 1820.
Cook, ret.

do. Cornet Wilmot, Lieut. by purch. do.

Ensign Wilson, Lieut, by purch. do. G. Robbins, Cornet by purch. do.

H. H. Rose, Ensign, by purch.

do. 13 Di, Lt. Col. Sir J. Browne, fm. 21. Dr. 2 W.IR, Capt. Gell, fm. h. p. 95 F. Capt. vice Lt.-Col.

9th do.
M'Intyre, 2 Vet. Bat.

18th May 15 Bt. Lt.-Col. Thackwell, Lt. Col. vice 1 Ceylon R. Qua. Mast. Kennedy, 2d Lieut. vice Dalrymple, dead

15th June

Gray, prom.

25th Dec. 1819. Capt. Whiteford, Major


Lt. Fox, tm. Ceylon Pioneer Lascars, Lieut. Stewart, Captain


Qua. Mast. vice Kennedy do.
W. F. Chetwynd, Cornet by purch. do.
Capt. Moultric, Major by purch. vice

Cape Corps.
Geils, ret.

25th May Cavalry. Capt. Somerset, fm. Infantry, Captain Lieut. Ruddach, Capt. by purch. do.

25th Oct. 1819. Cornet Jolliffe, Licut, by purch. do.

Licut. Hon. J. Massey, fm. h. p. 20 Dr. Gent. Cadet G. Duncombe, fm. R. Mil.


25th May 1820. Coll. Cornet by purch.

C. T. Bird, Cornet

do. 21 Lieut, Wood, Capi. by purch. vice Infantry. Lieut. Stuart, fm. 72 F. Captain Hare, ret. 8th June

25th Oct. 1813. Cornet Forward, Lieut. lvy purch. do.

Aitchison, fm. h. p. R. Art. Capt. Gre. Gds. Ensign and Lient, Hon.W. S. Lascelles,

do. fon. h. p. Ensign and Lieut. by purch.

Fitz Clarence, fm. 2 F. G. Capt. vice Bruce do.

do. Coid. Gds. Hon. W. T. Graves, Ensign and Lt.

Stockenstrom, fm. 2 F. G. vice vice Fitz Clarence, Cape Corps do.


do. 19. Serj. Maj. Kelly, adj. and Ensign, vice

Armstrong, fm. Afr. Corps. Lt. Graham, res. Adj. only

18th May

vice Fleeson, h. p. Afr. Corps do. Ensign Jackson, Lieut. vice Duthy,

Ensign Knight, Lieut.

do. dead

24th do.

Hon. G. T. Kepple, fm. 22 F. Lt. Lieut. Cotton, fra, h. p. R. Art. Lieut.

do. vice Robinson, dead

25th do.

Markham, fm. 38 F. Lieut. více Chet woode, Ensign, vice Clarke,


do. dead

24th do,

Gent. Cadet H. D. Warden, fm. R. Mil. R. N. Shea, Ensign, vice Jackson 95th do.

College, Ensign

do. Ensign M'Manus, Lieut. vice Drum

M. Richmond, mm. R, Mil. mond, dead 16th April College, Ensign


J. Fletscher, Ensign 22 Oct. 1819. Ensign Shaw, fm. 8 F. rec. dift. with Ensign Pick-
G. Humphreys, Qua. Mast

wick, h. p. York Ra.
25th May 1820. Harrison, fm. 86 F. with Ensign Murphy,
Kirkcudbright Militia.

b. p. 40 F. D. Maxwell, jun. Col. vice Fullarton, Tait, fm. 16 F. rec. diff. with Ensign res,

25th April 1820. Drew, h. p. 78 F, Ordnance Departinent.

Fraser, from Cape Inf. with Ensign LeR. Art. Bt. Col. Sir G. A. Wood, Col. 11th May.

voine, h. p. 60 F. Bt. Lt. Col. A. Macdonald, Lt. Col. dii.

Paym. Hart, tm. 32 F. with Paym. Eager, h. p.

York Ra.
Major Caddy, fın. h. p. Major do.
Ist Lieut. Wood, 2d Capt.


Qua. Mast. Tyrrell, fm, 61 F. with Qua. Mast. Wilson, fm. h. p. 1st Lt. do.

Clarke, h. p. York Ra. 2d Lt. Mee, Ist Lieut.


Surg. Punshon, fin. 83 F. with Surg. Todd, h. p.
O'Brien, fm. h. 2d Lieut.

52 F.

do. 1st Lt. Molesworth, fir. h. p. 1st Lt.

12th do.

Resignations and Retirements. 20 Lt. Desbriday, do.

do. Mudge, fm. h. p. 2d Lt. do.

Col. Fullarton, Kirkcudbright Mil.
Roy. Eng. Gent. Cadet T. A. Larcoin, 2d Lieut.

Maj. Geils, 19 Dr.
Ist June.

De Reynaud, 60 F.
Garrison. Maj. Gen. Griffiths, Captain Yarmouth

Cooke, 93 F. Castle, Isle of Wight, vice Worsley, Capt. Holmes, 4 Dr. dead

25th May.

('argill, 71 F. Med. Dep. Inspector Hume, fm. h. p. Inspector

Hare, 22 Dr. of Hospitals

27th April.

Lieut. Hannan, 82 F.

Appointment Cancelled.
Bt. Lt, Col. Cathcart, fm. 2 Dr. rec. diff. between
full pay Troup and full pay Comp, with Capt.

Qua. Mast. Blake, 37 F.
Mackenzie, h. p. 92 F.
Capt. Stracey, fm. 3 Dr. G. with Capt. Stewart,

Deaths. 25 F.

Llewellyn, fm. 12 F. rec. diff. with Capt. Lt. Col. Dalrymple, 15 Huss. 15th June 1820. Fitzgerald, h. p. 83 F.

Mole, h. p. 3 Gar. Bn. Scarborough, Hobbs, fm. 92 F. with Capt. Mitchell, h. Major A. M.Lauchlan, R. Mar.

June. p. 25 F.

Barnes, h. p. Newfoundland Fene. Douglas, Sidaway, fm. R. Wagg. Train, with Capt. Isle of Man

230 Mar. Jackson, h. P:

Capt. Bowers, 1 Bn. 60 F. Quebec

1st Apr Amiel. fm. 27 F. rec. diff. with Capt. Fullarton, h, p. 1 F. Edinburgh 21st June. Bogue, h. p. 94 F.

F. P. Drummond, h. p. 98 F. 4th do. Dick, fin. 1 Ceylon R. with Capt. Ander Boyton, h. p. W. I. R. off Cork 21st Apr. son, h. p. 7 F.

Hall, ret. 1 Vet. Bn. Stavely, Chesterfield Wharton, fm. Sub. Insp. Mil. Ionian Isl.

sth do. with Capt. Carrol, h. p. 15 F.

Lieut. Jordan, 11 Dr. Dinapore, Bengal
Sir C. Payne, fin. 9 Dr. rec. diff. with

7th Nov, 1819. Capt. Blakiston, h. p. 25 Dr.

Drummond, 16 F.
Nickson, Gren. Gds, with Capt. Bruce, 60

Smith, 46 F. Madras 21st Jan. 1820. F.

Baynham, 67 F. Bombay 5th Dec. 1819. Lieut. Mairis, fin. 78 F. with Lieut. Taylor, h. Bolton, 68 F. Amherst burgh, Upper Cana

21st Feb. 1820. Scholey, fm. 7 Dr. G. rec. diff. with Lieut.

M'Adam, h. p. 98 F. Moises, h. p. 9 F.

W. Campbell, h. p. 38 F.

5th do. Lang, fm. 19 Dr. rec. diff. with Lieut. Jack, h. p. 60 F. as Fort Adj. at St VinMethold, h. p. 23 F.


30th Mar. Law, fm. 11 Dr. rec. diff, with Lieut. Trit.

Addison, h. p. 101 F. Thirsk, North Briton, h. p. 24 Dr.


27th May. Mure, fm. Gren. Gds. rec. diff. with Lieut.

Wambey, Ret. Invalids

20th Apr. Loftus, h. p.

O'Hea, late Irish Invalids, Cork May. Christian, fm. 19 F. with Lieut. Chambers, Hunter, 67 F. Bombay 34 F.

Ensign Dunlop, 38 F.

19th do. Orange, fm. 89 F. with Lieut. Freer, Rif.

Janns, 67 F. Bombay 30th Nov. 1619. Brig.

Roskrow, 75 F. Cornet Enery, fm. 2 Dr. G. with Ensign Stewart, Quar, Mast. Randall, 2 Vet. Bn. 72 F.

Assist. Surg. Hamilton, 18 F. Hobart's Town, 2d Lieut. Kennedy, fm. 1 Ceylon Regt. with 2d Van Dieman's Land

18th Jan. 1820. Lieut. Mylius, h. p. Bourbon Regt.

Staff Surg. Thompson, h. p. Calais 17th Apr. Ensign Hurst, fm. 72 F. with Ensign Rainsford, Hosp. Assist. Farquhar, Africa.

h. p. 66 F.

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John Balfour Maxwell

Royal Marines.
Henry Forbes
B. W. Walker

Wm. Walpole
Wm. Sherwood

Gilbert Langdon
Frederick Abraham Smith
Robert Gregory Welch

1st Lieut.
Robert Tait
Henry Ashfield

William Calamy
Geo. Cornish Gambier

William Mills
Edward Augustus Frankland Godfrey Lampleigh Wolley

2d Lieut. Thomas George Wills

William Honyman Henderson Frederick Woodineston
Jedurell Leigh

William Wortold
William Maxwell


James Patton
Chas. Bentham

John Tarn
George Howe Freemantle Augustus George Barrette
George Fred. Hotham
John Billingsley

Joseph M'Lean
Henry Dundas
Charles Parker (c)

Assist. Surgeon.
Thomas Gregs

Arthur Savage

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