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20. At London, the Hon. and Rev. April. At St Croix, in the West Indies, George Pellew, third son of Admiral Vis- George Allan, Esq. nephew of the Rev. count Exmouth, to the Hon. Frances Ad Alex. Allan, late Episcopal minister in dington, second daughter of Lord Viscount Edinburgh. Sidmouth.

1. In Jamaica, of a fever, Charles
At Edinburgh, the Rev. W. M. S. Wight, son of Alex. Wight, w. s.
Preston, A. M. of Stratforth Vicarage, 6. At Old Harbour, Jamaica, Chas.
Sorkshire, to Margaret, only daughter of Copland, Esq. late of Aberdeen.
Charles Moyes, Esq. of Lumbenny, Fife May 3. At London, Mrs Christian

Davidson, wife of Mr Thomas Hay.
21. At Edinburgh, Charles Lennox At Ratisbon, the Rev. James Roa
Cumming, Esq. of Roseisle, to Miss Mary bertson, through whose perilous exertions
Elizabeth Bruce of Kinnaird.

the gallant Romana, with his ten thousand 23. At Edinburgh, Stair Hawthorn Spaniards, effected their escape from the Stewart, Esq. of Physgill, to Miss John. north of Germany, and soon after joined ston, only daughter of the late James their countrymen who were then struggling Johnston, Esq. of Stratoun.

for their independence. 28. At Edinburgh, William Jardine, 5. At Perth, Captain Archd. Campbell, Esq. Founger of Applegarth, to Jane, on the half pay of the 56th regiment. youngest daughter of the late Mr D. Lizars, - At Smart's Buildings, London, in her a her brother's house, No. 6, George 105th year, Ann Henley. She used to sit Street.

at various doos in Holborn, to sell her

cushions; was short in stature, always August 26, 1819. At sea, on his voy. wearing a grey cloak, and was as mild age to Calcutta, Mr William Farnie, sur. and modest in her deportment as she was geen on board the Abberton East India. cleanly in her person. man, son of Mr Thomas Farnie, Kilcon 7. At the Manse of Assynt, Helen, qubar, Fifeshire.

wife of the Rev. Hugh Mackenzie, D. D. September 14. At Purnea, Captain Wil. minister of that parish. far Macpherson.

9. At Aberdeen, in the prime of life, Dr 24. Captain William Dallas, formerly of James Simpson. the Country Service.

At Covington Manse, the Rev. Bryce October 20. At Peddy Gurral, the lady Little. of G. Meikle, Esq. surgeon to his Highness At his house, Craignestock, John the Nizam's Russel Brigade.

Ure, Esq. late merchant in Glasgow. 21. At the Presidency, Captain Thomas 10. At Cheltenham, in the 57th year of Douglas, 5th native infantry.

his age, Major-General Sir Haylett Fra. At Sankerrydroog, Captain J. T. mingham, Knight Commander of the Bath, Kettle, 4th N. V. B.

and of the Royal Hanoverian Guelphic December 27. At Colombo, island of Order, Colonel of the Royal Horse Artillery, Ceylon, Charles Hay, Esq. son of the late and Commanding Officer of the Royal ArAlexander Hay, Esq. of Mordington.

tillery in Ireland. Jaunary 23, 1820. In Jamaica, in the In Norfolk Street, Strand, London, prime of life, James Wallace, Esq. of May. Captain John Anderson, late in the sea serheld, (only son of the late Mr John Wallace, vice of the Hon. East India Company. zacher, who died at Glasgow, on the 1st At his house in George Square, Edinof the same month.)

burgh, Captain James Tod, late of the 25. Of palsy, at Atcherrypaukum, on Honourable East India Company's naval the route to Trichinopoly, Lieutenant G. C. service. Johnstone, Royal Scots.

In Wimpole Street, London, Henry February 9. On his passage home from John, second son of the Hon. John ThornIndia, Mr Robinson Murray, son of the ton Leslie Melville. Le vir George Murray, Edinburgh. - At London, Captain John Anderson, March 10. Suddenly, while walking in late in the sea service of the Honourable s garden, near Tangier, in the 73d year East India Company, second son of the late

bis age, James Simpson, Esq. American Dr Thomas Anderson, Leith. Consul to the Emperor of Morocco, for. 11. At Tobago Street, Edinburgh, Mrs terly Russian Consul at Gibraltar, and Jean Hepburn. partder in the house of Anderson and At Rineton, the Rev. James Mac. Simpson, merchants there.

donald, chaplain to the late 76th regiment 17. On board the Surrey, homeward- of foot, son of the late James Macdonald, bound East India ship, Eliza Susanna Esq. of Rineton. Foulis, infant daughter of Lieutenant 12. At Biggar, Mrs Margaret Noble of Colonel David Foulis, of the Madras Baddingsgill, at the advanced age of 82.

At Braehead Manse, Mrs Sommer. 31

, At Jamaica, Miss Popham, daugh- ville, widow of the late Mr Samuel Somu 27 of Sir Home Popham.

merville of Ampherlaw.

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12. At Auchtermairy, Fifeshire, Mar. Mr Alex. Stewart, manager for the Most garet Marianne Lundin, third daughter of Noble the Marquis and Marchioness of the deceased Christopher Lundin, Esq. of Stafford. Auchtermairny.

16. At Hopeville, Caithness, Mrs Helen At Inchgarth, near Forfar, after a Sinclair, wife of David Brodie, Esq. of long illness, Mrs Elizabeth Ure, spouse of Hopeville. A few hours afterwards, at the Rev. John Skinner, and daughter of Stanstill, her sister, Mrs Henrietta Sinclair, the late John Ure, Esq. Sheriff-clerk of of Southdun, both daughters of the late Forfarshire.

James Sinclair, Esq. of Harpsdale. Also, at Suddenly at Nairn, in the 70th year Hopeville, on the 22d, Jean, second daughof his age, the Rev. Isaac Kitchen, up- ter of David Brodie, Esq. of Hopeville. wards of 40 years minister of the Secession 17. At Bourdeaux, Margaret, only daughcongregation there.

ter of James Lamont of Knockdow, Esq. 13. At Edinburgh, Mr James Sawers, At Inverness, aged 17, Catharine, bookseller.

third daughter of Mr James Suter, mer. At Airth Castle, Mrs Graham, wi- cbant. dow of William Graham of Airth, Esq. - At Sillwood Park, Sunninghill, Berk

At Newport, Isle of Wight, Brevet shire, Mary, the wife of George Simson, Lieutenant-Colonel Henry Worsley, senior Esq. aged 48. Major of his Majesty's 34th regiment of - At Dunfermline, Mr Alexander Reid, infantry, Captain of Yarmouth Castle. merchant there.

At Hamburgh, Mrs Mary Cunning 18. At Laurieston, Miss Anne Erskine, ham, eldest daughter of the late Mr John eldest surviving daughter of the late John Cunningham, Dirleton, and spouse of Erskine of Carnock, D. D. one of the miAlexander M‘Laren, Esq. merchant, Ham- nisters of Edinburgh. burgh.

19. At Livingstone's Yards, after a few 15. At Lyons, Michael, second son of days illness, Mr James Combé. Robert Bogle, Esq. of Gilmorehill.

At her house, Baxter's Place, Mrs At Pitnacree, Archibald Menzies, Smith, widow of the late Mr Thomas Esq. of Pitnacree.

Smith, merchant, Blair Street. 16, At Aberdeen, Patrick Milne, Esq. 20. At Broughton Place, Edinburgh, of Crimonmogate.

Mrs Wallace, widow of the late James At Montrose, Mrs Jean Straton, Benjamin Wallace, Esq. Bombay. daughter of the late Patrick Straton, Esq. At Tranent Lodge, Miss Margaret of Montrose, in the 85th year of her age. Inglis, daughter of the late Claud Inglis

, A lady, whose highly benevolent disposi. Esq. merchant in Edinburgh. tinn must long endear her memory to her 21. At the Manse of Portmoak, Christina relatives, and the inhabitants of Montrose. Drummond Riddell, third daughter of the She possessed both the means and the will Rev. Dr Laird, minister of that parish. to do good, and was always ready to alle In Gower Street, Bedford Square, viate the wants and distresses of the poor. London, Alex. Hendras Sutherland, Esq. Devoid of all ostentation and vanity, she F. S. A. lived the life of a true Christian, and pos. 22. At Milton, the lady of Sir David sessed her mental faculties (which were Hunter Blair, Bart. very acute) to the last. Besides leaving At Linkfield, Musselburgh, Anna handsome legacies to her relatives, she has Maria Angel, youngest daughter of the late bequeathed the following sums :

Mr Alex. Pew, Leith. To the poor within the town of

- At Ardoch, Mrs Moray Stirling, wiMontrose,

L. 1000 dow of Charles Moray Stirling, Esq. of For the education of poor children, 1000 Abercairney. For the benefit of decayed gentle

At Banff, James Gardiner, Esq. late women in Montrose,

1000 of the Island of Jamaica. To the Episcopal Chapel of Mont

At Bath, the Right Hon. Lord rose,

1000 Sherborne. To purchase a house for the officiat.

23. At Pinkieburn, near Musselburgh, ing Clergyman of the Chapel, 600 Alex. Lindsay, Esq. late physician in DubTo the Seamen's Box,

240 lin. At Airblas, near Hamilton, Gavin James Patrick, Esq. of Knowhead, Alston, Esq. W. S.

Stirlingshire. At Edinburgh, Mr James Cockburn, At the residence of her father, Clap. lately of the Linen Hall, Edinburgh, aged ham Common, of a rapid decline, in her 87.

22d year, Matilda, eldest daughter of Thos. At Dunrobin Mains, Sutherlandshire, Newton, Esq. Warwick Square, London.

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AUGUST 1820.

CONTENTS. Life of the Wizard Michael Scott, Extract from Mrs Opie's Tales of the (Concluded.)


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room. 159 Shetland ; with Observations on its Poetry.

coco-160 Importance

concomowel 10

LITERARY AND SCIENTIFIC Specimens of a New Translation of the

INTELLIGENCE. Comedies of Terence.The Pair An University of Edinburgh--New Metal drian - The Arts of Phormio ..........


- Diamond_Steam Brig-Carriage Asnarks on Crawfurd's History of the with Sails---Scientific Voyage Indian Archipelago, (Continued. Jo... 120

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173 Living Authors. A Dream. comm 133 British Chronicle ...

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Health for Ireland co....141 Appointments, Promotions, &c. .........179 Seccad Letter from the Author of Es. Meteorological Table

181 saps on Phrenology w..corrow....w 143 Agricultural Report

ib. ta the English Dramatic Writers who

Commercial Report

.................183 preceded Shakespeare. No. VIII.148 Births, Marriages, and Deaths.......... 188

&c. &c. common


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AUGUST 1820.


of the fantastic and puerile philosoMichael Scott,

phy of the thirteenth century.

At the particular request of Frede(Concluded from p. 499, Vol. VI.) ric, Michael, during his residence at Before their eyes the Wizard lay,

his court, composed his treatise on As if he had not been dead a day;

physiognomy, entitled Phisionomia His hoary beard in silver rolled,

et de Hominis Procreatione. He has He seemed some seventy winters old. divided this singular and absurd disA palmer's amice wrapt him round, sertation into three parts. In the With a wrought Spanish baldric bound first he treats De Generatione Homi. Like a pilgrim from beyond the sea : nis, founding his doctrines regard. The lamp was placed beside his knee : ing this mysterious subject upon His left hand held his book of might, the principles of Aristotle and Galen. A silver cross was in his right,

In the second part are enumerated High and majestic was his look,

the various signs which enable us to At which the fellest fiends had shook, And all unruffled was his face,

form a judgment of the different disThey trusted his soul had gotten grace.

positions of men and women; and in Lay of the Last Minstrel. Canto 11. the third division of the work, he has

laid down certain rules by which we We left the Wizard engaged in may discern, from an examination of translating Aristotle at the court of the various parts of the body, the parFrederic the Second. A particular ticular mental qualities and ruling inaccount of all the treatises of this phi- clinations of the individual. This losopher, which he presented in a La- 'treatise of the magician's is not only tin dress to his patron the Emperor, absurd in its principles, but indecent would be unnecessarily dry and fa- to a high degree in its descriptions tiguing. He who is curious in trac- and illustrations. It commences with ing the early history of the peripatetic a laboured and dignified proemium to philosophy, will find his translations Frederic, of which it is one remarkaenumerated by Dempster, Tanner, ble feature, that he addresses this reand Pitseus. * His original works are presentative of the Cæsars more in more worthy of notice, although it the familiar style of a sage who inmust be allowed that they give a structs a disciple, than of an author strange and rather revolting picture who lays his work at the feet' of an The list of his works given by Mac- another part of this dedication, he had

emperor. If we are to give credit to kenzie in his Lives, Vol. I. p. 214, is very imperfect, por is Niceron, 'Vol. XV.

not only managed to insinuate hinn

P. loi, to be relied on. Roger Bacon, in his self into the confidence of this warOpus Majus, p. 36, 37, seems to ascribe like prince, but it was by his particua great portion of Aristotle's fame amongst lar advice that the emperor encourthe philosophers of his day to the transla- aged the resort of so many ingenious tion of his works by Michael Scott. philosophers and learned doctors to his

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