Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland, 1-2권

Cambridge University Press for the Royal Asiatic Society, 1835
Most years contain the Proceedings and Annual report of the society.

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99 페이지 - In the civil law the husband and the wife are considered as two distinct persons, and may have separate estates, contracts, debts, and injuries: and therefore in our ecclesiastical courts, a woman may sue and be sued without her husband.
289 페이지 - In their lowest servitude and depression, the subjects of the Byzantine throne were still possessed of a golden key that could unlock the treasures of antiquity ; of a musical and prolific language, that gives a soul to the objects of sense, and a body to the abstractions of philosophy.
96 페이지 - And, taking it in a civil light, the law treats it as it does all other contracts : allowing it to be good and valid in all cases, where the parties at the time of making it were, in the first place, willing to contract 5 secondly, able to contract ; and, lastly, actually did contract, in the proper forms and solemnities required by law.
143 페이지 - O true believers, the law of retaliation is ordained you for the slain: the free shall die for the free and the servant for the servant, and a woman for a woman: but he whom his brother shall forgive, may ba prosecuted, and obliged to make satisfaction according to what is just, and a fine shall be set on him with humanity.
299 페이지 - Srishti-Kamang, or the immediate agents of creation ; and each, in his turn, having become Sarvaguna (invested with all qualities, or invested with the three gunas), produced all things by his fiat.
301 페이지 - Karma] : thence proceeds an organised and definite, but archetypal body, the seat of that consciousness, [fourth Karma]: from the last results the existence of [the six sensible and cognizable properties of] natural!
35 페이지 - ... it is ; — on ascending the southern slope of the snowy range, the extreme height of cultivation is 10,000 feet ; and even there the crops are frequently cut green. The highest habitation is 9,500 feet; 11,800 feet may be reckoned the upper limit of forest, and 12,000 that of bushes: although in a few sheltered situations, such as ravines, dwarf birches and small bushes are found almost at 13,000 feet.
299 페이지 - Pur&na.) 2. He whose image is Siinya t;1, who is like a cypherJ or point, infinite, unsustained (in Nirvritti), and sustained (in Pravritti), whose essence is Nirvritti, of whom all things are forms (in Pravritti), and who is yet formless (in Nirvritti), who is the Iswara, the first intellectual essence, the Adi-Buddha, was revealed by his own will.
144 페이지 - Homicide per infortunium or misadventure is where a man, doing a lawful act without any intention of hurt, unfortunately kills another ; as where a man is at work with a hatchet, and the head thereof flies off and kills a...
154 페이지 - But so strict is the law where a felony is actually complete, in order to do effectual justice, that the nearest relations are not suffered to aid or receive one another. If the parent assists his child, or the child...

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