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Abbott: A Treatise on the Law of Municipal Corporations .

Anson : Principles of the English Law of Contract and of Agency in its Relation

to Contract. Eleventh English edition. Second American copyright edi-

tion, by Ernest W. Huffcut
Atlay: The Victorian Chancellors. Vol. I
Bateson : Borough Customs. Vol. II. (Publications of the Selden Society)
Beale: The Law of Innkeepers and Hotels, including other Public Houses,

Theatres, and Sleeping-Cars

Beale and Wyman: The Law of Railroad Rate Regulation

Carr: The General Principles of the Law of Corporations

Demarest: Studies in American Jurisprudence

Edwards : The Grand Jury .

Erwin : A Summary of Torts. Second edition

Frost : A Treatise on the Incorporation and Organization of Corporations. Second


Garland: New England Town Law.

Gray: Limitations of the Taxing Power

Hamlin : The Act to Regulate Commerce (as Amended), and Acts Supplemen-

tary Thereto.

Hartshorne : Courts and Procedure in England and in New Jersey

Hazelton: The Declaration of Independence, Its History.

Hendrick : The Power to Regulate Corporations and Commerce

Hill: Lincoln the Lawyer

Holland : The Elements of Jurisprudence. Tenth edition

Indermaur: A Manual of the Principles of Equity. Sixth edition

Kenny: Outlines of Criminal Law. Revised and Adapted for American Scholars

by James H. Webb .

Kinkead: Jurisprudence, Law, and Ethics; Professional Ethics

Krabbe : Die Lehre der Rechtssouveränität.

Lincoln: The Constitutional History of New York

Markby: Elements of Law. Sixth edition

Moore : Act of State in English Law .

Prentice: The Federal Power over Carriers and Corporations

Reminiscences of Sir Henry Hawkins, Baron Brampton, The. 'Edited by Richard


Remsen: The ation and Contest of Wills

Roman Water Law. Translated from the Pandects of Justinian by Eugene F.


Snyder : Supplement to Snyder's Interstate Commerce Act and Federal Anti-

Trust Laws.

Street: Foundations of Legal Liability

Train : The Prisoner at the Bar

Unabridged Table of Citations of Cases in the Wisconsin Reports, An. Com-

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piled by B. K. Miller

Valery: Traité de la Location des Coffres-Forts



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Warvelle : A Treatise on the Principles and Practice of the Action of Ejectment

and Statutory Substitutes

Webb: The Law of Passenger and Freight Elevators

Wilcox: Foibles of the Bench

Wills : An Essay on the Principles of Circumstantial Evidence. Fifth English

edition by Sir Alfred Wills, with American Notes by George E. Beers and

Arthur L. Corbin

Wood: Modern Business Corporations. Including forms of procedure by Lewis

B. Ewbank

Woodruff: A Selection of Cases on Domestic Relations and the Law of Persons.


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Second edition
Woodruff: Selected Cases on the Law of Quasi-Contracts



References in heavy-faced type are to Notes; all others are to RECENT CASES. Cita

tions to decisions which were noticed before their appearance in any regular report have been supplied wherever possible.




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60, 72

226, 233

Abilene, etc., Co., Tex. & Pac. Biel, Freund v. (114 N. Y. App.
Ry. Co. v. (27 Sup. Ct. Rep.

Div. 400)

136, 149 350)

576 Bierce v. Hutchins Alabama, etc., Ry. Co. v. Com- Bigham Bros. v. Port Arthur, monwealth Cotton Mfg. Co. 493

etc., Co..

497 Alexander v. Gardner

239 Birch & Co. & Horner, EdmonAlexander & Co. v. Hazelrigg (97 son v. ([1907) 1 K. B. 371). 500 S. W. Rep. 353)

492 Birkenhead Union v. Brookes 153 Allen, Richmond, etc., Co. v. 492 Blake, In re

646 Allen & Allen, Adm. v. Riley (27 Blanton, Kentucky, etc., Co. v. 575 Sup. Ct. Rep. 95). 333 Bleakley v. Smart

237 Am. Brick & Tile Co., Easton Bliss, Davis v.

565, 575 Nat'l Bank v. 401, 414 Blount, Hooker v.

484, 503 Am. Cereal Co., Inman Mfg. Boatright, Hobbs v. Co. v. :

558, 572 Bough, Bedford Quarries Co. v. Am. Smelting & Refining Co. v.

634, 638 Colorado (27 Sup. Ct. Rep.

Bower v. Daniel

315, 337 198)

405, 412 Bowers, etc., Co. 7. Federal cons Am. Tel. & Tei. Co., Dunbar v. 495 tracting Co.

409 Anderson, State of New Jersey Bowes, in re v. (27 Sup. Ct. Rep. 137) 490, 503 Bowles' Exec. v. Jones

331 Apollo Co., White-Smith Pub. Boynton v. Gale .

657 Co. v.

327 Bradbury, Agnew & Co., Thomas Auditor of Lucas County v. State 335

152 Authors & Newspapers Ass'n v. Braxton County Court, State v. 495 O'Gorman Co. 335 Brazil, Commander v.

238 Brewer, Barrett v.

410 Baker, Georgia Ry. & Elec. Co. Bridger v. Exchange Bank 488, 500

137, 145 Brookes, Birkenhead Union v. 153 Bakker v. Welsh

154 Brooklyn, etc., Co. v. City of Ballew, Lindstroth Wagon Co. v. 570 New York (50 N. Y. Misc. Bank of Wyndmere, First Nat'l


69 Bank of Lisbon v.

145 Brook's vi Southern Pac. Ř. R. Barret v. Brewer. 410 Co.

481, 499 Bates v. State.

576 Brotherhood of Raifroad TrainBattles v. Tyson .

men v. Taylor .

498 Bauer v. Hindley 420 Brown, Fitchie v.

220, 241 Bay State Gas Co. v. Rogers 337

v. Columbia, etc., Co. 654 Beach v. Chicago Tel. Co.

v. Fletcher's Estate

326 Bedford Quarries Co. v. Bough

v. Lanpher (14 N. Y. 634, 648

App. Div. 446) Bell Tel. & Tel. Co., Young v.

v. Trustees of Schools Bennett, Indianapolis & E. Ry. Brown & Adams v. United ButCo. v.

646 Berea College v. Commonwealth 74 Browne, In re (148 Fed. Rep. 68) 71

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65 644


ton Co.







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Browne, Johnson v.

651 City of New York, Brooklyn, etc., Rex v.

235 Co. v. (50 N. Y. Misc. 450) 69 Browning, King & Co., Wamser City of New York, Johnson v. v. (187 N. Y. 87)

491 (186 N. Y. 139)
Brunner, Mond & Co., The Salt City of Reading v. United Trac-
Union, Ltd. v.

487, 503
tion Co.

155 Buenos Ayres, etc., Co., Hinds v. 321 City of Rochester, Marson v. (11ż Bulkeley, Union Trust Co. v. Ñ. Y. App. Div. 51).

637, 647 Clark, Fidelity, etc., Co. v. (203
v. Worthington Ecclesi-
U. S. 64)

236 astical Soc.

147 Cleveland, etc., Ry. Co., Davis Burns v. McAdoo 150

319, 330 Burrow v. Norfolk Ry. & Light Clissold, Perry v.

563, 574 Co.

571 Clow & Sons, Merchants', etc., Bush, Shropshire, Woodliff & Co.

Co. v. (204 U. S. 286)

501 V. (27 Sup. Ct. Rep. 178) 410 Clutton, Fournier v.

329 Butler v. The Frontier Tel. Co. 417 Coal Creek Coal Co., Ingersoll v. 576 v. Topkis.

75 Cochran, Commonwealth v. 153 Button, In re. 645 Cole, Moody v.

413 Collins, People v.

151 Caine v. The Palace Shipping Co. 649 Colonial Bank of Australasia v. Callaway & Truitt v. Southern Marshall [ 1906] A. C. 559) 139, 145 Ry. Co..

241 Colorado, Am. Smelting & RefinCanada-Atlantic, etc., Co., Ltd. v. ing Co. v. (27 Sup. Ct. Rep. Flanders 225. 234 198)

405, 412 Capeless, Patch Mfg: Co. i.

58,69 Columbia, etc., Co., Brown v. Carl, Woods & Sons v. (27 Sup.

v. Morton

329 Ct. Rep. 99) 333 Commander v. Brazil

238 Case, etc., co , Indiana Mfg: Commercial Nat'l Bank v. Citi422 zens' State Bank

232 Cassell, York Mfg. Co. v. 65 Commonwealth, Berea College vi Central, etc., Co., Pittock v. 501

Cochran v.

153 Champion v. Grand Rapids, etc.,

Drake v.. 496 237

v. Shafer

147 Chanler v. Kelsey

655 Commonwealth Cotton Mfg. Co., Chappell, Moss v.


Alabama, etc., Ry. Co. v. 493 Charlton v. Charlton 560, 579 Compania Naviera Vascongada Chicago City Ry. Co., City of

v. Hall

416 Chicago v. : 325 Comstock, Ellwell v.

329 Chicago, etc., Ry. Co., Christo',

Conkling, etc., Co., United States pherson v.

643, 649 Chicago, etc., Ry. 'Co., People Consolidated Gas Co. v. Mayer 238 v.

419 Consolidated Ry., etc., Co., LawChicago Tel. co., Beach v.

242 yers' Advertising Co. v. (187 Christiansen Graver Tank

N. Y. 395)

572 Works

575 Continental, etc., Co., Stokes v. Christopherson v. Chicago, etc., (186 N. Y. 285)

398, 414 Ry. Co.. Citizens' State Bank, Commerciai 498 Continental

, etc., Co. v. Eastern, etc., Co..

638, 653 Nat'l Bank v.

232 Cook's Estate, In re

(ina . 93.8 City of Chicago, Siegel v. 421 App. Div. 718)

75 v. Chicago City Cooley, Matter of

313, 335 Ry. Co.. 325 Coopwood, Gulf, etc., Ry. Co. v. 149 City of Lexington, Security, etc., Copestake v. Hoper.

652 Ćo. v. (27 Sup. Ct. Rep. Copland, Parker v.

151 87).

320, 327 Corelli v. Wall City of Middletown, MacMullen v. 494 Cornell Steamboat Co., United City of New Orleans, Metropoli

States v.

241 tan Life Ins. Co. v.

656' Couts, Holland v.

Co. v.




Ry. Co.








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