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United States v. Conkling, etc., Weeks, Savings Bank of Balti-
Co. .643, 649

147 v. Cornell Steam

v. Grace

650 boat Co.

241 Welsh, Bakker v.
v. Delaware, etc., Westerman v. Schwab.

68 R. R. Co. 502 Western Union Tel. Co. v. Lacer

67 v. Guilford (146 Westinghouse Elec. Co., General Fed. Rep. 298) 62,68 Elec. Co. v.

57, 71 v. MacAndrews & Wetzel, Czermak v. (114 N. Y. Forbes Co. (149 App Div. 816).

335 Fed. Rep. 823) White, Rex v.

415 321, 328, 642, 649 Wilson v.

324 v. Pomeroy 649 White-Smith Pub. Co. v. Apollo v. Powell 648 Co.

327 v. Scott.

499 Whyte, Robbins v.([1900]i k. B.
v. Standard Oil Co.

73 635, 647 Willet, State v.

497 United States, etc., Co. v. United Williams, Hill v.

581 States (27 Sup. Ct. Rep: 381) 575

People v.

653 United Traction Co., City of Willis, Hooper & Ashby v.

154 Reading v. 155 Wilson v. White .


Wisconsin Cent. Ry. Co., McKibVanderford v. Farmers, etc., Bank 646

647 Village of St. Johnsville v. Smith 70 Wood v. Snider

569 Villar v. Gilbey

651 Woods and Sons v. Carl (27 Sup. Von Au V. Magenheimer (115 Ct. Rep. 99)

333 N. Y. App. Div. 84) 235 Worcester Art Museum, Hubbard

561, 573 Wabash R. R. Co., Spencer v. 574 Worthing Corporation v. Heather 240

v. Sharpe 66 Worthington Ecclesiastical Soc., Walker, Shasta Power Co. v. 649 Bulkeley v.

147 Wall, Corelli v. 75 Wright, Hawley v.

231 Walsh, Picket v.

Stewart v.

330 Walz, Dancy v.

72 Wucher, Morris v. (uis n. y. Wamser vi Browning, King & App. Div. 278) Co. (187 N. Y. 87)

v .

Wyoming Dist. Council, Pattererican. 240

233 Ward, Hutchinson v.

V. Rogers
330 York Mfg. Co. v. Cassell .

65 Warfield, Stump v.

568, 579 Young v. Bell Tel. & Tel. Co. Washoe County Bank, Gulling v. 654 v. Lemieux

579 Watson, Rowland v.

v. Robinson

483, 499 Webb v. Outrim


bin v.



son V.



APRIL 15, 1906 - APRIL 15, 1907.

Prepared in collaboration with the Harvard Law School Library. Titles are re-

arranged so as to place the key-word first. Abbreviations are those used in
Jones' Index to Legal Periodicals. References in heavy-faced type are to editorial
comment in the REVIEW.

Accord and Satisfaction, Part Payment of Claim as. Raymond D. Thurber. 5 Bench

and Bar 90.
Accumulation of Great Wealth, Can it be Regulated by Taxation ? Affirmative :

Aaron A. Ferris. Negative: Alexander Hadden. 4 Oh. L. Rep. 260.
Actions in Fire Insurance Litigation, Joinder of. Frederick T. Case. 18 Green Bag

Administration of Justice, Causes of Popular Dissatisfaction with the. Roscoe Pound.

40 Am. L. Rev. 729 ; 14 Am. Lawyer 445.
Admiralty, Partition of Vessel in. James D. Dewell, Ir. 15 Yale L. J. 394.
Æsthetics, Public. Wilbur Larremore. 20 Harv. L. Rev. 35.
Affidavits in Attachment. I, II. Raymond D. Thurber. A summary of the law and

collection of authorities on the probative value of affidavits in proceedings for the

attachment of property. 7 Bench and Bar 55, 92.
Agency, The Relation of Implied Warranty and, to Quasi-Contracts. Change of

Position as a Defense in Quasi-Contracts. George P. Costigan, Jr. 20 Harv.

L. REV. 205.
Agent, Can the Unauthorized Act of, be Ratified by the Principal after the Third Party

has Receded from the Contract? Wilmer T. Fox. Contending that such ratifica-

tion should not be allowed. 62 Cent. L. J. 338.
Agent under Negotiable Instruments Law, Liability of. L. P. M. 10 L. N. (North-

port) 104. See p. 159.
Alien Contract Labor Law, The. Samuel P. Orth. Reviewing the growth of legisla-

tion and its interpretation by the courts. 22 Pol. Sci. Quar. 49.
Alienations, Fraudulent, Some Questions in the Law of. Anon. Tracing through

the English cases the change in legal meaning undergone by the words " intent
to delay, hinder or defraud” and the substitution of external tests of fraud for in-

ternal. 16 Madras L. J. 383.
Aliens, Question of International Law in the Deportation of. Charles Noble Gregory.

18 Jurid. Rev. 121.
Amendment of State Constitutions. James Wilford Garner. A strong argument for

more wieldy procedure, founded on a careful review of the constitutional provisions

and observation of their workings. I Am. Pol. Sci. Rev. 213.
Anglo-Saxon Law and Institutions, The Growth, Aggressiveness, and Permanent

Character of. Albert W. Gaines. A historical sketch. 40 Am. L. Rev. 694.
Animus, The Modern Conception of. Brooks Adams. 19 Green Bag 12. See

p. 425.
Appeals, Writs of Error and, from the New Territorial Courts. Howard T. Kings-

bury. Discussing especially remedies for obtaining review of the decisions of

the Philippine Supreme Court. 16 Yale L. J. 417.
Appellate Courts, The Power of, to Cut Down Excessive Verdicts. Robert L. McWil-

liams. Concluding that the tendency of courts to cut down verdicts rendered
under the influence of passion or prejudice is an invasion of the province of the

jury not justified in the absence of statute. 64 Cent. L. J. 267.
Appellate Jurisdiction. Everett P. Wheeler. Its abuse, particularly under narrow

New York rulings. 7 Colum. L. Rev. 248.
Arbitral Awards, The Enforcement of International. Aula Gentium. 32 L. Mag.

& Rev. 155.

L. J. 529.

Armstrong Committee's Legislation, Defects of the, Relating to the Dividends of

Mutual Life Insurance Policy Holders. Samuel B. Clarke. 41 Am. L. Rev. 161.
Assessments for Local Improvements, The Power of Municipal Corporations to Make

Special. Edson B. Valentine. 68 Alb. L. J. 325.
Assignments for the Benefit of Creditors. George A. Macdonald. Discussing the pres-

ent unsatisfactory status of deeds of assignment in England. 122 L. T. 238.
Assumption of Risk, Voluntary. I, II. Francis H. Bohlen. 20 Harv. L. Rev. 14, 91.
Attachment, Affidavits in. I,II. See supra, under Affidavits.
Attorney and Client, Privileged Communications between. W. C. Rodgers. Collecting

authorities. 64 Cent. L. J. 66.
Awards, The Enforcement of International Arbitral. See supra, under Arbitral.
Bailees, The Right of, to Contract against Liability for Negligence. Hugh Evander

Willis. 20 Harv. L. REV. 297.
Bank, National, as Stockholder in Other Corporations. Anon. 23 Banking L. J. 357.
Banker, Payment by a, of Fraudulently Altered Cheques. Anon. Maintaining that,

without negligence on the part of the drawer, the banker and not the drawer is

liable for payment of an altered cheque. 50 Sol. J. 713.
Banking Business, Needed Improvements in the Laws Affecting the. Thomas B.

Puton. An address before the American Bankers' Association, 1906. 23 Banking
Bill of Lading, Movement for an Interstate Order. Anon. Commenting on the

need for reformation of the law of bills of lading, and explaining the legal effects

of proposed amendments to the federal rate bill. 23 Banking L. J. 866.
Bills of Lading, Interstate, The Proposed Act Relating to. Thomas B. Paton. An

Address before the New Jersey Bankers' Association, 1906. 23 Banking L. J. 401.
Bills of Lading Legislation, The Harter Act and. F. Sieveking: Reviewing Euro-

pean agitation favoring legislation invalidating clauses in bills of lading which
relieve shipowners from liability for loss caused by the masters or crew, and op-

posing such legislation at present. 16 Yale L. J. 25.
Bills of Lading, The Necessity for National Legislation on. Thomas B. Paton. Dis-

cussing the desirability, from a banker's point of view, of such legislation. 23

Banking L. J. 571.
Bona Fide Purchaser, Is One Claiming Title under a Quitclaim Deed a ? L. W. Carr.

Arguing that he is. 4 Mich L. Rev. 602.
Bonds, Irregular Municipal, The Doctrine of the Federal Courts as to the Validity

of. Charles L. Dibble. Discussing the effect of non-compliance with legal restrić-

tions and the application of the doctrine of equitable estoppel. 4 Mich L. Rev. 497.
Bonds, Irregular Municipal, The Federal Jurisprudence in Relation to. Anon. Call-

ing attention to the greater tendency of federal over state courts to hold munici-
palities to their irregular bond issues, when some legislative authority is recited.

31 Nat. Corp. Rep. 97.
Boston Ice Company v. Potter, Doctrine of. George P. Costigan, Jr. 7 Colum. L.

Rev. 32. See p. 423.
Brig General Armstrong, The Case of the. Charles Noble Gregory: 18 Green Bag 331.
Brunswick Succession, The. Gordon E. Sherman. Dealing with the importance of

primary treaties between the states of the German Empire in German constitu-

tional law. 16 Yale L. J. 176.
“ Business Methods,” The Legitimacy of, in the Law.. Raymond D. Thurber. A con-

sideration of the restrictions placed upon lawyers in their efforts to secure cases by

the statutes on champerty. 5 Bench and Bar 51. See 20 Harv. L. Rev. 576.
Cable, Submarine, and Wireless Telegraph in War, The Legal Aspects of the.

Charles L. Nordon. Advocating an international rule to determine under what

circumstances cables may be cut. 32 L. Mag. & Rev. 166.
Calvo and the “ Calvo Doctrine." Percy Boriwell. Non-payment of public debts as
warrant for armed intervention.

18 Green Bag 377.
Canada, Rights and Liabilities of Foreign Insurance Companies in. E. Lafleur. 5

Can. L. Rev. 249.
Capital and Capital Stock. Frederick Dwight. A review of the authorities on the

exact meaning of the words as used in the statutes. 16 Yale L. J. 161.
Capitalized Profits, Exchange of Stock for. H. S. Richards. 4 Mich. L. Rev. 526.
Carriers, Common, The Act of Congress known as the Employers' Liability Act

Affecting, Unconstitutional and Void. Garrad B. Winston and Blackburn

Esterline. 63 Cent. L. J. 278.
Carriers, Common, The Jurisdiction and Practice under the Act of Congress Ap-

proved June 11th, 1906, Relating to the Liability of, to their Employees. John
T. Harris. 12 Va. L. Reg. 866.

Rev. 293.

Carriers, The Validity of State Statutes Prohibiting Contracts of Exemption by, Con-

cerning Interstate Commerce. 7. R. Tucker. An argument in favor of their

constitutionality. 12 Va. L. Reg. I.
Case Law, Basis of. I. A. H. F. Lefroy. Treating of the basis of case law when

there is no previously established legal principle to govern the case. 22 L. Quar.
Case Law, Basis of. II. A. H. F. Lefroy. Public policy and other practical considera-

tions as primary sources of case law. 22 L. Quar. Rev. 416.
Case, The Theory of the. Anon. Criticizing the tendency of the courts in code

states to depart from the issue of the pleadings. 63 Cent. L. J. 395.
Causes of Action on Contract, Splitting up. Raymond D. Thurber. Covering the

New York law on the subject and reconciling so far as possible the decisions in

various classes of cases. 7 Bench and Bar 13.
Charter, Corporation, The Abuse of the. Don E. Mowry. Analyzing the incorpora-

tion law of several states and urging the necessity of á federal law to govern incor-

poration. 64 Cent. L. J. 49.
Checks, Negotiable Voucher. George C. Sinclair. Setting forth the advantages and

legal status of voucher checks containing an itemized account stated on the reverse

side. 23 Banking L. J. 609.
Cheques, Payment by a Banker of Fraudulently Altered. See supra, under Banker.
Child en Ventre sa Mère. Anon. Discussing under what circumstances a child en

ventre sa mère is in law treated as born. 51 Sol. J. 354.
Child Labor Bill, Constitutionality of the Beveridge. Edwin Maxey. 19 Green Bag

290. See p. 658.
Chinese Law and Equity, The Principles of. Edward H. Parker. 22 L. Quar. Rev.

Civil and Common Law in our New Possessions, Conflict between. Perey v. Fer-

nandez. Anon. Criticizing the decision found in 202 U. S. 80, in which the court

went far to continue a difference in procedure. 63 Cent. L. J. 411.
Civil Law, The Study of Roman and. William Wirt Howe. 41 Am. L. Rev. 47.
Closed Shop Controversy, The. Charles R. Darling. 18 Green Bag 339. See 19

Harv. L. Rev. 368.
Coal Land, Titles to, in Pennsylvania and Incidental Monopolies Connected Therewith.

Alfred Hand. Maintaining that the way to prevent injustice arising from such
monopoly is through the exercise of the power vested in the government to con-

trol railway rates. 16 Yale L. J. 167.
Code, The Japanese, and the Family. Munroe Smith. 23 L. Quar. Rev. 42.
Code of Legal Ethics, A. Adopted by the Colorado Bar Association for the guidance

of its members. Giving rules for the conduct of attorneys in their relations with
the bench, jury, clients, and witnesses both in and out of court, and suggestions as

to the proper conduct of cases and amount of fees. 6 Brief 212.
Code-Making, A Spanish Object-Lesson in. Charles Sumner Lobingier. Discussing

the Spanish uniform laws. 16 Yale L. J. 411.
Code Napoleon, How it was Made and its Place in the World's Jurisprudence.

U. M. Rose. 40 Am. L. Rev. 833.
Codes, Municipal, in the Middle West. 7. A. Fairlie. A criticism of municipal gov-

ernment as organized under the codes in Illinois, Ohio, and Indiana. 21 Pol. Sci.

Quar. 434.
Collateral Attack on Incorporation. A. De Facto Corporations. Edward H. Warren.

20 Harv. L. REV. 456.
Commerce Clause of the Federal Constitution and Two Recent Cases Dealing with it,

The. S. S. Gregory. Discussing the Federal Employers' Liability Act. 5 Mich.

L. Rev. 419. See 20 Harv. L. REV. 381.
Commerce Power of Congress, State Tax on Illinois Central Gross Receipts and the.

Henry Schofield. 1 Ill. L. Rev. 440. See p. 503.
Common Employment, The Doctrine of, in England and Canada. II. 3. C. McGregor.

6 Can. L. Rev. 24, 61, 110.
“Common Law Lien." Anon. Pointing out the inaccurate use of the word "lien" by

English courts in so naming the right of auctioneers to retain the price until paid
Compensation for Property Destroyed to Stop the Spread of a Conflagration. Henry

their fees. 26 L. N. (London) 18.
Common Law in our New Possessions, Conflict between Civil and. Perey v. Fer-

nandez. See supra, under Civil.
Comparative Legislation, An Index of. W. F. Dodd. Reviewing the best existing

summaries of comparative legislation and making suggestions for the proposed
summary to be published by the United States Government. I Am. Pol. Sci. Rev.
question of reasonable time is for the jury. 64 Cent. L. J. 245.

C. Hall and John H. Wigmore. i Ill. L. Rev. 501. See p. 582.
Conditions Attached to Legacies and Devises against Contesting Will. B.B.C. Col-

lating the law of the various jurisdictions. 10 L. N. (Northport) 128.
Conditions in Contracts. George P. Costigan, Jr. 7 Colum. L. Rev. 151. See p. 583.
Congress, The Power of, to Prescribe Railroad Rates. Frank W. Hackett.

20 Harv.
L. REV. 127
Congressional Statutes, Judicial Dispensation from. William Trickett. Maintaining

that the authority to pass on the constitutionality of statutes was not intended to

be given to courts by the Constitution. 41 Am. L. Rev. 65.
Conspiracy as a Crime and as a Tort. Francis M. Burdick. Colum. L. Rev. 229.
Constitution, The Commerce Clause of the Federal, and Two Recent Cases Dealing

with it. See supra, under Commerce.
Constitution, English, A Recent Chapter of the. D. H. Chamberlain. A discussion

of Mr. Balfour's refusal to resign or to dissolve Parliament in July, 1905. 15 Yale

1. J. 315.
Constitution, Jury Trial and the Federal. William Cullen Dennis. Arguing that the

federal constitution does not require jury trial in state courts. 6 Colum. L. Rev.423.
Constitution, The Income Tax and the. Edward B. Whitney. 20 HARV, L. Rev. 280.
Constitution, The Individualism of the. Andrew Alexander Bruce. Discussing the

holdings of the Supreme Court of the United States as to the constitutionality of

local regulations of contracts. 62 Cent. L. J. 377.
Constitutional Aspects of Employers' Liability Legislation. Ernst Freund. Criticiz-

ing the proposed Employers' Liability Act in Massachusetts as being too radical

a step in the right direction. 19 Green Bag 80.
Constitutional Law, The Japanese School Incident at San Francisco from the Point

of View of International and. Theodore P. Ion. 5 Mich. L. Rev. 326. See 20

Harv. L. Rev. 337.
Constitutional Limitations in the Regulation of Corporations. Frederic R. Coudert.

Discussing the different application of constitutional provisions to individuals and

to corporations. 6 Colum. L. Rev. 485.
Constitutional Position of the House of Lords, The. G. Glover Alexander. Consid-

ering its position at present as opposed politically to the House of Commons and

the possibilities of its reform. 32 L. Mag. & Rev. 129.
Constitutional Protection of Decrees for Divorce. Joseph H. Beale, Jr. 19 HARV. L.

REV. 586.

Concerning the, of the Law Regulating Interstate Railway Rates.
D. Walter Brown. A brief argument in favor of its constitutionality. 6 Colum.

L. Rev. 497. See 19 Harv. L. REV. 487 ; 20 ibid. 127.
Constitutionality of the Beveridge Child Labor Bill, The. See supra, under Child

Constitutionality of the Juvenile Court Laws of Illinois. Anon. Discussing adversely

a decision that commitment under the laws violates the father's constitutional
right to the child's services. 133 Nat. Corp. Rep. 468. See 19 Harv. L. Rev.

Constitutions, Amendment of State. See supra, under Amendment.
Contract, An Analysis of the Legal Value of a Labor Union. Frank W. Grinnell.

Dealing with "closed shop” and “arbitration” agreements. 41 Am. L. Rev. 197.

See 18 Harv. L. Rev. 423, 444.
Contract, Can the Unauthorized Act of an Agent be Ratified by the Principal after the

Third Party has Receded from the ? See supra, under Agent.
Contract Labor Law, The Alien. See supra, under Alien.
Contract, The Right of Bailees to Contract against Liability for Negligence. See

supra, under Bailees.
Contract, Splitting up Causes of Action on. Raymond D. Thurber. See supra.

under Causes of Action.
Contracts, Conditions in. See supra, under Conditions.
Contracts for Sale by Trustees. Anon. Considering the effect in England of a defect

in the trustee's power to sell, upon a contract to sell land. 51 Sol. J. 302.
Contracts of Indemnity. T. F. Martin. Discussing under the English decisions

their effect in the covenants given by purchasers of leaseholds or of lands subject

to restrictive covenants. 4 Commonwealth L. Rev. 13.
Contracts, The Law of England as Regards Married Women's Contracts, and the

Power of a Wife to Bind her Husband to her Contracts. I. G. Addison Smith,

Briefly stating the authorities. 14 Scots L. T. 35.
Contracts, Reasonable Time in the Performance of. Anon. Maintaining that the

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