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Contracts, The Validity of, between Corporations having Common Directors. Harold
M. Bowman. 4

Mich. L. Rev. 577.
Contracts, The Validity of State Statutes Prohibiting Contracts of Exemption by

Carriers concerning Interstate Commerce. See supra, under Carriers.
Copyright Bill, The. Charles Porterfield. Arguing against the bill in its present form.

10 L. N. (Northport) 85, 107.
Corporate Capitalization, Lawyers and. Edward M. Shepard. Advocating the repeal

of statutes which require corporations to file their specific capitalization and par
value of stock at the time of incorporation, as a relief to the evils of fictitious

values and consequent loss of public confidence. 18 Green Bag 601.
Corporation Charter, The Abuse of the. See supra, under Charter.
Corporation, Foreign, The Legal Personality of a. E. Hilton Young. 22 L. Quar.

Rev. 178. See p. 78.
Corporation Law, The Entity Theory in. Anon. Showing how the fiction of cor-

porate entity is in some cases set aside to prevent injustice. 32 Nat. Corp. Rep.

881. See 20 Harv. L. REV. 78, 223.
Corporation, Municipal, The Rights of Creditors of a, when the State has passed a

Law to Abolish or Alter it. Richard W. Flournoy. 12 Va. L. Reg. 175. See p. 77.
Corporation, The Rebirth of the. Peter S. Grosscup. Deploring the ownership of

corporations by the few and suggesting a remedy. 31 Nat. Corp. Rep. 104, 127.
Corporation, State versus. C. T. Carr. Popular review of the trust situation with

special reference to America. 18 Jurid. Rev. 159.
Corporation Stockholders, Limitation of Action Brought by Creditors against. George

P. Costigan, Jr. 18 Green Bag 550.
Corporations, Collateral Attack on Incorporation. A. De Facto. See supra, under

Corporations, Constitutional Limitations in the Regulation of. See supra, under

Corporations, The Control of. Frederick N. Judson. Maintaining that the most advis-

able method of controlling corporations is not by forfeiture or suspension of the
exercise of the corporate functions, but by enforcing a strict responsibility on the
part of the officers and members of the corporations for corporate acts. 18 Green

Bag 662.
Corporations, The Effect of Corporate Greed upon the Trend of Recent Decisions

Involving So-called "Vested ” Rights of. Anon. Stating that the trend of such
decisions has been inimical to “vested rights,” especially in federal courts and as

to public service corporations. 33 Nat. Corp. Rep. 5.
Corporations, Foreign, Interstate Commerce Clause and State Control of. Frank E.

Robson. Pointing out the present diversity in the state laws controlling foreign

corporations. 5 Mich. L. Rev. 250.
Corporations, The Imprisonment of Criminal. Donald R. Richberg. Replying to

objections recently expressed against the theory that, as a penalty for crimes of
corporations, the state should take over the management of the corporate business
for a certain time and reserve its profits wholly to the use of the state.

19 Green
Bag 156.
Corporations, National Bank as Stockholder in Other. See supra, under Bank.
Corporations, Public Service, Equality in Rates by. Anon. Maintaining that the law

requiring equal rates from carriers should be extended to all public service corpora-

tions. 3 The Law 262.
Corporations, Status of Foreign, and the Legislature. I. E. Hilton Young. 23 L.

Quar. Rev. 151.
Corporations, The Validity of Contracts between Corporations having Common Direc-

Harold H. Bowman. See supra, under Contracts.
Creditors, Assignments for the Benefit of. See supra, under Assignments.
Creditors, Limitation of Action Brought by, against Corporation Stockholders. See

supra, under Corporation.
Criminal Law of Germany, Reform in. Ernst Bruncken. 68 Alb. L. J. III.
Criminal Trial, Admissibility in a, of the Former Testimony of a Witness since Dead.

Walter R. Staples. Contending that the rule should be uniform for civil and
criminal actions and that such evidence is admissible. 12 Va. L. Reg. 755. See

13 HARV L. Rev. 687.
Cuba, Legal Aspects of our Intervention in. Edwin Maxey. Suggesting solutions to

several novel questions which may arise under the provisional government of the

United States in Cuba. 14 L. Stud. Helper 301.
Cujus est Solum Ejus est usque ad Cælum.' S. Varadachari. Discussing the right

of the owner of a cornice that projects over another man's land to the air space


L. J. 55.

occupied by the cornice for the period of the statute of limitations. 17 Madras

L. J. 1. See 19 Harv. L. REV. 369.
Debentures and Garnished Debts, The Priorities of. Anon. 51 Sol. J. 110.
Declarations of the Insured against the Beneficiary, Admissibility of. Albert Martin

Kales. Declarations of the insured made after the date of the policy should not
be admitted against the beneficiary, though the latter's interest is, by the terms of

the policy, revocable. 6 Colum. L. Rev. 509.
Deed, Quitclaim, Is One Claiming Title under a, a Bona Fide Purchaser ? See supra,

under Bona Fide Purchaser.
Defamation, The Defense of " Fair Comment” in Actions for. Francis R. Y. Radcliffe.

23 L. Quar. Rev. 97. See 20 Harv. L. Rev. 152.
Defense to Specific Performance, Delay as a. Sarat Chandra Chaudhri. 4 Allahabad
Deposits, Savings, Reasonable Care in the Payment of, and Construction of Protec-

tive By-Laws. Anon. 24 Banking L. J. 49.
Devises and Legacies, Conditions Attached to, against Contesting Will. See supra,

under Conditions.
Directors, Larceny for Directors to Contribute to a Political Campaign Fund. Anon.

3 The Law 133. See 19 Harv. L. Rev. 611.
Divorce Congress and Suggested Improvements in the Statutory Law Relating to Di-

vorce, The. C. La Rue Munson. 15 Yale L. J. 405.
Divorce, Constitutional Protection of Decrees for. See supra, under Constitutional.
Divorce, Marriage and Uniform Law Relating to Amendment of. Walter George

Smith. 64 Cent. L. J. 229.
Divorce Problem and Recent Decisions of the United States Supreme Court, The.

D. D. Murphy. 14 Am. Lawyer 499. See 19 Harv. L. Rev. 586.
Employees, The jurisdiction and Practice under the Act of Congress Approved July

11, 1906, Relating to the Liability of Common Carriers to their. See supra, under

Employer and Employee, Statutory Regulation of. 0. H. Myrick. 63 Cent. L. J. 43.
Employers' Liability Act, The Act of Congress Known as the, Affecting Common Car-

riers is Unconstitutional and Void. See supra, under Carriers.
Employers' Liability Act, Is the Act of Congress of June 11, 1906, known as the, Un-

constitutional? J. L. McSwain. Contending that the Act is not unconstitutional
in toto because the language is so broad as to include a class of cases over which

Congress has no power to legislate. 63 Cent. L. J. 356.
Employers' Liability Legislation, Constitutional Aspects of. See supra, under Con-

English Constitution, A Recent Chapter of the. See supra, under Constitution.
Equitable Interests in Foreign Property. Joseph H. Beale, Jr. 20 Harv. L. Rev.

Equitable Ownership. Anon. Pointing out the tendency to treat certain equitable
rights not as mere choses in action,

but as rights in rem. 122 L. T. 312.
Error, Reversible, Misconduct of the Bench as. William A. Purrington. 5 Bench

and Bar 10.
Error, The Quest for, and the Doing of Justice. Charles F. Amidon. Advocating the

adoption of the English practice in appellate courts to reverse only for errors

which go to the substance of the case. 5 Can. L. Rev. 364 ; 40 Am. L. Rev. 681.
Estate Duty in Regard to Personalty, The Incidence of. W. Strachan. Criticizing

the English system of paying estate duty on personalty out of the residuary estate

alone. 23 L. Quar. Rev. 88.
Ethics, A Code of Legal. See supra, under Code.
Evidence to Show Intent. Ernest E. Williams. 23 L. Quar. Rev. 28.
Evidence Statutes that Illinois Ought to Have, Some. John H. Wigmore. i Ill. L.
Executive, Freedom of the, in Exercising Governmental Functions from Control by

the Judiciary. I. John Campbell. A Colorado view of the governor's right to

declare martial law and suspend the writ of habeas corpus. 14 Am. Lawyer 503.
Executive Judgments and Executive Legislation. Edmund M. Parker. 20 HARV. L.

Rev. 116.
Executive Justice. Roscoe Pound. Pointing out the modern tendency to allow

greater freedom to summary executive action. 55 Am. L. Reg. 137.
Exemption of Private Property at Sea from Capture in Time of War, The. Sir William

R. Kennedy. Advocating an amendment of the Declaration of Paris in order to
bring within the exemption all private property. 16 Yale L. J. 381.

See p. 247


Exhibition, Compulsory, by Plaintiff in Personal Injury Suits. Thomas Hall Shastid.

A review of the authorities in different states. 23 Medico-Leg. J. 629.
Experts, The Use of Medical Books in the Examination of. Joseph H. Taulane. Con.

taining arguments favoring the admission of views expressed in standard medical
works and a review of the rules adopted in different jurisdictions. 4 Crim. L. T.

of India 33
“Fair Comment,” The Defense of, in Actions for Defamation. See supra, under

Federal Courts, The Non-Federal Law Administered in. William Trickett. 40 Am.

L. Rev. 819. See 18 Harv. L. REV. 134.
Federal Decisions, Consensus in Doctrine by the States Opposed by. Anon. A brief

consideration of the question when the federal courts should follow the decisions

of the state courts instead of assuming independent jurisdiction. 3 The Law 134.
Federal Government, Has the, a Police Power? Anon. Contending that it has such

power in certain cases, sufficient to justify on constitutional grounds pure food

legislation. 32 Nat. Corp. Rep. 849.
Federal Judiciary, Independence of the. Hannis Taylor. 40 Am. L. Rev. 481.
Federal Trust Legislation, Possible. Walter C. Noyes. Pointing out that Congress

can constitutionally regulate our producing trusts by treating them as instrumental-

ities of interstate commerce. 7 Colum. L. Rev. 93.
Fire Insurance Litigation, Joinder of Actions in. See supra, under Actions.
Fisheries Dispute, The Newfoundland. Alfred B. Morine. Explaining the questions

at issue, and raising questions as to the construction of the treaty of 1818 which

defines the rights of Americans. 5 Can. L. Rev. 414.
Fixtures, Some Suggestions concerning the Law of. Joseph W. Bingham. Attempting

to lay down the principles underlying the law of fixtures, and to demonstrate that
they form a consistent and easily comprehensible body of rules. 7 Colum. L

Rev. 1.
Foreign Corporation, The Legal Personality of a.

The Legal Personality of a. See supra, under Corporation.
Foreign Corporations, Interstate Commerce Clause and State Control of. See supra,

under Corporations.
Foreign Insurance Companies in Canada, Rights and Liabilities of. See supra, under

Foreign Property, Equitable Interests in. See supra, under Equitable.
Forged Transfers of Stock, Some Aspects of. Lee M. Friedman. Disagreeing

with a recent decision of the House of Lords, Sheffield Corporation v. Barclay,

(1905) A. C. 392. 40 Am. L. Rev. 496.
Frauds, Resulting Trusts and the Statute of. Harlan F. Stone. Contending that in the

case of a conveyance on an oral trust for the grantor there should be a resulting

trust in his favor. 6 Colum. L. Rev. 326. See 20 Harv. L. Rev. 549.
Fraudulent Alienations, Some Questions in the Law of. See supra, under Alienations.
Future Interests in Land. 1, 11. Albert Martin Kales. Applying a classification of

future interests as limited by way of succession and by way of interruption. 22

L. Quar. Rev. 250, 383. See p. 243.
Future Interests Needed in Illinois, Reforms in the Law of. I,II. Albert Martin Kales.

1 Ill. L. Rev. 311, 374.
Garnished Debts, The Priorities of Debentures and. See supra, under Debentures.
Germany, Reform in Criminal Law of. See supra, under Criminal Law.
Grand Jury Proceedings, Legal Complications Arising from. F. Beecher. Discussing

how far witnesses are immune from prosecution for slanderous statements made

before the grand jury. 63 Cent. L. T. 67.
Grand Jury System, Should it be Abolished ? George Lawyer. Contending that it

should be abolished. 23 Chi. L. J. 195.
Great Usurpation, The. William Trickett. Attacking the authority of the courts to

pass upon the constitutionality of legislation. 40 Am. L. Rev. 356.
Government of Law as Distinguished from a Government of Functionaries, A. Han.

nis Taylor. 18 Green Bag 489.
Haddock v. Haddock, The Doctrine of. Henry Schofield. Supporting the result of the

case, and arguing that a state should not be allowed to consider a divorce case at
all unless it has personal jurisdiction of the parties. Ill. L. Rev. 219. See 19

Harv. L. Rev. 586.
Harter Act and Bills of Lading Legislation, The. See supra, under Bills of Lading.
House of Lords, The Constitutional Position of the. See supra, under Constitutional.
Imprisonment of Criminal Corporations, The. See supra, under Corporations.
Improvements, Local, The Power of Municipal Corporations to Make Special Assess

ment for. See supra, under Assessments.

Income Tax and the Constitution, The. See supra, under Constitution.
Indemnity Bonds for Payment of Lost Instruments. Anon. Legislation advocated

in place of the discretion of the court. 23 Banking L. J. 525.
Indemnity, Contracts of. See supra, under Contracts.
Index of Comparative Legislation, An. See supra, under Comparative.
Innkeeper, The Medieval, and his Responsibility. Joseph H. Beale, Jr. 18 Green

Bag 269.
Instruments, Lost, Indemnity Bonds for Payment of.. See supra, under Indemnity.
Insurance Companies in Canada, Rights and Liabilities of Foreign. See supra, under

Insurance Law, A Question of Ratification in Frederick T. Case. 19 Green Bag 93.

See p. 504.
Insurance Litigation, Fire, Joinder of Actions in. See supra, under Actions.
Insurance Policy Holders, Mutual Life, Defects of the Armstrong Committee's Legis-

lation Relating to the Dividends of. See supra, under Armstrong:
Insured, Admissibility of Declarations of the Insured against the Beneficiary. See

supra, under Declarations.
Intent, Evidence to Show. See supra, under Evidence.
International and Constitutional Law, The Japanese School Incident at San Francisco

from the Point of View of. See supra, under Constitutional Law.
International Arbitral Awards, The Enforcement of. See supra, under Arbitral.
International Collections. W. L. Penfield. 39 Chi. Leg. N. 165.
International Conference at Rio de Janeiro. Hannis Taylor. Discussing particularly

the making of treaties which shall force submission to arbitration for all claims of
a pecuniary nature held by people of one nation against another. 40 Am. L. Rev.

International Law, Question of, in the Deportation of Aliens. See supra, under

Interstate Bills of Lading. The Proposed Act Relating to. See supra, under Bills of

Interstate Commerce Clause and State Control of Foreign Corporations. See supra,

under Corporations.
Interstate Commerce Commission, How Far will the Supreme Court Go in Reviewing

the Action of the, under the New Rate Law? Anon. Submitting that the
courts will investigate questions of fact only to determine whether the rate fixed

is confiscatory. 32 Nat. Corp. Rep. 877.
Interstate Commerce, The Validity of State Statutes Prohibiting Contracts of Ex-

emption by Carriers concerning. See supra, Carriers.
Interstate Marital Relations, Two Recent Cases on. H. A. Bigelow. Comparing

Haddock v. Haddock with Atherton v. Atherton. 18 Green Bag 348.
Interstate Order Bill of Lading, Movement for. See supra, under Bill of Lading.
Interstate Railway Rates, Concerning the Constitutionality of the Law Regulating.

See supra, under Constitutionality.
Issue, Presumption as to Possibility of. Anon. Discussing under what circumstances

the court will disregard the possibility of issue. 122 L. T. 405.
Japan, Schooling Rights under our Treaty with. Simeon E. Baldwin. 7 Colum. L.

Rev. 85. See 20 Harv. L. Rev. 337.
Japanese Children, Exclusion of, from the Public Schools of San Francisco. Ed.

win Maxey. 16 Yale L. J. 90. See p. 337.
Japanese Code and the Family, The. See supra, under Code.
Japanese Residents in California, Can the United States by Treaty Confer on, the

Right to Attend the Public Schools? William Draper Lewis. Answering this ques-

tion in the affirmative. 55 Am. L. Reg. 73. See 20 Harv. L. Rev. 337.
Japanese School Incident at San Francisco from the Point of View of International

and Constitutional Law, The. See supra, under Constitutional Law.
Japanese Students, Segregation of, by the School Authorities of San Francisco.

Charles Cheney Hyde. Discussing the question from a legal and from a political

view.point. 19. Green Bag 38. See 20 HARV. L. Rev. 337..
Joinder of Actions in Fire Insurance Litigation. See supra, under Actions.
Judge, The Province of the, and of the Jury. G. Glover Alexander. The historical

development. 32 L. Mag. and Reg. 72.
Judgments, Executive, and Executive Legislation. See supra, under Executive.
Judicial Decision, Evolution of the Law by. See supra, under Law.
Judicial Dispensation from Congressional Statutes. See supra, under Congressional.
Judiciary, Freedom of the Executive in Exercising Governmental Functions frond

Control by the. See supra, under Executive.

J. 5.

Judiciary, Independence of the. Judson Harmon. A brief survey of the struggle by

which the judges of England (Coke the first) won independence of the king, how
the judiciary was made separate in the United States, and the need of keeping it

free from political influence. 14 Am. Lawyer 391.
Judiciary, Independence of the Federal. See supra, under Federal.
Juries, Some Observations concerning Cautionary Instructions to. Eugene McQuillin.

Collecting the cases and summarizing the holdings upon this subject. 65 Cent. L.
Jurisprudence, Is our, Growing Better or Worse ? 1. W. Folts. Commenting

upon the inexactitude of the common law and arguing in favor of a system of

jurisprudence founded on definite maxims. 23 Chi. L. J. 185.
Jurors, The Quality of. Jackson Grey. Protesting against increasing statutory exemp-

tions from jury service of the most intelligent classes of citizens. 12 Va. L. Reg.

Jury Act, The Proposed Special. Howard O. Sprogle. Briefly stating the purpose

and operation of the proposed plan for a preliminary examination of veniremen

by jury commissioners. Ill. L. Rev. 446.
Jury, The Province of the Judge and of the. See supra, under Judge.
Jury Trial and Federal Constitution. See supra, under Constitution.
Jury Trial in the Dependencies, The Right of. James Wilford Garner. Commenting on

four recent United States Supreme Court decisions. 40 Am. L. Rev. 340.
Juvenile Court Laws of Illinois, Constitutionality of the. See supra, under Constitu-

Labor Litigation, Crucial Issues in. I, II, III. Jeremiah Smith. 20 HARV. L. Rev.

253, 345, 429.
Labor Union Contract, An Analysis of the Legal Value of a. See supra, under Contract.
Land, Future Interests in. I, II. See supra, under Future.
Land, Non-Disclosure upon the Sale of, of a Latent Defect Known to the Vendor. T.

C. Williams. Discussing Carlisle v. Salt, (1906) 1 Ch. 335; admitting that a con-
tract for land may be set aside when the defect affects title, but not when it

affects quality or quantity. 50 Sol. J. 611.
Land Tenure, Manx. Reginald Ď. Farrant. 22 L. Quar. Rev. 136.
Land Transfer Acts, The "Mortgage Charge ” of the. James Edward Hogg. Giving

a detailed study of the right embraced in the “charge” as distinguished from the

common law mortgage. 23 L. Quar. Rev. 68.
Land, When Land is sold for Delinquent Taxes, and Purchaser Fails to Have Deed

Executed within the Statutory Period, what is the Condition of the Title? J. F.
Bouchelle. A discussion of the question as it arises under statute, concluding that
the original owner retains title and the purchaser holds only a lien for the amount

of the taxes. 12 Va. L. Reg. 279.
Landlord's Right to Recover for Injury to Use and Occupation by Temporary Nui-

Anon. Criticizing the doctrine that after a tenant has recovered for dain-
age to his use and occupation caused by a temporary nuisance, the landlord cannot

recover for damage to rental values. 13 Case and Comment 34.
Langdell, Christopher Columbus. Ralph Wardlaw Gloag. A brief review of Professor

Langdell's life, and a criticism of the case system for the study of the law. 68 Alb.
Langdell, Christopher C. Samuel F. Batchelder. A sketch of the life of Professor

Langdell and the early history of the case system. 18 Green Bag 437.
Langdell, Professor - His Later Teaching Days. Joseph H. Beale, Jr. 20 Harv. L.
Langdell, Professor — His Personal Influence. Austen G. Fox. 20 Harv. L. Rev. 7.
Langdell, Professor His Service to Legal Education. James Barr Ames. 20 Harv.

L. Rev. 12.
Langdell, Professor - His Student Life. Jeremiah Smith. 20 Harv. L. Rev. 5.
Langdell, Professor - A View of his career. Eugene Wambaugh. 20 Harv. L.

Larceny for Directors to Contribute to a Political Campaign Fund. See supra, under

Law Changes Proposed. A. U. M. Suggesting federal divorce regulations within the

present powers of Congress. 68 Alb. L. J. 383.
Law, Evolution of, by Judicial Decision. I, II. Robert G. Street. Discussing the respor-

siveness of all judge-made law to public opinion, enumerating the influences of the
Roman law upon the common law, and emphasizing the chaotic condition of the

latter. 14 Am. Lawyer 490, 554.
Law, Government of, as Distinguished from a Government of Functionaries. See

supra, under Government.


L. J. 231

REV. 9.

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