Cobbett's Parliamentary Debates, During the ... Session of the ... Parliament of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland and of the Kingdom of Great Britain ..., 20권

R. Bagshaw, 1812

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387 페이지 - Falkland ; a person of such prodigious parts of learning and knowledge, of that inimitable sweetness and delight in conversation, of so flowing and obliging a humanity and goodness to mankind, and of that primitive simplicity and integrity of life, that if there were no other brand upon this odious and accursed civil war, than that single loss, it must be most infamous and execrable to all posterity.
373 페이지 - Be it enacted by the King's most Excellent Majesty, by and with the advice of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and Commons, in this present Parliament assembled, and by the authority of the same, as follows : — 1.
69 페이지 - Committee, that the unfavourable state of the exchanges, and the high price of bullion, do not, in any of the instances above referred to, appear to have been produced by the restriction upon cash payments at the Bank of England, or by any excess in the issue of bank notes...
719 페이지 - That an humble address be presented to His Royal Highness the Prince Regent to...
689 페이지 - The virtue, spirit, and essence of a House of Commons consists in its being the express image of the feelings of the nation. It was not instituted to be a control upon the people, as of late it has been taught, by a doctrine of the most pernicious tendency. It was designed as a control for the people.
209 페이지 - The House having resolved itself into a committee of ways and means. The Chancellor of the Exchequer rose to open the Budget for the present year.
663 페이지 - Sir, if, on the other hand, it should happen that there be a country which, against the greatest of all dangers that threaten its peace and security, has not adequate means of protecting itself without the aid of another nation ; if that other be a neighbouring and kindred nation, speaking the same language, whose laws, whose customs and habits are the same in principle, but carried to a greater degree of perfection, with a more extensive commerce, and more abundant means of acquiring and diffusing...
375 페이지 - If a Deist be fit to sit in Parliament, it can hardly be urged that a Christian is unfit. If .an Atheist be competent to legislate for his country, surely this privilege cannot be denied to the believer in the divinity of our Saviour.
121 페이지 - the maintenance of our " general exchanges, or, in other words, it is the agreement " of the mint price with the bullion price of gold, which " seems to be the true proof that the circulating paper is not
69 페이지 - That the promissory notes of the said Company have hitherto been, and are at this time, held in public estimation to be equivalent to the legal coin of the realm, and generally accepted as such in all pecuniary transactions to which such coin is lawfully applicable.

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