Recreations in Agriculture, Natural-history, Arts, and Miscellaneous Literature, 6권

T. Bensley and sold by J. Wallis, 1802

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144 페이지 - ... horror when dead, and will not give them burial in the usual manner, neither suffering them to be put into the ground, nor thrown into the sea or any river, because they imagine that the water would not then nourish the fish, nor the earth produce its fruits. The bodies shut up in these trunks become dry without rotting, and form a kind of mummies without the help of embalming.
123 페이지 - They form the grain into heaps, of which they make a division. Whenever it will not be oppressive to the subject, let the value of the grain be taken in ready money at the market-price.
436 페이지 - London, in the months of November, December, January, February, March, April, and May...
126 페이지 - Let him be careful that the treafurers do not require any particular fpecics of coin, but that whenever there be any deficiency in finenefs or weight, the exact deficiency be taken, and an account thereof given in writing. Let him agree with the hufbandman to bring his rents himfelf at ftated periods, that there may be no plea for employing intermediate mercenaries. Whenever there Is a plentiful harveft let him collect the full amount of revenue, and not leave any balances to be realized from future...
439 페이지 - ... What can be the meaning of the phrase, that tithes neither are, nor ever were, the property of the state ? or that the right to these, especially clerical tithes, was probably, too, established on a basis of much greater antiquity...
174 페이지 - Hebritian, shall as perfectly understand it in their own tongue, as if they were perfect English, distinguishing the verbs from nouns, the numbers, tenses, and cases as properly expressed in their own language as it was written in English.
68 페이지 - He must be particularly attentive to the nightly patroles, that, from a confidence in his vigilance, the. inhabitants of the city may sleep at ease, and every attempt of the wicked be prevented or frustrated. It is his duty to keep a register of all the houses and frequented roads.
66 페이지 - Jageer lands is difobedient, he fhall endeavour to bring him back to his duty by fair words ; and if they fail of producing the defired...
121 페이지 - His conduct must be such as to give no cause for complaint. He must assist the needy husbandman with loans of money, and receive payment at distant and convenient periods. When any village is cultivated to the highest degree of perfection by the skilful management of the head thereof, there shall be bestowed upon him half a liswah out of every liyhah of land, or some other reward proportionate to his merit.
63 페이지 - His father also had directed the same. His orders to the sipah-sdldr are : " He must give attention to the digging of reservoirs, wells, and watercourses ; to the planting of gardens ; to the erecting sardis and other pious and useful foundations ; and see that such as have fallen, into decay be repaired.

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