Departments of Labor [and] Health, Education, and Welfare Supplemental Appropriations for 1966: Hearings Before the Subcommittee of the Committee on Appropriations, United States Senate, Eightieth-ninth Congress First Session on H.R. 10586 ...


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175 페이지 - ... school or department of divinity. For purposes of this section, the term "school or department of divinity" means an institution or a department or branch of an institution whose program is specifically for the education of students to prepare them to become ministers of religion or to enter upon some other religious vocation, or to prepare them to teach theological subjects.
141 페이지 - State needs and will be able to use for such year; and the total of such reductions shall be similarly reallotted among the States whose proportionate amounts were not so reduced. Any amount reallotted to a State under this subsection during a year from funds appropriated pursuant to section 201 shall be deemed part of its allotment under section (a) for such year.
145 페이지 - As President of the United States, I believe deeply no law I have signed or will ever sign means more to the future of America.
134 페이지 - States shall be the aggregate current expenditures, during the second fiscal year preceding the fiscal year for which the computation is made, of all local educational agencies in the...
87 페이지 - In carrying out the provisions of (1) and (2) of this section, provision shall be made for consultation with agricultural employers and workers for the purpose of obtaining facts relevant to the supply of domestic farm workers and the wages paid such workers engaged in similar employment. Information with respect to certifications under (1) and (2) shall be posted in the appropriate local public employment offices and such other public places as the Secretary may require.
176 페이지 - As used in this section, the term "research and related purposes" means research, research training, surveys^ or demonstrations in the field of education, or the dissemination of information derived therefrom, or all of such activities, including (but without limitation) experimental schools, except that such term does not include research. research training, surveys, or demonstrations in the field of sectarian instruction or the dissemination of information derived therefrom.
138 페이지 - Islands. (b) The amount of any State's allotment under subsection (a) for any fiscal year which the Commissioner determines will not be required for such fiscal year shall be available for reallotment from time to time, on such dates during such year as the Commissioner may fix, to other States in proportion to the original allotments to such States under...
134 페이지 - ... program of aid to families with dependent children under a State plan approved under title IV of the Social Security Act...
23 페이지 - LABOR MOBILITY DEMONSTRATION PROJECTS SEC. 104. (a) During the period ending June 30, 1967, the Secretary of Labor shall develop and carry out, in a limited number of geographical areas, pilot projects designed to assess or demonstrate the effectiveness in reducing unemployment of programs to increase the mobility of unemployed workers by providing assistance to meet their relocation expenses.
140 페이지 - State an amount which bears the same ratio to 50 per centum of such remainder as the number of children aged five to seventeen, inclusive, in the State bears to the number of such children in all the States...

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