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-off, during their retreat, by the Wassaws and Fantees. I am happy to inform your Lordship, that I have reason to approve of the conduct of every individual, whether of the army, navy, or ma. rines, employed in these operations, which, if not brilliant, were at least extremely harrassing and arduous, and throughout which I trust His Majesty's Government will be satisfied that all did their duty, and that up to this period as much has been effected as our means, the nature of the country in which we acted, and circumstances we were placed in, would permit. Where all evinced zeal and alacrity in the discharge of their several duties, it may, perhaps, be deemed supererogatory to particularize any; but I cannot, in justice to the service, omit to direct your Lordship's attention to the merits and devotion to the public service always displayed by Major Chisholm, Royal African Corps, whose conduct in command of the right brigade, which bore the brunt of the battle of the 11th, was every thing I could wish, as was that of Captain David Campbell, of the same corps, at the head of the Cape Coast Division, on the extreme right, which was warmly engaged throughout the day; of Captain Dowson, of that regiment, commanding the reserve (regulars and militia) also engaged ; and of Lieutenant W. O. Aitcheson, Royal Marine Artillery, in charge of the field-pieces in position -on this occasion. Ibeg leave also to request your Lordship's notice of the services of Major Purdon, Royal African Corps, commanding the left brigade; of the zeal and enterprize of Captain Blenkarne, of the same regi: ment, who some time ago volunteered to proceed. to Accra, in an open canoe, to assist in collecting these auxiliary forces, whose opportune arrival at this crisis is to be mainly attributed to his praise1824. E e worthy

worthy and indefatigable exertions, and who, in

these operations, commanded the British Accra Division (in the left brigade), part of which on the 11th burnt two of the enemy's camps ; of the important services of Captain Ricketts,

2d West India Regiment, Brigade Major to the Forces, in performance of various essential duties, and who was wounded in the action in which the late Governor was killed; of Captain Hutchison, Annamaboe Militia, who having been severely wounded in the affair of the 21st of May was

laced, on his partial recovery, in command of the Hill-Tower, where he gave up his whole time to improving the defences of his post, the disciplining of his garrison, and to a most zealous and effectual discharge of his military duties ; of Captain Scot, of His Majesty's ship Swinger, late of the Victor; and of Lieutenant Drew, First of the Thetis, who commanded the seamen and marines employed on shore.

I deem it a pleasing duty to acquaint your Lord

ship, that I received the most cordial co-operation and effectual aid from Major de Richelieu, the Governor of His Danish Majesty's Settlements on the Gold Coast, who made use of his best influence . and means to collect and equip a strong body of Danish dependents, who arrived at Cape Coast, under the command of Captain Poulson, a Danish

Officer, with the other auxiliaries, and fought bravely in the recent engagement.

To Captain Sir John Phillimore, Knt. C. B. of

His Majesty's ship Thetis, the senior Naval Officer present, my best thanks are eminently due for the very great and cordial assistance he repeatedly rendered to me, in landing the seamen and marines . of his own ship, and Swing r, brig of war, to

garrison the fort, whenever it became necessary to . march the troops out of it, to reinforce those en- .

gaged or in position, for the liberality of the sup

supplies of powder, lead, &c. which he furnished to the utmost extent of his power, and for employing his ship, men, and means in every way in which they could possibly benefit the public service ; and as this experienced Officer was present during the whole period embraced in this dispatch, acquainted with every occurrence detailed in it, and an eye witness to many of them, and the difficulties we had to contend with, I beg leave to refer your Lordship to him for any particular information you may wish to obtain relative thereto.

W. SUTHERLAND, Lieut. Col. 2d West
India Reg. commanding the Forces.

Return of the Killed and Wounded of the organized and unorganized Forces in the Action with the Ashantees, near Cape Coast, on the 11th of July 1824.

2d West India Regiment–3 rank and file wounded. Royal African Corps—Lieutenant Swanzy, killed. Militia—l rank and file killed; 5 rank and file wounded. Unorganized armed. Forces—102 rank and file killed; 440 rank and file wounded,

Cape Coast-Castle, July 22, 1824.

SINCE I had the honour of addressing your Lordship, on the 18th instant, reporting my arrival, nothing very particular has taken place respecting the enemy.

Lieutenant-Colonel Sutherland's report will acquaint your Lordship, of the enemy's repulse near this place on the 11th instant. On the 19th, I learnt - E.e. 2. that: that he was encamped at about five miles distancefrom this place, and sent out an auxiliary force, with a view to entice him to approach within reach. of our guns; they returned on the following day with a few prisoners. The enemy shewed no disposition to approach the garrison. He made off on the 20th, in the direction of Annamaboe; and it has just now been reported to me, that some firing had been heard yesterday at one of the Annamaboe. villages, seven or eight miles inland. I fear the villages will suffer, but I am under no apprehension. for the fort.

I regret to state to your Lordship, that the Europeans in garrison have suffered much during the last quarter.

A. GRANT, Lieut. Col. R. A. C. Comg,

Admiralty-Office, October 4, 1824.

Extract of a Letter from Commodore Bullen to John Wilson Croker, Esq. dated on board His Majesty's Ship Maidstone, Cape Coast, Gold Coast, July 22, 1824.

I HAVE great pleasure in being able to acquaint their Lordships, by His Majesty's ship Thetis, that on Sunday week the troops, under the command of Lieutenant-Colonel Sutherland, conpletely routed the Ashantee army, which had advanced in great force to within about two miles of the Castle, leaving an innumerable number of killed on the field; and that on account of this total defeat, they are, I learn, retiring in all haste towards Coomasee, their capital; this has been further confirmed, by information obtained from two prisoners brought in yesterday, who state the enemy to be in full retreat, and suffering severely: from from famine (caused by their having laid waste the country on their advance), dysentery, and smallpox.

Too much praise cannot be bestowed on Captain Sir John Phillimore, whose unremitting exertions and judicious arrangements, in taking his own ship into shoal water, manning and arming the boats of the Thetis, Victor, and Swinger, landing detachments of seamen and marines to co-operate with the army, and garrison a tower on the height beyond the Castle, which he armed and placed under the command of his First Lieutenant, contributed materially towards the success of our arms. His personal exertions were such as to call forth the admiration of all; and LieutenantColonel Sutherland acquaints me that no language of his can do justice to his merits, ol describe the cool and decisive manner in which he acted throughout . and to him, who was an eye witness of the whole transaction, and is fully master of the subject, I must beg to refer their Lordships for further information on this subject; and I beg to, assure them, they may rely on my paying the most vigilant attention to their directions on this important subject, and rendering every assistance in my power towards the attainment of so desirable an object.

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