The new vocal enchantress, containing an elegant selection of the newest songs [&c.].


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202 페이지 - AT length, by so much importunity press'd, Take, C , at once, the inside of my breast ; This stupid indifference so often you blame, Is not owing to nature, to fear, or to shame : I am not as cold as a virgin in lead...
88 페이지 - I look'd for Jamie back, But the wind it blew high, and the ship it was a...
145 페이지 - Twelve months are gone and over, And nine long tedious days ; Why didst thou...
100 페이지 - Tho" music in both, they are both apt to jar ; How tuneful and soft from a delicate touch, Not handled too roughly, nor play'd on too much...
156 페이지 - Bitter, oh tell me whence comes my content ? Since I suffer with pleasure, why should I complain, Or grieve at my Fate, when I know 'tis in vain ? Yet so pleasing the Pain is, so soft is the Dart, That at once it both wounds me, and tickles my Heart. I...
253 페이지 - BLOW high, blow low, let tempests tear The main-mast by the board ; My heart with thoughts of thee, my dear, And love well stored, Shall brave all danger, scorn all fear, The roaring winds the raging sea, In hopes on shore To be once more Safe moor'd with thee.
100 페이지 - That a lover once blest is a lover no more ; Attend to my counsel, nor blush to be taught That prudence must cherish what beauty has caught. The bloom of your cheek, and the glance of your eye, Your roses and lilies may make the men sigh ; But roses and lilies, and sighs pass away, And passion will die as your beauties decay.
183 페이지 - And leave none to keep house, but our new porter John, Who relieves the poor with a thump on the back with a stone ; Like a young courtier, &c.
66 페이지 - For soldiers to complain: Should next campaign Send us to Him who made us, boys, We're free from pain; But should we remain, A bottle and kind landlady Cures all again.11 11 William Chappell, Popular Music of the Olden Time, 2 vols.
45 페이지 - Twas clean'd out so nice, and so painted withal : He was always first oars when the fine city ladies In a party to Kanelagh went, or Vauxhall. And oftentimes would they be giggling and leering, But 'twas all one to Tom their gibing and jeering, For loving or liking he little did care, For this waterman ne'er was in want of a fare. And yet but to see how...

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