Original anecdotes of Peter the Great,: ollected from the conversation of several persons of distinction at Petersburgh and Moscow

Printed for J. Murray, 1788 - 448페이지

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234 페이지 - He frequently lent his affiUance, and had acquired fufficient flcill to difícil according to the rules of art, to bleed, draw teeth, and perform other operations, as well as one of the faculty. It was an occupation in which he liked to employ himfelf for the fake of practice ; and he always carried about with him, bcfides his cafe of mathematical inftruments, a pouch well ilocked with infiniment
23 페이지 - Three copecs or an altin," anfwered Muller. " Well then," faid the Czar, " I have earned eighteen altins, and am come to be paid." Muller immediately opened his bureau, took out eighteen ducats, and counting them before the prince, " It is the leaft," faid he, " that can be given to foch a workman as your Majeily." Bat the emperor refufed them :
22 페이지 - He once pafled a whole month there, during which time, he drank chalybeate waters ; and after having given due attention to the affairs of the ftate, which he never neglected, he...
341 페이지 - ... lofs had made fo much noife. He confoled her by telling her that the Czar's heart was engaged elfewhere ; offered to wait on her 'parents, and concert with them the means of taking her from her folitary abode. She confented to his propofal, and accepted his affiftance with gratitude, that led the way to fofter fentiments. Her parents, overjoyed at finding their daughter, determined to apply to Mrs.
23 페이지 - He fucceeded fo well, that one of the laft days of this excurfion he forged alone eighteen poods of iron (the pood is equal to forty pounds) and put his own particular mark on each bar. The boyars and other noblemen of his fuite were obliged to blow the bellows, to ftir the fire, to carry coals, and perform all the other offices of journeymen blackfmiths.
235 페이지 - The following day his patient grew better; but tapping having been too long deferred, fhe died a few days after, as the phyficians had predicted, and the Czar attended at her funeral, which was conduced with much pomp. He once exercifed his dexterity, with laughable circumftances, on the wife of one of \ his valets-de-chambre, who was a little given to gallantry, and whofe hufband wifhed to be revenged.
24 페이지 - Another, forged alfo with his own hand, is (hewn in the cabinet of the Academy of Sciences at Peterfburgh : but this latter was forged at a later period at Olonetz, on the lake of Ladoga.
22 페이지 - He succeeded so well, that on one of the last days of his remaining there, he forged eighteen poods of iron, and put his own particular mark on each bar. The boyars and other noblemen of his suite were employed in blowing the bellows, stirring the fire, carrying coals, and performing the other duties of a blacksmith's assistant. When Peter had finished, he went to the proprietor, praised his manufactory, and asked him how much he gave his workmen per pood. " Three kopecks, or an altina...
335 페이지 - The whole aflembly jofe full of alarm, and afked him if he knew what he had done, what he expofed himfelf to, and the misfortunes that threatened him ? — " Yes," anfwered he, " and I will anfwer for it " before God, the emperor, and
87 페이지 - They are there called taracan ; but our naturalists give them the name of dermeste, or dissecting scarabeus. " Although the Russian monarch was far from being subject to childish fears or womanish fancies, one of these insects sufficed to drive him out of an apartment, nay, even out of the house. In his frequent...

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