Export-Import Bank Act Amendments, Hearing Before a Subcommittee of ..., 82-1 on S. 2006 ..., August 28, 1951


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2 페이지 - Loans by the Export-Import Bank will also continue to play an Important role In our efforts to assist the economic progress of friendly countries. In order that full use may be made of the opportunities for loans, especially to develop strategic materials, I recommend that the lending authority of the ExportImport Bank be increased by $1,000,000,000. Not all of the increased lending authority, of course, will be used in the coming year.
27 페이지 - Chairman, Senate Banking and Currency Committee, Senate Office Building, Washington, DC: DEAR SENATOR...
23 페이지 - ... Agreements with Export-Import Bank as of December 31, 1949 61 E. Statement of Principal and Interest Due, by Calendar Years, on Export-Import Bank Loans Outstanding as of December 31, 1949 62 F. Comparative Statement of Condition of Export-Import Bank as of December 31, 1949, and June 30, 1949 63 G. Comparative Statement of Income and Expenses of ExportImport Bank for the 6-Month Periods Ended December 31, 1949, and June 30, 1949 65 H. Export-Import Bank Act of 1945, as Amended 66 I. Section...
22 페이지 - Including unused balance of guaranteed letters of credit outstanding In the amount of $60 597 925 13 779,530,916.91 Total of outstanding loans and balance of authorizations not disbursed, Jan.
27 페이지 - ... hearings that it would be appropriate for me to tell you about our activities in the international field in a little more detail. Let me say, first of all, that the Federal Reserve has neither the authority nor the inclination to make foreign policy of any kind, including foreign financial policy. As a member of the National Advisory Council on International Monetary and Financial Problems, I am called upon to advise the President on those problems. But the United States has, and can have, only...
16 페이지 - ... adviser on economic as well as political matters, and frequently consults the political desk as to how they feel about a loan for a certain purpose to a certain country. Senator DOUGLAS. Are there any cases in which the State Department wanted you to make a loan which you did not make? • Mr.
22 페이지 - Amounts allotted to participating banks and others under eximbank authorizations - not guaranteed by eximbank Latin America - --- $7,099,904.09 Europe 111,283,670.00 Asia 14,000,000.00 Total - 132,383,574.09 Export-Import Bank funds Commercial bank funds Total , Total disbursements, cumulative .. $3, 072, 510, 468.
16 페이지 - ... he is just one member of the Board. When he says "Don't make this loan; it is contrary to the political interests of the "United States,
23 페이지 - Export-Import Bank for the 6-month period ended June 30, 1951, and Dec. 31, 1950 Loans authorized in 6 months ended June 3O, 1951 1 Increase.

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