Fumifugium; Or, the Inconvenience of the Aer and Smoake of London

Humphries, 1772 - 49페이지

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i 페이지 - FUMIFUGIUM or the Inconvenience of the Aer and SMOAKE OF LONDON. Dissipated Together with some REMEDIES humbly proposed By John Evelyn Esq: To His Sacred MAJESTIE and To the PARLIAMENT now Assembled.
34 페이지 - Be it enacted by the King's most excellent Majesty, by the advice and with the consent of the Lords spiritual and temporal and of the Commons in this present Parliament assembled, and by the authority of the same...
43 페이지 - Recreation for the Inhabitants; yielding also a Prospect of a noble and masculine Majesty, by reason of the frequent plantations of Trees, and Nurseries for Ornament, Profit, and Security: The remainder of the Fields included yielding the same, and better Shelter, and Pasture for Sheep and Cattle than now; that they lie bleak, expos'd and abandon'd to the winds, which perpetually invade them. That, to this end, the Gardeners (which now cultivate the upper, more drie and ungrateful soil) be encouraged...
24 페이지 - ... almost one half of them who perish in London, dye of Phthisical and Pulmonic distempers; That the Inhabitants are never free from Coughs and importunate Rheumatisms spitting of Impostumated and corrupt matter : for remedy whereof, there is none so infallible, as that, in time, the Patient change his Aer, and remove into the Country : Such as repair to Paris (where it is excellent) and other like Places, perfectly recovering of their health ; which is a demonstration sufficient to confirm what...
14 페이지 - It is this horrid Smoake which obscures our Churches, and makes our Palaces look old, which fouls our Clothes, and corrupts the Waters, so as the very Rain, and refreshing Dews which fall in the several Seasons, precipitate this impure vapour, which, with its black and tenacious quality, spots and contaminates whatever is exposed to it.
ix 페이지 - It was one day, as I was Walking in Your MAJESTIES Palace, at WHITE-HALL (where I have sometimes the honour to refresh my self with the Sight of Your Illustrious Presence, which is the Joy of Your Peoples hearts) that a presumptuous Smoake issuing from one or two Tunnels...
15 페이지 - London, (as in particular my Lord Marquesse of Hertford's in the Strand, my Lord Bridgewater's and some others about Barbican) were observed to bear such plentiful and infinite quantities of Fruits, as they never produced the like either before or since, to their great astonishment: but it was by the Owners rightly imputed to the penury of Coales, and the little Smoake, which they took notice to infest them that year...
vii 페이지 - But, without the use of Calculations it is evident to every one who looks on the yearly Bill of Mortality, that near half the children that are born and bred in London die under two years of age.
ix 페이지 - Places about it were filled and infested with it; and that to such a degree, as Men could hardly discern one another for the Clowd, and none could support, without manifest Inconveniency.
iv 페이지 - Till more effectual methods can take place, it would be of great service to oblige all those trades, who make use of large fires, to carry their chimnies much higher into the air than they are at present; this expedient would frequently help to convey the smoke away above the buildings, and in a great measure disperse it into distant parts, without its falling on...

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